Spicks and Specks: Europa Special

welcome to the euro kiss special and spics inspects the music we show that drove through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in its hair and then got lost in France now two team captains for this special are my friend of the wind Alain bro and the beloved white rose of Athens myth waters once during detention at school had to write out every word of Julius Caesar by hand big deal so did Shakespeare please welcome Richard Gill Australian comedian from an Italian family who has been called the Italian Seinfeld he likes to talk about nothing with his hands please welcome jovan he is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter who manages to combine his Swedish upbringing with his newly adopted Australian culture not only does he play live gigs at backyard Barbies he puts the stage together himself with an allen key please welcome yen’s LACMA this partner gets his a comedian and radio host to return to the show tonight because of her love of all things European she’s into french kissing Italian stallion Swiss cheese and dutch ovens please welcome Michelle sorry just I hadn’t seen your doing that face that’s amazing do you know what I’ve come is what I’ve come as a Fed I’ll drag queen from Sydney Alan clearly you’ve got a whole Demis Roussos vibe yeah well it’s a little bit Jesus as well I sort of like that there’s a lot of detail gong to this I’ll turn around and you can see my back here I’m so strangely drawn to Ellen right now yeah I mean this is my childhood fantasy we were meant to be together let’s go down the line Jen’s you have the whole Kraftwerk thing going on yes good problem with this outfit is that as soon as I smiled outfit falls apart Richard clearly you’ve dressed as Beethoven I heard I said you dressed as Beethoven you a little bit Beethoven you a little bit be Arthur from the golden Joe well I feel like I should be in an ad for advanced hair yeah and Iglesias and and I’m kind of liking it because I’m fulfilling two dreams which I’ve you know what wasn’t wanted to do one was to actually have he like this because if you know me I don’t have much here I could never do love with your outfit is what’s going on below the desk and also below the knees can we get a parade of because it’s the footwear that started off you’ll want to talk about what’s going on yeah it is for free the first game tonight is called now your product at tonight though there are five questions on our special topic which of course is Europa but first let’s test our buzzers Richard right everyone on your buzzers your first question for one point how many times has Portugal won the Eurovision Song Contest just wanted to hear it again I’m gonna say four no so I’m gonna throw it to this side and let you have a guess none correct here are three European versions of the same song for two points give me the English title and which of these three was the original common by Loni Anderson in German nannies the Pythia top aria yes the English title the English title never on Sunday yes and the original one was the Greek yes two point countries and these artists from Adolphe Sax the

inventor in saxophone Jacques Brel and Roger marie-france soiree it’s one country that they’re all from maybe maybe not I bet there’s a bit of Belgium which one the Frenchie the French resounding one row shimmery France wise you’re a you saying that was Belgian okay the middle one was Jacques Brel check Braille with some friends right the first one sex Austrian okay you got the last one right the last person was from Belgium it was Roger marie-france wazoo ray also known as plastic but I will let you guess at the first two Braille Braille with Belgian yes he is well done and who was the first person from Adolphe Sax wasn’t he also from Belgium yes those were the other two the fourth question for four points Sweden is one of the greatest European exporters of pop have a listen to these four non abbess songs and name all four artists down is Europe yes who is that I’m not a singer’s name what was the singer’s name Yun please I need to know me the band unfortunately that’s not I just want face in the voices no anyone on this side hooked on a feeling no one blue suede even know in the name of that band’s song millions of times well obviously not millions like five times but enough as soon as you hear all go chug oh yeah what is it about Swedish pop music why do we know so many great Swedish bands when you think I mean Abba of course but Roxette Ace of Base blue suede the cardigans there was something in the in the 90s and before that as well we were just so we had such low self-esteem and we would send our singers to Britain and America to have them work as our pairs and stuff like that so they could pick up the accent you know and she just we were like following or what’s going on in the world and then because of that the Swedes went no we’re going to write it in English sorry that was my doing a Swedish again over here I was doing a Swedish accent which I know the way to do that is to emphasize every syllable that is a Swedish thing yeah no no okay finally for five points classical music as we know it originated in Europe have a look at this timeline name all five errors yes doesn’t have to go in order can we start out in 2019 ten what mattes ISM yep then going back with Sony 1520 classicism yep 1607 250 barack yeah 1400 1600 Renaissance and 500 1400 early medieval stroke Byzantines ROK’s school of Notre Dame stroke hammertime Gillan listen while we’re talking classical European music we are aware of the Great’s we are aware of Beethoven we are aware of Mozart was there rubbish around yeah there is rubbish lot of rubbish do we remember those people or did they just fade away we remember Salieri because he was insanely jealous of boats are about he wrote mainly rubbish yep I played us and it is absolute rubbish in what way know what because let’s take the opening of his opera which is called first the music then the words and the overture goes like men lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean lean name name name name name name name name name name name name name name name name name name name name name you’re a wonderful playa though just to what you could get out of that comes off though I’ll be furious Michelle are on four points Alan Richard Joe in front 10 points with three possible endings you have to tell me the correct ending myth yen’s Michelle here is your fact in early 2009 Abbot rib ute act beyond again reportedly put on a secret show for a the original members of ABBA as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations be the Board of Directors of the Nobel foundation in Stockholm will see Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and eight

close friends which of those is the correct ending to that story as far as I know the original members of ABBA don’t ever get together I have no idea not into ever when you were a child did you pie ever like it did you pretend because we always pretended we were ever my friend Julie Ann she had blonde hair but short and I had brown hair but long so we fought over who would get to be Anna but always my little sister had to be Benny behind the heater what do you reckon well the Nobel foundation I would have heard of that and why would the abbe I want to hear themselves in a slightly worse Australian version I’ve got a feeling that mr. Vladimir Putin loves a bit of a burr hmm around the house perhaps while she’s vacuuming I agree with you I think it’s a did he get see I think it’s C yeah we are agreed all right the correct answer is in 2009 a BER tribute act be on again put on a secret show for C Russian Prime Minister Vladimir a couple of days later the Russian Prime Minister put out a statement saying that he was never at the event nor did the event even take place I’m assuming he just thought it was bad for his immediate thought Church and rebels were laughing at him somewhere and he wouldn’t have it exactly dancing queen on hurry to Joe here’s no effect French composer Eric sati I only ate foods that were white be kept his dead mother in a wooden box under the bed well see walked everywhere backwards saying it offered him a more artistic perspective walking backwards everywhere would be really really hard it would tempt his dead mother in a wooden box under his bed maybe that I was his mother’s ashes maybe oh yes only ate foods that were white that would allow rice white bread potatoes three week old dog food yeah French do eat a lot of waifu they do they do they’ve been known for that how do you know that I’m a food scientist by profession I was developing the Magnum I’ve never seen you more outraged in my life it’s got to be a thing he only eat foods that were white the correct answer was French composer Eric sati ie only five points Alain Richard Joe in front 11 points apprentices masters and it’s a new around just for this show we have a gallery of album covers painted in the style of European masters what you have to do is name the band’s oh now unfortunately this means me getting up and walking over there no I have prepared for this by bringing along a cricket protector you’re gonna get it down there you’re in a onesie a little bit too much then no one’s ever said that before right so I shall now make my way over to Zee I can’t believe I get paid to do this I believe if someone knocks on the front of you it makes a hollow sound if your team can pick the first work of art well I think number one okay start with number one number one is in the style of Picasso what I need you to do is name the artist after the guitar oh oh it could be um I’m trying to think you that could play lead oh I know it’s Andre yeah surely really sure yeah I think it absolutely holy that is a Picasso version of romantic moments by Andre Rhea Picasso our case was cubist for a while whereas andre royo is just a square Allen Allen the eyes eyes I’m up here it must be like two bald men in a sauna down can we go right to the other end so to speak and have number eight you certainly can this is in the style of Van Gogh I know that one oh it’s Rattle and Hum you too it is indeed rattling huh okay here it is number five

is in the Italian Renaissance stylings which artist do you think this is your that was the Buick album debut well play on your team which one next we’ll have the little one number four please enemy number four is in the style of Klimt oh it’s a pony in it is indeed boney in yes it’s boning knife like the Venus well picked out this is in the style of Toulouse Lautrec I know that yep there will be my fellow Swedes too heids it is indeed the hives tyrannosaurus hives is the album we have a to please you certainly can that is in the style of jean Moreau do you mean band a European band anyone no no one I’m feeling a level of character breaking emotion coming from Mirage is it aqua it is the Norwegian band aqua 7:3 yeah sure okie Dokes this is in the surreal we all know that wait that album I remember that some an albumin I think pretty much every Australian yes 1970s what was the arm called rival right it is Abbas arrival which means Alan finally you get this which is painted in these Dada is style that some craft Beck that was the craft work album the man-machine excellent Miffy and Michelle are on ten points Alan Richard Joe in front fourteen points singing well-known songs using the words of an unrelated piece of text your teammates have to identify the songs Joe you’ll be singing first for Helen and Richard and you’ll be taking your lyrics from Heidi grows up by Charles that’s your book there’s your songs lays in German ja party Heidi was perplexed what is possibly to have a mother not a mama was it possible to be without a mother’s love and yet not to be an orphan Heidi to all the girls I’ve loved before as they climb higher up the air became sharper perfume with herbs and flowers the mirrors were gay with color then at the tourney in the road they suddenly saw the falkman is illuminated by the last rays of the Sun it towered above the other Peaks majestic an awe-inspiring as it reflected all the brilliance of the sky ahead of all the other Oh Saul I do it is also maybe my clues you grew up in Australia did you grow up with Australia music around the house did you grow up with Italian music well my father had just arrived in Australia before about 3 or 4 years before I was born so we listened to Italian pop music things like Toto go to new eros Ramazzotti and the thing about Italian music is that it’s very very big in other countries like Russia and what about in Australia because you’ve supported a lot of big Italian state I toured with eros Ramazzotti right around Australia it’s huge I mean you know doing 12 15 thousand seat arena what kind of songs were your were your childhood songs sono italiana which is I am an Italian I thought of Bhutan you listen to you say there are those things all night I thought they sound beautiful when he says it looks like the drag queens turning go on speak a bit of Italian for simply a lot of something about food science in Italian yeah jafari in Magnum we sing for me from Michelle and you’ll be taking your lyrics from the play Hedda Gabler by a Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen that’s you both does your songs lies in German yen’s like my from the left and comes into the drawing-room she is a woman of 29 distinguished aristocratic face and figure her complexion is paid and a palace and her eyes her steel gray with an expression

of cold calm serenity her hair is soft a handsome of its movie star by the Swedish pop star Harper she opens the door for judge Brack and go south judge Brack is 45 rather short but well-built an elastic in its movement he has a roundish face with an aristocratic profile his head cut short it’s still almost like come on no one knows I don’t do they know it yen’s what was the song there’s what is love I had yes I regarded you as a kind of confessor told you things about myself which no one else knew about then those days and nights of drinking and Oh had power did you have to make me confess such things of power you think I had some power over you yes I don’t know how else to explain it no those oblique questions you asked me you knew what they meant but that you could sit there and ask me such questions so unjustly you ask them so unlikely that you could question me about that kind of thing you answered willingly enough yes I can understand looking back on it we got there we got the wrong one no you’re right I just need the name of the song drew barrymore recently wasn’t well there were some of my songs in her latest movie whippets yeah she also flew you to the states did she flew me to the States to have a cup of coffee and talk about the movie yeah she was really nice and really weird I was trying to get out of this meeting because I felt that I’ve been a perfect meeting and I wanted to end it before I said something stupid so I was trying to wrap it up you know and she was like so what where are you going now and I said well I’m going back to Australia she said Oh koala bears yeah not monkeys oh it’s too and she slightly humped my leg like a like a little monkey did she cross the table and kind of come around and we weren’t sitting down we’re standing up I was fight I was pressed up against the door trying to look for the door no I liked her that’s a lie praise lights and leg huh bingo at the end of that round scores arm if he ends Michelle Iran 11 points Alan Richard Joe in front 18 points when you’re back this 1.4 quick down some one point off for a wrong answer your question start now which Icelandic band sings the nothing song the sugar cubes no sigur rós oh damn damn who is the great composer of the blade runner soundtrack Vangelis Vangelis indeed and now composer did Rossini called the Mozart of Deschamps Elysees back I don’t know often back was called by police a steel bagger what is the title of the Charles Aznavour song consisting song yes she s consisting solely of a pronoun it was she have a listen to this name the song number five Brahms Hungarian dance number five years Debussy and Charles Trainor both wrote music about the sea what were the pieces called la Mer indeed and your final question what are the only three words to appear in the lyrics of daft punk’s around the world yes around the world around the world

ends Michelle ended up with 12 points but Alan Richard Joe won the day 20 points richard hill joe avati yen’s Lachman and michelle the bad father with their version of the icon me thanks for watching Oh