A look inside China's Wet Markets #Coronavirus #China #Wetmarkets

I wanted to show you this video so this is highlighting a wet market so this is the type of place where the coronavirus ends up starting it will show a fish at it it will show pigs now all these different features of animals and then it will show a video that was pretty good by mark so I spliced a few videos for this the one by box at Highline it’s how there are animals the full beauty of highlights other animals that are basically having excrement on them from other animals as these cages are stacked up and so we have to question if we should punish China for these what markets at the United Nations if other countries need to team up on them because in all reality their actions are leading to the suffering that’s an also great economic loss of countries all over the world people in Italy that are suffering that are dying they have been negatively impacted by China’s negligence let’s go ahead and watch this video Balak quail eggs – turkey eggs – chicken eggs yes this is an area that it’s just a little bit well you’ll have to see it it’s it’s it’s not like your local butcher shop that’s again I’m going to turn the camera out and you can watch this is the way that they sell like pig innards and hey anybody for juju or pig feet that’s all different types of pig fat we wouldn’t want this guy chomping down on hello you know and then you get stuff like fried fish already prepared foods but it’s not like that prepared foods a Jewish think about in the Western world like there’s long long pig pig pig nose like I’m sure that okay so I’m sure that all of the people Oh – outdoor yes it’s Oh goat goat Yong Yong Yong Yong Zhao Wei oh yeah it’s very good bingo okay okay then all of the neat stuff that they’ve got here we got the notorious chicken feet T tau no no didn’t that guy gotta be good eh this is a la soupy Hannah Dan ma Genma Oh Jimmy now I’m getting a following here hey the girls that work for you today yeah it’s a all of the stuff you know if you know ribs too well a lot of butter not a pig’s nose as everybody likes barbecue pig’s nose is let’s go over and see if we can find some five out oh oh one of my favorite saw yeah barbecued barbecued duck this here’s one here barbecued duck it’s so good in there the chickens and they’ve got lots of eggs in them hundred means that they’re healthy and this is how they sell the chickens there’s a silk in chicken that’s for suit and there’s a half a duck and oh yes and there’s the notorious chicken head we can find heads everywhere then they got fish heads there’s another event look at that guy here boy and he’s gay he’s still alive ish you see him he can breathe this is

one of the reasons is where they call them up Oh a wet market Oh pigeons pigeons are good little kids Oh big fluffy rabbits oh yeah they look that looks like a good stew meat and more pigeons then here’s here’s some turtles you know they’ve got that’s a big turtle you can see it sticking his head out and this is on the other one I’m not sure if this is a turtle they’ve got a weird-looking head on them I don’t think it’s a turtle but they sell them as turtles here and then little turtles and there’s a big one with a weird hat on at a oh and look at these guys those look those look like they could be num num num hey figured look what I found yeah hello how are you are you well how did you see that’s it again and then more ducks and you think you think these guys know that they’re going to be what’s that about big big bird and more pigeons you see that there they’re really into their pigeons and stop here everybody everybody eats pigeon this guy looks like he bedded an untimely death and all that’s left is his nose they haven’t cleaned the hair of him yet they they clean that off with a with a blowtorch yangyang this is goat goat head if anybody wants to buy a goat head these animals are from all over the world and each one has the potential to carry its own viruses to the market the reason all these animals are in the same market is because of a decision China’s government made decades ago back in the 1970s China was falling apart famine had killed more than 36 million people and the communist regime which controlled all food production was failing to feed its more than 900 million people in 1978 on the verge of collapse the regime gave up this control and allowed private farming while large companies increasingly dominated the production of popular foods like pork and poultry some smaller farmers turned to catching and raising wild animals as a way to sustain themselves and since it started to feed and sustain people the Chinese government backed it so it was imperative for the government to encourage people to you know to make the liggins through whatever productive activities they can find them so really you can let yourself out of a poverty no matter what you are doing that’s okay but then in 1988 the government made a decision that changed the shape of wildlife trade in China they enacted the wildlife protection law which designated the animals as resources owned by the state and protected people engaged in the utilization of wildlife resources that’s one of the most devastating problem after law because he for you in second aid the wildlife as the natural resource the music is something you can use for human benefits the law also encouraged the domestication and breeding a wild life and with that an industry was born small local farms turned into industrial sized operations for example this bear farm started with just three and eventually grew to more than a thousand bears bigger populations meant greater chances that a sick animal could spread disease farmers were also raising a wide variety of animals which meant more viruses on the farms nonetheless these animals were funneled into the wet markets for profit while this legal wildlife farming industry started booming it simultaneously provided cover for an illegal wildlife industry endangered animals like tigers were on US forces and pangolins were trafficked into China by the early 2000s these markets were teeming with wild animals when the inevitable happened SARS virus the worldwide death toll up again today China has reported more than 1,400 cases of infection nationwide it is what

health officials have feared all along in 2003 the SARS outbreak was traced to a wet market here in southern China scientists found traces of the virus and farmed civet cats Chinese officials quickly shut down the markets and banned wildlife farming but just a few months after the outbreak the Chinese government declared 54 species of wildlife animals including civet cats legal to farm again by 2004 the wildlife farming industry was worth an estimated 100 billion won and it exerted significant influence over the Chinese government it’s because of this influence that the Chinese government has allowed these markets to grow over the years in 2016 for example the government sanctioned the farming of some endangered species like tigers and penguins by 2018 the wildlife industry had grown to 148 billion won and had developed clever marketing tactics to keep the markets around the industry has been promoting you know these wildlife animals as you know tonic products as unibody building as sex enhancing and of course as a disease fighting none of the clamps can hold water yet these products became popular with an influential portion of China’s population the majority of the people in China do not eat those are the rich and the powerful a small minority it’s this minority that the Chinese government chose to favor over the safety of the rest of its population so the question at this point is what should happen on a global scale I should China be punished we should make sure that this never happens again of course China will push back from that but sometime we should also look at Trump’s actions he called the virus a hoax literally February 28th and he didn’t push to get testing equipment and they get ventilators and he should have been thanks for watching you