Rossellini Europa 51

These legs can’t take another step! Why are they striking? – You have no social conscience – And you do? Don’t your legs hurt? – Sure they do! Evening, ma’am The elevator’s out of order As usual Oh, dear, I’m so late How are you, Michel? Is my husband home? Yes, ma’am – Is everything ready? – Yes, I think so I’ll take a look at the table Yes, very nice Here, put this away – Have you done your homework? – Yes What’s the matter? Come along – I have to talk to you – Yes, Michel Hello, George What happened to you? You’re so late Yes, I know It’s this strike Traffic was tied up at Largo Argentina I had to take side streets all the way I wanted to get home early to tell you I had to invite Aunt Margaret and her son too – Tonight? You’d just left when she called She’s only in Rome for three days. J There’d have been no other occasion You’re especially sympathetic to Andrea and his ideas Maybe with his mother here he won’t make any soapbox speeches Anyway, you hurry up. I need to get dressed Tell me, what did you do all day? Nothing What do you mean, nothing? Ring for Cesira

Will you listen to me now? Of course, but hurry up. Come in Cesira, I forgot if I told the cook to prepare something light for Mrs. Casati Mafalda fixed some of the fish she bought for your son Very good. Thanks. That’s all – Mother, will you listen to me? – Go on, hurry But turn around I need to change Well, what is it? I’m not telling you now Are you trying to make me mad? What is it? I was home alone all day – Didn’t your teacher come? – No, he didn’t come today either There was no public transportation with this strike He didn’t come two days last week either You know he wasn’t feeling well I’ll call him tomorrow, and I’ll send the car. Satisfied? Then what is it you want? I don’t like that teacher He talks too much and always gets too close He sweats a lot and laughs. I don’t like him You’d like to have your nurse back, wouldn’t you? But you’re a man now, and you need a man like yourself That Cesira! Bring me my white dress and shoes! And hurry! – With all this confusion – – Good evening – Good evening, ma’am – Did you put the champagne one ice? – Yes The bell rang. Go to the door George, you go ahead I’ll be ready in a minute – Good night, Michel – See you – Where were we? – Where were you all day? I was – What do you mean, where was I all day? What kind of question is that? Listen to me: We need to have a serious talk A boy like you who has everything shouldn’t be so unhappy You’re like a nervous little crybaby. We’ll discuss this later – Michel, where’s your mother? – In here Hello, darling Hurry, the Oranges are here I’m coming I have to tell you what happened at the Antonellis’ Let me see. You look very nice Good evening. How are you? So nice to see you Look what Richard brought for Michel It’s wonderful! He’ll love it. That was so kind of you – Here’s Aunt Margaret – Aunt Margaret! How are you? – Good evening, Irene She’s looking much better, isn’t she? Yes A little thinner, maybe Allow me to introduce Mrs. Orange Mr. Chandler and Mr. Orange You remember Luciana? Mrs. Casati and her son Andrea Come sit down, Aunt Margaret George, let’s show Michel his toy Go call him. He’s not in bed yet What shall we drink? You already have something Aunt Margaret, something to drink? Nothing, thanks Well, perhaps just a little vermouth, but very little – Andrea? – Nothing, thanks – Luciana, what are you having? – A dry martini Good idea I’ll have one too Look what Mr. Orange brought you Say good evening to Aunt Margaret My, how you’ve grown! Last year you were only this tall You look a little pale, though. Maybe too much studying? It’s true He looks a bit tired – Did you say hello to Mrs. Orange? – Good evening You remember your cousin Andrea? – How are you, Michel? – Fine And say thank you to Mr. Orange Thank you Isn’t it wonderful? You happy now? Now say good night nicely to everyone Everyone have a drink? How long are you in Rome, Aunt Margaret? Just till my husband finishes his business here Shall we try out the train? – Why not? – Let’s go What are you two up to? Off having fun by yourselves? Let’s go see – Make it stop – Here’s your drink

And now backwards What fun! It’s so realistic – Dinner is served, ma’am – Dinner’s ready Shall we? – It’s fun even for grown-ups – Come sit down Aunt Margaret and Richard, how’s your appetite? Now, you are here, Richard here, Andrea to my left, and George – No, that’s wrong. Aunt Margaret at the head of the table, Richard to her right, and George there Let’s all sit down Sorry I always get it wrong Aunt Margaret I always make such a mess of these things Not at all – Have you been in Italy long? – Yes, many years I studied in Florence with my sister, George’s mother Then I married an Italian, Vladimiro Casati – Does your son work in Italy? – Yes, here in Rome – What does he do? – He’s a newspaperman A newspaperman? Then perhaps you can tell us if there will be peace or war I’d say peace You’re quite the optimist -lucky man think there’ll be war – But I still hope for peace – I can’t see how. Am I wrong? I have some definite ideas on the subject You know politics so well. I don’t understand a word – Have you been to the horse show? – Just a moment I’d like to hear why you’re so optimistic Because so many of us in this world desire peace Yvonne dear, perhaps it’s best to change the subject Andrea is a leftist – A socialist? – Worse than that, I’m afraid Ma’am, Michel asked me to call you. Can you please go see him? Please excuse me I’ll go see what my son wants But do let’s have peace. Cheers I’ve solved a lot of problems, but that boy is an enigma – What is it? – I don’t feel well A stomachache? Yes, it hurts – Where? – All over Here? Here? You know it’s nothing Be good Don’t pull the same old tricks You’re not a baby any longer I can’t sleep. Stay with me a while I can’t now. We have guests Behave yourself – I never want to see you again! Shame on you! You’re all naked! It’s Michel again Go see if you can calm him down Cesira tell him I said to be good and go to sleep He’s been so nervous lately He had a governess from the day he was born until six months ago, when George sent her away Maybe that’s why he’s like this Children that age are better off in a boarding school Michel isn’t like other children. He’s very sensitive Even I, his own mother, have a hard time understanding him, so just imagine other people I’ve told you: Education has come a long way It’s true. Our boarding schools in Switzerland are wonderful I think it’s leaving children alone that spoils them I agree entirely The Chandler boy’s in a boarding school, and he’s doing great – He really is He’s just a year older than Michel, and last year he flew here from Boston and back just fine Flew across the Atlantic? Weren’t you afraid to let him go? He actually had a lot of fun I understand all that, but keep in mind that during the war, with George in the army, Michel and I ran all over England dodging air raids – Ma’am, your son’s hurt! – Where? At the bottom of the stairs It’s nothing. Don’t worry – It’s nothing serious – Don’t worry, ma’am Cesira, the car keys! The keys are in the pocket Straight ahead

Santo Spirito hospital, near Castel Sant’Angelo It’s nothing serious -a fracture of the femur He threw up a bit, but we can rule out a cerebral concussion He’s in the operating room now, under an anesthetic They’re almost finished I still want Alessandrini to see him. I’ll try calling him again He’d like to make another call. Would you please go with him? Poor Irene – Doctor – – Everything’s fine, ma’am Come now, ma’am. Don’t cry Everything will be all right So sorry These things happen to children, no matter how careful we are – Please call the doctor in charge – He has a fractured femur Don’t worry Recovery will take time, but there’s no cause for concern – Cassiani – How do you do? No complications? No, just a bit of shock Can’t we take him home? Not yet He’s still sedated Can’t we at least get him a private room? That’s impossible tonight. Perhaps tomorrow By tomorrow they can take him home When did they give him the injection ? When we put him to bed. See how nicely he’s resting? But isn’t morphine dangerous for a child his age? Besides, it wasn’t morphine, but Pantopon, a much weaker sedative – It won’t hurt him? – No Don’t worry Fractures of this kind are very painful the first few days understand Ma’am Mr. Casati’s here Ask him to come here. I’ll be right outside This way, please Hello, Andrea – How’s it going? – So-so Courage, now It could have been worse I just don’t understand Stop worrying. Don’t take it so hard I’ve come to say good-bye, Irene I’m leaving town for a few days – Really? Is there anything [can do? No, but thanks I don’t know whether I ought to tell you this, but I can’t take the responsibility on myself The doctor at the hospital’s a friend, and he told me he had the impression that Michel’s fall was no accident What do you mean, no accident? Nothing. Don’t get upset It seems Michel said a few things under the anesthetic that my friend thought you should know about He told me so I could find the right moment to – P That’s absurd! – Maybe so but my friend said that unusually sensitive children are liable to do anything and even go to extremes at times But it’s impossible! Calm down, now. Sometimes children are – I’m coming. Just a minute So it was attempted suicide?

Not exactly Perhaps he just hurt himself to get some attention But go on in Don’t keep him waiting We’ll talk it over when I come back Don’t worry, and best of luck You’ve been very kind. Good-bye Here I am. Forgive me, dear How do you feel? Now be a good boy and don’t move Please, just stay still Do you want me to stay with you? Leave us, please. I’ll stay with the child Make yourself comfortable anywhere Are you happy? We’re together just like when you were a little boy Do you remember during the war when you’d come sleep with me with those frozen little feet? How cozy we were, cuddled up under the blankets Remember when we’d hear the air-raid sirens? You’d say, “Bombs…” and then fall asleep again And you wouldn’t even know when we’d go down to the shelter I’d carry you all rolled up in the blankets And remember that wonderful sunny day out in the country when that soldier scolded me for some reason? What did you say to him? I don’t remember. What did I say? You turned to him just like a little man and said, “You want me to punch you in the nose?” My little man And remember when Father came home after the war? You didn’t spend time with me anymore after that I’ll be with you now I’m here with you now Like when they took my appendix out? Yes, like that Just like that I’ll always be with you. Always. Always Let’s go What happened to Michel was no accident What are you talking about? What happened to Michel It was no accident He tried to kill himself Darling, please! Let’s not invent fantasies No, it’s true He tried to kill himself That’s impossible That’s absurd He had no reason to Who told you that? The doctor at the hospital told Andrea Well, he’s crazy They’re both crazy No, dear, it’s true I sensed it myself And he told me so In his own way, but he told me so George, we have to change everything about our life! We have to! We can’t go on like this any longer What’s happened?

– Let me see! – No, don’t! – It’s too late – Let me go! He’s dead! He’s dead! Hurry up Her mother wants to see what we’ve prepared Set it there I can’t take this any longer I haven’t slept for three nights Will this be all right? That’s fine, Cesira. Take it in She can’t go on living on fruit juice I’m going in to see her Good evening, darling How do you feel? Pretty good Why didn’t you eat anything? I didn’t feel like it I’ll eat something later ‘You can’t go on like this Ten days without moving, hardly touching your food You’ve got to pull yourself together Please, I’m fine. I’ll be all right I don’t want to be irritating, but I have to insist for your own good Please let me finish Whether we like it or not, we’ve got to go on living Life goes on and I’m afraid we have to do what we can Think of your mother At her age, she flew all the way from America just to see you and in three days you’ve hardly said a word to her If you don’t want to think about yourself, at least think of the poor woman No, George, I can’t Try to explain to her need to be alone I really need to rest It’s London Hello? Will you speak a bit louder? I can hardly hear you Ah, yes Thank you Good I’ll let you know by cable No, call me at the office in the morning Thank you. Good-bye Don’t worry about me This will pass, but I need time Why don’t you take one of these sleeping pills? It’d relax you You’d get some rest What you need most is rest Sleep will do you more good than anything else Yes, darling. Don’t worry But please don’t leave Mother all by herself Go stay with her and then come back to me after dinner Shall I turn off the lights? Yes, please Hello? Who’s speaking? Andrea, it’s you I called so many times. I wanted to talk to you You’ve heard? Yes, it is urgent. Can we talk tonight? I’m sorry, but it’s very important to me No, let me come to you Yes, right away At the newspaper? Where’s that? Fine I’ll be there shortly

All right Irene dear So you know? It was so unexpected It was a blood clot Tell me, what can I do for you? Nothing Unfortunately, nothing – Where are we going? -1 don’t care. Wherever you like I don’t know. Somewhere we can talk Oh, I longed for your return I wanted to know all the details I called your office so many times Yes, they told me And now that I can ask all my questions, it seems so useless Irene, please don’t Please try to be strong Sometimes I don’t know what I’ll do can understand that Where are you going? Back to your office? No, not yet I can stay with you a bit longer. Turn left here I’m not very good company Let’s get out, shall we?1 We’ll get some fresh air and talk a bit This square is always so striking Don’t you think? – Yes Michel must have said some awful things under the anesthetic to make the doctor understand that his fall was no accident Listen don’t torture yourself Oh, Andrea, what a thing to have happen! If things had only gone a bit differently If I’d said one word or made one gesture instead of another! Can you see how tragic it is that a word you can’t ever take back could have led to Michel’s death? I can’t stand it any longer. I can’t go on living! Come now, Irene It’s no use torturing yourself What’s the good of repeating, “If I’d said this, if I’d done that”? Things are as they are Then it was destiny, but why this destiny? I said nothing about destiny. What’s that got to do with it? Then if it wasn’t destiny, the fault was mine No, Irene, the fault is not yours It’s the fault of this society that allows so many horrible things to happen What’s society got to do with it? Think of a boy whose first impressions of this world are fear, bombardments, and war Whose fault is that? But why should the children pay for it? It’s not just. Then God isn’t just For example, is it right that a child should die because his parents don’t have the money to buy the medicine he needs? That exact situation arose today at my office A mother came to beg us to help her somehow She has four children, and her poor husband is a street cleaner who makes barely enough to buy food And the medicine’s very expensive, a new product made in America Is it right for the life of that child to depend on the money needed to buy that medicine? Why didn’t you tell me this before? I can give them what they need How can we do it? Shall we go see her now? No, tomorrow will be time enough We’ll go together, all right? Yes Just where have you been?

I’m sorry. I had to go out. Didn’t the doorman tell you? Yes, he did But you shouldn’t have gone out like that I’ve been pacing for three hours like a wolf in a cage Why didn’t you say you were going out? I’ve been imagining that something horrible had happened Can you understand that my nerves are – You’re right. Forgive me You have to be patient with me Sometimes I think I’m going out of my mind Can you at least tell me where you were? was with Andrea Andrea? What were you doing with him? I don’t even know myself what I’m doing | can’t figure it out myself Irene, you have to find the strength to go on living We’re both at wits’ end. Let’s try to help each other Yes, this will pass Don’t worry I’ll find a way out of all this We’ll find a way out of it together No one can help you, not even Andrea You need me just as I need you Yes, George everything will be all right now Excuse me. Where’s the Third Block? Down there. I’ll show you – That’s it – Thank you Here we are – Does the Galli family live here? – Please come in escorted them here – Come in – Someone’s here to see you – May we? – It’s you! Hello – I brought that stuff for you – Jesus, thank you! Here This will cover the medicine and hospital expenses If you need anything else later on, we’ll try to help – Thank you See how we’re cooped up here? We found this room to sublet There are six of us, but without Bruno, the place seems empty Well, good-bye. Best of luck Good-bye, and thank you – Thanks so much – It’s nothing. Good-bye Anything for me? Yes, sir, there’s a letter for you Oh, it’s you I was looking for you Pisani, meet Mrs. Girard – How should I set this up? – Give me a moment Come in Sit down, Irene Now, then This goes out. So does this Write this down: “The initiative of the State Department must be considered in relation to the quite obvious intention of American financiers to take the place of England and control the Persian oil fields The British government follows this move of the American government with suspicion and dismay.” And the headline? Let’s say, “Panic in London financial circles caused by a new U.S. maneuver in Persia.” Two columns? No, three First page, top right Very well Good morning, ma’am

– Can you wait a moment? – No, I’d better go I don’t feel well. I’m tired – I’m sorry I can’t see you home – It doesn’t matter My dear Irene, listen to me You mustn’t shut yourself up alone with your sorrow know I’ve been thinking It’s strange how resigned those people seem to be It’s our duty to wake them up, stir them up, give them some knowledge – Or a hope – Knowledge – They need help – Yes, they do You could learn many things if you were one of us Take those books. You seem interested Here This is a good one Let’s have our coffee Mr. Casati’s on the telephone Mother, would you pour, please? Ah, the boy’s back home? Is he all better? Thanks, Andrea No, don’t worry If you can’t go, I will I remember perfectly which bus to take Yes, I’ll go today. Thanks. Good-bye – Happy, are you? – Yes, it was good news Listen, Irene I’ve seen certain books and newspapers around the house What are you up to? I’m not doing anything wrong, Mother Listen to me. Give me my wool Do you know they’ve arrested all the communists in the U.S.? I understand, after all you’ve been through But to come to this! To forget who you are! You want to end up in a concentration camp if war breaks out? Pack your bags and come with me to England – Mother, please – What’s all this have to do with it? Mother, listen I know my duties But I’m searching for something. Don’t you understand? Very well Why don’t you go ahead and say what you’re thinking – that I’ve lost my mind This is no way to speak to her. Irene’s an intelligent woman We can’t stand in her way We have to surround her with love and concern, like a convalescent patient Hello – How are you? – Fine, thank you Bruno, come here. He’s looking a little better – Thank the nice lady – Thank you I had nothing to do with it Tell her to thank everyone who helped you Would you care for a little wine? It’s good. All natural – I believe it – It really is Allow me to introduce all these good friends Mr. Manzetti, from the council And this is another very good friend He’s out of work now because he was part of the railroad militia And this is his wife Please sit down Quiet now. Gigetto’s going to sing Life goes on and on There’s no sleeping with all the noise, so I’ve come to join the party Make yourself at home Let all my friends She lives here, next door to us It’s a real concern for those of us with older boys Go away and leave us in peace I get it. I’m leaving Yes, do that! Good-bye! Good riddance Life goes on and on – What a voice, eh? – Hear that? The joy of singing comes so naturally We’re celebrating because Brunetto is back

From the hospital Here, Bruno Sorry That’s my son practicing Nice-sounding trumpet. Very promising Yeah, but he’s breaking everybody’s eardrums – Another drop – No, thanks No, thank you I must be going. Good-bye As you wish – Good-bye, Manzetti – See you, Bruno Happy now? What nice people! But the boy still looks a bit weak He’s always been frail. He’s been sick all these years But he’ll be fine now with a little care It was touching really These people are so simple and nice What are you doing? Stop that! Go play at the dance! Go on! I’m not gonna eat your son! See ya, handsome How we worry about those boys day in and day out! People here are desperate because they’re so poor In Block Seven there’s a family of 12 sleeping in one room In some others, they sleep five and eight in a room There’s everything they need to get factories going here: water, electricity There’d be work for everyone, and work ennobles man Instead they’re all unskilled laborers, lucky to get a day’s work once in a while That’s why they feel so hopeless Ami/care! There’s a body by the river! Hurry! Amilcare! Pietro! Come back here! Hurry! You shouldn’t be down here. Where do you live? – Up there – I’ll help you. Let’s go Come on There. And now you How sweet you are Little one Run along What’s your name? Arnaldo What do you want to be when you grow up? A bandit What mischief have you been up to? Where are the other kids? – At the soccer match Don’t you ever blow your nose? Come on, blow! Show your brother how. Good girl Now you. There Please come in, ma’am – I don’t want to bother you No bother at all. Come on in Sit down

Where did you find them? Down by the river, right at the water I stepped in because – How many times have I told you not to play there? Next time I’ll slap you good! Sorry, but they worry the dickens out of me You’re the oldest You could be more careful! – They ran away, and I – – You should’ve called me! Take the boy home now, and call your brothers No, wait We’ll give him a slice of bread and cheese What a beautiful child, eh? I’d steal him away from his mother Here, sweetie And here’s a kiss Take him home now, and call your brothers Tell them to hurry Isn’t he a darling? – Yes How many children do you have? – Six But they’re not all mine Three are really mine, and three I picked up What? They’d been abandoned, and I took them in – You must like children – Like them? I’m crazy about them! I understand Children are adorable How can I explain it? I have so much fun Look what a mess! Take this bread You too, Daniela. Take your bread Now go play outside. Go on, sweetie Out you go Come here, Daniela, Mama’s little treasure Look at those eyes. Show the lady your teeth You see that? The same eyes as her good-for-nothing father – Where is he? – He’s gone – You mean he’s dead? – Dead? I hope not. Why should he be dead, poor fellow? Well, you said “gone,” and I thought – No. A little ricotta? Go on Don’t be bashful – So you’re separated? – You don’t understand I was in Capranica for the wheat harvest That’s where I met him. You know how it is And then he – – He stayed there – He left you? No, the poor man’s as good as gold I’m the crazy one I know myself well I hate to be a burden to any man Anyway, men are just big babies You gotta act stupid all the time so they think they run the show They’re good for one thing -making love And only after you show ’em how – Whereas children – – Oh, children! I just love ’em! And besides, they bring good luck Hey! Is that any way to come into a house? Come say hello to your mama’s friend What do you say? – Hello This is Bruno, Luciano, and Gabriella Say hello, Gabriella Come to your mama so she can eat you up! Good heavens! I forgot the soup on the fire! It’s been boiling for two hours. Set the table What an idiot I am! Help me here Get her lathered up good You don’t look Italian. Are you German? Are you from the IRO? – What? – The displaced persons organization – Yes… that’s right I had a friend who came from the IRO She worked in a circus^ There you are If you need anything, don’t be shy Ready, Gabriella? And now I’ll dry you off Come to Mama There And up you go Fly, fly, fly! Stand up now And you, pull those suspenders up Hurry, or we’ll be late for the movies! George, I’ve discovered a world I had no idea existed. I’m shocked! You should try to eat and get some rest I don’t want to see you looking like this. Promise me Yes, don’t worry I want to see you strong and at peace with yourself You know, in the last few days I’ve discovered and understood so many new things, and I grasp each one desperately, so as not to remember I know, sweetheart You must do exactly as you please – Irene… finally! – How are you, Andrea? – What brings you here? -1 need your help – What’s going on? – I met a young woman with six children She’s courageous, full of life, and intelligent too She always gets by somehow, “without luxuries or frills,” as she says She needs a job, any kind of job I think with a job she’ll be completely satisfied and happy I’ll do everything I can to make you happy

I’m so happy to hear you speak this way Remember when you first arrived here in Italy? In ’47, wasn’t it? So much has happened since, and so much has changed It was one of the most wonderful times of my life Our spirits were so high, and we were always together Irene dear, I really want to help you, and you know how I’ve always felt about you So I’ll take care of your friend You can give me her name and address later What does she do now? Nothing, really She just gets by She keeps busy and comes up with all kinds of things She’s full of dignity and life, and she has this burning desire to find work But she doesn’t really know how to go about it, so with my cool and methodical northern blood, I’m doing all I can to find a position for her You’re developing a consciousness A class consciousness You don’t realize just how important what you’re trying to do is But just think of the day when there will arise among the people of the earth men with absolute faith in an uninterrupted progress that will make them masters of life, masters of the laws of the universe It will be paradise – paradise for man, willed by man True paradise – Hello! – Oh, you’re still eating No, we’re done How are you? – Fine I’m a little behind. I’ve had so much to do They ate three loaves of bread just waiting for the soup! Please sit down Outside now, kids. I have to tidy up Maria, help Daniela down from her high chair Make yourself comfortable. There now Some coffee? – No, thanks Listen, I found some work for you Starting Wednesday Wednesday? What rotten luck! Just when I’ve found a job, this happens What? You see, I met a young fella who worked at the bakery near here You, outside! Out you go! He’s a little fella just this tall, but with such eyes! Just out of this world! Anyway, he was called up, and they sent him to Turin -Third Regiment, Artillery Well, you know how these things are – No, how are they? – Just a minute He wrote that he’ll be in Bracciano for two days to get flour for his regiment He can’t stop in Rome. He has to go right back I’d like to go see him I’m entitled, aren’t I? Of course No one denies that But you’ll lose your job I have to find some way to work it out Someone would have to take my place at the factory for two days George, I’m beginning to worry

Shouldn’t we do something? – There’s no need She knows we’re going to the theater I just don’t understand her anymore Well, at last What happened to you? It’s so late I’m sorry We won’t make it to the theater in time If you don’t hurry, we’ll miss the first act I’m so sorry It got late and – You knew they were calling for us, didn’t you? Yes It slipped my mind Please forgive me Excuse me Well? How long do you intend to keep this up? It won’t last Just be patient No, you owe me an explanation. I’ve put up with everything I’ve made excuses for your behavior I’ve defended you to your mother, your cousin, to everybody I’ve agreed with everything you’ve said, but no more! It’s all perfectly clear now It shows in everything you do, even the way you dress You’re doing all this to please him! Oh, they’re experts at helping souls in distress Why do you avoid me? Afraid to even let me touch you? If you’re in love with Andrea, why don’t you have the courage to just say so? It’s beneath you to try and fool me For a long time I thought it was Michel, but now I know that was just an excuse! – What are you saying! – I’m fed up! Not another word! Stop it! Stop it if you don’t want me making a scandal tonight! Enough! Don’t dare say a single word! I said stop it! Don’t make me lose control!

I don’t want to upset you, but you must listen Enough! Enough! With an air of resignation, the residents leave their homes Flocks set out for new pastures Sacred objects, witnesses to the life of the village, are lovingly relocated These mighty waters, source of enormous energy, now flow via man-made canals to the huge new basin These immense forces of nature, tamed and channeled, will give man the energy needed to run his industries and factories Thus, sacrifice on the part of a few has created a vast opportunity for employment for many others I had to see and feel that work, and I was horrified! It was like a horrible prison sentence Come now Calm down and stop exaggerating I’m not exaggerating, believe me I saw clearly What’s it all about And to think they want to make work into a god Don’t you think you’re succumbing to first impressions? What did you see of work? What working life is really like? You saw the slavery of work, but when all humanity is workers – No, Andrea…’ the humanity you dream of is monstrous I saw them! They’re just slaves in chains! How could you think they’d be happier? At least they’d be less unhappy, and there’d be more justice And no longer will one man die of exhaustion while another stands by looking on with his arms crossed That may be true, but if everybody could understand that work isn’t just a duty but a prison sentence “By the sweat of thy brow shalt thou earn thy bread.” Perhaps only then will we all feel closer, more like equals, all humbled in the same way, and we’ll all seek salvation together But I thank you for making me see this I know now that all my life’s been a mistake, and there’s so little time Oh, Michel! I want to make sure Michel knows how great my love for everyone is And that love belongs to him I’m sure if he could see his mother- That might be a helpful illusion but if you’d try to visualize

this paradise on earth more concretely, I assure you – No, Andrea I’d like to have faith, unshakable faith In your paradise on earth there’d be no place for Michel because he’s no longer alive The paradise I dream of is not only for the living but for everyone Something eternal This is my paradise – Get out of here! – Aw, stuff it! Every time you show up, we fight Why’d you even come here? – Primavalle scum! – Trash from Tiburtino Terzo! What you got against my neighborhood? And what you got against Primavalle? I’ll smash your face in! Aw, can it! You two fight it out I gotta work or I don’t eat Hey, big boy, don’t miss this chance! Knock it off, you idiot! What are you doing here? Nothing I was just passing by They ganged up on me I’m so feverish I can barely stand up, and I’m freezing to death Why don’t you go home? I can’t afford the bus I have to wait for the early streetcar Don’t worry I’ll see you home – Am I your charity case now? – No I’m going that way myself. Come on Bye, gorgeous. Have a good trip Go to hell See you, goldilocks. Say hi to the projects God, I feel awful!

Why are you going out my way? – I have to see someone – Who? At this hour? I don’t know why everyone lies to me No one tells me the truth Where’s your key? Where can I find a doctor? How should I know? Go ask someone outside How can I tell you where to find a doctor? – Where can I find a doctor? – I don’t know There’s a pharmacy nearby – Where? – This way This lady needs a doctor That’s right For a very sick woman At this late hour? But we can try calling It’s not far. Thank you I don’t want to go to any hospital I want to stay here at home – No, no hospital Don’t breathe I don’t want to go to any hospital Fine I want to stay home Well? She’s done for. I’d send her straight to the hospital No, why put her through that? Is there no hope? – What can I say? Two, three, four days, a week and then amen – There’s nothing we can do? – Nothing Two years ago she could have been cured, perhaps But it’s so far advanced now, it’s spread to both lungs We can only wait for the end, unfortunately Good-bye, and thank you Oh, God, I feel so weak! God, I feel weak! What’s wrong? Open the window and call for Alfonso from the bar downstairs Have him bring up two eggs in a caffe latte That’ll give me some energy And a doughnut – Right away No, out the window This will be quicker Good morning Coming to see us? No, I’m staying with Ines. She’s very ill That one? She’s only acting No, this time she’s really sick Can I help you? No, I was going down to the bar – He’ll go – Oh, good Have them bring up two eggs in a caffe latte

and a doughnut – Hurry – Thank you How is your wife? – So-so. Always the same Good-bye He’s coming Dear God, I don’t see my furs See if they’re in that closet They steal everything around here Is it these? – How are you, gorgeous? – Your hand’s freezing! This one’s warmer Who’s she? – Go away. I’m sick! – Good-bye – How much is it? Don’t worry Everyone charges it around here He’s such a boor He’s at it again! He’ll drive me crazy! – I’ll go see – Yes, go. He’ll drive me crazy! Good evening. How are you? Still feverish? No, it’s gone. Anything new? Nothing We didn’t find a trace – And your cousin Andrea? – Nothing He’s been followed, his every move checked The private detective did all he could, but… nothing Good heavens. I’m so worried Irene was so upset I’ve been imagining the most terrible things It’s been ten days Don’t worry too much I’m sure we’ll hear something soon You may go now It’s very late. Go if you’re busy No, it doesn’t matter Maybe I’ll just put the soup on. I’ll be right back Bank robbery in Trastevere! One dead and one wounded! The robbers fled in a gray car! Open it, and hurry up!

Ma’am, Ines is dead Keep going What’s going on? – Tell her, if you’re brave enough! – Shut up! He’s a killer! Our son is a killer! Those friends of his led him astray! They tried to rob a bank They wounded one man and killed another Shut up, all of you! Why are you treating your parents like this? Shut up! They’re your father and mother – Where did Remo go? – To call the police! Damn you! I can’t take it anymore! Watch out or I’ll kill you! Stop it! Hurry! Get out of here! Give me the gun Turn yourself in Your conscience will be clearer I know you’ll do it. Quick! It’s the only way to save yourself! Do you understand? Did you send the car for the commissioner? Half an hour ago The commissioner’s here Hurry up, lady He wants to see you Now, then you admit you helped Ferdinando Puglisi to escape when you were told that the police – Yes Then I have no choice but to report this to headquarters and send you to the Mantellate – What’s the Mantellate? – The women’s jail Can you tell me why you helped him escape? – Of course – Well, go ahead He was so terrified that he might have done anything – kill others or himself – So you helped him get away – That’s right Aiding and abetting It’s perfectly clear – Commissioner I’m sure the boy will give himself up He’s just a poor lost soul. He’ll turn himself in fell me If you really are who you say you are – mind you, we’re checking it out carefully – why did you leave your husband? Why did you go to live with a woman – how shall I put it -of loose reputation? She was a poor lost soul too No doubt, but be more explicit It would take too long to explain Perhaps I don’t even know the answer myself Perhaps I could tell you why Speaking Ah, very good Will you send him here? Have you questioned him yet? Good. Thank you Well Puglisi has surrendered to police headquarters MYSTERIOUS FOREIGN WOMAN HELPS BANK ROBBER ESCAPE IS SHE HIS LOVER? – This way – Commissioner Good morning, Counsel – Mr. Girard – It’s a pleasure. Please sit down Have you had a chance to examine this case? I’m sure you’ve seen the papers They even dare to hint of a relationship between Mrs. Girard and that hoodlum Absolutely shameful! But it seems to me – ! don’t know how you feel -j that now that the boy has turned himself in, the charge of aiding and abetting could be dropped Go on But there’s another more important aspect – the social position of the lady and her family

As I told you this morning, after her son’s tragic death – how shall I put it? -this woman lost her bearings and did a great many strange things I’d ask you to consider Mr. Girard’s position in Rome He represents one of America’s largest industrial firms He and his wife’s mother and the entire family have done everything to help Mrs. Girard – everything that was possible -up to the time when, of her own free will, Mrs. Girard abandoned her home Am I correct in stating you’ve had no news from the day she left your home until this morning, when you read of this in the paper? Yes By the way, have you considered the idea I mentioned this morning? You know – of placing Mrs. Girard in a psychiatric clinic for a period of observation? Yes, I took it up with the proper authorities I believe it would be within your jurisdiction to take preventive measures in Mrs. Girard’s own best interests Perhaps that way we’d have a chance of getting this scandal off the front page But why must I be examined? Because the doctor thinks it’s best – But I’m fine – I know But don’t talk now, please Try to stay calm Girard Down there, at the end of the road Good morning Will you come this way? This way, ma’am. Just a moment I’ll be right there. Don’t worry This way, ma’am – Where’s my husband? – He’ll be right with you Step inside, please – Isn’t my husband coming? – He’ll be here right away. Don’t worry – Is this my room? – Yes Ma’am, I brought a few things – a bathrobe and some toiletries Just let me know what else I can do, and I’ll do everything I can Cesira, don’t act like a child I’m perfectly all right Besides, I’m counting on you

to keep the house running smoothly Ma’am, why has it come to this? You’ve always been so good and patient To be shut up in here – they should never have done it! Cesira, don’t cry I’m just fine here Maybe some time by myself will do me good I’m fine here You shouldn’t think they’ve done me harm Now that I’m not at home, you must keep everything running smoothly and see that Mr. Girard has everything he needs Can I count on you? Yes, of course Oh, ma’am! – Where are you taking me? – The doctor wants to see you Everything normal. Try flashing the light Faster Faster! Turn back to four That’s enough I’m going to show you some cards with images drawn in ink Please tell me everything that comes to mind as you see these images It’s important that you cooperate fully and give the greatest possible number of responses Above all, don’t leave out anything that comes to mind But this – I don’t know. It’s nothing What do you mean by “nothing”? A wild beast that pounces A totem What else? A vertebra A bat Yes, it could be a bat Nothing Nothing. I don’t know I don’t know. It’s just spots I don’t know what to tell you It’s so ridiculous I don’t know what to answer. Please stop it It’s too ridiculous because something’s happened that I can’t resolve, and I’d like a word of advice from you Hello, Father So if I could – I have to speak to Father!

Don’t get excited We’ll talk later Don’t worry I won’t go away Is that Mrs. Girard, the new patient? – Yes – Might I speak to her? Of course This way – What do you want from me? – What’s the matter? I want nothing to do with you! Who are you? Don’t you know me? Good morning How do you feel? All right, thank you I’d like to speak with you No one told me to speak to you, but I met your husband You know, he comes every day to ask after you and we’ve had some long talks He bared his soul to me, so I thought I’d come see you In the course of our duties we priests come to understand many things Please don’t think I’m here to judge you for having left your home because you became infatuated with another man No, you’re mistaken I know that’s what my husband thinks, but that’s not it Father, let me explain At a certain point, love for those closest to us is no longer enough I, for one felt it was too selfish, too narrow So I felt compelled to reach out to others, to all the downtrodden, and love them All this you feel is certainly the expression of a true Christian spirit, but even love has rules and disciplines that must be abided by Surely you don’t think you must abandon your husband because of a feeling, as vast as it might be We must do good, but within limits, as God’s will dictates No, love has no limits Evil is born from the fact we never give all our love to those who need it most We must love them just as they are and help them the best we can That’s how God made us How sad it is to suddenly discover we’ve deserted others and ourselves So you’d like to be a reformer? Have you given this serious thought? Do you really believe you have that great a strength within you? don’t know But I do know I’ve been too selfish and still am I try to give others all the love I have, which isn’t mine to begin with Then and only then, a great light comes down upon me An immense good pervades me without me calling upon it And it’s then that mountains truly can be moved Do you firmly believe in God and his grace? All I know is that we must live full of love for all What matters is that men be saved, that the whole world be saved “I came to earth not to lose sinners, but to save them.” This is the miracle of Christianity Where did you read these things? Who told you these things? Nobody Those are words from the Gospel too am a sinner I’m deeply troubled Aren’t you afraid of the life you’re choosing? Why should I be afraid? – Don’t get excited – Why is everybody afraid? And why are you afraid? You think I’m crazy? – Ester! Maria! Help! – What’s happened?

Wait! You are not alone Don’t worry I’ll stay with you I’m here with you I’m at your side May I come in? Good morning – Good morning – You may go How are you? Do you feel all right here? Is there anything we can do for you? You see, here we like to establish calm, serene relationships] I heard about that incident this morning, that poor woman who tried to commit suicide It was unfortunate Despite our most rigorous precautions, it’s hard to know beforehand what a woman obsessed with an idea will do Anyway, I thank you You’re a courageous woman No, I’m not courageous at all But tell me, how did you manage it? Did you feel a power within you? That mysterious force that draws us toward one who suffers with a loving, overwhelming desire to lighten his pain, free him, save him? Do you feel this force? don’t know don’t know If my information is correct, that criminal, that robber -I can’t recall his name – felt overcome by that same power a benevolent power that only the great in spirit possess If I thought I had great spiritual power, I’d be insane and nothing more Then it’s love Love for your fellow man Real love No, it’s hate Hate? Yes, love for others is born only of the hate I feel for myself, for all that is and ever has been mine It’s nothing more than that Good morning, Your Honor Good morning. How are you? Have a seat I’ve come to speak to you about Mrs. Girard, the woman who’s been committed to a sanitarium How is she? I brought you a medical report. You can see for yourself I think it’s time to come to a decision, Land I believe our only choice is placing her in some sort of mental institution Leave these files with me for now Anyhow, I’ll need to meet again with her, all her relatives, her doctor — whoever’s been around her since her son’s death Of course We could summon them all to the clinic That would be best to avoid any further uproar

I’ve read your report and spoken with her family members and all those who could tell us about Mrs. Girard’s life over the last few months But explain your diagnosis in layman’s terms This is one of those cases in which we may never be able to find an organic, physical cause for her mental disturbance One might think that the strange products of these brains – Let me put it more simply Even in the absence of organic injury, the thoughts of these individuals should doubtless be considered exceptional anomalies Geniuses are exceptional anomalies too Of course, but there are distinctions to be made, one of which is fundamental to keep in mind for the decisions facing us It’s a distinction based on the concept of values Such anomalies are to be considered harmful when they disrupt the progress of an individual’s everyday existence and diminish his or her ability to adapt to life in society Of course, when treating ideas that are religious or social, it’s difficult to pronounce judgment absolutely – now especially, when truth has become so relative Everything is propaganda and seduction But are we dealing here with an insane woman or a missionary? Had Mrs. Girard followed, even if with fanatical fervor, a religion or political creed – but she hasn’t If we were to think that Mrs. Girard were right, my dear judge, then you should put aside your robe and I my lab coat and follow her Yes, but perhaps we wouldn’t have the courage How many men condemned by society in their day as rebels and burned at the stake were right? Of course but we’re called upon to defend society as it now stands, with its present laws and its present setup If we’re wrong, we’re the ones who’ll be judged and condemned Mrs. Hamilton, Irene is coming Try not to show too much emotion Daniela! Hello – How are you, ma’am? – Hello – How are you? fake the child Won’t you please come in now? Good morning. Won’t you sit down? Mrs. Girard we’re here to take care of your interests We’re here to protect you It’s our duty, our job, Jo protect you You may speak freely. Don’t be afraid What do you want to know? Are you a communist? Do you wish to join a religious order? Then what are your ideals? I believe you worked in a factory ‘hen tell me what were your feelings, your reactions? Enough! Don’t cry It’s important that you tell me everything Be very clear, please. What are your plans, your ideals? They’re the ideals of those who need me day by day Help me understand What are the feelings that move you? Suppose you went back to your home and husband – No, what good would it do to return home? I would save neither myself nor the others It would be so easy to go back. It would take so little But I’d only return to being what I was before Whereas I want to share the joy of those who are happy, the sorrow of all those who suffer and the anguish of those who despair I’d rather be lost with them than be saved alone Only he who is completely free can belong to all

Only he who is bound to nothing is bound to all human beings That’s what I feel Now I’ve told you everything I have nothing more to say I have spoken freely Now freely do what you believe you must, for your own good Take me back to my room Here she comes What happened to you? Nothing. Don’t worry What’s happened? Unfortunately, it’s just as we thought I want to see my daughter Mrs. Hamilton would like to see her daughter Nurse, this lady wishes to see Mrs. Girard Please come with me, ma’am Well, Judge Irene it’s all for your own good, believe me We only want what’s best for you. -1 know. Don’t be upset My heart’s breaking! My dear daughter! Try to calm down, Mother] Good-bye, George Good-bye, Irene What have you done? You’re leaving her here? She’s not crazy! She’s a saint! A saint! – This is an injustice! – Poor thing! She’s a saint!