The Walking Dead / #16 Die Stadt Savannah /Let´s Play The Walking Dead

on top I the walking dead you know yeah my etiquette organ is yet it’s one of my colon lastly stand down string much longer okay anzo via valen him a Clementine bush none it’s America a tiny start customers now hi that is all these dogs came over Hong Kong I want to talk about surveiller meet you and what we’re gonna do when we get there they don’t know what to expect the city could be bad or totally under control the thing is you and I were team you know and a team need to plan aside from everyone else when this train stops you and I should know exactly what we’re doing I plan I like it good medina a gentleman doesn’t have my boat’s often without nan da iron and vicky and vm wasn’t had my boards event mo da best bet at safety ok but we’ll be in savannah and my parents were in savannah no look no i don’t care about safety I care about finding them it wasn’t a phone ablating are done zoom in a high-end boat ok we’ll look for them really yes of course I’m sorry let’s look at the map if we can figure out where they were we can start there ok let’s looks like we’ll come right through town if there’s nothing on the tracks to hold us up we’re gonna want to look for a boat here I imagine and from there we’ve got all the Savannah to the southwest of us now we’ve got a good chunk of Savannah here do you think they always stay in the same place when they go there it’s uh hmm don’t worry we’ll figure it out have you ever been there once well think about it a lot of hotels on here but read this map it maybe it’ll jog your memory we’ve got really tasty desserts it’s called the M in something lar is this it the marsh house yes that’s it so we’ll head there yes I thought it wasn’t it worth attention wise does not show more good very good can I tell my parents you know and nothing mi nah go ahead all right how do you feel good better I’m glad we have a plan and you’re a good little she’s a mocha venti um I guess we should see how about my skit I don’t let any holder Oh wasn’t yet oh shit oekaki wasn’t it worth yet right I cooked from the commercial NOC la se la mirada and we come hey Tash Taiwanese or maybe we could walk that’s fucking stupid bin I’m just saying hmm I ain’t got much experience with y’all fortitude but we could probably deal with that we got a goddamn train things not full of milk Charles that’s gas or diesel something that’s gonna explode oh god never did sell this a crew here missing shit this yo you keep screaming like that you’re gonna get your face chewed off I never said hello because we could have just kept walking nine isn’t pointless cuz in tow we’re friendly put your hand down kid that’s what everybody says we know let’s get these guys a break we’ll see you guys got a problem with your train yeah you’re standing right in front of it dude it’s a wreck it’s not so bad from up here send your buddy up to have a look anything Kenny hi so much snow to won’t let them escape Oh Mon Ami skeptic I mozna the good was I always kept the shine there’s a wikia test me it’ll Idaho if I come up there you better not be murderers leaves I guess you’ll have to find out yeah does that really awesome isn’t a group of guys is what we need they’re what you think we need we’re doing fine for now what about when stopped hey dude I’m Omid Lee Krista what’s the deal with

the train we’re driving it oh man you’re gonna go to loading up on us financially at Agra I’m kind of looks awful annoyed ever it can I lie to go home we could use some able bodies it yeah we we really need some help what’s in it oh shit goddamn you guys have a kid what are you doing up here do you know how long it’s been since I’ve seen a kid shit what’s your name Clementine oh so he gets to swear oh this is great see things are looking up you’re not her dad he down there it’s that obvious to me and no he’s not down there huh what’s your story he often big Indian asses and Saddam netvisn delhi Lloyd and Andy’s might have divided life on Andros Clementine alone first day all of this happened i was actually incarcerated Zach give any prison tats I didn’t make it that far and everybody down there they’re cool can you had a phone confer long been assumed on the arm Chuck as kang lim kenny lost his wife and kid man how long ago what time is it I don’t know I’ve for maybe two hours ago god damn we’re sorry for anything that’s happened to you guys the train is awesome though that tank is your real problem we’ll help you with it but if we see anything we don’t like we’re moving on down the road alone we’d appreciate the help you can’t just blast through it I guess if you could get it down the rest would probably be pretty easy we’ll start there will come down and settle in and see if we can help I slide and then once it’s my hero show hanma send mara my cotton osmond amihan con there’s no way I’m puttin anything apart down there okay dont metion it on another tasoula and cut my mom had a thing for like no Nick da is hits Nate whatever government work was going on here didn’t seem to help come on Tina okay i slide his aim warm on the containers that song ends up done give it up momma Dean you mind updating a hunting video you Shinedown to not North design I wanted to leave mr. Hoff partner guys this is Omid and krista i began welcomes like i said we could use some good people we just wanted to say hi and save and entangle a solution I’m evangelisti huntin the Muslims not follow Sean and then it hung class solution I’d so yeah hi again the plan is to cook that tanker down and be on our way seems like playing enough to me you want to start in on that tanker I’ll get to know the girl for a minute if you don’t mind and why don’t I show you how this thing works case something happens really Kim it’s probably for the best someone look inside of it later on well as is that one Blaney two registers very hot seat us when we can hang over so we can but I hope Len to be a lens to viejas us learning the ropes can’t be too hard right there are a lot of levers I can’t wait to use I said if something were to happen to me maybe we can drive in shifts we’ll see the updates of I catch on to made it this far you seem dangerously normal Krista doesn’t let us join groups and I’m a fucking scrapper I got the feeling she takes care of you please I’ve saved her ass hundreds tens sometimes ah daddy enaku trade not on seed Obama’s awful like six months we were on the road for a while then you know that’s rough no does this new hat is going to be pissed talk to you later though Kenny huge in the military trying to that’s a good vancouver house then here is yani close you wanna wash ours is no tumkur nets here zoo I’m glad someone’s managed to keep the spirit 11 with avec toi this power will still

start ok so what’s lemon is fat minute he’s easy lemony I dies you know you were interrogating this woman for us yep she set off any alarm bells yet she’s very thorough that’s what I like to hear I guess it’s good that was gonna woman to talk to yeah does this extra in us if you have enough holy income that’s a pretty useful radio for her to be holding on to know it’s busted but it means something to oh I understand for this is that left 0 she’s a crack shot now you got this girl shooting guns look I don’t need a lecture you aren’t getting one it’s good she should be able to take care of herself there sure where are you from San Francisco she’s a long way from home I blame the one in there he wanted the great American road trip well he got a little more than he bargained for her who the hell isn’t a civil war history anyway other than old white guys wonderful you to be thick as thieves the hell is long so I’m weak can we convene tongue cut out what I think we’ll get that takedown maybe ask her me he likes to break things I thought of hungry you know give it a min on 10 warm it up I staying anonymou watching yeah and so create one hell of a furball if we tried to blast through okay that’s no voy a dozen to the kikuna young most informative not emotional we were at our best men become then we’re missin season took back again or to you later I don’t know what that does yet don’t touch it I said don’t touch it jackass talk to you later Arizona hmm aligning he doesn’t hit my good kanino Mahinda neva gong in like the style of my eng was no would spend I English in the ocean villa back now gonna get awana home till Idaho oh my my ashona music he attended ending though flappin your home okay mama y hmm what colors by llarowe hopefully that’s about the only useful thing in here nobody nani mo zhuang okay a comedy writer hmm there’s no way ample than anything apart down there this thing is mangled to hell no relation it no nothing good we won’t have my name Aviva died at sea a vital function then it’s your stamp lines only the good I’ve asterome often took shabaka Alice nah our girls hey what were you two arguing about when I was coming up all around easiest written finally I’m nothing if you gonna be around for a while be good to know what baggage you got and maybe we won’t be around for a while okay this is cool mesh don’t wanna wanna bench nuttin here got a clear view up there yeah we’re good for a ways thank God we need someone anyone come along in and exterminate them or something giverny hun d-duh sliced our divorce and

quickly oh shit Walker’s man you know sometimes you might see me take care of one because I have to don’t start thinking they don’t horrified I’m glad somebody else feels that way I’m telling you e if they ever get a hold of me and I know I’m not getting out of it that’s it man I’m just gonna punch my own ticket punch your own ticket yeah take myself out dave’s more don’t be dramatic niagara very flat on my hunch that means i’ll try some beats an advocate samedi Mohammed Al Capone mmm zangi no matter who had every new movie i gave him hear that Dad a nice thing like to become talk to you later teaching them anything trying to okay I the dash on my knees and so create one hell of a fireball if we tried to blast through hmm hey goof after hitting his own of us okay yea geil of aroma cotton can I follow you over there you don’t like the new girl i do but it’s like we’re a team what you say about Dave is a nine-team right come on Clementine and I are checking out this train station all right hustle over if you hear anything I thought vegan rhinos home on arm like you saying what supposed to give all good this dust with me and only cash homey I got hahaha pathologies / supervisor father hmm come behind you should wait for me before trying to open doors sorry luckily it’s locked we’ll get better at working together no done momma Dee don’t mouth mmm Burt hmm we’ll have to find a way here I wasn’t man enough I’m gather stop tonic that things worked in years now Moses behind behind him hmm that’s how my mom here okay Clementine ich komme la vida missoula mont Katya him o.o Sean now if you call me tenias I’m passionately the two line but I must adhere to a house not a name now I’m shine and merge the eris yani I can’t see you there we’ll have to find a way here mean gypsy at the house of light n was if you need about next one will be divine konkani

okay we get much of a few home now okay they convey that metal show more good hi girls hey okay my dear communism in I way Paul hits on the n diamant my heavy their arms I have a she mine d soon as that thing comes down we’ll be on our way yeah and I hope we won’t have any more trouble out of you I promise you won’t yeah you let me point him up on the engine button here for talk to you later teaching them anything trying to hey that’s it some macro decommissioning writer that’s gonna leave a sign anybody the bushes in the tree off the train stations over there evolve NV vector u LA so our sins committed on Caroline hmm could def cargo to frog a minor down 10 v comma and Hawaiian they’ve actually to omit only mom it’s empty good the years only la Vega balkanize miss Miller as the wine come Filipino 35mm of us show mama somebody was doing some painting somebody was doing a lot of painting hmm I can’t see in there never commits an iodine hmm commerce commerce commerce there Mac very good in my hair cut cut unlike vida de by the walking dead