The Rapture Countdown: Land for Peace – The Terminal Crisis

The big thing, the number-one thing, the biggest event in these few days, few years, final decade, the big event that’s going to take place is land for peace. That’s why I call it right here, Land for Peace the Terminal Crisis. What is that will will happen to signal the end of time? There will be negotiations to divide the land of Israel. That is in Daniel. It is the biggest event over this side of eternity, is Land for Peace. The negotiations to divide Israel between the Palestinians and Israelis, is the last great thing that will happen on earth before Jesus Christ appears. What is the sign? Land for Peace. Will there be peace in the Middle East? The answer is yes Will that please God? No. Will that last? No. We’ll tell you how long it’s gonna last because it’s in Scripture. Because it’s the big last event on earth, is Land for Peace. And the scripture tells us here, it will be a seven-year peace treaty, interim peace treaty. The he is the Antichrist who is alive and well today One of these days I’ll tell you who he is. Where he is. God hasn’t released me to say that, but I do know who he is and the scripture tells us right here then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week that is the last week, before Jesus comes back. But in that in the middle of the week you shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. Let me say this to you. In the peace agreement that’s coming, that’s being negotiated currently, there will be a provision for the Jewish people to build the tabernacle of David. A temporary place on Temple Mount and they will begin the sacrifices as in ancient times and that will last 42 months. The he that will sign the agreement it’s going to be the son of perdition, the Antichrist. Is he alive here right now, in this planet, on this planet, right now as I’m speaking? Yes Will this treaty be signed soon? Yes. And he shall stop the sacrifices. The Jews will be allowed to build a temple because all three religions emanating from Abraham will be allowed to worship freely. And the Jews will be allowed to worship on Temple Mount, and to sacrifice on temple mount and that will be for three and half years. They will begin their sacrifices and the world will go berserk. I’m talking about crazy Seeing little animals, little innocent animals being put on the altar and being cut open and blood flowing out. The animal rights, the evangelical replacement theology with their misunderstanding of Biblical prophecy will stand up and curse the Jews Because they don’t understand God’s said they will do that. It’s not like the Jews wants to do that, God said it. So what are you gonna do with it? I can’t believe that Jesus, even Jesus, he’s our last sacrifice. So why do we need another sacrifice? Because God said it You have problem with that. I just can’t stand it because I know we are we are redeemed of the blood of Jesus and the Jews are crazy here they go again. They rejected their Messiah, now they go back to sacrifices, and now they’re killing innocent little little lambs. Can you imagine these Jews, we know their crazy. Pariah nations. They are the worst people. They are now, look they are causing so much problems for everybody The negotiations began this this last week. When God put a sign across America. The negotiations began. We are engaged

now with, the Soviet Union with America Because the agreement is going to be between the two legs of the ancient Roman Empire. Which is the eastern leg which is Moscow, the the western leg which is Washington DC. The end of days is going to bring the two together and they’re going to be brought together by Israel. They’re going to be working on bringing peace to the Palestinian people To say we’re on your side. Now, just for you who are smart and politically informed How is it going to happen? Well it’s very easy. It’s in my book. Moscow is going to work with the kings of East, the Shiites They’re going to work together with the Shiites, to bring the Shiites to the table. No other president ever had what we have today, the American president. For the first time the American president is standing at a place where it’s possible to bring peace to the Middle East. Why? Because the Russians have come to the table bringing all the Shiite rejectionists to the table The Americans have gone to their parties which is the Sunni Muslim, Saudi Arabia and the 50 nations that you saw together to the table So for the first time we are about have peace in the Middle East. Because the Shiites cannot run to Moscow to go to war with Israel because Moscow say I’m with Israel. They cannot come to America and say give us weapons to fight because America is standing with Israel. Now for the first time there is a convergence, to fulfill Scripture. We have begun those negotiations This time the negotiations will work This time there will be peace in the Middle East, and the temple will be built. In my office, I have a picture of Benjamin Netanyahu holding the diagrams of the Third Temple. Because there will be a temple on Temple Mount. Let me tell you something, if you need to serve God, serve him now. If you need to run with God, run as fast as you can. Just don’t look back You put your hands to the plow just don’t look back. Because we are now running the last mile We are finishing now. Everything, because the time has now come. Because the peace agreements are coming in place. Are coming in place. As I’m speaking Bibi is just going to Moscow to negotiate with Putin. And Putin is like, yeah I’ll help you. Because I got my, I’m right there in Syria, and I got the control of the Iranians, the Shiites, they are with me And we can negotiate. Our president went to Riyadh and 15 Sunnis, Sunni nations got together. They are all together to do the peace agreement. Abbas says I’m ready Benjamin is ready. The only people that are not ready is the church. Because they don’t know what time it is. They don’t know what’s going on Behold I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they shall siege against Judah and Jerusalem. And it shall happen in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all people. It is the future, not of the land of Israel, but the future of Jerusalem. Because the palestinians want East jerusalem, to be their capital. And the jewish people say jerusalem is our eternal capital. They won’t be able to make the two parties agree on one thing, jerusalem. I’ll talk more about Jerusalem at my next meeting. All who heave it away will surely be cut in pieces. Though all the nations of the earth are gathered against against it, against Jerusalem. God says don’t worry about it Don’t worry about it. Because he said I’ll put my name here forever, on Temple Mount. He put His name there forever. And he that keepeth Jerusalem, Jerusalem in particular, he that keepeth

Israel shall neither sleep nor slumber God is watching what’s going on and he says right here Jerusalem shall be the cup of trembling because the Palestinians who say I, we want East Jerusalem, the Jews who say Jerusalem is our eternal capital, we won’t divide that That’s why they’re going to come up with an interim peace agreement, which says we will leave Jerusalem out because that will be negotiated in the permanent status. Let’s just divide the land into the 1967 border. That’s here, right here You say where is it in scripture? I know the negotiations. I know the results of the negotiations because they’re all in Scripture. There is no surprise that’s going to come on CNN that’s going to tell us something that scripture has not already told us. And behold in those days, these days we are living in, at that time when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem. The Jews, Judah is the Jews. Because the Jews returned from Babylon and the Jews were there until AD 70 and the Jews were scattered, Judah That’s why, the Jews have gone back That’s where you get Judah, its where you get Jews. Judah the Jews are back in the land some of us, Jews who are scattered among the nations, the ten tribes who remain among the nations until the Mashiach Ben David comes back, where the Jews who returned from Europe, from Russia, from India, from America, they, the Jews will return and that’s what he’s talking about. The Jews return the Jews returned I will also gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat and they’ll enter into judgment with them there on account of my people, my heritage Israel whom they have scattered among the nations. They have also divided my land, Land for Peace, resolution 242 of the United Nations. The Jewish people need to go back to the 1967 border that is dividing the land. God says I will judge the nations for it, for dividing the land. The division by the General Assembly of the United Nations has already taken place Resolution 242 already divides the land and instructs the Jews to return to the 1967 border. That’s what the negotiations are about. And God says I will judge the nations because their decision to divide Israel is a decision made by the General Assembly of the United Nations, the resolution 242 , 181 of the United Nations, of the Security Council and the General Assembly. To divide the land so that Joel who wrote 2,700 years about it would be fulfilled in our day. In this decade. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. 2700 years he says what’s going on right now with our present administration, with the trump initiative in the middle east, right here in the Bible. Said they will do that, in the end of days and they will be able to divide the land. Which has happened now. Finally but not least, I want to close by going back to the sign in the heavens across America, the solar eclipse, the final sign to America. The week in which we initiated the peace and the peace negotiations, God put a sign in the heavens beginning at Salem in Oregon Salem means Jerusalem because the next seven years will be about Jerusalem That’s why the solar eclipse went through seven Salems

I listed them right here. Seven of them From Salem Oregon right up to Salem South Carolina. Every one of them God saying Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem because it’s all about Jerusalem. Why will America be judged? It’s all about Jerusalem Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem. Why seven? Because it’s about the seven years of the false peace. He’s talking about in this next seven years there will be nothing but negotiations about Jerusalem and the focus on jerusalem because this year be about Jerusalem, next year will be about Jerusalem. For the next seven years, it’s gonna be about Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem because it’s about Jerusalem. Until the next, the next solar eclipse that’s going to go through, that’s going to go through, Texas. April the 8th the 8th 2024. Guess what? Seven years. How many seven’s did this solar eclipse went through? Seven states, seven Salem’s, Jerusalem. At the end of seven years there will be another solar eclipse that will actually go through Texas and exit at Montreal. It will make a cross, a cancellation. Cancel America’s agenda and say end America’s agenda. It will go right across. I wanna tell you something, if God is speaking, he’s shouting. I’m telling you, he is shouting. He is saying America wake up. It’s all about you. Wake up America. Don’t go the way of the world Come to me. Return to me. Seek me. Follow me. Obey me. Because it’s all about our initiative, in the rebellion against God, committing the great the greatest rebellion, which is Land for Peace. And the church is silent. And you’re silent. And the world is silent If ever there is a time for you to hear what God’s saying, its about Jerusalem What can you do? Call your senators and congressmen. Call your politician leaders of the world. Hundreds of people all around the world listen to our YouTube and I’m speaking to them all. So that in every nation, because all of the world is joined together to divide the Land of Israel. The land does not belong to the Jewish people, it belongs to the Lord. Nations that say no, the battle cries that says, no. The families that say, no to that, will stand with God. Because it’s a time of division God is dividing the world. And dividing the church. Over the issue, over the issue of Israel. Because it’s the only issue The terminal issue. The final issue on earth, is about Jerusalem. That’s why the latest solar eclipse, went through America. January the 31st there will be a blood-red moon, a sign. The Sun will be darkened and the moon will turn into blood. And January the 31st will be a blood-red moon. I want you to know that these are the signs that the scripture talks about. We just experienced the hurricane Harvey, here in Texas. What is that to do? It has to do with our peace initiative. Did anyone listen? Is anybody listen to me? Harvey, they were talking about some places will get about 50 inches of 50 inches of rain. Harvey. What is Harvey all about? You want to know what Harvey is

all about? It’s all about our Middle East peace initiative. Are the people in Houston in the Gulf being punished? The answer is no. They’re lovely people That God’s people. God is pointing his finger to America to stop. Don’t do it Don’t go there. That’s what God’s saying Harvey is a clear message from heaven God saying no no no. Don’t go there What is Harvey about? God saying no You say, Oh Robert that just made up stuff. How do you know it is? What proof can you give me that it is? You want me to give you proof? I’m gonna show you that, I just took a few I’m gonna show you that seven times, Hurricane came to America during Middle East peace initiative. Every single time a hurricane came was God’s response to peace initiative in the Middle East. Not one time. I’m talking about seven times I could bring twenty times to show you that every single time God says no, what are you doing? Stop. Harvey is God’s response to the peace initiative. October the 30 to the 31st, 1991. The perfect storm in New England. U.S. had just sponsored the Madrid peace meeting President George Bush called for the Madrid Peace Initiative and immediately a perfect storm in New England. Perfect storm. God responded to that. August the 23rd 1992 again during the follow up to the Madrid, Hurricane Andrew. God responds to that initiative with Hurricane Andrew. September 28, 1998 Arafat arrives in America to condemn Israel, at the United Nations. And God sent Hurricane George to smash the gulf coast. Are you getting it? There’s never been a peace initiative that God did not follow with a sign of a hurricane, to America. Because he’s trying to say, wake up. I’m trying to tell you something September the 1st 1999. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, meets with Arab leaders and on September the 3rd hurricane Dennis was God’s response to our initiative. September 13, 1999 Israel under pressure from the United States to implement Land for Peace hurricane Floyd category 5 drops in North Carolina. 20 inches, 20 inches of rain. Resulting in billions of dollars. Every single time we took an initiative, God responded by sending a hurricane to say stop, this is just a warning You know these are the final days on earth. How many of you know that 9/11, 9/11, some some of you remember 9/11, 9/11 the Saudi envoy had just come to the White House to negotiate land for peace and 9/11 took place because there is not one single time that we took initiative to nullify God’s eternal covenant, that God did not warn us to say stop. Stop

When the Saudis came 9/11 took place God saying stop. How long will we continue to fight God? How long will we continue on the path of destruction? That’s why I know that I know this has to do with the initiative, because now we have hundreds of times. That this has happen over and over and over and over and over and over That God has warned the nations. There are many other signs that I could go into but I believe this is enough. To tell you that Harvey is God’s response Now I ask you a question, what is your response? What are you gonna do? Because it’s not about to Washington, it’s about the people of God, the people that are called by his name, and that is you and me. You know in Washington the reason why they’re doing what they’re doing is because they’re ignorant. They don’t know They don’t know that they are rebelling against God. They think they’re bringing peace and stability to the Middle East And peace in the world They are politicians. They do what they they feel is better for this generation and for America. That’s why they’re doing it. The only time they stop is when you take this message to them. We did that. My lawyer and I went to Washington DC and we delivered, thus says the Lord. We show them from Scripture and the government, the Congress, the Senate, the president all said okay we get it. We will stop and they stopped the roadmap Who’ll go and tell Donald Trump. Hey we don’t need judgment. We don’t need another Harvey. We don’t need billions and billions of dollars of destruction God warning us. We know why it’s happening. It has happened every single time we’ve taken initiative. That’s not coincidence. One time yes Not every single time because it’s God speaking. Where he’s speaking to the church, speaking to you and me. Speaking about you standing up and speaking out What shall you do? Leave America. Perish Watch America burn like a neighbor was watching his neighbor’s house burn. You say well I’m glad it’s not my house. I go to Robert’s meetings, I know by the end of days. I know about these things but I’ll let them burn. I’ll let you the whole gulf go under the water and next time I let let us be nuked. That’s okay. I know that I better look for my place to hide. In East Texas and go into my hole and hide because I know what time it is. Will you tell your neighbor the house is on fire? Will you pull out your neighbor from burning? Will you care for our nation and stand up? I’ve done my part. I want everyone to close their eyes Thank you for listening to Dr. Mawire’s latest teaching. Connect with Dr. Mawire on Facebook Instagram YouTube and Twitter to receive daily inspiration and stay up-to-date on his latest teachings So follow like and subscribe today