ENG SUB【斗罗大陆 Soul Land】EP68 | 史莱克vs天斗皇家学院二队

♪The throne escape its fate♪ ♪Martial Soul pulls us together♪ ♪The scars on your face, hidden by your laughter♪ ♪Finding the lapis lazuli♪ ♪Looking back at our shattered memories♪ ♪Courage and belief will bring us to victory♪ ♪Nothing can replace the seven creatures♪ ♪Not giving up♪ ♪Life is full of ups and downs♪ ♪Who will stand for justice?♪ ♪Our memories together♪ ♪They should be cherished♪ ♪The short yet long four seasons♪ ♪If we must go through it♪ ♪Five years of separation♪ ♪Contains all the loneliness♪ ♪Courage to walk alone to a far distance♪ ♪It’s written in our teenage dreams♪ ♪We’ll remember this when we reunite once again♪ ♪Touching memories♪ ♪Not giving up♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] San, what is your Fourth Skill? Show us This is my Fourth Skill These are your substitute members As long as you win every round, none of these will matter Only three of you will battle in the preliminary rounds Pull yourselves together We are here to be the champion! Even losers want to be a champion? I will show you who is the real losers here! [Soul Land] [Episode 68] Aren’t them from the Cang Hui School? Why are they picking a fight on us? What do you think you’re doing? The mutts’ master is here Let’s go They became the good boys, when their master is here All right, Fatty That old man taught in Cang Hui School? Master, do you know that old man? His name is Shi Nian, soul master of Nightmare and a hateful man Nightmare? He uses illusions? How is that Martial Soul ever possible? His Martial Soul is pestering Even much stronger warriors wouldn’t choose to pick a fight with him It’s starting, let’s go Chief Ning, any thought on the competition this year? I know a team, they might win this competition for the empire Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

I am your host from the Suo Tuo Soul Arena! It’s a great honour to be your host for the opening ceremony this year! First of all, let’s welcome the 28 teams of the competition this year! The first to arrive is the Tian Dou Imperial School Second Team! They are also the embodiment of strength for the Tian Dou Empire! Their motto for this year is to “Stop at nothing and go for everything” I believe all the audiences are feeling confident for their performance Victory for Tian Dou! The unbeatable Tian Dou! Tian Dou Imperial School is actually so popular? Let’s hope we won’t go up against them Why? We are strong If we beat them to a pulp, the audiences will drown us with their loathing and spits That makes sense Up next, we have School of Five Elements! They are one of the best team we are hoping to see become the champion! Which of the teams will come up on top of the preliminary? This is so exciting! Right after them is the School of Florals! The last team that is wearing an odd uniform is the Shrek School! They registered motto is “Unrivalled Champions”! Perhaps they want to leave a mark in history with a novel display! We look forward to their performance! She Why would anyone wear such a hideous uniform? They even have a product placement on it Are they sponsored by stinky tofu or something? Boss, we will shut their traps with our strength Look at the three over on the first row Where? I don’t see anything there They are so far away. Of course, you can’t see a thing Up there You know those people? My father is on the right You met him before, Brother San On his left is the Emperor of Tian Dou Empire Emperor Xue Ye So he is Emperor Xue Ye? On His majesty’s left is the Chief of Martial Soul Temple of Tian Dou He is one of the four Platinum Chiefs, Chief Salas He is not a good man His Majesty of Tian Dou Empire will officiate the competition! I, Emperor Xue Ye of Tian Dou Empire, on behalf of my empire, and on behalf of the organizer of this competition, announce that Continental Soul Master School Elite Tournament now begins! [Soul Land]

At this moment, I hope that all soul masters taking part in this event will display their full strengths and acquire great achievements You are all bringing glory to the Tian Dou Empire Let’s welcome the Chief of Qibao Amber tribe to give his speech! I am honored to be the special guest for the opening ceremony I’ve seen far too many rise and fall of soul masters Only experience and training will help you grow Just as His Majesty said, you shall bring glory to the Empire And tomorrow, the Empire will be proud of you all Chief Ning, as the most powerful Supporting Branch soul master, are you putting your expectation on any team? I do expect one team to become the champion Which of the team will get Chief Ning’s approval? I shall keep it a secret for the time being But the victory shall belong to the Empire nonetheless! Sadly, we couldn’t find out which team has the favor of Chief Ning Up next, let’s welcome the notary for our competition Platinum Chief of Martial Soul Temple, Chief Salas! Everyone, the exciting battles will soon begin! Which team are you going to give this flower to? Tian Dou Imperial School, of course They are the pride of Tian Dou Empire Master, why do all the audiences get a blue flower? This is the most common flower found in Tian Dou Empire, but it represents the true and deep love we have People present the flowers to the schools they support As for how you present it, you’ll find out soon Welcome to Tian Dou Soul Arena! Lord Salas will draw the lot for the first preliminary round Round one, Cang Hui School versus Zi Xing School! Round two, Auckland School versus the Fiery Light School! Shrek School versus Tian Dou Imperial School! Shrek School? The team with the funky uniform Tian Dou Team is hit with good luck this time Is this rigged? No way this is luck This can’t be a coincidence Tian Dou Imperial School Second Team They are the second team, but they are from Tian Dou Imperial School after all I doubt they are weak in any way Master Since you have the confidence, I will give you another challenge Secure victory within one minute One minute? Impossible! Brother San, let me do it No, we follow the original plan We can’t show your true strength yet

Fine Junior, don’t worry about it Without further a due, Continental Soul Master School Elite Tournament will begin its first-round battle! Both teams, please get on the stage Rong Rong, the flower! Look! It’s Brother San They are here What school is that? Someone is actually cheering for them -Shrek School, fighting! -I have no idea Maybe they are nothing more than vermin Great! Fighting! Up next is the main show for tonight the team we’ve all been waiting for, Tian Dou Imperial School Second Team! Old Man Bai, this is more grandeur than in previous years Why do they get to go on stage and show off? Why can’t our school get the same privilege? It’s better. We don’t have to show our trump card But that means our revenue from advertisements will lose! Shrek School, fighting! Shrek Seven Devils, go for it! They are clearly using us as sidekicks, so their good boys get to stand out more Wait, there are only six members Soul of Tian Dou Empire, glory throughout the land! The Imperial School will steal the show! San, you are in charge of planning Members that will go on are Mu Bai, Wu, Jing Ling, Huang Yuan, Jiang Zhu, Tai Long, and me We will proceed with plan A We must defeat them within one minute Yes, one minute [Next Episode] Hello, kids from Shrek School

If I could marry your daughter, I will join the Qibao Amber tribe now If she is willing to do so, I have no objection I admire the prowess of Qibao Amber tribe Do I have the honour to join your cause? Bronze Ring Confine! They are killing people! You fell for it This match is rigged!