PrairieCast 76: Startup Weekend and the Startup Visa legislation

it’s time for this week’s park at this week’s Prairie cast is brought to you by delta dental of iowa who reminds you that you don’t have to work for a big company to get big benefits Delta Dental offers a dental plan to fit your needs whether it is a single policy one for your family or one for the team of your startup visit Delta Dental iäôm to learn more about your many plan options hi there welcome to episode 76 of prairie cast for februari 28th 2012 i’m jeff would have silicon Prairie news and our panel today includes tej Devon of startup City Des Moines Andrew kirpalani now of n seitan and insight insight anyways gonna say her mom in our usual co-host any vertical 40 web is home today hopefully joining us online with a sick child which I know I’ll too much about because I was in that position last week first of all curbs a new job how’s it going oh that’s going pretty well um as we did on the portrait you know a couple weeks ago I’m so kind of I told the guy on skype earlier today I’m still trying to find the metaphorical coffee but it is you know it’s a pretty good deal I think it’s going to be a lot of fun especially once I get completely spun up no and what is inside basically they are what we call a tag management system um so any website i’m sure silicon Prairie news does this but anything that’s doing any kind of commerce or or really even delivering content is tracking various things on their sites most of those things are done with third tools a lot of those are delivered via JavaScript tags once you get about you know three four five six eight of those on your site starts get pretty cumbersome to change them so ensighten and there’s a couple of other companies that do a similar thing to what they call tag management where they basically put a container on that site that you can then swap things in and out of that runtime make it a lot easier to change what you’re tracking where you’re you know delivery to your customers if you want to deliver like third party embedded chat or things like that just uh making managing those third-party tools at your site’s quite a bit easier very good and you’ve been a viewer of prairie cast for a long time but I think this is the first time you’ve been on the show yeah that’s great all right well thanks for joining us tushar you I really great you just got back into town not too long ago well it had a had an awesome trip at with the startup America partnership regional summit so got to see what the the 17 other states are doing and just compare and contrast notes and and see what we can do to improve our on ecosystem we’re very nice in that so there’s 18 total start-up regions its 14 that are official for our three to four are in the in the final stages of getting getting doing they’re doing their paperwork doing there you know the leadership and and how and what they will deliver to their start of ecosystems so this the states that have been there for a long time and those of us who joined the partnership within the last literally 60 days you know just just had a had an opportunity to discuss where things are and literally learn from each other and that was down in Miami was down in Miami at the University of Miami campus so yeah there again normally I would say like Oh Miami in February that’s gotta be nice but it’s not so bad here yeah you know for my friends who follow me on Facebook I think the comment i had was there was literally less than 20 degree difference and inside the meeting room where we stayed most of the time was nice and cool it looks like there was some time to play because i think i saw any stole in the picture may be sitting beachside or poolside or something at some point that must have been after the conference because the conference was pretty much heads down you know 8 am-2 you know i think the first day we left the campus after about ten o’clock at night so oh it was it was all all fun working it wasn’t like conferences where after lunch you want to sleep and after after dinner you just want to go back to the hotel this was this was fun conversing with some of the leaders of the industry any any big takeaways for Iowa that what we’re doing we’re doing right there’s there’s a lot of cool stuff happening in states like Colorado in Tennessee and there’s a lot of cool stuff happening here in Iowa so many of us were really sharing more of our experiences so there were shoutouts to things like silicon Prairie news that are helping the ecosystem sir tom chapman from Nebraska for example one of the things he mentioned very clearly was that some of the some of the positive

news that has been carried across multiple states has been carried because silicon Prairie happened to exist in all three and was sharing that so it wasn’t just it wasn’t just acting as a news vehicle but an ecosystem builder so whatever you guys can do to to keep carrying the flame for startups it’ll help that ecosystem oh great Tom’s been a great supporter of ours both when he was at the Omaha chamber and now at Nebraska global and excited to see him kind of carry on what startup Nebraska is and help with that organization there so um yeah I’m glad that he was going to be done there I think we’re going to see him a week or so out of South by Southwest as well that’s right you’ll see you’ll see a large part of that contingent that was at the regional summit in Miami at South by Southwest at the start of America programs and location so I know there’s a few people who are already connecting on that i’m not going but andy and amanda will be going from the start of iowa under the server by one bro okay very good well keep up to date with that we have some announcements about South by Southwest just today we announced the silicon Prairie cereal bar which is the event that we’re going to put on at tickets pronounced halcyon it’s a coffee bar on sixth Street downtown Austin with the help of the greater Des Moines partnership Iowa economic development and the Omaha Chamber of Commerce so we’ve done kind of social night parties the last couple years startup city-sponsored last year the one that we did and this year we said well why don’t we do that without the drinks and see what we can do during the day and come up Brittany and our team came up the cereal bar idea and just launched that today so you can find information about that on our site and we’d love to see you there if you’re going to be in austin and i’m sure we’ll see lots of those folks I’m sure you will from start of America as well alright let’s talk about the agenda today first up I want to talk about startup weekend which is coming up in just a few days here in Des Moines and Kirk’s you are one of the organizers yeah why don’t you tell us what what’s the scoop on startup weekend this right so it’s myself Levi rossall Rob Jensen and then Shane reser is coming back to help us this weekend we’re starting at five thirty is when we’re kind of welcoming everybody into startup city and then we’re going to kick off the night from there is this is the it’s basically been one year since we’ve done one here in Des Moines but in that time frame there’s also been a startup weekend Omaha which was either a new or maybe a second year event I think probably um start up again iowa city was new which was co-organized by Shannon Thomas who was on the same team as me last year and we heard a lot of about previous last year’s wonderful startup weekend experience for her and Kenny so there’s been a couple of really solid events in the in the area and then we’re going to put on the Des Moines event and I think what we’re going to see is I think we’re going to see slightly smaller event just because we’ve had those strong events that we drew from last year but I think we’re gonna have a really strong about we’re probably going to be about the same size as Iowa City which is 50 to 60 participants i think is where we’re going to be at obviously we’re going to you know try and push that as far up as we can this week we still do have a few scholarships that we can give out so there’s some people out there that are watching or thinking about attending that didn’t want to spend $75 or didn’t didn’t have it to spend especially students get in touch with myself or any of the other organizers how should they do that um twitter is SW des moines and that will get to any one of us otherwise on my twitter handle is on the the whatever the thing is the site here whatever the thing in the box you know on the internets a series of tubes they can they can find me there and we’ll get them a scholarship get them in the event and obviously even if we won’t run out of those events we’ve talked amongst the organizers are scholarships we’ve talked amongst the organizers we don’t want anybody not coming didn’t want anything like that so we’d rather you know pay out of our own pocket for somebody to attend that’s going to come in and participate and the morning question comes up every year because absolutely for an event it may seem like a high price tag but really it equates out over the amount meals and things like that and it’s what you’d spend in the weekend it’s sharing out to eat like for all those meals so the cost is certainly justified and good on you and the rest organizers for for helping people that can’t afford that to get it I know most people in this office where we film the show are doing I would be there speaking with Emma I think the two of us are speaking tonight welcoming and just kind of chatting about our thoughts on basically partnership our goal for your speakers is to just sort of set a tone and one of the things that we really want to carry is the attitude of this ecosystem we want to to bring in the people that are at startup city daily we want to bring in the people like yourself that’s involved ecosystem daily won’t bring in people like Emma who have a story to tell but also to show that these are people that we all like to hang out with anyway like even if we weren’t doing business we’d probably be hanging out in the weekends you know like there’s a synergy which is a terrible corporate word but there’s a synergy amongst these types of people whether it’s business whether it’s fun that they all want to be in the same place anyway and we want to showcase that as part of the event sounds good taste you are hosting in judging maybe

is that correct judging and yes startup city is hosting so there will be many people from startup city you know as a normal part of our our work days or work evenings there will be quite a few people in any way on friday night or our saturday but yeah startup cities is glad to have the space to host we will make a few changes around the office just to to fit not a weekend in that’s probably going to all happen on friday but yeah we’ll be around to a christian and i for sure will be around you know able to answer questions related to the ecosystem in general not just start up city and and see see how we can plug in and help these companies that might come out of its not weaken i think this is a good chance if you were ticipate to really get to know what startup city has to offer especially if you’re not in a role where you can pop in you guys have opened like things people come see all the time sort of city but if you’re maybe in a job where you’re not able to come over for lunch or or like an afternoon session you can come for the weekend and not only participate a team but get to know the resources leather and it’s not just definitely those of us who are at start city all the time obviously we’ll be there quite a bit but there are other members that make startup city what it is and those are the mentors and the participant so you know you’re not at startup city on a daily basis but the fact that you’ll be there on a friday night there will be there will be attendees from the Des Moines partnership who can who can lend that other color to that this entire ecosystem it’s not just all startups and it’s not just all tech companies there is a larger larger group of people that make this thing happen it’s a great one and many of them are going to be there on Friday night and Sunday night for sure Robert ass in the chat room what are the prices this year the price is this year I think there’s some there are some credits from amazon there are a couple of different things like that the price is actually something I just got information on this morning so I don’t have a lot of information on that yet it’s not so much as we’re where we had last year where we had a number of monetary prizes to give out now if we do end up you know over budget or whatever we’ll talk about that kind of thing but mostly it’s just various services like i said amazon credits everybody’s got amazon credits to use for the weekend and then one of the the winning teams will get additional i believe it’s two hundred dollars for the services something like that um there’s a number of different service based prizes like that but it’s mostly about tools and things like that as opposed to any kind of just direct monetary or whatever okay then ultimate I mean your ultimate price is going back to what as as a human you were created to do right which is independently running your thing make your way or nothing make something from nothing you know the the Amazon credits will expire and the the free into it licenses will expire and and the free t-shirts will wear away but it’s a lifestyle that year you’re creating for yourself I mean I wouldn’t I would look at the price to come in Robert and not to say that a nova mix not quality t-shirts it doesn’t matter direct arena for the t-shirt I had 20 years ago when I was launching my first business has probably lived its life even as a rag but the lifestyle that that feeling gave me then sits with me today that’s what’s important it is and i think that the greatest saw you i see in startup weekend is not necessarily the companies that come out of it but the experience of being there and meeting people and i know that i believe i’ve seen something statistic in the past that many more companies have been started out of people who met at startup weekend and then did something later then actually came and survived like the startup weekend process so it’s a good like just kind of mixing bowl of getting everybody together and meeting people that have like minds or not there are people that have different things to offer and mix it and obviously like seeing where they go from there I think a lot of us in this community like I went to the first start we going to des moines back in 2009 I think for even lived here just cuz I want to meet people in Des Moines because we were thinking about moving here had a great see a lot of those people still today and a lot of people involved in the start of community so absolutely i mean you’ve got stories like zarley and Rick Bob and things like that that actually came out of a startup weekend and you know there are various things you can say about that obviously bo had a very strong vision of what sally was going to be when he went to start we getting los angeles and build that company out there but you’ve also got you know plenty of people who now got involved in the community I mean for instance Shannon make not in myself miles worth I as and Rob Rob Rob and I are organizing start we get here Shannon organized started begin a city Mike’s involved in like 730 things here in and still working on the company I’m still working on unfuddle from time to time as far as i understand it and then miles i went out when is involved in some form or fashion with some companies that are tied up with techstars in Boulder so you know you’ve got these these people that I think it’s like a springboard I think it’s a way to kind of take people that might be motivated and really throw them and immediately give them a solid experience to begin with and then that sort of springboards them into the next sense of

things are going to do whether or not they’re particularly a company right from that weekend yeah I think that makes a lot of sense and you mentioned them here so do you want to give credit to wreck Bob which is John Shipka wit my have trouble with John’s last night i’m sorry but that was the start of one of the startup weekend iowa city companies that emerged I don’t even think they want necessarily but it was a strong enough passion project for John that he sees the business model so he left his job another company he created to found wreck Bob and I think they have four or five employees that I know they just brought on Macy yeah cook yeah and I’ve seen just seeing things flying about Twitter and whatnot about that company it sounds like they were really enthusiastic really excited about what they’re doing yeah absolutely so there are companies that do come out of this and zarley is probably at one into the skate well very much at one and yes Caleb Startup Weekend companies globally and then other companies don’t throughout the weekend but in between you have the rec Bob’s you have low q6 like jake herbert has come pay for last year i think be heroic robert he’s in the chat room still working that like there are lots of those things that do stick around could be something a long term for people if they want it to be and and though we’re not promoting it as such you know we have three we’ve talked about it yet absolutely go back and read that story about Shannon and Kenny if you want to see it I think that’s was that in the startup begin infographic I don’t know if it was I don’t know put that in um kind of what last you have to get some releases and waivers signed by Shannon and Kenny for yeah his rights or something well and the other piece of that is that Shane researchers coming back to facilitate so Shane used to be used to co work with us in this office right here Shane and I originally signed a lease for this to start before he moved out to seattle so it’ll be excited I’m excited to see Shane again I’ve not seen him since he moved what was that last summer out there so yeah something like that August August yeah so very cool that Shane’s coming back get to see him there and kind of catch up on everything in his life yeah absolutely i mean he’s one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever met so I’m really happy to have him involved still with this event I mean you know I’m looking forward to see if we get we attract participants from whether it is the Alliance that statewide or whether it is all of these college campuses that we have now made solid connections into from the the startup ecosystem see if see if we are able to draw individuals out of these campuses are to the larger and I’ll I was startled i know we gave five scholarships to Iowa State students just in the last you know week or so we just put those out so we’re definitely getting some traction ops they’re out there and i would state and there is eventual talk about running a name start up again so we might get into a situation where we have you know a by yearly event but it’s you know in the spring it’s in Des Moines and then the fall its like that we really want to drive that connection because obviously that’s a great opportunity for college students do you know like Central College where changes about anybody from like the smaller schools that we’ve reached out but I don’t have all of the sign up data so i don’t know if there’s going to be some students i would assume there’s no debe least a few okay um yeah certainly I think there are those types of students interested and pitch can hook you up with some central and then obviously Simpson there’s various people already done okay we’ll move on from there anything else on startup weekend if you if you have not signed up you’ve got an idea you you need to be present because if somebody else comes into that idea and execute on it you can only shoot yourself next monday morning and there’s and you don’t have to have an idea to sign up i’ve had that question for you do i need to come with a pitch no you can just come and want to participate on a team like that is available as well yeah well both story from big alma last year was he did not go in planning to pitch zarley he was charged up as he was sitting listening to the pitches and decided to pitch at the very end so you you never know what’s going to come up there there was an individual last year who wanted who was so charged up because he wanted to pitch he was number one right pitching i think it was filled right yeah yeah but there were others who who decided to pitch during those what 30 some pitches last year so yeah yeah we had an incredible number of pitches i think people would start to get motivated than they would pitch early and they were like no I bitching then we come back around the yeah the back of the neck in line and do it again but well that that event was my introduction to the the greater debt community in and around you know what has now become silicon 6 I ended up spending a large amount of time at startup weekend last time it was my first started we can my first intro to the community and I’d say a majority of my friends in this community and the friendships came out of that event I’d say have a very similar story I participated the first thing I done it really one of the early events that I participated in the community and obviously now I’m organizing it this year because I had such a great experience very good Levi does say in the chat room that there’s a pretty good reputation across most of the area schools because

of our sign up so that’s good to hear let’s move on and I want to thank today’s show sponsor and that is delta dental of iowa when it comes to taking care of your smile relying a company that you can trust fact is more Iowans trust their smiles to Delta Dental whether you’re looking for a dental policy for you your family or your startup visit Delta Dental I a calm to learn more about your money plan options thank you again Delta Dental as we do every week for supporting so to pray news and entrepreneurs in Iowa all right guys um want to do the fast four segments and we sup a little bit last week we started to do a point system since andi’s out this week an ad keeps track of points drafted producer john bait with us he is going to from the control room which is all the way on the other side of the studio here we can all see him a little bit of a he’s going to run the board and he’s going to participate in everything so we’ll see how it goes so just as a as a reminder the way this works it is a competition now i will ask the question i’ll set it up i’ll ask the question to each of you you will give an answer i will give you a score John keeps track of scores and at the end of the segment we will have a winner for Prairie cast or for the fast for this week sound good sure every on board John everything worked in tech wise very good all right item number one dhh gun racing David Hannum Eric Hanson creator of Ruby on Rails partner at chicago-based 37signals an author of rework announced last week that he will team up with Martin Plowman to compete in the twelve hours of sebring race on March seventeenth the last Midwestern started to be involved in racing was Kansas city-based live on comm who was the lead sponsor on the 24 Hours Daytona last month and they want it so the question is which Midwestern tech startup will be next to take on auto racing very score calm race score race car it it’s a fantasy nascar League run by a friend ear in in Des Moines my class and his he’s the solo guy who’s been creating and collating the stats and running this site for a few years and doing a bang-up job this is the stealth stealth success story sorry story score calm all right curbs actually think is presented because Christian says he’s selling the Porsche but I think he’s just getting a trap that sponsors and just gonna be sending it on the track very good very good and John you I think that jawoll is going to bring back through and Grand Prix as the Dwolla Grand Prix oh these are all good answers um I think I’m gonna give three points to Tish because that is probably the most realistic i’m going to give two points to John just because I want to see the Ryan grand prix come back how cool in an auto race be in downtown Des Moines again that happened when I was very little and it’s been gone for years and years and that means you get one point as what’s that but I if Christian does show up in the pool I wanna verse the point total on that one for sure i will keep track of that alright sounds good okay number two big omaha to use our website launches on friday the silicon Prairie news team that’s us along with our partners oxide design and Malone & Co launched the teaser website for big omaha 2012 includes very large very pink and somewhat obscured text at the top is provoking strong positive and negative reactions around the web so the question to you and kurt’s you can go first what is the full text at the top of the big omaha site i was just gonna say it was think pink pink pink yeah I all I could see was pink font man all right all right think think honestly I did not go see it because I was embedded deep into the start of America stuff so my guess is it says log on to tickle your co for your tickets all right John I I grabbed the images so I know what is actually cheating so that he’d disqualified right thanks but I expanded them here’s what I have I am excited to hear what the speakers will bring to the table you have to say big out Omaha is a great event each year excuse me really about making a community grow connections I love it there everything in this business big omaha just makes our head spin on how it has flourished me feel good you know yes you feel good I know ah well I think that deserves a three-point a person creative for sure and Kurt’s you could have to this time because I think you had a good guess and you just did you just kind of pumped on this question no I I truly did expect oh the tickler by the thing is i figured i’d buy the ticket Santa clay we’ll have to see if that’s what it says so we’ll give one point to detach for sure all right question number three techcrunch turnover yesterday TechCrunch denounce their top editor was leaving the eighth such notable turnover from the tech blog in recent months you’re placing him was Eric Eldon someone who had only been on staff at TechCrunch for three months prompting TechCrunch founder and former staffer michael arrington to quit who the hell is Eric Eldon well handing here’s the question while handing the reins of TechCrunch to someone who

wasn’t even on the staff in the blog’s glory days finally be what they need to reset this what seems to be failing organization John you go first this time I’m going to say no Arrington was TechCrunch TechCrunch was Arrington um it’s now in the midst of its slow painful death death news okay Tish I would say this is TechCrunch was was the ecosystem builder when it came to startups as they as evolution goes in an ecosystem when when you start disintegrating at your roots you are going to kill off your organization so the organization has to support its own and has to support its own through nurturing and building its people when you start when you start killing off the people who are feeding you then use the stories the the reason for you to survive you’re going to kill yourself that can that happen to TechCrunch it happen to byte magazine twenty years ago it could happen to SP news it could happen to startup city we have to focus on why we exist in the moment we do remember the moment we forget we’re out all right so no this is not a turnaround point for them no I knew the guys I think techCrunch’s is rim now I mean you can still buy a blackberry but they’re not going up I mean I think there will be there will be something that fills the void of TechCrunch I don’t think that coach is going to it all right I think you guys are all in same page and i would agree so let’s so let’s get everybody two points on that one last question the Academy Awards were held last Sunday and that prompted our own Christopher new to give his picks for the top six films about entrepreneurship which he includes Batman Begins risky business ghostbusters Citizen Kane / The Aviator and the godfather part two which movie do you give the Oscar sorry which movie do you give the Oscar 24 for entrepreneurship i’m actually going off list and saying cocktails because that thing had a tummy for absolutely it had like it had partner friction head starting a new business it had thee like the brilliant dreams and had to like the harsh reality it had all man we’d had the startup spouse issue it is yeah okay dish i think in deference to my partner christian I’m gonna give this one to glengarry glen ross marketing makes or breaks any any any business always be closing always be closing alrighty is for closers jack John years I’m gonna have to go with Blues Brothers Jake and Elwood are on a mission from God everyone else thinks they’re nuts it just feels familiar wow these are all really good answers I thought about with ryane so let’s see um ask the audience nicely audience yeah well go ahead crowdsource and first first were to chime in the chat room on who wins gets the three points here and we’ll see ya cocktails good your answer was glengarry glen ross and John had the blues brothers I don’t know cocktails has got a lot of booze but if I can never start a business that has as many car chases as the Blues Brothers you awesome that yeah that would be I actually feel like I need to go Netflix all of these okay Levi says its curves will go a three points two curves two points to Tash and John just because one points was left I will give that to you so Jonsey will tabulate the scores will have the winners for today’s show tabulating tabulated yeah the independent you can hear play click like this uh we did this on paper last weekend is a little easier and it is a three-way tie everybody has 8 points everybody has 8 points apparently we’ve exposed the flaws this is very much what I tried not to do was to get everything apparently I did that so everybody is a winner it’s cool because we don’t have any prizes Chris Burns one and we had a delta dental toothbrush that we gave to him so we’ll have to work on Oh tiebreaker question would be good so go ahead and put a tiebreaker question in the chat room and we’ll try to answer it by the end of the show alright moving past the fast for that was fun we read a post today written by our new contributor Adrian baughman about the startup visa legislation which is currently in Congress the bills which are quoted are HR 11 14 s 565 and HR 30 12 those are the ones that kind of focus on the granting of visas to immigrants for some sort of employment basis and there are two parts one is the h-1b visa which i think is what’s got a lot of the notoriety in Silicon Valley if you remember if you’ve watched Sherman passion of ours speech at that big old AHA last year it might have been in discussing with a niche Chopra as well from the White House really we’re

talking about the h-1b visa which is an employee’s employer-sponsored visa to allow people to come to the country to work under that visa anyway so that’s part of it the other part of it is an entrepreneurs visa which should allow immigrants to come to this country and found companies students who are here on an immigration visa for school to found companies as long as there’s two criteria that they have required amounts of financial backing from a qualifying investor government entity or venture capitalists and also have commercial activities that will generate required levels of employment revenue or capital investment so basically that they’re sponsored through some sort of funding to start their company and that within a certain amount of time they will have revenues that are contributing to to the economy there’s obviously a national issue and we’ve had people kind of asking about this before and as we were looking at it and trying to getting ready to write a story on it we learned that there is a local angle that’s what really prompted the story at this time one of those local angles a tej that you are interested in this and are talking to people about it and to Iowa Senator Grassley is holding up this legislation from going any further based on kind of his his rights as the ranking senator on a committee that deals with this so that was the gist of the story and if you haven’t read it I do encourage you to check it out on our site but tends to tighten this up correctly from your didn’t unit and just kind of give us your opinion of this and where the legislation is at and sure for I started sponsoring h-1b visas in 99 here in Des Moines when we were hiring for software development jobs and could not pull enough quality candidates from around the around the Des Moines area so we hired one on h-1b set to on h-1b and ultimately about 10 or 11 at that at that in that period in the 99 2000 period applied for their green cards and saw the process as it progresses one of those individuals still remain stuck in the green card process so what happens is the US allows 65,000 slots for an h-1b visa every year after 65,000 about 8,000 are set aside for Chile and Singapore for whatever reason I haven’t bothered to go see what the remainder are issued on a first-come first applied basis and application happened on April first in a few years or in the early 2000s when there was a serious shortage of developers those 65,000 visa slots would be filled that very day on April first and attorneys would get their files back saying you know your clients can’t have a visa whatever mostly from developers that’s his filly uh mostly for the high tech positions masters candidates have a different code a bachelors candidates have different codons but yes so that was that was one of the initial things so many of those h-1b candidates who came in the country largely from India some from Indonesia and a few other countries but largely from India have gone through the processes of going through h1 b’s having the green card application now pending so there are about half million h h1 b’s today waiting for a green card to be issued to them in the US from India the number of green cards are issued in the u.s. in a year is 140,000 off those 140,000 no more than seven percent can actually go to a single country’s applicants so India which has the deepest q gets about 4500 in a year so the Q is building these individuals half a million individuals are actually currently in jobs in h-1b positions at the Wells Fargo’s at the small companies at the principles of the world so they they are currently sitting doing their jobs a pre applying year after year for them to remain in this queue so the employer is paying somewhere between 3000 and 5000 a year trying to keep these employees they want to keep in the queue there aren’t enough high-tech candidates to fill that Q so if if if I as an h-1b sponsor lets go of my h1b developer there isn’t a sufficient pool of skilled resources that can fill that pool that I can hire from and and fill my positions of local of local development resources at the same time many of these h-1b candidates are realizing that they can actually go back to their home countries do their businesses from their home countries or work for somebody in their own country and actually now have a better standard of living because of the economic divide now shrinking across the world if you look at the number of apps on the App Store that are being run from companies out of India or Eastern Europe that the count is increasing the angry birds of the world rightly these these app counts

are increasing from overseas so we are hurting our own tech sector by one not giving those in green card lines enough slot so they can actually get a green card and stay here and be the free agents that the three of us are being able to move between whichever company we want to move to also we’re preventing them from starting a business because in h-1b they can file for a business but they can’t participate in a business so far as an h-1b candidate I could go to the Secretary of State’s office file paperwork to start an LLC but I couldn’t participate in that business I couldn’t write code for that business we know that any of us starting a company are going to be embedded in that business materially participating you can’t do that as an h-1b candidate and then finally we’re hurting ourselves by letting the highly-skilled pool of people here leave and go back you know creating a reverse brain drain so I was at the start of America event last week talking to the start of Massachusetts representative surrounded by 16 of this country’s awesome colleges and he says that they track brain drain out of Massachusetts at eighty percent that’s that present a few educated Massachusetts any person of the people educated Massachusetts are leaving in a large majority being foreign students coming from India and China not leaving Massachusetts to come to Iowa or California but actually leaving because the visa policies are so restrictive that they don’t want to start their careers by staying in the US so that’s that’s the that’s the large problem so the builds builds added that you referenced earlier their multi-pronged so one bill is the HR 30 12 that lets that 140,000 pool that I referred to be used such that the seven percent limit is removed and it replaced with a 15-percent limit so effectively by country so effectively doubling the number of slots that could be given to a country and and reducing the q it is not creating new immigration slots like Senator Grassley asserted in some of his messages before the bill never calls for increasing from 140 thousand eight it only calls for increasing the limits within that hundred forty thousand is 140 thousand use now or there’s not always it or not arrest so the large number of applicants tend to be from India in China the other countries don’t always have slots to fill so HR 30 12 which gives highly skilled immigrant candidates ability to get a green card using these employment categories are taken up by doctors by developers by engineers who are much in demand here you if for whatever reason you were to check into mercy or Methodist Hospital i would say having having just been there with my dad last week i think four out of the five physicians who worked on my dad’s case were indian i talked with all four of them and do directly stated to me that they were considering exiting because in an h-1b status their spouse is not allowed to work here they are better off leaving for Canada or Mexico or back to India or Indonesia where they have a freedom of practicing their their profession so we can’t afford that and yeah so it’s a significant issue and people obviously kind of feel differently on different sides of it for sure let’s start a little bit about Grassley’s positions so he is the is either ranking senator on the Judiciary Committee and that is one of the committee’s that’s dealing with these bills we did reach out to Grassley Adrienne did as she wrote the story and this is what Grassley told us or is representative stole this any bill that attempts to improve the US economy should be giving given high consideration senator Grassley looks forward to possible hearings on the startup visa Act which is yet to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee at this time it’s unclear if Judiciary Committee chairman Leahy or immigration subcommittee chairman Schumer will have the hearings on the bill to allow committee members to ask questions and learn more about the details of how it will impact Iowans now to read this on the surface it looks like Grassley saying hey son sounds interesting but I’m not in a position to to consider this and and as we’ve been talking to various other people that that’s kind of politicking it’s not necessarily the case with with his his position on that committee you know in a heavily divided Congress this bill as you can tell from the title itself HR 30 12 s house rule 30 12 it was introduced in the house it had a good number of sponsors the number of sponsors that signed on during the bill doubled the bill passed an amazingly

divided Congress 389 250 there is serious movement at least in the house to get this thing moved it arrives in the Senate and it has for sponsors including Senator Harkin there there should be no reason for us to send it to posture against this bill at this time we need this and more than more than us US citizens who are trying to support the ecosystem the half a million developers and doctors were already in this community needed so that they can become free agents and work wherever they need to work or rather than be beholden to that h-1b sponsoring employee well and it seems just sort of it seems sort of the same as like an Iowa State football coach saying yeah that kid maybe six to 230 and runs a 44 40 but I don’t want him cuz he’s from Texas it just seems dumb like why would you want the best players on your team and I think that I mean this sort of like just quasi educated speculation but I mean the Senate you would think would be typically an older body aggregate age than the house and it’s kind of people work up through politics I’ve been wondering this on on social issues things like same-sex marriage in and the league’s legalization of marijuana but now it’s starting to impact things like technology which which now impacts business are these things that people of that generation just don’t understand well enough to effectively legislate I mean it seems sort of like you’ve got these people that are looking at something in almost a union mentality or manufacturing mentality where you have to sort of protect it be a protectionist type of government rather than saying that’s not the way business is not anymore business is done over the internet we have to do everything we can to have as much of it located here because we have resources to because we have people because we have support and I just wonder if we actually are now in a system where not only is it social issues which not being of those particular persuasions have not been particularly damaging to me but still disturbing but now you have them legislating on some things that are there really have the potential to damage business damage the growth of the economy and I just wonder if we have actually reached a position where the generation in power is so far out of touch because that’s not the generations like I would I wouldn’t say that I think I think senator Grassley has been very very much involved with immigration related issues and there is a part of the political spectrum that wants larger immigration reform that’s across the board however in this this particular calendar year election year we know that’s not going to happen we know that can happen for the next one or two years however if you if you talk to guys like ben who are trying to hire skilled tech people you talk to the large corporations like principal and Wells Fargo who are trying to hire scale people they have trouble finding skilled resources at the same time if you look at the stats of what our high school and college graduates are seeking for degrees they’re not seeking the stem degrees they’re not seeking computer science computer science classes have gone down in size and interest over the last 20 years so we’re not producing the stem candidates we are needing those candidates in larger numbers every year we are training most of those foreign candidates at almost all of our state and private universities you know if I was running USCIS I would say all of these individuals that we’re training along with the diploma by the way here’s a green card out stay blessed year diploma and say go point whatever you can find absolutely well that’s my point is that you have this mentality which if you read some of the the text of the bills it’s a very protection estella T of a set of jobs that doesn’t need to be protected it needs to be opened up because we need to fill them you know that the difficult statement would be that that foreigners coming in would take Americans jobs but there aren’t enough Americans in these jobs and these jobs don’t have unemployment numbers above zero point zero from Allah five candidates exactly there may be lots of unqualified candidates in in the in the science and medical fields there may be but the qualified candidates are few and far between as you can see from the number of job openings that are listed on deck deck boards yeah this is this this this particular rule can’t wait two years for larger immigration reform it has to be acted on sooner agree Chris new ass in the chat room and I think it’s probably the next thing and it’s obviously speculative but why would Grassley hold this up like what’s the other side of this issue protectionist or tiger but like why I haven’t heard directly back from Senator Grassley I’m not I mean I I have written to his office I’ve told him the story of me having created a business me having applied for h-1b visas and going through their green card

positions having hired in a tight market place I have told him my story I have not heard a response directly back from him I’m not going to speculate on what you know what the message boards are saying I’d much rather hear it directly from his office so when that happens I can answer that better and that’s what we did ask that question and I read the response which was kind of jumping around the issue rather than and giving a specific answer to it but it you know that that’s not an answer yeah that answer was not you know i get i gave my opinion but I mean obviously that’s a little bit harsher than maybe yeah you know hedges or whatever I just I really wonder and this is something I’ve been wondering for a long time if we just don’t have the right people in powdered just by the pace of business and pace of change well and and I think they’re there because this is a divided country politically on lots of issues now the immediate thought is that this is a party lines type of thing and it very much isn’t if you look at who’s co-sponsor who’s not its people from both parties and even Iowa Republicans we reached out to debi durham who’s the head of Iowa’s economic development effort and she told us we have to grow the Iowa population these visas make sense to us on the surface it’s something we would support we also asked the governor’s office he was on the way to the national governors association meetings and DC did not have time to get back to us with specific quote on this but these are these are influential I Republicans that obviously feel very differently on this issue so it’s not necessarily a party lunch thanks so much is there’s something else at play here or something to know the yes it could be it could be the there is the third prong that I didn’t get to earlier is the start of visa so there is a category off visas out of 140,000 that allocates about 9,000 slots to individuals who want to come in from overseas and create businesses so a the White House introduced something called the startup visa which the tech community has just embraced at a better at a major level so the startup visa is intended essentially to take those 9000 slots and give them to do foreign citizen business creators of business owners who want to set up shop in the u.s. there are requirements that somebody come in with a hundred thousand or more in capital from a u.s source and within X amount of time I think it’s a year create three jobs half a million in revenue or half a million in additional venture capital and if they promise to do that one of those 9000 slots can be given to them for a for being able to work or create something in the US I think from just the definitions of that visa alone it’s it’s obvious that these are individuals not coming in to become Ward’s of the state they are they are one coming in with capital they’re coming into with a specific task to create positions and n be viable in a fairly short pier at a time the original requirements were much higher they have been reduced it’s all natural capital is the 9000 does that take is that a segment of that larger it is it is a segment yet the visas are visas are granted in various categories some are employment base visa category 2 3 4 5 this this happens to fall in a very specific category from which people would be again given the allocation not new creation not new slots but previously unused slots you know the the critics of this and my very personal friend Gopal who who did comment on the same article they would say you know what how does that stop the rich uncle in the u.s. from sponsoring is three nieces and nephews it doesn’t yeah it has absolutely no effect on that but it does us but those same nieces and nephews have the exact same requirement of creating the positions getting more venture capital or getting the revenue established so that they are viable businesses you know if it’s a rich uncle who happens to do it instead of in a otherwise accredited investor who cares you’re still create friends money all the time anyways yes thank you contribute to the economy hey um we’re gonna run out a little bit of time here so you guys have any other thoughts on this for your I just I quite frankly even though it’s been loosened I’d like to see it even looser I mean I think I go back to what I said before like if you can get good people on your team you want good people on your team end of story I don’t know why we need around the bush about that there there are lots of critics of Grassley and what he’s doing here so or what he’s not doing here I guess would be the case we did talk to the back wadhwa of singularity University and Silicon Valley who was very outspoken person about this he told us that to quote him senator Grassley has established himself as the single greatest barrier to skilled immigration

so there are there are people with a focus on this nationally looking at Iowa and looking at the decisions made here or being made by people that represent our state so certainly if you have an opinion on this you would want to let the senator know or do whatever you want to do with that encourage you to check out the links to the actual legislation which is inside our post Adrian got all of those from the Thomas service with the library of congress also you can check out startup visa com which is site put together in support of the start of visa created by eric ries dave mcclure sermon pastor of our Brad Feld Fred Wilson you know many names that we know as large venture capitalist that presumably would want to fund these and and if you if you look at the news from last Thursday the US Customs and Immigration Service which ultimately is responsible for these visas they actually celebrated vivek wadhwa and Shervin as as individuals of foreign descent making serious contributions to the tech innovation and industry so at one point rewarding them for what they’re doing and at the second time having their own hands tied for not being able to grow alongside so the USCIS recognizes the job that these guys are doing and startup visa com is a pretty complete collection of articles and opinions from Vivek and a bunch of other people so i would i would go check it out and yes contacting Grassley’s office at this time especially if you are a citizen of Iowa a voting citizen of Iowa and telling your stories is important very good um well end the show today with and east end of the week of course Andy’s not here maybe it’s jeff style week but the stat this week is 23 million three hundred forty 2162 dollars maybe I know what that it’s that means all right that is the total amount of money posted on zarley from its birth that started week in Los Angeles a year ago to about an hour ago when I champions fan touch that’s um that’s just it comes from Zarla calm / leaderboard where they not only have a big total ticker which is number i just read you but also tickers by city any guesses on the top cities before you go check it out kansas city just days on there it’s always years number of san francisco one and two the most surprising one to me is is number three which is oklahoma city which i would not have expected at one point almost 1.3 million I’d like to know what we’re doing like what are they doing Oklahoma City so look at the look at the prior sale yeah yeah well that’s a so if anybody from Zarelli is watching we would like to know that the four cities Los Angeles not to leave them out but those are the top five so just Danny pointed that to me that leaderboard so interesting thing to kind of keep track of it they actually have a top ten cities there as well so that’s it for today’s show want to thank everybody for joining us online and thanks again to delta dental of iowa for your support tej good to have you back on the show I’m glad you made it back from Miami safe and sound where should people find out more about you online at startup city DSM comm chirps how about you Andrew kirpalani calm don’t try and spell it just hit me up on Twitter that’s underscore curbs yeah yeah this is where you can find it Andy is that you met Andy com I’m at G would me precast produced by John Thompson of evolved who you got to see today if you haven’t seen John before I don’t worry about his services at DM evolved com for more on our show check us out on facebook at slash cry or cast for all the news and culture related to startups on the silicon Prairie you can always go to silicon Prairie news com and we will see you right back here next week thanks everyone