Wald-Abenteuer im Rollstuhl / E-Stuhl im Wald (Forest wheelchair adventure – off-road) 4K

I own a Quickie Groove R from Sunrise Medical. It´s powered by two 13km/h electric motors, which means the top speed on level ground is 13km/h On uneven ground high velocity is not recommended In this Video I make a trip through the forest near Würzburg/Germany. You can take part by watching over my shoulder and enjoy the view Enjoy the ride! I am handicapped by an infantile cerebral palsy. Because of this malfunction, I am not able to make coordinated moves with my arms or hands Nevertheless, I am capable of driving an electric wheelchair. I like driving off-road and in challenging terrain If the way is sloping to the side, I have to counter steer to stay on track If the path is going downhill, I recommend to search for a drivable lane before descending and then try to stick to this lane If the wheelchair starts sliding it’s really hard to keep the line, so try to avoid it by all means It can get really dangerous, especially if the path is sloping to the side into a chasm You need to know your wheelchair pretty good, to be able to react to difficult situations Please don’t try this at home!

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