Let's Play Van Helsing II #004 [Deutsch] [HD] – Die Stadt verteidigen

yeah untouched become its work by let’s play the incredible adventures of fun held inspire yeah I’ve I targets let’s the fogger me know decoys and fertile eggs or get corruption will emit 0 bondhus B dash tons you certainly live up to our expectations sir you saved us in the last minute what happens you get in it and where is count flat us counter plateaus is gone sir what do you mean gone did he crumbled to dust or did he just slip away to throw a doomsday party again you really shouldn’t question his dedication to the cars m’lady he led his unit to one of the electricity works to disable the force domes from there then suddenly Harker’s specialists swarmed the area we had no choice but to retreat I’ll take it from here captain go back to the front line been all via Burnham you are needed van Helsing the commander wants to talk to you you must also save a weapon shipment and rescue someone important van Helsing you give a new meaning to the term one man on at least it’s a well tested and proven method ok ultimate at all if also store optimization Connor are there something wrong show me the missing hey let’s go speed it up no mrs. Randall care dr. Lowell silk on em dem teleporter oh yeah suck I like a mess my winter by us my comm media this allows our summit Vietnam finally where have you been this poor son is going to die we must take him to safety now to play with those people who are shooting at us uh-huh ok on what against they’re good check on me dekhne BAM I’m bill data will do something after over I’m not gauge my men lalalalala off y’all on top of a home owner of this s inferred solution two ish uncountable I look great you’re finally here I was close to leaving on my own life is always a one-man army now it’s your fault Hunter they also offer Marshall I are at least kind of groundwater next door so didn’t carry a shamba shots

so all the files on our way of Asia sucked you know another awesome we’re not going to interim it well I get so no matter though they were two down beside some comb comment on your feet to look for what neck charter Lena little bigots that’s true of nessa water then i would go jealous right now wave here movies later laws are around so it’s not some shop every 10,000 arizbeth huh okay do is make some special smell finally so one man army is here mm oh look wha I wat muffler never the 111 butcher nests are so dumb agonal yet totally masculine or coffee on lava put something on we have an urgent order from the war council you must find and save Private brian at all costs take him back to the lair we have a board counsel now and who is this soldier private ryan i’ve heard that part but we see someone important not that I know of a simple soldier I’m all about helping people but count Vlad haces gone our defenses are crumbling and you still want me to find a lonely soldier yes I do I have my orders and I’m willing to sacrifice hundreds if that’s what it takes to save Private Ryan that’s how it also um nothing else my I understand if this is an order we obey where should we go to look for him I sent his squadron to track eight good eyes out okay did you save Private Brian not yet but we’re still looking for him so as far as I can I saluda ok we’ll just down again in the open our foyer you blinked us sir it’s good to have you here Thank You captain i’m looking for a certain private brian and he should have a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead don’t listen to her do you know where we can find this man i sent him with a squadron to destroy a freight car filled with phlogiston gas it’s a dangerous mission on feed again oo Bears fans fans okay well this man I’ll bleep on this Olivia commander later or whatever later so important ones were from crater okay let’s go to finish oh hush is it the cake now I re Fishman’s have one final night wish

I’d Thunder since I like too young oh what a joy I rescue squad my comrades are all dead and i’m stuck here don’t worry lad you’re safe now tell me i must know who are you do you have a unique ring a glittering sword red cane but I mother nobody m’lady please don’t hurt me I used to be a cook that’s all the war council lost my chocolate cakes but that’s hardly a specialty really we should change sides van Helsing I insist we will escort you to safety soldier you won’t last alone out here the ice is Madam’s no ever missed my phone visit or that’s coercion to bug ich nach hause it’s a Sean yeah bakla as you know you come oh they get you want oh okay and roshan then push isida I eaeaea or delish so let em sienna back on Lana Lana sir so month month is logos yeah see you and hummel it off effect members ml file let’s add some captain cilic doesn’t know a geek now sorry here time the heater punch did you say private Brian yes we did and I think I’m gonna have some words with the war council I wouldn’t know anything about that I suggest focusing on the defense’s until we get vlados back glados is gone and our defenses are crumbling does our job is done here in this case we must return to the lair you’re right commander but there are still civilians out there returns the lair and make sure it’s ready to accommodate the refugees I’ll join the others and wait for the next attack all the sudden off at the machine so it’s like we should get there at em I’ll skip their month of your pots I’m gonna shut us up in the booth right

oh yeah sampa this level up columbus and label on fish pattern except i ponder that’s all put some it off there’s another level up Oh God gets gets loose it’s worse okay sure hey subject sector good as we have you seen understood some become my line of it is all good compare answers that’s a model contributor over there is a clamp creature so Dante hi continue the buffest what’s there so rectum it vector Mert and you front BAM fans that’s all thanks to its going to look one comes of iron coupons of manual and off a little behind cave and in shadows fish meal ovens hey Bill come here like hyah tongue it’s like top nuclear scientists kudos so I can short the specimen yeah so sudden mosaic in da vida poppy pop it’s awesome the machine that food of Mad Professor fool magothy piloted against us if he’s more like romantic doomsday automaton the dormer smashed me to a pulp then yes it was lovely mr Oh that is a bug in there autumn to scheisse Oh scheisse turned up an Fela plus every book is a in motion fans fans fans

should this Vic let’s get my shopping I’ll buy some healing potions would be nice you gonna look Vic you’ll have to grapple also here again what you have accomplished here is extraordinary but there’s nothing you can do now the general has four stones everywhere and he is moving in with the heavy artillery towards the foundry that’s it we’re running away you are merely gaining valuable time until I do what I do best seeking and hunting secrets examining the occult depths of this land and I’m the one who will find you a way to destroy those domes wait I you are right my lady this one went too far and thought himself important enough we’ll go back to the lair to regroup move as famous last stands go the battle for via Doug Junction was quite spectacular sadly it doesn’t change the fact that we are losing this war I even had to leave behind important allies general Harker is a worthy opponent he has salvaged the mad scientist toy box found some real treasures and use them wisely now the four stones are keeping us away from strategically important positions and the unnatural soldiers are forcing us back to the lair arker is on his way to occupy the foundries the mysterious prisoner 7 promised to find a way to destroy the domes until then we must remain in the lair of the general is so desperate to find so we will have to keep him busy congratulations van Helsing great what did i do again don’t be ridiculous that was an honest praise I think you are a good commander I’m still a better monster hunter I’ve never said you were a great commander but every beginning is difficult