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(exciting music) – Oh my gosh that episode! That season! The looks on Liza and Charles’s faces I’m Taylor Strucker, and we have so much to talk about, so start sending your questions and comments right now, and type them in the comments section below, you know the drill You guys, I also have a special request for tonight Basically, can you just tell me the most important thing you’d like to happen, in season six It can be completely plausible, or something totally off the wall, like aliens But just one thing that you wish, type it in the comments section below Keep it to like a sentence or two, and we’re gonna read them in a little bit – Good, we’re looking for storylines – (laughs) We got your storylines tonight! And also, we want to give a special shout out to all of our friends watching us on Sling tonight Hey, Sling, hey Okay, and now I’m so excited to introduce our guests of the night You’ve heard them; now you get to see them: Darren Star, Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster, and Debi Mazar. Welcome! (Audience applauds) – Oh my gosh, and a live studio audience, in case you couldn’t hear And also, a drink of the night, so let’s toast with our drink of the night It’s the No Way Rosé, so basically, it’s named in honor of tonight’s episode It’s like the “no way” episode, so cheers, guys, to that – Cheers! – And cheers to a great season, cheers – Season finale! So good – I’m going to cry, okay So so many questions to get to, so many fan questions, so many feelings, but first: what does it feel like to be at the end of the season? Is it sad? Cause I’m crying; I’ve been crying for – It just went so fast We were just saying like we can’t believe that everything has aired Like it all just went really– especially this season, I feel like it went really really fast, even the filming did I don’t know why – It’s been really intense, this emotional rollercoaster for all of our characters because there were so many relationships that are, like, coming to fruition And that last scene, you know, when you guys are walking down the street, ugh It’s kind of, like, (exhales slowly) – Oh yes – You know me and Malkie are kind of, you know, we’re done, and Nico is doing his — or Josh – Bubba, or whatever the heck. We are getting to that – Yeah, there’s a lot that just went down – There’s a lot happening – I mean, the reveals. Boom, boom boom! It was, like, shocking for us to see it because we obviously shot it, and then the editors put it together, and then, like, as we watched it, we’re like, “Oh my god.” Right? – Yeah – The no way episode; no way, no way, no way – Suspense was built – The No Way Rosé – So when you’re doing a season finale, do you know– like when you start the season, do you know what the finale’s going to look like at all? – We think about the finale – Yes – We think about where we want to go We sort of, like, project, plan, and we’re not quite sure how we’re going to get there, all the steps, but we have an idea of where we’d like to see the characters end up by the end of the season – Were there alternate endings from that end that we saw tonight? – You know, I have to say we nail– That’s such an interesting question Sometimes there are, but I feel like Clare was a bit of a– I wouldn’t say last minute, but when it came, we were like yes – Oh my god – Oh, that made me so angry – Oh girl, I’m with you. (laughs) – I am hot and bothered by this and not in a good way – But, like, all of us– – I love burying a character forever and having the audience forget about them, and then having them come back. Like, oh yeah And the idea that she was gone and forgotten and sort of swept under the rug It’s like, “Gee, what happened to Clare? I guess the writers forgot about her.” No we didn’t – Nope, surprise – You made our jaws hit the floor – She’s prego, bitches – I think it was a bit of a red herring for Josh, thinking about possibly being the sperm donor for Malkie, or thinking about Liza, you know – But that could still possibly not be his baby, right? – Anything’s possible (Hillary groans) – Anything’s possible – Says the pregnant one! – I’m manifesting – Or it could be his baby – You have your hopes and dreams for season 6 as well: that it’s not Josh’s baby – That’s the greatest thing We don’t know what’ll happen moving forward – So you guys don’t know? – We don’t know! – But do you guys already have it figured out? – We have some ideas – Are you sure? – You didn’t say anything. We just had this the other day – He was like, “We have no idea.” – We can’t give away the story – Okay, so moment one, because we have to unpack moments, because it’s that chock-full So the looks on Liza and Charles’ face, walking down the street So you are Liza; you are the character, so I’m going to get you in a second Debbie, Hillary, what do you think, in a word, Liza’s face meant? Like an emotion, like scared – Optimistic – Optimistic? – Optimistic, scared, and excited

I think, you know, the sexual energy is on; they’re fulfilling their dream – I don’t think so – Really? – I think she’s like, “I thought this was going to feel better, and it’s not feeling so right.” – Why, because the chase is done? – I don’t know exactly what it was You probably answered that best, but I think there was this overwhelming feeling that it was going to feel really good, and it’s just not matching up to that – It was more his face that told the story than her face – Oh god, both I mean I watched it like 10 different times — – What’s yours? What’s yours? – Ah, I think, “Be careful what you wish for.” – That’s good – I really feel like their whole relationship, and I feel like this season, was about illusion versus reality – I just don’t agree with you – I feel like that, and that last moment was a metaphor for any relationship where you basically project who this person is that you’re infatuated with, and they finally got real They’re like, “Oh my god, this is really real.” And you know what? Relationships aren’t always, you know, they’re not perfect – No they’re not – So the reality set in at that moment, and it was not that it’s not going to be– It could be great, but it’s going to be real And I feel like for five seasons, it’s been about fantasy for Liza and Charles, and suddenly, it’s like, “Okay, there’s been ramifications to this relationship, and reality’s setting in. The stakes are–” – And he gave up his career – I was going to say: is Charles still rich? – Didn’t he need to a little bit? – He gave up everything – Was it just about Liza, him giving up that career? Like, the company could have been struggling for a while because of his choices, no? – Well, I think the publishing business, in itself, is a precarious situation He needed an investment, but I feel like without — His relationship with Liza that was, especially in today’s world, like not investment friendly – He gave it all up for you, and now you don’t want it – I do! It’s just complicated! – And now you have it – And now I have it – She’s the boss – That’s terrifying; everybody should be terrified – We were going to talk about that dynamic (laughter) – And Diana is not having it – Diana is still in the dark! Diane knows nothing! – And she doesn’t know your age still – Or that I’m banging Charles! – How does she not know that? (laughter) – There’s a lot. Those are my hopes and dreams for season six – I mean how great was Diana this season? – Oh, so great! – Amazing. And she directed an episode! – I know – She was amazing – Miriam was amazing. She’s hilarious Diane grew a lot this season – How about her singing? (melodic singing) – Oh, that’s actually in a fan poll coming up We’re going to get to that in just a little bit, but real quick: fan questions are coming in I am melting, literally, and fan questions are coming in – Can you just talk about the fact that it’s 100 degrees in New York right now – It’s a hundred degrees in New York, and my face is saying it all – It’s 110 degrees in here – And there’s no air conditioning – And I’m wearing a long-sleeved dress from my grandmother – And we’re supposed to be all fresh and shit – Okay, so here we go Let’s go to Jenine O Will Diana ever find out about Liza? What a perfect question! – Darren! – Darren, go – It’s not that important – Oh, Sutton, go. Sutton, go That face says you answer – It’s not that important? – That Diana finds out about Liza? – Okay – I mean it’s not that important in the sense that life will go on Diana, one way or another, she’ll have a nervous breakdown and recover (Audience laughs) And then things will go on – I agree I feel like there could be a real opportunity for– I love the Liza and Diana relationship, and I wonder how it would change if Diana knew that they were more contemporaries – Okay, so in the season finale, you’re asking your– you’re saying, “Get me the pens.” I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that; I’ll get you the pens But I think that, you know, she’s a minimal So you like taking charge; she’s a control freak But I think that watching her reaction is brilliant, and it adds to the comedy of the show She’s like, (sharp exhale) “Okay.” – Right. I mean, I don’t think Diana wants to be below, beneath, Liza in any way, so it’ll be interesting to see – Definitely not beneath me – Exactly – She’s going to be real soon – Right? You’re going to get chewed out, girl. Oooh – Kelsey can chew her out – Oh no, Kelsey can fight back – I don’t think Diana will like the idea of being deceived, but there’s — – Because she likes to be a part of things She wants to be in on everything – She does – Don’t you guys think she kind of knows? – I feel like she sits on the outskirts all the time – I’m not sure she knows I’ll have to say that it’s– – It’s undecided

– It’s undecided, but I, personally, do not think she knows – Okay, I’ll take that – Guys, liquor this man up a little more; we’re going to get some good stuff (Taylor and Sutton laugh) – I think there’s a lot of just, you know, narcissistic blindness on her part – Okay, that’s fair – That’s fair, and very well said – She’s just basically not really thinking about her assistant to that degree – And she’s got Enzo distracting her right now – And he’s covered in poo; it’s a whole thing – He’s fantastic – Poor, sweet Enzo Okay, let’s get another fan question Cathleen G. says, “Does the cast get any say in their characters?” Darren? – No – Not really (Audience laughter) – I mean if they had something If they had a concern, we would certainly listen – I feel like we don’t need to. We trust– I’m talking too much, but I feel like I trust the writers – You didn’t mean naked in a Mikva – We’re excited every week to see what we get, and I’m happy with what we get – We trust the writers so much We have the most incredible writers – And he’ll say, like, “Get naked.” You’re like, “Can I have a body towel?” He’s like, “No, you don’t need it. You look great.” He’s one of those guys that builds you up and makes you feel good, so, literally, like, we go with the flow because we trust our writers and Darren – And we trust each other, and yeah – By the way, if there was a concern, we would listen I would listen; the writers would listen; we would totally be open to anything – I want a Bustelo, but not like lavazza, coffee-wise – But they have a grander sort of perspective on the characters than we do I feel like we’re so — we can sort of see — – It’s like a forest for the trees What is that saying? I never get that right See the trees for the forest (Audience laughter) – Beyond that I feel like we have a nice little– – Try it again one more time – –symbiotic relationship, you know – Don’t you guys have intense sort of battles in the– – We fight about the characters in the writers room all the time. Oh my god – Does it come to blows and tears? – Not blows, but sometimes tears – Wow! Can you share a story? Like over which character? – It has come to tears – Over who? Over what? – By the way, they’re such jerks They have these big boards that are like storylines with Post-Its everywhere, and when we get into there to do our table reads, they flip the boards around, hide everything, take all the important sticky notes off. It’s torture – You guys have to find the weakest link, get them liquored up – Befriend them, get them drunk – Buy them all the presents – But I love that they’re so invested that they– – That it gets heated – Yeah, I love that! – You love these characters – Yeah, we do too – We have arguments about where they should go, and, you know, it doesn’t just happen quickly I mean, we will spend days discussing a plot point or where a character should go – You’re the boss – Speaking of plot, so Man C. says, “Is Liza going to come clean publicly next season?” – Clean about what? – Age – Why does she have to come clean? – Maybe, it’s up for grabs It’s definitely– We’ll see how Quinn feels about it Quinn’s a powerful player next season – Yes, as is Kelsey – What’s her agenda? Quinn has a few agendas – No kidding. Oh god, we’ll get to that in a second Right now it’s time to go to our polls people, so we’re going to reveal your season six hopes and dreams very soon, so keep sending them in, but I have a fan poll for you right now Which one of these moments was your absolute favorite from season five? Charles finding out Liza’s real age, Charles’ kiss with Liza in the snow, Charles and Liza’s sexy time, Diana’s cabaret routine, Liza and Caitlin’s Lonely Goatherd performance, or drunk Kelsey, whose had a couple times on the season, who I know is exhausting for you to play because I follow @YoungerTV on Instagram – I saw that too – What? – How hard it is to be drunk – It’s not so easy – Emotionally draining – It’s tiring at the end of the day – You’ve got to play drunk for hours and hours and hours – You guys love to make me drunk on the show – You do so well; it makes us laugh – So you guys cast your votes– – It’s Kelsey – You guys, cast your vote in the comments section below We”l get to that in a few minutes, but right now, moments number two So I want to talk about Zane’s unexpected profession of love when he was actually like — he professes it, and then he says, “Well, I was in love with you.” – Past tense – Your comeback was great – So what do we think about that whole scenario – Oh god, I was so annoyed — I feel like Kelsey’s always annoyed by him, but, one, I hate that he left because he couldn’t handle her being above him, but it does set up a very good– like their competitive relationship can be even stronger now that they’re not even under the same umbrella They were competitive fun at work, but now they can be competitive, like actually at different companies, and I feel like that’s very juicy chemistry – So this isn’t the end of Zane? – But how annoying to tell someone, “I loved you.” You’re a little too late bro

Like, you only got interested when there was another guy involved, and that’s so typical man – Because he wasn’t, you know– Because he did pull some shit on Jay – What do you mean? – Over the season – Because of Jake? – Yeah! – Guys don’t date multiple people at the same time? – But from Zane’s point of view That’s all (Sutton laughs) – I’m just getting drunk – I thought I heard that – By the way, he did say that, “I loved you.” – Loved? – Past tense – He said, “I love you.” – Does that count Darren? – You know what, it’s a little passive aggressive, but he let you know – It’s so passive aggressive I do like that he had his heart on his sleeve, and he — you know, because at first, he was just sleeping with her for, like, the past two seasons, and he wouldn’t seriously date her And I think she was a little more invested, and then, she — someone else takes interest in her, and I agree it’s inappropriate because it’s a work thing, but then he all of a sudden is like, “Wait wait wait, I want this.” And that’s, like, not cool – He felt like he was played a little bit – Which, you know– – He was, and then you suddenly became his boss, so he, you know– – So even worse. What a blow (Taylor laughs) – Okay guys it’s time for your poll results, so which one of these moments was your favorite from season five? And a majority of you said: the snow kiss! Over sexy time, snow kiss Do we agree with that? Do we like that? – I think real age – No, 36 snow kiss – Snow kiss; I see – Snow kiss. Darren I can’t see the monitor either I have somebody in my ear telling me the answers – Was it real snow? – No, it was soap – Soap? – What? Did that taste bad? – I got the worst of that The wind was blowing this way Peter’s back got attacked, and I was like (sputters) – Oh no! – You were blowing bubbles when you made spit – It was really pretty, but it was soap Does that change your answer? (Taylor laughs) – Okay, it’s time now for season six hopes, so let’s see what you guys are hoping and dreaming Let’s go to Debbie N.: O-M-G, a Carrie Bradshaw book for Empirical What do we think? – Or a Sarah Jessica Parker book for Empirical She has her own publishing – She does?! – Yes – Oh that would be cool – A little cameo, shmameo? That would be great – That would be a good one – Is that a possibility? – Well, great idea, Debbie – Great idea; see, I told you – Here you go, we’re looking for ideas – We’ll get you all of your ideas now Let’s go to Danielle W.: Josh and his tribe of women raise the baby So who would be in this tribe? – Well, here’s three of them right here – That’s true (Audience laughter) But does Clare get to be in the tribe? – No – But what are we going to do? Take the woman’s baby? – Like, “Thank you; goodbye now.” – You’re getting shipped back to Ireland We’ll keep the baby – That’s like a crime, right? – Are we going to have to be living in the apartment with her? – I know; what’s going to happen? – My apartment? – Yes (Audience laughter) The tribe of women move into the loft – Josh doesn’t live in your apartment – He’s in roomie’s apartment though – That’s true; he’s going to have to move over – Actually, have you guys noticed how big our apartment is? – It’s pretty damn big – It keeps growing – Where are the rooms? – I have a gigantic bedroom We have one bathroom, but a gigantic bedroom – It’ll be a nursery that appears next season – Okay, let’s go to Angel S.: Hope Zane and Kelsey get back together What do we think about that? Hillary? You for it? I mean, I’m for it I love Charles Michael Davis, but I– – That smile – He’s got a damn good smile – Right? – Yeah, but he’s got to shape it up He’s got to step it up I think She deserves a lot, and you know – You’re cheating on him – How am I cheating on him? – Like, he needs to step up — He’s not cheating on you; you’re cheating on him – He never made it official with me – That’s true. He didn’t claim her – But I do think with you guys not working together, in the same company, it’s going to – That’s really immature of him (Taylor laughs) – Okay, guys – I love that he’s working for Chicky – Oh man, that’s so good – Maybe he’s working for Chicky – Who knows? He’s also been a liar this season – That’s true – With his work stuff – Well, okay, we’re going to get to work stuff in a second for you specifically, but, moment number three, we have to talk about Maggie and Josh and their sperm donor situation So Malkie and you — It’s a little weird about the baby and Josh’s sperm and all that jazz Do you guys have any shot in hell at a future together? After that one? Or is it done? – Listen, I don’t think Maggie wants to co-parent, and I think she should have been more open about what her plans were

Listen, you never know You never know I mean, I think that she definitely likes Malkie, but her coming after Josh was kind of odd at a dinner table Inappropriate and also too close to the cuff, so I don’t see a big future there However, I’m an actress; I don’t know what my writers have in store for me, and whatever happens, I embrace it, and I’ll have fun with it I’m hoping not — Listen, I have kids in my real life – Yes? – It’s enough (Audience laughter) I don’t want to deal with anymore kids in my life You know, I’ve already gotten through the parties, and all the birthday parties and stuff; I’m done – You’re like, “Maggie is my departure.” – Debi Mazar, as a person, is done So if it happens, okay Later in life people get into new relationships, okay – For now, let Maggie drink and smoke her pot – There are so many more exciting ways to go – Well, it’s not Maggie’s baby It’s not Malkie’s baby either – And it’s another baby possibly coming on the show – Thank you for that beautiful segue Speaking of babies, Josh has a little bit of baby mama drama Clare shows up, fricking preggers on his stoop, or at the door; Lauren slams the door in his face Ladies, is this Josh’s baby? – No – I knew that was coming, Hillary – She’s been a hustler from day one – She really has been – She has been sneaky – So we don’t know what’s up with that DNA testing, and Maggie will order that Maggie is going to order a DNA test – We just thought about the possibility that it’s not Josh’s baby – Do you guys think that it’s Josh’s baby? – I assume that it’s Josh’s – I assume it’s Josh’s baby too – So what’s going to happen is that — – I take things on face value – He’s such a good guy. He’s going to step up to the plate, take care of her while she’s pregnant, maybe take care of the baby for a little bit, and then some crazy ex-boyfriend’s going to show up, and the kid’s going to be that one – I love that scenario – Well, now that can’t happen because you just said it – Well, something similar needs to happen, Darren – One thing I do know is that I don’t think Liza will be able to stay away from Josh – Well, you’re always showing up there in sexy little outfits She’s always going over in sexy little outfits – Always these little negligees – Yeah, and my black bra showing through my top – It’s true – I’ll see you in the hair and makeup room, and I’m like, “Are you about to go shoot that scene? What are you wearing? Like, that’s mean; he’s in love with you.” She’s like, “I don’t pick these things.” – She likes the attention – I know. She wants her cake and eats it too – Okay, so let’s go to some more fan questions Callie C. says, “What do you do on set to keep the energy up on those long days? Do you guys have a ritual or something fun that you all do together?” – We sing ♪ songs ♪; we do dances! We do lots of crazy stuff – We do this. We do that – But I will say that we do go crazy – And she knits – I do; I crochet But it’s a really fun set I feel like there’s no drama We were just talking about this earlier – We don’t have down time – There’s no drama – No, we’re moving a lot – It’s super fun and easy, and we all really love each other – I remember directing a scene once, and you guys were in a car together early on, like one of the first episodes, and I had my headphones on because it was a tow shot, and it goes on for a long time You know, you’re towing the car, and it’s all this time between takes You’ve got to reset, drive around the block I had my headphones on and, like, Debi and Sutton are just chatting, chatting, chatting, and like, they were just having a good time – We all like each other – They were entertaining each other It wasn’t like, “Okay, now what?” – I feel really lucky because we all really like each other, so that helps There’s never like a (noise of disgust) – We don’t have that thing where we go like, “Sh, my camera’s on. My mic is on; don’t talk.” – You definitely don’t – I have those moments on other sets I don’t have that on this set where I’m like, “Oh shit –” – We’re always listening What are they going to say? (whistle blows) – Next fan question is from Tony, and I like that whistle, P.: Will Maggie and Charles ever meet? Great question; will Maggie and Charles ever meet? – Oh, you’ve never met Charles – I have never met Charles – What do you think Maggie will think of Charles? – I think she’s going to like him – No, she’s never been a fan of Charles – No, I mean, I don’t have anything bad to say about Charles – He’s a little stiff You don’t like that – I really like Josh, and I like the energy, but I like the girl that you’re becoming, the woman you’re becoming with Charles I think that — – Don’t you think that your character’s more drawn to people that like untraditional things – I think Charles is a little stiff, but I think that Maggie’s the kind of gal

that would go to Charles and do one of these things to open him up – What did you just do? – I do one of these Do you know what I mean? – We’ve all seen her with a knife before – I bought my husband this really cool knife recently, so I’m thinking of this Anyway, I think that she would try to open up Charles to really see who he is, as far as being protective over who Liza’s dating To really know what his intentions are – I like this for a storyline too We see a different side of Charles, like a dark side, or his vulnerable side – I could see myself throwing my feet up on his desk Meanwhile, my heels have on fur – Gross, mine too! – Welcome to my home. Welcome Everybody walks off with fur Okay, let’s go to another fan question Chrissy B.: Plot idea! Could Olivia Benson have a book idea and come on the show? Wow that’s a lot of worlds colliding there – You’re the creator – What do you think of Olivia Benson? – What do I think of Olivia Benson? – Who’s Olivia Benson? – Mariska, isn’t it? – Yeah, “Law and Order: SVU.” – Oh! – Detective Olivia Benson – I love her – We’d only have Mariska coming on the show– – But it would be so– I think it would be more interesting to have Mariska on as, like, – My lover! – Someone else! – She’s my girlfriend, and then I go to meet Charles – Yes! – I think that would be more interesting, right? – Sorry for the – I vote for that; I like that We’re coming up with such great ideas – He’s so bummed that this is his first — getting Younger– like, “I could’ve been using this all along!” – You’re not giving these questions; it’s the audience No, no, by the way, keep them coming – This wealth of knowledge at you fingertips – More story ideas, please – Let’s go to Beth-Anne M.: What’s your favorite scene to shoot this season? Or what was your favorite scene to shoot this season? That’s tough, huh? I’m going to start with you, Sutton It looks like you’re ready – I mean, I really enjoyed– – The crane shot? – (laughs) The sexy time crane shot No, I really enjoyed the snow scene, and I really enjoyed the final scene of the season Both with Peter I mean they were pivotal scenes, and I think those would be my favorite – The problem with the snow scene is that you can’t do fake snow when it’s cold enough to actually snow, and it was almost cold enough to snow, remember? – How freezing is it when you’re shooting? – I was there; it was so cold – I think it’s better to have been — than be hot Guys, I’m melting right now But when you’re in the cold you’re– – When you’re in the cold, you’re freezing – Hillary, favorite scene – That’s tough. You know what? I had a really good time with Peter walking into his office I feel like Kelsey’s been pretty disrespected by him all season long, like with choices that she– – Really? – Yeah I feel like he’s always giving Liza all the credit for everything, and I think he’s obviously a little biased, but he’s always like, “And we’ll thank Liza for this.” Then Kelsey’s like, “Hi, I’m part of these decisions.” I don’t think she knows — What do you mean? She’s constantly– – You’re always getting the fucking job, and she gets nothing You get the job, and she gets nothing, and she’s done the work – That’s because you’re her best friend – So you know the inside of her world, but other people don’t They think she’s just an assistant – It’s so funny how we all say it – That’s why people are so invested! – He takes the book from her in the beginning of the season, just stamps the other imprint on it– I think that’s really rude – – and then the other thing is he always thinks her ideas are kind of too crazy, or doesn’t want to take a risk on them, or spend the money, and he makes her take on other books – And then she’s right – And then she’s right She’s the one raking in all the cash for the company – Well, speaking of which — – And then he — I think it was awesome; I loved the scene where I got to lock it and say, “How about if I have Liza ask you?” – That was a good scene – Like, my heart went to my butt during that scene – I bet his did too – It was such an honest moment You’re like, “Oh yeah she just went there.” – And then my other favorite was when Liza says, “If you’re actually asking me to choose, I choose you.” – Oh yes, that was (sighs) because everyone’s, “Oh it’s Charles and Liza Oh, it’s Liza and Josh.” No, it’s actually about the two of you guys and your love That friend love – I think the end of this show is going to be you and I standing there – We both did some interviews today, and someone said, “Who do you see as the couple standing at the end? Who’s the couple,”

and I went, “Oh, it’s Liza and Kelsey.” – I said the same thing! (Audience aww’s) – I went, “Oh, it’s Liza and Kelsey; it’s obvious.” So yeah, I feel like that’s the true love story of the show – Well, I’m crying, but I’m sweating so much, you can’t even see the tears Okay, let’s go to the final moment, when Kelsey is — It’s announced that she is the fricking publisher — – The boss – — taking over for Charles What was your reaction when you read this? I mean, what do you think about the decision? Is she ready to be a publisher? I know she’s excited, but she was shocked She did not know that was coming – No, I don’t think she knew it was coming at all I think I’m still a little shocked by it I think she’s terrified that she can’t step up, but I think that, with the help of this one and Quinn, who’s a heavy hitter and a smart woman that I think she really respects, I think she’s going to pull through At least for a little bit, you know? I think Kelsey is so scrappy, and she’ll rise to the occasion when she has to, but there’ll be tears and pressure – Can we ask these guys questions? – I mean maybe one because I know we’re out of time, but one question – Is Kelsey ready to run Empirical? – Well, you’re going to have to Instagram at us – Okay, it’s not that quick. I got it – Facebook at us and tweet at us – Yeah, gotcha – Is Kelsey ready; yeah – Well, guess what? Charles hasn’t been so ready lately – But it is interesting timing that Kelsey’s taking over a bit of a sinking ship – I think it’s going to take a lot more than just like, “Oh we’ve got to get a book that’s a hit, and then it’s going to be this.” I think she’s got to dive in to the company and figure out where the weak links are and what’s been really going on She’s got to be smart, but I think she is – You guys set up — – She’s more ambitious – And I will be there every step of the way – He does really save the day, so I can’t be — – (in a cartoon voice) “Well, gosh golly! I’ve got an idea!” That’s what Liza says every episode – That was part of the other great thing is that she stays and doesn’t go to Chicky How fun was Martha Plimpton? – Oh, so much fun – She’s wild! She’s a wild one – Hysterical – Well, you guys, you set up season six very nicely, so thank you very much for a fantastic season five It’s time to say goodbye Thank you so much for joining me, guys Thank you; thank you – Bye, thank you! – And thanks to the fans so much for hanging out with us every single week You guys are the reason the show exists We couldn’t have done it without you, so we had the best time hanging out this summer I had the best time; thank you so much, and be sure to check out our podcast “Younger Uncovered” tomorrow, our final one, extremely emotional with Peter Hermann He made me cry I did not make him cry, but he made me cry – Was it sweat or tears? – Well, it was a little bit of both actually You guys, we’re going to leave you now with some bloopers from tonight’s finale, and we’ll see you next season (Audience applauds) – Take seven! – Take seven? Really? (Brown Haired Man grunts) – Good boy. Good boy – That’s the way to do it – Daddy zaddy. Careful, fire – I saw what you did with millennia– (Beep) sorry! – … which is something you have been impressively able to– (Beep) Let’s do that again – And I’ve actually had my busy — And I’ve actually had my biggest success — And I’ve actually had my biggest success — (chuckles) with this line – It’s like an iceberg, but it’s made of — (laughs) It’s this — (laughs) – It’s real guys; you didn’t know that? Yeah, it’s a real thing, so stop flushing your condoms and your Wet Wipes, America – That’s a good eyebrow dance! – That’s Enzo –No, I’ve (beeps)– (beep) That’s Enzo — No, I’ve got to go (beep) me – That’s Enzo! No, I’ve got to get over there I can’t speak English That’s Enzo; I’ve got to get over there (Beep) me It’s hard to say words, guys – Do one of these – It — (gags) (laughs) – Everything around here – Close your own door – Josh! – What?! – The cacao mother; we called her, and she — No, no – Kelsey — what’s her face. Peters, okay – We’re putting him out to pasture – No! – Where are we looking? Over there? – Is that how we did it? Is that how we held hands? – Nope – Not at all – Not even a little bit

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