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This week, China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Communist Party After the Chinese Revolution in 1949, Mao Zedong formed the People’s Republic of China which has become the country’s official name Xi Jinping has been president since 2012 and has led China to become a global superpower and an economic powerhouse China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Other countries and human rights organizations accused China of suppressing human rights. In 1989, pro-democracy protests were held in Tiananmen Square in Beijing The protests ended with a government crackdown which resulted in injuries and deaths Regional tensions exist between China and Taiwan as well as Hong Kong, both of them who are fighting for independence from China -China is the fourth largest country in the world with a population of some 1.4 billion people, making China the most populous country in the world Beijing is the capital city of China China is famous for the Great Wall of China and it has a rich history of the Chinese civilization dating back as far as 4,000 years The former president of France, Jacques Chirac, has passed away He was 86 years old He was president of France from 1995 to 2007 He was once a prime minister and

a mayor of Paris He was most well-known for being the first French president to apologize for France role’s in persecuting Jewish people in the Holocaust He signed the 2005 French Disability law He was active in promoting awareness and fighting AIDS and cancer France declared a national day of mourning, and many world leaders paid tribute at his funeral which was held with military honors Hundreds of people protested in across Lebanon last Sunday to protest the current economic crisis Protesters blame political leaders for widespread mismanagement and corruption Those protesters, who are educated and can’t find work, blame the system for allowing people with political connections to get state jobs Many private companies were laying off people because of this crisis -Despite spending tens of billions of dollars from international donors after the 15-year civil war ended in 1990, Lebanon has crumbling infrastructure including frequent electricity cuts, piling trash on the streets, and sporadic, limited water supplies from the state-owned water company Researchers at Michigan State University

have developed a device that has a motion capture system to detect hand movements It translates ASL signs into English Major Deaf organization leaders are concerned this current trend of introducing devices to the market to automate the process of translating text to sign language and vice versa A second issue has also arisen in recent years: use of “signing avatars”, also known as “virtual sign language interpreters” -Representatives of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) and the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) have issued a joint statement expressing concern about the purpose of using signing avatars, and cautioning against replacing human sign language interpreters They contend that signing avatars still cannot detect unique grammatical features and functions of sign language. Technology of sign language translation still has a long way to go before they can match the skills and abilities of human sign language interpreters Sandeep Dhaliwal, a Sikh police officer in the US State of Texas was fatally shot by a criminal at a traffic stop in late September He was 42 years old Sandeep was the first Sikh sheriff’s deputy in Houston. Four years ago, he won an accommodation to wear his turban and a beard while patrolling He was a respected officer and he inspired others by

his faith that teaches love and peace When hurricanes ravaged Houston and Puerto Rico, he went to both places and offered humanitarian assistance to hurricane survivors After Sandeep’s death, a Twitter video of him interacting with a Deaf boy went viral Sandeep allowed the young boy to handcuff him and was answering the young boy’s questions The encounter had left a bright impression on the kid An early winter storm hit several northwestern US states and southwestern parts of Canada last weekend The September record-breaking snow storm dumped more than 102 cm of snow in the US state of Montana. It forced schools in several areas to close because of road conditions It brought some snow to a tiny town, Winnemucca, in the US state of Nevada that never had snow for 142 years, meaning that the last time it snowed was in 1877 [Alessio]: Japan Airlines now gives passengers a chance to book a seat online and know where passengers with babies or kids may sit The airline company put an online baby-seat map in the booking page and passengers can view and select a seat of their preference where they won’t be disturbed by babies or kids The airline also offers services to passengers travelling with infants by offering them priority boarding, offering hot water for bottles and providing diaper changing facilities In the United Arab Emirates, a Gulf country, a group of religious leaders of three religions has

announced ambitious plans to build an interfaith complex that would house a mosque, church, and synagogue – all on the same site! This complex, called Abrahamic Family House, is expected to be completed by 2022 This group, the “Higher Committee for Human Fraternity” includes religious leaders representing Islam, Christianity, and Judaism Their goal is to establish interfaith relations and to foster peace, harmony, and tolerance – Thank you for watching WorldSign Week, visit H3WORLD.TV for more shows, all in International Sign For story submissions, you can email them to See you next week