DUST: AN ELYSIAN TAIL ♯008 Das U-Dorf ✰ deutsch

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his love dolly sure we got back and there he goes again you’re welcome kid no dust he’s obviously terrified let’s go find him and maybe get out of this raining death Man Man Man what devotee rat in the house yup Chava what the slumming in haha ok may I didn’t think those monsters were smart enough to build up that hey I’m certainly didn’t let’s hop on over hey I do shafa mad there he is your father’s done gonna have himself a heart attack after i hears about this I’m sorry mama goodness what would i do have you gotten yourself hurt ah look those things must have followed me I’m deja my fans crafty Verma knows surface dwellers she does see that I don’t fly right I sure to tell her fidgets I’m sure that’ll clear things right up visit Lee poza back you base I got the say your spoon and I hmm you aren’t here for trouble man in fact we just saved your son huh what are they talking about po po po po um well they have been following me for a while what how far did you go I may just save the spoon for you oh I’m sorry we just came down from the surface to do I look like some country bumpkin to you of course you’re from the surface I think I’d remember seeing a talking flying weasel cat famed out I think we got off on the wrong foot here my name is dust sands this is fidgett some creatures attacked a village above these caves and we’re trying to figure out why attend a surface village you say well if that don’t beat all we underground folk tend to keep to ourselves got enough problems of our own already I’m sorry to hear that actually what I’m saying is we got enough problems of our own without you surface folk bringing all that nonsense down here so if you don’t mind they’re pointless we’re obviously not wanted here Nick wait that’s enough Popo you are get back to your chores before I take out the spoon again mama I’ve seen him fight he hasn’t got themselves a talk and sword I bet that could help young man I don’t care if their swords spouts rainbows and bowls of delicious baked beans help stop saying that I was gonna die if we don’t do something die Oh what’s going on well our healing wells have gone and run dry and my paws done gotten real sick that’s why I went out to find some more of that water I hate saying it but it’s true see these mud pots line round normally they’re bubbling to the brim with Monroe water but just a few weeks ago they tried up to nothing but that still don’t excuse you from putting yourself in danger like that I may not be able to help you father but I sure as heck ain’t gonna lose you too mama I wonder if those monster attacks on the surface could be related to your wells drying up I wouldn’t be at all surprised it’s been a couple weeks since the water dried up but every creature here is feeling the effects I’ll bet those creatures broke through to the surface looking for more water mama maybe these two can go talk to the lady the lady oh she’s a sweet oh so lives deep in the caves makes the waters flow she doesn’t show herself around here too often and we can’t actually go see her on account of all the nasties live in between here and there in that case I’ll go speak with this lady and see why she stops the flow of water you do that this can’t all just be a coincidence the attacks in the surface your wells drying up I’m certain this lady must know something about what’s going on well then I had you folks pegged all wrong if you aim to help my husband hot promise not to clock you with my wooden spoon and justice you’re heading down to talk to the lady now you’ll out my paw we’ll do our best boat po just don’t go running off again

you got my word okay you soon as its sharp to stop droste even in serum on ruined us climb the door slamming in indict Pope was fatally comes chapman can open an eclair trigger that’s too bad they hit the heaven gun and ferdi deemed of woman whom I didn’t vegan yell come out of him sue gun a hillock de he’s sleeping peacefully let’s leave him alone okay haha service it is games by sharpened markets of items from the spy upon Paulo yeah she’s not a cat little girl and she’s a I don’t even know what she is my cat you don’t I man in that is that what you’re called an impact yes hello my name is bridgit maybe we’d met can I hold it I want it it’s trying to grab me with its little child hands don’t worry fidgets sorry I’m um what’s your name snow that he well snow Bob I’m sorry but as much as she might look like one fidget is not a toy hey oh I want her she talks I’ll show you look I’ve got this box thing hey dust look Oh be reads box hmm tell you what next time I go to the surface I’ll see if I can find a suitable replacement then we’ll trade yeah good idea dust you know that shopping arona had some things maybe the shopkeeper could figure something out for us yeah maybe he can make us some kind of fidget doll for her after all she’s far too young to take care of a pet like you yeah way too much responsibility port hey an investable fidget small up in slamming in the street i oft as he fitted harmless the video stadium dang ADHD frigid of silly fun with angel easy and vertical at sutphin investment forum on a frigid pooper and the best sharks and smoke confident of Aurora who is Hindi I would kinda mia it’s cooking obviously almost by shankar does almost below us with his own and stein i have on the save point i want to save point how many again gie up for the for a shrimp door climb the sense wats shaft through space on Gideon is no name shamim a yearlong yeah my dearest Peter material amaavas paso danza de la sospecha punta you come John shveta or Lloyd for its owner Bosma managed to me bleep me show me nervous novice Kisuke off-screen on a ship owned owned dang COI co Susan cioffi alpha for different reasons and ernest foley daba Stein but schooner Falcons are good vessel vista in math good just here