MICHIGAN PUBLIC LAND CHALLENGE! – Day 2: Adapting to Flooding, Finding Bucks!

I think those deer are going to be bedded near there. We’re just going to have to be careful around the edges because the whole swamp could be flooded How far up is it? Uh, we are entering it very soon Your other right you’re like my wife you don’t know your left and right Look at this Can you see that? That’s the woods. Holy crap (vehicle noise/windshield wipers) Wow holy crap this is the river, huh? It’s almost washed a bridge out. Holy cow! (windshield wipers/rain) That’s pretty powerful water too! You can still see the center line though (vehicle driving through water) we’ve reached our destination it is actually getting deeper I can’t see the line anymore *Laughs* This is sketchy! It is sketchy I think this is the parking lot right here Here’s the parking lot! (water rushing) if you look at this area here this is all bedding so when this floods like this it’s got to be putting a deer somewhere so they got to be on the edges you know on the edges of that high ground you can see bedding points out here you see willows in here. I’m willing to bet these ridges back in here probably got deer pushed up into there’s certainly not bedding in that because I think the deer sign is gonna be washed out so we might have to concentrate on features. So here’s how we’re standing right now so I want to follow that ridge along this swamp right down close to it right and we probably wanna get as far away from the pergola as possible when you start getting out here you start seeing some like little islands and stuff that hard to see now. Almost like down and to the left actually there’s better features over there and that might be more overlooked cuz of the private over there so yesterday we went into some really nasty swamp expecting a lot of pressure and not seeing the pressure we expected I think we’re gonna concentrate more on a swamp that’s a little easier access what has oaks and I think it might actually be a benefit because with these floods that we had overnight and stuff I think the place where we were is probably really deep water and this has a river bottom that has a lot of great bedding in it and that river bottom is completely under water which is gonna push those deer up against these oaks and they’re gonna be right in the edge of them and I think if we can find the right spots I think we should run into deer sign back here should be hard to see cuz it’s all washed out Good luck ya’ll! (elk bugle call) (laughing) Alright, I’ll be back. Good luck alright guys we’re getting a little bit of a late start due to the rain We’re gonna go do a bunch of scouting and yeah hopefully by the end of today we’ll have some spots nailed down. You rolling? Yeah. We just spotted our first buck he’s about a two and a half inch spike we got him pinned down he’s on public land he’s about to be right here on the ditch oh there he goes Got a late mover He’s moving in daylight. Completely daylight. it’s only one o’clock Dude you want to talk about an overlooked piece this is between it’s a that’s a tree line between the highway in here yeah mark my location yeah there’s no way why would anybody hunt that yeah they wouldn’t should we Scout it? Might as well. Might kill one Seriously I’m being serious What do you think I am? The winds blowing East though right east northeast so we should kind of go down to the south side of it prolly might as well it’s a little piece we just do that quick let’s pull into this road and this goes right to this trail yeah and then we can Scout that up waking it’s perfect that’s perfect go just when you’re driving to your public land areas just look for deer. You might actually have some of the chase that you didn’t even expect and like we didn’t never get more opportunities really yeah I mean we didn’t never went into this spot but maybe this could be a place I

mean hunt for a whole week to be a place that we walk in here and think huh maybe there was just luck of the draw that we bumped into deer I don’t think that’s gonna be the case so let’s sweet in here you know check in place out like that can always be good just seeing a deer can tip you off into what what uh where what type of habitat they’re hanging out and stuff for sure cool deal (walking) (birds / wind) That’s big scrape Hey a trail right there Zach and I are heading to some of this stuff were you drove past yesterday there’s two major highways one that we’re just kind of flying up just to get to the area that we want to be in and there’s public on both sides of it and as we were driving up Zach spotted a spike right off the road like probably 400 yards up here came in here and we’re working our way towards that cover that he was in it looks like real thick bedding cover were they where there was a cut a few years ago it’s obviously a bunch of red oaks in here I’ve already seen quite a few acorns and it looks like a big scrape right here about little ways off that bedding so we’re just working our way towards Gonna scout for sign and walk that edge and then there’s a trail that we think we can just work our way up and look for sign. Hopefully run into one (wind) I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t worth a sit tonight. Oh yeah for sure Two scrapes. After the rain, yeah! I mean maybe we push up to that edge like we come back later and then we bring the bring the saddles in case we need to use those and then we just scout that edge and like that’s where we start you can tell where it got pawed there (wind) (walking) still there’s a lot of deer tracks in here maybe washed off but just a lot of them in here (water sloshing) (wind) we got hunter sign. There’s a boot print and glove from yesterday. I’m hoping it’s putting all these deer that were bedding on this bottom up on that Ridge and I think it’s got to do it to some degree I mean this is all bedding train there’s a lot of sign I mean look at these stinging nettles they’re all chewed off every one of them you know and we’re even seeing some fresh tracks and hours ago it was pouring so there’s deer in here for sure Here’s the oaks When the water gets deep like that it pushes them out of them bottoms do you think it’s putting them on the edges of the hills? On the edges of the elevations or putting them on the top in the thick stuff? I think they’ll be down near the bottom. You think they’re down? Yeah I think younger stuff will bed up here I just think they’re used to people hunting up here and they’re not gonna come up here They’re gonna stay near the swamps A lot of fresh tracks up in here acorns in the ground that’s what we need it looks like we got beans right behind us some more fresh sign so I’m standing here what I’m doing is I’m looking around with the tree type and it looks like this is where the oaks are it’s all poplar and then drops off in the swamp that’s all willow brush and there’s Pines up there so everything’s gonna be coming towards these oak I think I think the fields might funnel them to the side (wind) there’s one to the right of her too. See the ears? 1:41 now let’s walk off this way over here go I wanna see what this corner that just kind of goes to prove that they’re all pushed up around this high ground around the fields too I can see that being the cat’s meow tonight

Last night, opening night on a bean field on public land There you go and the beans are dry – brown So let’s do it, I’m pretty excited about it They like the beans once they’re dry again. They’ll eat them when they’re dry. They come back (leaves crunching) (water sloshing) the plan is we’re going in deep really deep and back to some crop fields and get to the sides of the crop fields The crop fields are on public hopefully the floodings kept a lot of guys from coming back here one guy showed up we passed him on the trail I don’t know if he’ll get all the way back there because he wasn’t wearing waders or anything the water’s this deep so we’ll see we covered a lot of ground we only saw one tree stand we saw some deer sign we saw some really big rubs that are fresh should be fun get out and get after it (spraying noise) Cover scent. Deep woods, it smells like woods (wind) two types of people in this world right those who are dry and those who are wet dry…wet. That guy came in before us this is how Joe walked past him He’s probably wondering what the heck is going on back there (birds / insects) (water sloshing) just in case I don’t text you back or something ok we’ll meet right here at dark sounds good I’m gonna go work that edge We’re gonna sit tight because we could see so well out there. Not getting down early I guess is what i’m saying Might as well get down when you lose camera light mm-hmm Joe likes to hop over here there seems to be a lot of deer working the edge of this field and he’s seen some in the field I was a little more impressed by the sign back here the oaks drop in here it’s really the only place we saw remnants of acorns that looked halfway decent and just into here we found some nice rubs that were obviously off of a better buck and I just got the feeling there’s nothing over here and it doesn’t seem to be coming from Joe’s way I think it’s coming from back here and I want to work this area and see if I can find a good spot I’m just gonna go under stand on the back and scout and push as far as I can so I can get away with and see if I can catch the buck that’s been coming through here. You’re gonna be kings of the hill Hunting field edges in Michigan Yeah good luck to you guys all right good luck (wind) That one there maybe. That poplar? Yeah. We might even be able to shoot the woods then. that might be cool (insects) oh look at this limb in my way. That sucks! Oh that really sucks so we scouted through quite a bit of this piece and there’s kind of a secluded field back here and you probably saw already that we were kind of sneaking up the edge just checking sign coming out and we came upon a group of does they’re probably like five six maybe more does out in the field right on this point here and it actually makes a little point in the woods and then drops down and it’s like a pinch point in the field so I think that’s why they’re up here but uh we got on the downwind side pretty good the winds gusting pretty good what you’ll actually help us I think keep the wind out over the field behind us. The saddle might actually help with this setup because you could see all that stuff through here so I can kind of adjust however I need to be able to shoot around branches so I know it’s taboo sit over a field in Michigan but as we came up this edge we haven’t walked past any little tunnels

or it looks like they’re popping out so I think we’re just on the downwind side of it which is great nothing should cut our track he did have some good sign over there some good rubs and stuff. Wind will be a little bit more sketchy for him but sometimes that off wind is what you need well we’re here Ernie and I this piece of public land about about 45 minute drive from from Camp we came a little further north because the radar says further north we went the less likely we were to get rain yesterday we were two hours south of camp now we’re 45 hours hour 45 minutes north we’ve never been in this area before obviously it’s brand-new to us we’re going in completely blind we got some we got a tip from John Eberhart he told us that historically there’s been deer in this area and he had seen them back in some of these islands so what we’re gonna do is try to make our way through the marsh and get back on some of these oak islands you can see them from a map it’s pretty clear so that’s the plan hopefully it goes to plan and there’s a big buck down here in an hour or two that would be perfect (water sloshing) you can see the trees here these tall trees here that’s the island we’re going to hunt. This marsh that we’ve been walking across this marsh is about 150 yards wide and it’s about crotch deep so that’s where we’re going and there’s two or three islands back there we’re gonna find the one with the most sign and set up on one of those islands down in the swamp because there’s deer trail’s all through this swamp but the Oaks are dropping right back (water sloshing) (wind) (road noise) Zach and I just slipped back into this spot we scouted earlier today and saw that spike right off the road we came back to the edge of where transition of thick bedding cover and kind of more open hardwoods you probably hear the highway right behind us we got a major highway on this side and then a little little two-lane highway on this side so we’re just kind of right in between them plan right now this is just work this edge and look for sign coming in here from the thicker stuff found two scrapes back in here earlier today nothing real fresh but it rained last night a bunch so it’ll be interesting to see what we find hopefully we run into some fresh stuff as we work in here (wind) open spot right there (wind) me and Zach just get set up in the saddles this is basically exactly what we’re hoping to find love this transition of thick bedding out here and a little bit more open hardwoods with some oaks back this way behind us those scrapes that we found earlier today are pretty much straight behind us three four yards there’s trails coming out in there the whole way but right here there’s a fresh rub the freshest one we’ve seen this trip so feels like a good evening it’s been 50 degrees all day just got done raining this morning at like 11 o’clock hopefully they’re up on their feet early. Wind’s blowing like this which is perfect out of the northeast, yeah, out of the northeast So hopefully we’ll see some deer tonight (road noise) (geese / wind) there’s probably more with him (wind)

that was exciting well we had a buck just a little guy but he came in here 65 yards out there and just skirting the woods that were in but he didn’t wanna come any closer (wind) (wind) Boy they’re coming right over, huh? They’re running in. The same ones from earlier (wind) Boy they sure keep watching back in there intently That is where we heard those bluejays those earlier today. Oh a buck right there? oh it’s a doe. I wanted it to be a buck so bad that it became a buck Bear with me. Oh what’s in the back there? Is that a shooter buck? Yes it is! It’s a four pointer, get ready if he comes over here That’s not a bad buck I don’t think So what you’re telling me is, I should shoot him. I think so but hey it’s not my tag. I got two tags Yeah keep coming this way see what happens No, don’t go by him, come over here He’s like I don’t want no part in it I’m just trying to eat some beans what if that little one comes over here. I’ll leave that one up to you I honestly wonder if that one’s a two and a half year old. Look at the body size difference I really do think it might be dude (wind) that’s cool. Did he do a lip curl? Yeah he still is (wind) That’s the little one in the front right? Yep the winds is at our back again we’re gonna get a shot at this thing (insects) He needs to hurry up This overcast doesn’t help our situation oh there’s that swirling wind again too (wind) Ok this is good (insects) He’s starting to act like he’s sick of it almost come on get over here (insects) Alright so it’s the end of our sit for day 2 those two bucks are out in the field yet we’re hoping they’re gonna make our way this way we’re kinda sitting in more like a little funnel so it would have made sense but they’re just out in the field feeding so hopefully worst-case scenario best-case scenario we just get back out here tomorrow get tighter up on em pretty exciting though they’re probably gonna stay out there for the next few hours right? I think we can get down quiet enough with them over there. Think we can slip out the back? I think so, yeah

(road noise) I haven’t seen anything all night. Heard some bluejays back in the thicket back there, but no deer tonight. Me and Zach have been talking about what our plans are going forward there’s several several spots we want to scout come back here we’re thinking we’re just gonna plop ourselves right in the middle that stuff whether it’s still hunting through it or gettin up in the tree it doesn’t look like this much for tree stand options out there but better start tearing this stuff down pretty quick and then head back to camp and see what everybody saw made me a little worried you were taking forever! There’s a buck in the field we were trying to slip out and not spook him Yeah there’s a big one coming in the field awhile ago. He got your wind He got our wind? There was one. How big? He was a shooter yeah I might even have some video but it could be very good video we hit a high and tight six point like a two-year-old over there with a smaller one but you had one with actual rack huh? Oh yeah. I was don’t hunting and waiting on the field edge waiting for you guys Alright should we skedaddle (water sloshing) yeah when we came out here hunting first we came out scouting and we walked out here with knee boots yeah I hit one spot where I got one boot it went over on and real careful we probably could have made it then when we scouted we came back and just in a couple hours it was knee-deep and there was no knee boots could get through it at all and now leaving from hunting we’re waist-deep and we also had to cross water on the road with the truck so hopefully we can find a different route out because that’s got to be higher too and it was just about wash you off the road deep there so always an adventure but it’s keeping all the other hunters out. Yeah we got to see some deer in field I mean obviously nobody’s going back in there yeah I mean we’re seeing bucks in crop fields that’s amazing yeah that’s good hunting It’s getting deeper What are the odds right that you’d have a flood come and flood the river We always run into adventures…it’s cool!