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【The final battle: Who is the most powerful warrior in the world】 【Hohhot, Inner Mongolia】 We run away from star R【They overcame the challenge and now they’re free】 Bull the robot【They arrive at Hohhot, Inner Mongolia】 【I can’t believe it’s true】 It’s good to see you on Earth How do you know it’s Earth It’s Earth【They look stunning after the rebirth】 We’re in the traditional Mongolian costumes【It’s beautiful】 It looks very handsome Yup…I look like a warrior【They’re satisfied with the costumes】 We’re the warriors【He’s getting thrilled】 Zulan looks different in this costumes Can you feel it too【He becomes confident instantly】 Give him some special effects please Good for him【He’s looking around excitedly】 We’re finally back to Earth Good for him【He’s looking around excitedly】 We’re finally back to Earth 【Wonderful】 We’re back to Earth【We’re back to Earth】 【Congratulations for coming back to Earth from star R】 【You’re at Hohhot, Inner Mongolia】 【That’s where we are now】 【You have collected all the scattered running balls】 【We’re getting close to the season finale】 【There’s the final battle ahead of you】 【The final survivor will become the strongest warrior of the universe】 【But this time】 【You’re not fighting alone】 【We’ve invited seven guests as your helper respectively】 【You can use your running balls to choose your helper】 【The kungfu man: 6 running balls】 【The absolute beauty: 4 running balls】 【The Mars brother: 4 running balls】 【The mischievous princess: 4 running balls】 【The super popular fresh meat: 3 running balls】 【The giant delight: 2 running balls】 【The black-flurry: 1 running balls】 Can I use all my running balls to have some more helpers I got eight running balls Then I can only have another Wang Zulan【It seems Wang Zulan already knows where he will end up】 Yes 【Kindly reminder】 【The running balls you have will not only be used to get a helper】 【But also plays an important role in the final game】 【So you need to think over how to distribute your running balls】 【What kind of skill do the secret warriors have】 【Now we will reveal them starting with the kungfu man】 【Who is the kungfu man, the strongest one among all】 【Looking forward to it】 【The kungfu man, Xiang Zuo】 【He’s amazing】 Xiang Zuo 【Xiang Zuo, Actor & Model】 【A handsome man】 He’s worth six running balls【He’s absolutely worth it】 Xiang Zuo, do you see those shining balls You can take all you want We’re done Okay, let’s welcome Xiang Zuo Welcome to the show【Welcome to the show】 【Pick me please】 【Now it’s time for the second warrior】 【The absolute beauty】 【They fix their eyes on her position】 【Surprise】 【The absolute beauty, Zhang Jingchu】 【Her movie For A Few Bullets will be on at July 15th】 【Zhang Jingchu, actress】 Sister【He recognizes his sister immediately】 Oh my God【He recognizes his sister immediately】 Yup【Here I am, little brother】 They must undervalue my combat value【Don’t underestimate me, I’m big black bull’s sister】 I’m big black bull’s sister And my combat value wouldn’t be as low as 60% Right I’m worth your money Pick me【She’s canvassing for herself】 Welcome Zhang Jingchu to the show【Welcome Zhang Jingchu to the show】 【Now it’s time for the third warrior】 【Who will it be】 Hua Chenyu【The little brother of Mars, Hua Chenyu】 【Hua Chenyu, singer】 Why are your charm rate and face score so high【He’s cute】 I know nothing about it But I’m sure the crew must underestimate my combat value 【He has an ambition】 【Pick me and you won’t be regret for it】 The fourth warrior【The fourth warrior】 The mischievous princess【The mischievous princess】 【Who will be the mischievous princess】 【The mischievous princess, Wang Ziwen】 This is my new apartment I will complaint to the property management staffs if you keep doing this【Actress】 【Wang Ziwen, actress】

Wait Who are you throwing a kiss to To me Are you dare to receive it【I’m asking it for sister Bingbing】 It’s just a flykiss, not a real one Because she once played the role of my wife【Explaining it】 【Is it true】 Did you play my wife before Yes we three were in the same family So I am looking forward to it What does it mean you three were in the same family Don’t get me wrong I was his sister And she was my sister-in-law This is my wife little He Here Call her auntie Auntie You can’t just pick up a role randomly【The Tangshan family gets reunion six years later】 You just need to think twice before taking a role Welcome Ziwen to the show【Welcome Ziwen to the show】 Let’s move to the next The giant delight This one is good The face score is 30% 【The giant delight】 【The giant delight, Qian Shan】 No drinks for the strangers You can only have a drink when you’re stay close enough to the owner Are we clear Oh mama Please take me away【Qiao Shan, actor】 【Qiao Shan, actor】 You got a good haircut I’m in the same style as Zulan【He looks great in this haircut】 He’s with you, Zulan【He shakes his head in a handsome way】 Really Zulan, you just found a neighborhood Brothers【The wave is the new black】 You two are the brothers who haven’t seen each other for years My brother【Are you the one I need】 He only needs two running balls【The price is fair】 I can afford it I will give him a consideration Think of me, all right【Take me】 Welcome Qiao Shan to the show【Welcome Qiao Shan to the show】 Thank you Now it’s time for the super popular fresh meat I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time【I’m dying to see who it is】 The super popular fresh meat【All right】 【The super popular fresh meat】 【What kind of a handsome man will it be】 【Oh my god】 【He’s trying not to laugh】 【Yue Yunpeng, actor】 【Yue Yunpeng, crosstalk comedian, actor】 Listen to me 【Yue Yunpeng, crosstalk comedian, actor】 Listen to me Little Yue is good at keeping secret Two days ago we were at Chongqing working at the same crew But he didn’t mention any of it to me Until today, here, I meet you【Both Deng Chao and Yue Yunpeng play roles in the movie I Belonged to You So you guys are working in the same movie Yup Seriously Didn’t you know it earlier But he did mention it indirectly He had an ambition He wanted to rip someone’s nametag Um…Listen to me When I knew I got a chance to be in this show I started to keeping fit And I thought I had to rip…【It’s hard to notice the effect】 【He’s silent again】 You got guts, dude【Just spit it out】 Black bull【The strongest competitor big black bull is nominated again】 【Oh God…I can’t believe I said it】 He said he’s gonna rip your nametag Why would I be shy after spitting it out【Is it my style】 Welcome little Yue to the show【Welcome little Yue to the show】 I don’t think we need to open the last box This one would be out of your imagination【Even Zulan underestimate the black flurry】 I mean it Hey If this one is low at charm rate, combat value and face score And one will use a running ball to buy himself/herself a burden 【It seems no one would ever want the black flurry】 Not a burden But just “buy” a redundancy Speaking frankly I got a different idea【Big black bull has a different view】 I think he will be tall, strong and powerful【Dude, you got a good vision】 I can feel it 【All right, let’s see who is it】 【The black flurry】 【Will the black flurry be a burden as they imagine】 【Or will the black flurry be a quiet powerful man as big black bull expects】 【It’s unbelievable】 What did I say【Call me Zhuge Chen】 After the first episode I’ve received many words of comfort from my fans 【They’re sweet】 You know It makes me feel like a victim I was damaged【It’s huge challenge to me】 In fact, I just lost a game But the depression it brought to me lasts from the first episode till now【It feels too depressed】 It doesn’t go away, does it I need to revenge【I need to revenge】 【He’s ready for it】 【Look, don’t blink】 Amazing It’s broken【He’s showing his determination of winning the game】 Come on【They’re good audiences】 And more If you can break it again I would be willing to pay all the running balls to team up with you I’m ready to revenge And you need this to man up Endure hardships to revive 【Can the bitter gourd brothers win the game】 【Seven helper warriors will be partnered with MC to fight for the final victory】 【Teams for the final war: Deng Chao & Yue Yunpeng】 【Teams for the final war: Zheng Kai & Wang Ziwen】 【Teams for the final war: Angelababy & Xiang Zuo】 【Teams for the final war: Li Chen & Qiao Shan】 【Teams for the final war: Chen He & Zhang Jingchu】 【Teams for the final war: Lu Han & Hua Chenyu】 【Teams for the final war: Wang Zulan & Chen Jianzhou】 【Now you all have chosen your helper】 【The final war is around the corner】 【But your helpers haven’t been activated】 What….So I can’t go down yet

What the heck【It’s too early to be happy】 You have to stay here for now 【What should they do to free the helpers】 【You need to inject the true feelings of Earth into them through finishing three tasks】 【Only in this way can they revive】 【Please take your task card】 Encourage those who are about to take the college entrance examination Help those fathers and sons who are long separated get reunited Our task is to support the benevolence association We will finish the task really soon and then we would come back and dispel your seal Wait for me I’ll come back for you Go for it I’ll be back soon Alright, let’s get ready Running Man 15 billion years ago Seven warriors have overcome all the difficulties along their way to collect all the lost running balls in the parallel space 【The first pass: Blue Tooth List】 【The winner of the 1st episode: Li Chen】 【The second pass: The championship for the Princess of the World】 【The winner of the 2nd episode: Li Chen】 【The third pass: Agent FBR】 【The winners of the third episode: Deng Chao & Chen He】 【The fourth pass: My Student Time】 【The winners of the 4th episode: Chen He & Zheng Kai & Angelababy】 【The fifth pass: Camping Fight】 【The winner of the 5th episode: Lu Han】 【The sixth pass: Find the Peacock Princess】 Congratulations to Lu Han【The winner of the 6th episode: Lu Han】 【The seventh pass: Brother Calabash】 【The winners of the 7th episode: Li Chen & Wang Zulan】 【The eighth pass: An Unsettled Law Case of Twelve Zodiacs】 【The winner of the 8th episode: Chen He】 【The ninth pass: Get Succeed in the Examination】 It’s so horrible Why do you stay so close to me【The winner of the 9th episode: Lu Han】 【The tenth pass: The Story between Sheep and Wolves】 Are they dancing It’s so intense【The winners of the 10th episode: Zheng Kai & Chen He & Deng Chao & Angelababy】 【The eleventh pass: Get away from Star R】 I gotta give it a full play 【The winners of the 11th episode: Everyone】 After overcoming all the difficulties in the pass 11 episodes They have collected all the scattered Running Balls There comes the final challenge in Running Man season four【The final challenge of Running Man S4】 He’s so powerful Who will become the most powerful warrior in the world We’re the “crazy primitive men Be careful, Qiao Shan It doesn’t feel right Cut the crap and start ripping Grab them I’m encircled Protect me The final battle is around the corner 【The brotherhood needs to dispell their helpers first】 【Chen He & Zheng Kai & Baby arrives at the mission location: Yili Milk Culture Exhibition Hall】 The first team needs to bring a surprise to those to the teaching assistant group of Inner Mongolia Normal University 【Members of the teaching assistant group】 They are not only the big fans of Running Man but also the volunteer teachers in that area They support the children with knowledge and kindness Today Zheng Kai, Chen He and Angelababy【Getting ready for it】 will bring them a surprise【All the shooting will be finished quietly】 during which they will also finish their own task【Baby’s cover: cleaner】 I guess they would recognize me even though I wear the wig because they didn’t give me a hat to cover myself【They would fail once their covers are blown】 【Can Baby manage to keep herself covered before finish the task】 【Chen He’s cover: security guy】 【Zheng Kai’s cover: photographer】 After all these things I’m afraid of being recognized once I’m off the car 【Zheng Kai plays the role of photographer】 【Chen He plays the role of security guy】 【Baby plays the role of cleaner】 【Done】 Now I’m done with the cover Later I’ll go to the museum and give a surprise to the students Can you recognize me 【The mission is about to begin…Can they finish it】 【Zheng Kai takes two group pictures for the students; pretend a quarrel but not be suspected by the students】 【He’s waiting in anxiety】 The crew invites the students to Yili Milk Culture Exhibition Hall in the name of filming public service announcement Everything is set and they’re about to take action【The members of teaching assistant group arrive】 They’re here Got it 【The crew invites the students to Yili Milk Culture Exhibition Hall in the name of filming public service announcement】 Welcome you all to pay a visit to the Yili Group【They’re listening to here carefully without any idea what’s going on】 I just have one requirement Follow me, alright 【He doesn’t dare to look up in case the students would recognize him】 Let’s start from here Are you coming from the university How long does it take Two hours【He’s running away in case being recognized】 It’s so far I bet they didn’t recognize me I’m so good at playing the role of photographer【No one recognizes me…Guess I’m doing well】 【They’re ready at floor 3】 Where would they show up…That way 【Getting nervous】 We might take a picture here 【He’s ready】 【Copy that】 【Baby goes away in case being recognized】 Here shall we take a group picture Shall we take a picture here Shall we take a picture here【He’s disguising his voice】 Here here【Look at me】

He’s our photographer, A-Qiang【They stand in a line】 Com’on, one two three【The photographer A-Qiang, the bald man Qiang】 Yili Perfect 【They got one group picture】 【Being joyful】 How’s that Don’t you feel he’s humorous Yup Alright, let’s go ahead 【I already got one group picture and I need one more】 Please come here Okay【He still needs one more picture】 【I need to hurry up】 The most original one In fact we got a barn 【What’s going on】 【What’s wrong with them】 There were two original minorities【Why don’t you take action】 They would raise the unfinished animal babies【What’s Chen He doing】 【You gotta hurry up, man】 Later they discovered that artificial breeding came more easier than hunting【Don’t fuss up with me…I got a plan】 Shall we take another picture here Com’on Let’s take another picture【They cooperate very well though they have no idea what’s going on】 The light suits very well Alright…Com’on…Cheer up【I’m almost done with it】 Yili Perfect What’s wrong with you【Now there’s only one task unfinished】 Be careful with the mop 【He’s into it】 【There there】 Watch out, sister You got your mop on me just now【They pretend to pick up a quarrel】 So what You got your mop on me just now What’s wrong with you, dude What…You did wrong Look you got my shoes dirty So what No quarrel【They haven’t recognized them】 What are you doing Security please【Chen He ,the security guy is going to stop them】 What’s wrong with you No…what’s wrong with you You can just clean the floor【They three are having a show here】 What’re you guys doing here I’m busy cleaning the floor I knew it…But don’t you know I’m busy photographing Just for work【Why are they breaking into a quarrel all of a sudden】 Why do you pick up a fight with me Calm down 【What is this student going to do】 I already calm down…Look at you【Is she realizing anything】 It’s a fun ride…No need to have a quarrel like this【Can she recognize them in such a close distance】 It should be a fun ride But she’s spoiling【Can they finish the task】 【Please don’t recognize me】 【Would their covers be blown】 【Can she recognize them in such a close distance】 It should be a fun ride【Baby is too nervous to look up】 But she’s spoiling【Can they finish the task】 Why would you do this to me 【Please don’t recognize me】 That’s alright No one is easy It’s just a work Take it easy【The kind girl doesn’t notice anything wrong】 Go ahead Please finish the job【She also asks the photographer keep on finish the filming job】 I’m done with it 【They finish the task】 If you would do this again【He takes the wig off directly】 【Is it obvious for you to recognize me】 He looks like Zheng Kai Who【He looks like Zheng Kai】 He Who’s Zheng Kai【He’s keep playing it】 Who’s Zheng Kai Is it real 【Surprise】 Are you Zheng Kai【They just can’t stop it】 Zheng Kai Baby Oh my gosh【Oh my gosh】 【Screamings】 Excuse me【Chen He doesn’t help exposing his true identity】 Would you guys want to leave first Chen He 【They’re rushing to Chen He】 【It fills with joyfulness instead of quarrels now】 Do you know why we would be here today Why Because we know all of you making use your spare time to be volunteer teachers【Thanks for your hard working】 We want to be here to support you guys Thank you【Being touched】 I wish you would go ahead along this path【spread more knowledge to those in need】 The Yili Group would keep on supporting you in this non-profit project by sending more milk to the children We’ll keep doing it【spreading their love in their own way】 There will be more students joining us even after we’re graduated They will keep doing it【They would make the world a better one by their action】 Thanks for giving us such a nice surprise 【Mission completed】 【Three helper are free: Xiang Zuo, Wang Ziwen and Zhang Jingchu】 【Deng Chao & Lu Han arrive at their mission location: No.1 Middle School of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia】 The first team has finish the task And at the moment Deng Chao and Lu Han arrive at the No.1 Middle School of Hohhot

Their task is to cheer up those who are going to take the college entrance examination Now they’re have a graduation ceremony for the senior students 【Can they finish the task】 【Mission of freeing the warriors: Cheer up the quasi-examination takers】 Today we’re gathered together in this hall【The headmaster is delivering a speech】 hold the graduation ceremony for those who are about to the big examination【The senior students are getting excited】 hold the graduation ceremony for those who are about to the big examination【Listening to him carefully】 hold the graduation ceremony for those who are about to the big examination 【The senior students are having the graduation ceremony】 【But they have no idea what kind of surprise is waiting for them】 Congratulations to your graduation【Congratulations to your graduation】 【Having a mixed feelings】 I wish you Is it alright【The father&son have been waiting for so long】 would have a wonderful performance on the examination【They’re stepping into the hall quietly】 I wish you would get a satisfied score 【Wow woow】 【Hello guys】 How are you 【They’re totally surprised】 【Being thrilled】 【They become hilarious with the nice surprise】 Hey boy, say hello Hello, I’m Lu Han 【Screamings】 【Yelling out loud】 Hello everyone I’m Deng Chao 【The students are responding them with passion】 Little Lu, you might not know the intention of making you in this mission It aims to make you stay To have some lessons 【I miss the old school time】 【I want to be the classmate of Lu Han】 Why don’t I just leave him behind to take the examination together with you all 【Can’t agree more】 Since there’s only one week left behind the examination All I can do is to be a mascot Just stay here to cheer you up 【I like that idea too】 【It’s getting lively】 What am I supposed to say Hey do you know my nickname【Tell me now】 Brainiac【Brainiac】 What is it for For study【Study】 Study hard, right Yup【Listen to what the old man says】 What is waiting for you one week later College entrance examination Are you nervous Nope No?【Oh I see… You all are brainiacs】 Are you sure of it Yup Yeah I bet it’s the right thing to do I mean it I was nervous when I had the examination What am I going to say【Listening to him carefully】 I didn’t do well in the cultural courses due to some personal reasons【He’s sharing his own experience】 You know I was studying in a technical secondary school in Jiangxi Province I didn’t have any ambition And I didn’t think I could be good enough to go to the university 【Having mixed feelings】 I thought going to university was too much for me The Central Academy of Drama Beijing Film Academy It’s totally a daydream to me 【Getting touched】 It scared me I guess I was scared like 100 times more than you can feel now 【We might be nervous about this ever-most important examination】 I thought I’ve gone through all the lessons I ever had in my life in those few months I mean it I felt like I’ve read all the books in my whole life【There would be no regret once you try your best】 I was nervous But I decided to give it a shot 【No pain, no gain】 And I made it 【You gotta have a dream… One day it would come true】 Thank you My point is It’s a process【Keep going and don’t give up】 You need to keep working on it【Grasp every minute to work for your dream】 Yes I believe you can go to your dream school What do you think I bet they will【I have faith in them】 I wish you all the best on your examination Say something real Forget the mascot【Come on】 Would you like to sing for them Great【Brother Chao, you know me】 Alright, I would sing the song called Your Song Great【Looking forward to it】

The world never stops changing And the people keep moving ahead I only wish you would be with me in every sunset【He’s sending the best wishes to the students via the song】 If there comes a day when you【Getting moved】 forget all of our promises It’s okay We still have this song I’ll sing it to you again【Being sincere: I’m singing it to you right here】 【Do your best for your dream at this wonderful time】 【The college entrance examination is not only an important challenge in your life】 【But also a memory which belongs to us all】 Though you might feel relax I think it’s necessary for you to feel a little nervous I don’t mean the psychological nervous but a kind of consciousness You need to know how important it is I wish you all the best Go for it Alright【The response is filled with confidence】 I wish you would still be our fans in your freshman year, would you Absolutely I’m glad that the Running Man keeps you accompanied since you’re in the high school【Mission completed】 【Wish all the students would get to their dream schools】 【Warriors are set free: Yue Yunpeng & Hua Chenyu】 【Wang Zulan & Li Chen arrive at their mission location: Yili liquid milk production workshop】 Two teams have finished their tasks For Li Chen and Zulan Their task is to give a surprise to a father This father is a normal staff in the Yili factory【Staff: Yi Jingsong】 He’s busy in working daily And all he wishes is to get reunion with his son The crew has invited his family secretly to where he works Hello Hello Uncle Li Chen Hello Uncle Wang Zulan【Yi Jingsong’s wife and son】 He’s uncle but I’m your brother(Ge-ge) 【Big black bull is humorous】 When is the last time you saw your father At the spring festival Oh Almost half of a year【He is missing his father badly though he’s smiling】 Around January When are you supposed to meet him next time Summer holidays Yup Then it would be nice to meet him before the summer holidays How would Zulan and Li Chen finish this special task【Looking forward to it】 【You will see him soon】 A surprise would be nice Agree 【Mission to free the warriors: Make Mr. Yi sing a song; Help the father&son get reunion】 The crew has arranged a simulation scene where Mr. Yi works alone But he doesn’t know anything about the reunion Zulan and Li Chen are ready【Everything is set】 A good show will be on Wow it’s a huge factory【Show on】 It’s an amazing day We final come the headquarter of Anmuxi 【It’s the performance time】 【Today we have a man who would give you direct orders】【Acting like being surprised】 【An ordinary staff, Mr.Yi】【The man is kept in the dark】 【Mr. Yi, please】 【They pretend not to know him at all】 Welcome【Com’on, man】 【Now please give them some yoghurt which might bring some good luck to you two】【Do you mean me】 Yoghurt please 【In the cup; He’s hurrying up】 【How can we make him sing】 Oh I guess we need to sing before we drink in the Mongolian traditions Am I right 【Bright idea】 Mr. Yi, I suggest you’d sing a song while pouring the yoghurt Where do you come from I’m from the Northeast Then I bet you know how to sing 【Mr. Yi, please don’t say no】 You must be good at it【He can’t wait】 【I don’t know how to sing】 Welcome Zulan【He’s trying to change the topic】 Welcome brother Chen Please sing a song【They won’t let him go easily】 Please sing A song please He seems a little bit embarrassed【Please don’t make me feel embarrassed】 Please sing a song Kiss kiss to you my babe I will climb over that mountain Louder please What song is it It’s Kiss Kiss to You My Babe Alright, louder please Com’on Applause please【Mr.Yi is willing to sing finally】 Kiss kiss to you my babe I will climb over that mountain Fly over the rainbow【He’s nervous and forgetting the lyrics】 I will go catch the shooting stars 【Mr.Yi is also missing his son】 That’s alright…I understand Though he can’t remember all the lines【Though the song is not completed】 I know it’s about missing his child【It contains the deep feeling for his child】

【You have no idea that your wish is going to come true】 【A secret plan of happiness is underway】 【It’s time】 【Ready to take action】 Please more yoghurt【He doesn’t notice anything】 Mr.Yi Please come into the room Haiwen, come in【Mr.Yi doesn’t know anything yet】 You may go out now【Mr.Yi is cooperating the director】 Hold it please 【Now it’s the time for the reunion】 【Take action now】 【Mr.Yi is still working】 Hurry up【They move once they got the signal】 Hold it now 【The wife and son can’t help getting excited】 【Mr.Yi is still working hard like he always does】 【The dream of meeting each other again is about to come true】 Go there quietly Go Find the uncle 【Dad, I’m going to see you soon…Did you miss me】 Hold on Come here 【He is working hard without complaints, having no idea his beloved child is waiting for him right out of the room】 Get down【He’s hiding himself at the back of them, getting ready 】 【Can he find his child at the first glance】 This way please 【Would he notice me】 We need more boxes【He doesn’t notice his boy while working hard on it】 Would you like to take more cases to here Place them on the top We need three more boxes 【Being patient】 【He’s so into his job】 Place them tidily【Hide yourself】 Alright, thank you so much【He’s arranging them carefully】 We got a reward for you Yup Mr.Yi【You must like it】 【Look at here】 【They’ve been waiting for it for so long】 【Being surprised】 What do you feel【Dad, are you happy to see me】 【Do you like this “reward”】 【Beaming】 【He opens his arms and runs towards the warmest arms】 So the song you just sang is for him You miss him, right【They don’t want to stop the hugging】 Don’t you ever notice we’re asking you to do all the things deliberately【We’ve been getting prepared to this moment】 I didn’t know it at all【Right now he’s drown in the happiness】 We want your boy to see how hard you work to understand you How long have you not seen your boy About four or five months It’s very hard to see your family when you’re working out of town【His wife is weeping quietly】 【We have another guest】 【Please】 【She shows up in shy】 【Mr.Yi’s wife and son】 Mama’s here It’s a happy moment【Smile】 Yup it’s for happiness Go have a family hug Please【Words fail them】 Long time no see【Words fail them】 It’s hard It’s difficult for us to finish this task We don’t want to “bully” such a hard-working father We’re crushing inside, you know that【It’s just for the task】 Do you know how hard your father is working Yes I do Would you hate us for “bullying” your father Nope 【I know you’re doing it for a good purpose】 【Though they haven’t said too much, you would know how happy with their big smiles hanging on their faces】 Heartfelt thanks to the crew【Getting touched】 Thank you Zulan【Mission completed】 Thank you Li Chen【Mission completed】 It’s a special day for me I’m so happy 【Now they see each other again and enjoy the hug very much】 【The brothers have gained the true feelings by finishing the tasks】 【And the helpers get the power to be free】 【The helper warriors are free: Qiao Shan & Chen Jianzhou】 【They’ve collected the true feelings on Earth by finishing all the tasks】 【All the helper warriors are set free】 Brothers, we’re coming for you【They’re going to meet others】 Seven universe warriors have overcome all kinds of difficulties And now they’re back to Earth Tonight they’re fighting for the title of the most powerful warrior in the universe

【Who will be the most powerful warrior in the universe】 【The war is around the corner】 【Being energetic】 Oh the beautiful prairie【Here I am】 It’s so soon I can’t believe we’re doing the last episode of S4 【Welcome to the Xilamuren Grassland】 【You have freed your helpers with the true feelings from Earth】 Great 【Now let’s welcome your helper warriors】 Where are you【Come here please】 Here they are【Wang Ziwen, Xiang Zuo, Chen Jianzhou】 Welcome Here they are【Being energetic】 You are free 【Warm welcome】 【Qiao Shan】 【Hua Chenyu, Zhang Jingchu】 【Yue Yunpeng】 Little Yue wears the legging【He’s the last to show up】 Why your legging looks different from us【Your legging looks so special】 I guess the legging doesn’t fit ou【It’s tight; It’s loose】 Look When the legging is on little Yue’s feet It becomes Tight-ting 【Man, that’s nice】 【It’s tight】 Brother Chao【Give me a break】 You will know how weak and how brave I am later【Weak and brave】 Weak For me, why don’t you just give it up and give us a crosstalk in a gown instead【We like your crosstalk the most】 I’ll play the warrior and you may do the crosstalk Alright, Xiang Zuo You got it【Xiang Zuo’s solo show】 Alright Look at the true warrior【There he goes】 【Being stunned】 【He’s frightened】 Now it’s your turn【Please】 【What can I do】 I know nothing about it【Being weak…Not brave】 Qiao Shan, why don’t you open your eyes It is open【Or I’ll blink for you】 I’ve been opening my eyes all the time It’s not the most harsh words I’ve ever got【Man, I knew how it works】 Someone once said he found it hard to tell my forehead wrinkles and my eyes apart 【Who’s the guy】 So your words didn’t hurt my feelings【He’s okay with it】 We’re cool 【Now you found your teammate】 【Mongolian is a nation on horseback】 They train the best horses And they’re good at riding and archery The perfect match between men and horses witnesses again that the horse is the best friend of the Mongolian Horse 【Riding and archery are Mongolian’s special skills】 【They’re so matched】 【Excellent skills of riding】 【Fast and stable】 What do you want【In order to improve the feelings between you and your helpers】 【For your mutual understanding】 【The challenge for you is horse racing】 How Horse racing Each team needs to have one man to play the role of horse and the other plays the rider The riders need to hide behind the doors The “horses” need to decide where they stand by guessing where their teammates are Seven riders would jump on the “horses” after the whistle goes【Run】 The team which uses the least time in three rounds wins the game No【Are you kidding me】 【Look the rider I got】 He’s too fat 【I just have a full figure】 Why do I think I pick a wrong guy【Big black bull is crushing】 I would like to be the “horse”【He’s willing to take the responsibility】 That’s alright I would like to make Ziwen a “horse”【She got a new responsibility】 【What are you talking about】 You’ll be the “horse”【Playing cute: You would be the “horse”】 【We would give the “horses” some tips to find their riders】 【The tips is a bitten apple】 A bitten apple How would I know what his teeth look like 【The judge hangs the apples on the door】 Is it a real horse behind the door 1 I think it’s a real horse【A half-bitten apple】 How could it look like that What kind of mouth would it be It must be a man【She’s sure of it】 He bit it vertically 【Chewing】 【I have a good appetite】 You know It not only belongs to a man but also a hungry man 【Ouch…I just got half filled】 It looks so abstract【An abstract apple from the brothers of Mars】 Is it an H 【Chen He recognizes it as an H】 Did it mean me He It’s hard to write down your name 【They think H means Chen He】 Does it mean me It’s the H for the best【The H represents Huahua(Hua Chenyu)】 Does it mean Huahua【He knows it immediately】 He got a Huahua【He made it】 How could you know it【It’s too obvious…I can’t let it happen】 You can’t do it 【I’m too hungry…And I can destroy it by the way】 【Lu Han, come on】

Look at this【This is Zulan’s apple】 It might belongs to Jing chu It’s definitely a girl’s apple【It’s obviously done by my sausage mouth】 【Grinding】 I made a sausage mouth shape as a feature【He did it in order to make his teammate recognize it】 You could take it【They have no idea what the riders think of】 It’s a girl So I can make a choice randomly, right【The “horses” are making a choice according to the apples】 I pick this【The “horses” are making a choice according to the apples】 I would choose No.7 I take it【He made a right choice by accident】 I pick H【He made a right choice by accident】 No way I think H means me I picked it 【Well done】 【Get ready】 【Open the doors】 【The first round of horse riding starts】 【Here I am】 No【Yue Yunpeng & Li Chen】 【A mountain is on the bull】 【Qiao Shan & Xiang Zuo】 It’s all wrong【Wang Zulan & Wang Ziwen】 Chen He【Angelababy & Chen He】 Oh no【Look】 【Zheng Kai & Chen Jianzhou】 【He blinds him once he gets on】 【It’s my person】【Hua Chenyu & Lu Han】 【It’s perfect matched】 【The “horses” are on their way】 【The yellow team ranks the first and the pink team ranks the second】 【They’re running all the way long】 【They’re catching them up】 【She begins to make troubles】 【It’s all black】 【He stays where he is】 【Oh my eyes】 【He’s on his knees】 【The yellow team is way ahead of them】 【The yellow team ranks the first】 【And Chen He follows behind】 【He’s flushing】 【The brown team ranks the second】 【The other teams look ramshackle】 【I drag】 【The red team ranks the third】 【It’s hard to move forward】 Oh god He’s too powerful 【The kungfu man breaks out】 Oh God He’s too powerful 【He’s dragging him forward】 Oh God. He’s too powerful 【Qiao Shan knows how to break himself】 【Oh mama he’s taking me away】 Brother Zuo【He’s dragging forward】 【The green team ranks the fourth】 【I’m short of breath】 Xiang Zuo, so impressive You dragged me forward…like ten meters【He earns the title himself】 【It’s hard to move forward】 【She’s carrying Zulan with great difficulty】 【The little pink “horse” gets lost】 You can walk forward directly 【You almost got me】 【The pink team ranks the sixth】 【The blue team ranks the seventh】 Is she a woman 【Girl, well done】 She was dragging me back all the way long I almost got my neck broken【Kaikai is amazing】 You’re bad to me I can’t drag him back at all 【For God’s sake, I’m the largest “horse”】 【The second round】 【The tips is a picture】 【You guys need to choose a man god or woman god from the pictures we provide】 【They’re choosing it carefully】 【Man, you got a good vision】 【Similarity: 99.9%】 You two look so alike【Oh god】 Exactly【Zulan chooses Ma Yun】 We two are almost at the same height【Zulan chooses Ma Yun】 I choose this【Wang Ziwen choose Wang Kai】 【They always play couple in many shows】 I pick her【Lu Han chooses Deng Ziqi】 【They’re both singers】 I would definitely pick him【Yue Yunpeng chooses Guo Degang】 【Master must be my man god….Dude, good for you】 Would it be too obvious【Baby chooses Huang Xiaoming】 I have an idea 【Zhang Jingchu chooses Huang Xiaoming】 【What’s going on】 Confuse your competitors, right【I choose him to confuse your teammate】 I would end Chen He if he chooses me【She made a promise】 【I’m so smart】 Would it be good enough【All you need is me】【Qiao Shan chooses Fan Bingbing】 I would be a dead man if I got Xiang Zuo again【His fringe looks so naughty】 Xiang Zuo is too much for me【He got a heavy psychology shadow】 Bingbing【She steals all the spotlight immediately】 You gotta choose it 【Pick me or not pick me, it’s up to you】 Is it an option 【Sister Bingbing, you gotta protect me】 It’s not necessarily a wise choice【Chen He makes use of it to mislead big black bull】 I gotta choose it no matter what【Li Chen chooses Fan Bingbing】 I have no option【I’m relieved】 Why would there be two Huang Xiaoming【Huang Xiaoming No.1 and Huang Xiaoming No.2】 It’s absolutely related to Angelababy【That’s exactly what I want】 【Xiang Zuo, you gotta make a right choice】 Little Yue must choose Mr.Guo【Which one should I choose】 Two Huang Xiaoming 【Let me see how you would make a choice】 I would pick one of them Take a risk It must be a girl anyway【Chen He decides to choose one of Huang Xiaoming】 【You’re my mate, dude】 I pick this one Xiaoming Exactly You think it’s Baby【Xiang Zuo chooses the other Huang Xiaoming】 Yup 【Could they make a right choice】 I would choose Guo Degang【The black man chooses Guo Degang】 【Oh God I’m picked】 I think they pick it on purpose【I knew all the tricks】

They would not make it that easy for us【He’s tricked by his wise】 Little Yue chooses Guo Degang It’s too obvious 【You guys are thinking too much】 Would it be Wang Kai Because he has worked with Wang Ziwen for several times【It’s a right reasoning It might be a hint【Zheng Kai chooses Wang Kai】 Yup Wang Kai is working with Ziwen【Dude, you got me】 I would pick the daughter-in-law【Deng Chao’s son & Deng Ziqi】 Because my son likes her so much 【Deng Chao chooses Deng Ziqi】 I would choose Ma Yun Who is it behind the door【Hua Chenyu chooses Ma Yun】 【It’s me】 【Get ready】 Open the doors【The second of horse racing begins】 【Who would it be】 Open the doors【The second of horse racing begins】 【Who would it be】 【This is…】 Oh no【Angelababy & Chen He】 Com’on【You’re welcome】 Why would it be you again 【Blinding his eyes and pinching his nose】 【Zhang Jingchu & Xiang Zuo】 【Screaming】 【Yue Yunpeng & Chen Jianzhou】 【A far rider VS. The black horse】 【Lu Han & Deng Chao】 【The blinding-eyes tactic always works】 【The blue team and the purple team got the right teammates】 【They run so fast】 【The little leopard ranks first for now】 【Big black bull is catching them up】 【The blue team ranks first】 【He’s running forward with a huge “burden”】 【The purple team ranks the second】 【As for those who fail to get the right teammates】 【They’re running crazily】 【A crazy horse riding on the prairie】 【The green team ranks the third】 【She pinches his nose tightly】 【Grinding】 【She keeps doing it】 【The largest horse runs the slowest because of carrying little Yue】 【He slows down the black man without doing anything】 【He drags the black horse down with his own weight】 【Zulan increase as much gravity as he could to slow Hua Chenyu down】 Are you alright【They’re caught up by other teams while Zulan gets down】 【The brown team ranks the fourth and the pink team ranks the fifth】 【The yellow team ranks the sixth】 I need to finish it【The black man is left behind】 【He’s tottering】 Oh black man【My little brother, why would you be left behind】 【He’s holding on till the end】 I can’t believe you would be the last arrival Warrior【The red team ranks the seventh】 I didn’t think you would pick Guo Degang Xiang Zuo is too horrible【I was too naive】 Xiang Zuo is too horrible【Xiang Zuo is too horrible】 He deserves 6 running balls Baby got some interesting moves【He can’t help complaining the rider】 She pinched my nose and blinded my eyes And when she got some face oil on her hand she wiped it on my clothes quickly She’s too cunning【She turns around and hides herself from the camera】 It’s not my fault【You chose me】 Sister Jingchu, you made a wrong choice I’m totally freaked out【It should be a good plan】 I was suppose to confuse my competitors But you got me instead 【I’m unhappy】 【The third round of horse riding: the green team ranks first, followed by the red team. And the purple team ranks the third】 【Now I’ll announce how much time each team uses】 【The blue team takes 99.3 sec in total】 Brother Fast【It sounds a nice score】 The fastest in a life time【Brother Fast = The fastest man in the world】 The fastest man in the world【Brother Fast = The fastest man in the world】 【Am I the fastest】 【The yellow team takes 82.8 sec in total】 【He can’t believe it at all】 Amazing 【He can’t believe it at all】 【Brother Fast is someone else now】 It sounds good The fastest man He’s even faster than me I’ll take it for granted【A faster man】 Chen He How’s that 【The mud team】 The mud team【The mud team】 Who name us like that【Whose idea】 The mud team…I know it now【What do you want】 The mud team【It sounds so down to earth】 The mud team Just like your face turning pale We’re called the brown team【This is brown】 Why would it be the mud team【No more mud team, alright】

【The mud team takes 60.8 sec】 【Getting lost】 No way Why would they be the fastest team How could a short-legged horse run the fastest【The short-legged horse】 【Team Zulan and Team Deng Chao used the same time】 【75.8 sec】 It’s so fast So they’re faster than us There’s the faster one 【And there left the green team and the purple team】 【Those two teams are close to each other in time】 【The first belongs to the green team】 【38.5 sec】 【The green team wins the game】 【The purple teams takes 43 sec】 【It’s such a shame】 I thought I was the fastest one【It’s all for nothing】 But the fact is we’re the last two teams Shame【I should have kept calm】 The truth is we’re the slowest team We just cheered for the victory【It’s so embarrassing】 【Congratulations to the green team】 【which won the a huge advantage in the last round of the game】 You’re amazing【Thanks】 Thank you all 【Alright】 【Now please go to the last game place of this season】 Running Man Do you think I am light after carrying me for the run Very light And I’m sure I’d run much faster if you didn’t choke me 【I’m sorry…can’t help it】 【He reconstructs the scene vividly】 The next round is nametag-ripping Go rip nametag directly? Yup I think we’re at a slight disadvantage【I’m a little bit afraid of it】 That’s alright Because they all look very good at it That means they would lean to attack others first【Finally I could be someone’s teacher】 We would let them “kill” each other first So do you mean we should hide at the very beginning Nope… We can make alignment with other teams【He learns it from brother HAHA】 Sounds good【Hey…It sounds like a good idea】 Is there any competitor that you are worried about the most It must be Xiang Zuo【Without any hesitation】 He looks so serious I think the biggest threat would be Xiang Zuo and the black man Xiang Zuo is…【He threatens everyone】 I think the first target should be Xiang Zuo【Xiang Zuo…again】 They must be discussing how to take us out in the nametag-ripping round【Baby already knows their intention】 Those six teams might joint together to rip ours Even better【He’s very confident】 【He’s so cool as I ever expect】 【No need to be afraid…just trust me】 We could find some allies for the starter Xiang Zuo【He got a different plan】 We could use him to take down others We could be under the protection of them【Ally the strongest team and gain profits as the third party】 And we may run away once they’re under attack 【Genius got a better idea】 【The average location of Xilamuren Grassland is 1700m】 【It’s surrounded by rolling hills and covered by unlimited grass】 【The local citizens are not only good at riding and archery】 【But also skillful at different kinds of instruments】 【Tonight they will have the final fight at this place】 【Who will be the strongest warrior in the world】 Go【Going forward with great strength and vigour】 Com’on, Yueyue Why do you run so fast So many people there 【Here comes the final nametag-ripping war of Running Man S4】 【For the most powerful warrior in the world】 Wait I want to know【What is he going to say】 do I have a chance to change my teammate before the war starts【Change my teammate】 What’s going on【Are you already fighting with your teammate before the war starts】 Back to the car We two clapped the hands After it I decided to give him up【He seems to know the reason】 His fingers are too short Do you play rock paper scissor Yes I do You must always be the loser in this game Why Scissor rock paper Really 【I’m impressed】 The black man got the largest hand It’s okay Why do your hand smell so bad【Smelling it】 【This adult is so naive】 You guys are too bad Too bad So many tricks 【Just a joke】 【Please come get your task card】 Go, Yueyue Alright 【Jumping】 He’s so light Each team would have a different kind of super power Super power【Here’s the fun】 【What sort of super power】 If MC is out【The helper warrior will be out if the MC is out】 The helper warrior will be out【The helper warrior will be out if the MC is out】 So their goal is to protect the MC【The goal of helper warrior: Protect MC】 You gotta protect me I would protect you You gotta protect me Alright The survivor will become the most powerful warrior in the world 【Who will become the most powerful warrior in the world】 So I can’t rip Baby’s nametag today If I do so, I would be beaten to “death”

【I would do the protecting for her】 【What kind of super power you got depends on how many running ball you still have】 Thank God I still got many running balls 【The number of your running ball will be related to how powerful the super power you will have】 【Feeling painful: I just got one left】 If there are members who have the same amount of running balls The order of picking superpower is determined by Rock-Paper-Scissors Put the running balls here “Making an event” “Indifference” “Famulei” “Famulei” is just family, right? Family, I suppose it’s related with lots of people【Pick one from the three advanced superpowers】 This “indifference” is odd What does it mean by “indifference”? I think relatively “indifference” should be a high-level one Let me think it over, will it relate with freezing? Stop? or something else? -Right I think we shall pick something with high-level 【Li Chen and Qiao Shan picked “indifference” superpower】 Just pick it Shout the slogan and keep being indifferent, no smiling Then your nametags can become small nametags for 10mins Once smile, they become big nametage immediately Small nametag, it will be very small 10mins (poem) I’m an indifferent man Small nametags, com’on A bit nervous Start to be nervous We put the balls here Put them well one by one with dignity It’s gonna begin, what will occur? They come, have a look “Making trouble” “Family” What do they mean? You want “making trouble” or “family”? By your experience, what do you think are “making trouble” and “family”? I thinks “making trouble” must be that it can bully someone to be very miserable “Family” I think it’s relatively peaceful, warm We don’t need to be warm Why? Because we are not that kind of people who are warm Really? I’m always very warm Then let’s be warm I’m always family “Family” OK? -OK 【Deng Chao and Yue Yunpeng picked “family” superpower】 “Making trouble” Find the turquoise necklaces, and shout the command “XX, we are family” All the others’ nametags will become XX’s This is so powerful【We are gonna win】 Wow, what’s this?【Only the last advanced superpower remains】 “Making touble” What kind of event can we make?【Chen and Zhang Jingchu picked “making an event”】 Find the magic pen, you can write down 2 names of whoever These two have to rip each other’s nametags on the arena until one is out Let’s make Blackie and Xiang Zuo rip each other Don’t make decision first, what we shall do first is Will we be already dead before we use it? Then at that time, it’s really making trouble So what we shall do first is to find the magic pen OK? Do you have confidence? We will win for sure, OK? Tonight, making trouble What superpower is left? We have 2 balls 【Pick one from the two middle-level superpowers】 “Crazy caveman” “You’re windy I’m sandy” This seems to be crazier 【Wang Zulan and Chen Jianzhou picked “crazy caveman”】 “You’re windy I’m sandy”【Baby and Xiang Zuo picked “you’re windy I’m sandy”】 3 restricted times. The effective time of every time is 10mins In 10mins, I can rip off everyone’s nametag Because you won the racehorse game, this is your advantage from the last game 【Superpower encyclopedia, that 7 powers are written in】 Don’t need to be so hard working, right?

We just asked other to be alliance Forget the alliance Put the ball here “Meet in yurt”, “The Voice”【Pick from the 2 primary powers】 What are these? “Meet in yurt” is a song This one. -OK, we pick “the Voice” 【Zheng Kai and Wang Ziwen picked “the Voice” power】 Later please watch “the Voice of Running Man” Finally it turns to us, is there anything else for us to pick? No, we don’t have 【The last primary power card】 What’s this? -This is card, let’s see What? “Meet in yurt”【Lu Han and Hua Chenyu picked “meet in yurt”】 Sing “meet in yurt” on the magic carpet with deep feeling The specified member will appear on the carpet 3 restricted times It means we can summon 3 persons But if we summon Bro Xiang Zuo to come, we cam do nothing Summoning Xiang Zuo or Blackie is a suicide action “Meet in yurt” Hua Lu water (Florida Water) Wrestling I’m not suitable for wrestling Then just eating meat We can eat meat? Let’s eat meat. No wrestling, OK? It smells so good Tasty? Not bad 【Eating so happily? I’ll rip you off later】 It costs you too much physical power, Bro Chao Be careful of the pot He gave you a concession so obviously I also think so What an obvious concession! Thank you Just have a try, have a feeling So beautiful Yue Yue, let’s stand here to make a romantic confession in love Brother Chao. -Yue Yue It’s my luck to meet you in my life Bro Chao, I’m very happy that I can know you, meet you, understand you like this We are just us. -Right Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream, we together Say it together, Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream, we together Do not laugh You can’t laugh, I can’t laugh as well Look who can hold it Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream, we together, com’on One two Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream We can Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream, we together We must hold it down Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream, we together Why? Is that so funny? -We can, say it rapidly One two three Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream, we together Let’s check out this yurt first Be careful Wait, we read it again 【Baby studies every teams’ superpower by the power encyclopedia】 “Crazy caveman” I think it may be of Chen He No Zulan must be this one, “meet in yurt” Someone will appear on the magic carpet This one must be of Little Lu Indifferent face, their nametags can be reduced for 10mins Go to find their necklace The first thing we must do now is to find our pen Only we know there’s magic pen, so we must start to find now Search the rooms one by one? Search for the clue, right

This is so hard to be opened What cabinet is this? Wah. -Nothing Haven’t we searched it? It’s impossible to be behind this Haven’t we searched this? We have come here just now No. -No? No. -Was it the other room? All the rooms look like the same. -Yes Sister has a bad memory She says “we have ever been here” while entering every room We shall search here for a long time So many food in it I didn’t think of that sister is also very greedy 【Magic pen】 Magic pen. -We find it We are so brilliant What fur is this? 【Deng Chao has found the first necklace】 So beautiful Turquoise 【Why you throw it away?】 【The other one must be here】 Why his attention is like this?【Defeated by your innocence】 It can’t be put at the same place It can’t, you are so stupid Stay it with you But your neck is too big. Can it cross? No, it can’t This is nice From now on, you are my princess Tell me am I good looking? Yes. -Really? Particularly good looking Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream, we together, com’on OK, try it now Chao-Yue (Beyond) the dream, we together We are Chao-Yue couple 【Night falls】 Could we go there? No So who shall lead to have a ripping firstly? Whoever can do it Do you notice that we haven’t seen Deng Chao Right, how about we look for Deng Chao Let’s use our ability “the Voice” to look for Deng Chao Let’s find a covert place Have a try. -Right Try to see if it’s useful. -OK If it’s useless, we’d better throw it away It’s a burden taking it We are gonna use our power Do we need to shout loudly? No need, use our power “the Voice” MP3 mode (Shouting for metal repair) Who did it? This is too much Bro Chao, congrats We leave first, this kind of alliance is meaningless Well, Bro Chao, I still want to ally, though this No, it’s so easy to be conquered, location is revealed No speaking, my brain (Shouting for garbage collecting) There is even different one Enough, Bro Chao, you play with yourselves Forget us, byebye No way to ally with you, seriously 【This is our great work】 【What’s this voice?】 They seem to be here. -Where? Here, I feel it (Shouting for recycling)

Is this your superpower? What are you doing? 【So this is our superpower】 What’s this for? Such a long night without mood to sleep, of course need some music around Will this thing company you all the time? Yes Who cast it to you? I don’t know. I do not know There is even song So it keeps sounding after being cast They just gave me this thing, I don’t what the heck is it “Magnificent” “Galloping pretty horses” No matter how, it’s very effective Why nobody casts to us? Yes, why? I want to try their magic badly 【Next please watch Hua Lu Water’s showtime】 Today I come to Mongolian yurt Then We are going to rip nametags with superpowers Ripping nametag When they see us they ignore us so sorrowful only because we are too weak too weak we are too weak weak too weak This song is called “we are too weak” Right, “we are too weak” Let’s find them and have a chat 【Can’t leave his guitar】 My friend Hey man My brother Be alliance 【Baby is behind】 【And her helper Xiang Zuo】 Let’s rip. -Whoever you want 【Walk straight to the 2 teams】 【to rip Chen He?】 【or Hua?】 【Who will he attack?】 【Chen He escaped successfully】Really? What happened? We leave first 【Seeing Xiang Zuo is behind, they move quickly to leave the place】 We are almost, so dangerous Run fast 【Blackie joins the battle, who will he attack?】 【Who got ripped off?】 【Xiang Zuo got ripped off】 【Can’t believe Xiang Zuo is out like this】 【Sorry Baby, can’t protect you anymore】 You made the most powerful one out Just protect you well Just win it. -So touched Exchanged by 6 balls 【Xiang Zuo OUT】 Xiang Zuo is out! It’s not real, is it? Baby is very dangerous

Do you ally with us? Yes. -rip who? OK, can we start to rip? Whatever, let’s go Just rip whoever we encounter Now you have made Xiang Zuo out, you are absolutely everyone’s enemy So how about we do it immediately I use it first, you save your physical power 【What’s their superpower?】 When the heartbeat rate of anyone of the group reaches 160 you can get into the state of Crazy Caveman together immediately OK. It has reached. 160 We are Crazy Cavemen 【So what’s the ability of Crazy Cavemen?】 We have become cavemen What is the effect? 【It seems just two sweaters were put on】 Let me look, yes, there is What? This makes us difficult to be attacked Look at my back It protects the nametag Hurry up, look for them OK, rip whom? Rip whoever we encounter. There are people over there 【Looking for targets】 【Running to the crowd】 Run quickly Qiao Shan, run quickly This one Qiao Shan, run quickly Qiao Shan, run quickly Shout the spell Shout the spell Run quickly quickly Don’t be afraid of him What is that? Just a piece of clothing It’s fine Come, Blackie, here Com’on. -Wait “Oath of the Peach Garden” “Oath of the Peach Garden” You used your superpower? -Yes “Oath of the Peach Garden”, where’s your cushion? 【What’s this situation?】 Our trick is called “Oath of the Peach Garden” When we encounter enemies, we just “Oath of the Peach Garden” Really? Then they can’t rip me in 10mins Really? -Yes, ally Then go there【He believes it】 We We, 10mins, “Oath of the Peach Garden” 【Innocent cavemen】 【Luckily dodged this time】 You go there, I go here. -OK Qiao Shan, speak it quickly (poem) I am an indifferent man Shout the slogan and keep being indifferent, no smiling Once smile, they become big nametage immediately (poem) I am an indifferent man Small nametag, com’on What the heck is this? Can that be shut down firstly? I can’t stand it 【Indifferent face】 【Both smiled, superpower loses effectiveness, nametags increase】 【Stunned】 Bro, we smiled

“Oath of the Peach Garden”ing 【Ziwen is in danger】 【Kaikai hurries back】 No way 【Struggling】 【Blackie joins into it as well】 Let’s go to help him Be careful【Blackie changed his traget to Qiao Shan】 Qiao Shan, be careful Ziwen, rip him 【Yellow team appears suddenly】 【Hua Chenyu rips off Wang Ziwen’s successfully】 【I was for the competition】 We are so weak, even lay on the ground, why you ripped us? It’s fine, let’s together It’s fine, I’ll revange for you Don’t worry Fighting, Zheng Kai Wait for me Wait for me returning with victory Wang Ziwen OUT Ziwen was out Ziwen was out? Another tragedy occurred Go I tell you Must have patience to play games Here Are you going to? Windy and sandy Wake up, summon my ability Speak out the spell, you will have the power to control the grassland immediately A group of troops So many 【Shout out the slogan to summon 50 people, they can be ordered to do anything expect ripping nametags】 We are green grasses We are yellow sands Please order Catch them two, protect we three, quickly Catch them two, protect we three, quickly Catch them, catch the two blue ones Protect them, go quickly Catch the two blue ones Catch the blue ones Catch him You can’t rip me Catch him, stop him You take care of yourself, I’m trapped I’m trapped by boys and girls Half of the people come here Protect the yellow ones Half of the people come Catch the blue ones, protect me Protect me, catch him Grasp my nametag, cling my nametag Cling my nametag Protect Baby Blackie I wanna save you Stop them and wait for them taking off their clothes Why don’t you let me go? Blackie where are you? -I’m behind you You haven’t been ripped, right? Blackie We are Blackie Blackie Why don’t you let me go? 【Baby enters secretly】

Cling my nametag Come here 【What’s Luhan’s action?】 【Kaikai also comes】 Com’on Superpower “Crazy Caveman”, time’s up How could it be like this? Zulan Com’on Be careful【Zulan being attacked by many people】 Zulan【Blackie can only watch】 We are Caveman Wang Zulan, Chen Jianzhou, OUT Director, can I see his body Blackie Why? It’s fine, you are honored, so many people Come, applaud for him OK, finish the job with honor, byebye Go on fighting 【The running of Wang Zulan in Season 4 has finished】 Zulan I can’t enter this yurt Who ripped yours? Countless people That action is too powerful If it’s used, 50 people come to help 50 people surround we 2, and don’t allow us to move Then Zheng Kai, Lu Han, Hua Chenyu, Baby They 4 come to rip we 2 together Add those 50 people, we were ripped off by 54 people I can image the picture of when we were out What a magnificent scene! Very heroic. -Like 300 warriors Right, slow motion, black and white and the heroic music, seriously Little Lu 【Kaikai and Luhan stand on the arena】 So cruel, must it be like this? I don’t dare to watch this battle I have no choice I really don’t want it, bro 【What happened actually?】 “Making trouble”, Zheng Kai and Luhan start to rip【Chen He used his superpower just now】 Find the magic pen, you can write down 2 names of whoever These two have to rip each other’s nametags on the arena until one is out 【Zheng VS L】 Little Lu We have no choice I really don’t want it, bro 【Battle begins】 My heart suffers when seeing this It does suffer 【Luhan rips off Zhengkai’s nametag successfully】 Wow 【The running of Zheng Kai of Season 4 has finished】 Baby Baby invincible in the world I know you want to meet me for a long time It doesn’t matter

OK Zheng Kai OUT Hurry up They 5 make Zheng Kai out now I think Zheng Kai was out after Chen He’s ability was used Because Chen He never told the truth of what’s his ability What’s your ability? I used it, and one has been dead So now who are still left? Bro Stop chatting. Directly rip off Hua Chenyu Rip off Baby Bro, how about this 【Suddenly take action】 Yue Yunpeng, don’t push me I have spell now yet What spell do you have? Com’on Don’t move, Yue Yunpeng What spell do you have? Don’t move, Yue Yunpeng. -What spell do you have? (poem) I’m an indifferent man I’m an indifferent man (poem) I’m an indifferent man Small nametag, com’on 【A winsome smile】 He smiled Director: Ability loses effectiveness You are too weak, Qiao Shan? Even I can’t stand it, just stuck on Please respect. -Pause I can’t stand it, can you respect the directors? No, bro It’s very tired to change the nametags for them I think I didn’t respect Bro Chen Who are you with the whole night? He keeps smiling Just stuck on, one second later What the heck, it’s over after smiling? Yes, they can’t smile It’s over once they smile 【Bull-Shan couple’s nametags return to be big】 I can’t help controlling my excitement after it’s stuck on, I just wanna be happy But now I don’t wanna be happy, everytime like this Do you know why? Because we are comedian celebrities Comedian celebrities are not good at fighting Coward Sis, you rip with him Go, sis 【A Lu wind suddenly comes to attack big bull】 Back 【Hua Chenyu joins the great battle as well】 【This situation suddenly becomes nervous】 【How could it be this?】 【Yue’s first ripping】 You’ve worked hard You’ve ripped off many people You’ve worked hard 【Huahua’s first appearance, ripped off 2 nametags】 You’ve performed very well today Ripped off many Hua Chenyu OUT Who else? Baby? Then just Chen He We use our turquoise Find the turquoise necklaces, and shout the command “XX, we are family” All the others’ nametags will become XX’s

Chen He, we are family 【That is over】 【How will Chen He answer to this hopeless situation?】 Give me a chance 【What chance?】 Give me a chance Let me have a group photo with your backs Don’t rip me now, OK? Very magnificent 【Sea of Chen He.jpg】 OMG, so easy Could I choose that to rip 3 off is ripping him off truly? Right, we even don’t run I wanna challenge Little Yue Yue, he said he wanted to rip me I challenge Yue with Chen He’s nametag by one hand, OK? OK 【Just looking at his nametags being played, or…】 【I can’t be ripped just like this】 【The nametag of Yue, who used the superpower, didn’t become Chen He’s】 【Get it】 【Chen He attacks】 【Chen He rips Yue off successfully】 Yue Yunpeng OUT You’ve irritated me, Chen He Sorry, little Yue Yue, I have no choice Little Yue Yue I lost my little Yue Yue Chen He you were so smart just now, seriously So brilliant Took one before the death Sorry sis You are good enough, you took away my little Yue Yue You were so brilliant, the action just now I had no choice. -It surprised me Let’s go to the jail【The running of Chen He in Season 4 has finished】 Chen He, Zhang Jingchu, OUT We two make a combination of our abilities Combination? Com’on Windy sandy, wake up, await my calling My wind, my sand, my grass I help you Stand as a circle (singing “meet in yurt”) I’m waiting for beautiful Li Chen Why you haven’t come? Rip him quickly (poem) I am an indifferent man 【It must be Qiao Shao cast the spell】 Surround him Help me protect it

Be careful, don’t surround me She has people protecting her nametag He just smiled No, don’t worry Smile Smiled. -No 【The corner of mouth curves up slightly】 Smiled Qiao Shan smiled Com’on Help me protect it Little Lu Luhan OUT I have finished my mission today A man should be like this Little Lu who I have protected for the whole ep I’m going 【The running of Luhan in season 4 has finished】 Luhan OUT Dad will revenge for you Com’on Shan Bro. -Com’on For my son Qiao Shan OUT So exhausted Why in my deep heart I’m a bit looking forward this moment? 【At this time, Baby, Li Chen, Deng Chao remain】 Go on Com’on, go on protecting me Everyone come to my side Stop him from going back What shall I do now? Who shall I help? You don’t need to come Trap him This is our super battle between the endorsers of Anmuxi Someone stops his hands Back, be careful of the nametag I had no choice, I only could control your hands Battle between the endorsers Thanks for your hard working, brothers and sisters Fighting, you’ve been very brilliant I finally had a battle with you Never tried it in so many seasons A combination of 3 powers 【The running of Angelababy in season 4 has finished】 Fighting Bro Chao. Thanks for your hard working I’m very happy I finally had a battle with Big Bull after so many seasons 【Now only Deng Chao and Li Chen remain】 It’s said you are waiting for me in the yurt Why always we two? 【The strongest battle between the two old men】 We have no choice Just like my new film’s name “passing through your whole world” We two won’t pass by this time Meet in a crossroad Only can walk by. -Yes OK, everyone has awaited for a long time

So many eps Com’on 【Ultimate battle】 Old Li 【Li Chen’s nametag was ripped off】 【It’s finally over】 【Good brothers】 I was worry about your hand so much. -It’s fine The two old men finally lie together My biggest expectation now is not the medal but is hoping Big Bull’s hand will be recover ASAP It certainly will be fine In the next season, don’t be with a broken hand. -I won’t This is the most important, I wait for you back. -Definitely Deal EP1: The Lanya List EP2: The World Princess Competition EP3: The Blank Agents EP5: The Camping Battle EP4: My Student Time EP5: The Camping Battle EP6: Looking for the Peacock Princess EP9: Success in Examinations EP11: Escape the R Planet 【Let’s continue running together】 This is my world So brilliant Bro Chao Thank you Let’s congratulate Deng Chao to become the strongest one of this season’s Running Man Now welcome the judges to send the presents of the strongest one Today I am very happy to be with everyone

14 people, in such a beautiful place Thanks to every guests Your arrivals make us feel honored Lu, you are going to school, right? Yes, also in Zhejiang TV, every Sunday 22:00, airing now The show “Back to school” that Luhan participated is airing now Today is the last ep of season 4 It should be a time to see all the staffs Let’s welcome them to the stage 【Thank you for watching】 Running Man We are family