Hemp In China! A Longevity Village, Bama, Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi, China!

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a long life is one of the drinks the most to her health much research have been made into how we can live a longer and more satisfying life Pharma is a small County located in the southwest of China the population of Parma is about 240,000 for more than 80 people who live in the small county are over 100 years old another number continues to grow it is one of the five longevity villages in the world where there are over 75 centenarians – every million people this is a standard set by the United Nations visitors can get there by flying from guilin or guangzhou to vice city again a 1.5 hours drive to Bhama the village with the greatest number of elderly people is in our village which is about 40 minutes drive from Palma King our village is surrounded by green hills and the clear pond young river flows through the village the karst geography is as beautiful as gruel in which is famous for its natural landscape King our village has five thousand sixteen villagers with more than thirty of an age of 80 or more seven art 100 or more we visited a number of them while we were eating our village the first house we visited is belong to Huang my soul mate who is 106 years old it is in wintertime in quite cold in the fat one my soul mate was sitting in her house nursing a fire to keep her warm her family runs a guesthouse so her 77 year old son and grandchildren take care of the business the only destabilised to do some housework nearby Hamas on May’s house another elderly resident named Pam Mogga lives with her family her family runs a small shop in the village bank Magan is 103 years old she likes to may textiles with the OL machine in her house some of her clothes are sold in shop she has her own designer label she still has great hearing and Lysa chat she even helps her granddaughter to make porridge for the baby after 7 centenarians only one is man his name is fog machine and his 110 years old this old man took part in the revolutionary movement when he was young he often recalls the old days his family members spent five generations and his son is over 80 years old many people visit him every day why there are so many people that who

live such life in PN village is there some amazing secret many scientists have visited over the years to try to find the answer but this is the local people’s discoveries and conclusions fama and its villages are in a remote area with few factories or pollution the river flows through a karst landscape and therefore the water is rich in calcium carbonate and as a ph value of between seven point two and eight point five weak alkaline ionizedwater can help maintain the acid-base balance of blood and bodily fluids makes the body more effective in resisting bacteria viruses inflammation and disease many people come here to collect the spring water the air in the area is clean the negative oxygen ion our per 3,000 cubic centimeter along the river side which is ten times the average value in big cities the earth magnetism is 0.58 gauss which is twice the ordinary value it is believed that an appropriate your magnetic environment is good for a blood circulation and encourages a low rate of cardiovascular and cerebral vascular disease and the electro magnetic waves bring a better quality of sleep the people of the area to mostly labor intensive work where their food is quite simple and vegetables are a large part of the diet their simple life is quiet and stress-free each year many people visit Bhama and stay for a while in the hope of becoming more healthy and prolong their life the elderly people are alight a living history book and are living treasures trouble for China hi alleged Obama to discover the miracle of life aha Takumi ING Vysya dossier Hamid Angela Freitas yet that eager to try to take him home students who they are z’ha’dum Vito I’ll tear your even with hundred tons of ship in the war Mario she made repeated Bhama decision sanctions have wah-wah sumnima Mahamaya total for module usually job and junior quarried out Arthur you like to say all tongue c’mon yo she be hidden columns in you sleep at Shibuya since I seen a Shopaholic Poochie Ola that sandwich a few billion poor cheetah new call my own I told try the sequin come on with a condom I can go an illegal piece German be sanctioned initiate since Angela jandia I don’t even a Yahoo ha can you do your shop ticket Yvonne many and your fire you have time I’ll be in there to go coffee or dinner to be in there she know she wants even a dinner Bobby nice say something Katya Bama Lorient on show Putin control fertility Holyoke when there’s a knock on door sir you can close with a year she look one day I can see that got her to 20ma you idiot she pointed shitty digit hung sure the lajjun Jim tongue tell or not tell you things up Cindy figure ho when we do wind up tell you what when they were now don’t you JT beta sin he said Mohawk what about Facebook years one you me persuade you hadn’t quarter on your one visit did on amigos them made Xalapa nan top Chiho URI tongue show gingka tensor fasciae de l’argent

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