ENG SUB【斗罗大陆 Soul Land】EP105 | 唐三使用唐门暗器手法

♪The throne escape its fate♪ ♪Martial Soul pulls us together♪ ♪The scars on your face, hidden by your laughter♪ ♪Finding the lapis lazuli♪ ♪Looking back at our shattered memories♪ ♪Courage and belief will bring us to victory♪ ♪Nothing can replace the seven creatures♪ ♪Not giving up♪ ♪Life is full of ups and downs♪ ♪Who will stand for justice?♪ ♪Our memories together♪ ♪They should be cherished♪ ♪The short yet long four seasons♪ ♪If we must go through it♪ ♪Five years of separation♪ ♪Contains all the loneliness♪ ♪Courage to walk alone to a far distance♪ ♪It’s written in our teenage dreams♪ ♪We’ll remember this when we reunite once again♪ ♪Touching memories♪ ♪Not giving up♪ [This animation is based on the novel Soul Land] [written by Tangjia Sanshao] [Previous Episode] Do you think you can win by escaping from Genie Mesmerize? Don’t overestimate yourselves Her tactical consciousness is dominating Darn it One more We have got you It seems Shrek has got the upper hand But the situation in the red mist is unknown Can Tang San resist the attack of Genie Mesmerize? What a tough guy Tang San is Full Moon! This must be the final strike This is the decisive strike [Soul Land] [Episode 105] Tang San, taste it! Full Moon This is the decisive strike Little Freak! Brother! The second one! The third one! Master San! -San -Brother San The fifth! I must not die here! I can’t be defeated Hao Tian Hammer Genie Mesmerize is lifted Either Xie Yue and Hu Lie Na took the initiative to lift the Martial Soul Fusion Skill, or they’ve been exhausted and couldn’t sustain Genie Mesmerize anymore Which situation should be? Chief Ning, what do you think? The Martial Soul Fusion Skill of Xie Yue and Hu Lie Na is indeed powerful But Tang San is talented It’s still uncertain whether he could win surprisingly Brother!

San! First soul skill, Super Recovery Big Sausage Master San! Master San’s back There are the marks where Eight Spider Bones were cut off San shrieked just now because his Eight Spider Bones were cut off alive Eight Spider Bone is like the bone in a human body Cutting off the bone alive would be really painful San, bear with it Jiubao Boosts! Third, Soul! Third soul skill, Light of Support Martial Soul Fusion Skill is lifted At present, Tang San is collapsed due to severe injuries Although Xie Yue and Hu Lie Na looked pale, they’re still able to stand on stage It seems that Martial Soul Hall School will obtain victory Honestly, I’m not as good as you in talent Honestly, it’s my pleasure to hear these words from the NO. 1 in Golden Generation of Martial Soul Hall He stood up! -San! -San! Is there any way that you can use to turn the situation the other way around? I’ve already known your real strength There are the shattered pieces of Eight Spider Bone What exactly is my real strength? Do you know it? This is your soul skill creation? Tang San’s soul bones are totally fractured now This means that I’ve completed the mission of Her Holiness Unluckily, we failed to kill him in the red mist This soul skill is nothing Tang San, are you ready to lose? The victory belongs to Shrek Batwing Rebound, the 10th ranked hidden weapon of Tang’s clan It makes the hidden weapons to fly in specific arcs It’s hard to predict its shot. And its angle is tricky It’s inescapable for ordinary people Batwing Rebound is capable of shooting at most of 36 hidden weapons simultaneously With my present limit of soul power, there are all shattered pieces of Eight Spider Bone, -which are 16 of it -It’s bad No one can escape from Batwing Rebound Xie Yue, you’re defeated at last Tang San is really insidious He even used the shattered pieces that Xie and I blocked to attack others His estimation on angle and accuracy, as well as the attack direction of Nana and me, and the prediction of our soul power consumption has reached such a terrifying level But I wouldn’t give in. I won’t Uh The situation has changed dramatically The shattered pieces of Eight Spider Bone that were launched by Tang San can even knock down six soul masters Only Yan who has strong defense power can resist the attack And Tang San was fainted over as well There’ll be one versus six for Yan now How long can he persist? He knocked down many opponents at once What is that? Soul skill? The opponent’s soul master of Support Branch has fainted over I’ve known earlier that the Eight Spider Bone is very powerful But I didn’t expect it to be such powerful This Tang San Brother!

He’s fine. But his soul power has depleted First soul skill, Super Recovery Big Sausage There will be our turn for the next [Soul Land] Fourth soul skill, Churning Lava Jiubao Boosts! Second, Speed! Hateful! He’s escaped from the fourth soul skill Third soul skill, Flying Phoenix Fifth soul skill, Sand Storm Raging Fire Jiubao Boosts! Third, Soul! Your flame couldn’t resist mine White Tiger of Netherworld Breakthrough Fourth, Defense! Your Holiness, I have a reminder for you Soul Land Venom, anything you want to remind me? Your Holiness, the poison of Tang San’s Eight Spider Bone is mixed Only Tang San himself can dissolve it I can’t dissolve it either If you delay further, I’m afraid that you’ll have only one person left in your golden generation Team of Martial Soul Hall School admits defeat I announce the champion of Continental Soul Master Elite Tournament for this match is Shrek School Victory! Victory! Shrek has won! Won! We’ve won! You’re awesome, my little freaks Martial Soul Hall has been the champion for previous years Shrek broke the records eventually! I’ve never thought that Shrek could have such a glorious day! He made it Qibao Form Qibao Boosts! Third, Soul! Qibao Boosts! The Six Supplements! This ambience Could it be How’s his condition?

Brother, please be all right Wu, don’t worry. Brother San will be all right Yes. Have faith in him Um The wounds of Eight Spider Bone on San’s back are recovering San’s body is totally a miracle! Brother! We’ve won Yes, we’ve won! We’ve defeated the team of Martial Soul Hall School We are the champion of Continental Soul Master Elite Tournament My little freaks, you’ve created an unprecedented miracle Tang San, congratulations on obtaining the victory! Please dissolve their poison immediately now [Next Episode]

Continental Soul Master Elite Tournament The final champion for this match is You’re the one that we missed out back then I never expect you’ll come here yourself Do you want to know the reason? Why don’t you ask your disciple then? If you hinder us, Qibao Amber tribe will be the enemy of Martial Soul Hall Gui Mei, Yue Guan, Seize that girl