it’s a good day to be alive him in I mean what if mighty God we served the Word of God says he created us to worship Him he created us to have a family and he is knocking every door outside of our door to say let me in let me in and when he comes in he brings his glory for a special purpose in such time I think our time right now in America we have so much knowledge that we have no clue we have so much blessings that we have no idea what to do and we’re gonna like what do we do with all this mess and some call it nightmare the Lord says keep your eye up for your help come from the Lord maker of heaven and earth where I come into the place and time right now where the church must draw unto Him and wherever your place is whatever God whatever Mountain God puts you on this is your ministry to declare the glory of God and that is your testimony that make a place for you because your testimony is what make place for you in the heavenly places because you were redeemed by the blood of lamb and so now this is my story God gave me ministries called cool ministries what is cool ministry though it’s an Aramaic word for the word arise Jesus Christ when he came and they told him Lazarus is dying Lazarus is dying they sent a message and then finally he heard and he came and his sister Lazarus sister said if you were here he would have not been dead Jesus looked at her he said just lead me to where he is that her faith our faith is the most important thing right now what’s gonna take us through this valley of shadow of death and what happened when he led when they led him to the grave he was dead for for four days he stood there and he says Lazarus goony arise the spirit of Resurrection of the Living God risen in Lazarus and Lazarus was born again a new life was given to him because greater is he that his Hinda the same matter they wanted to lethea they said to Li Thea is dying Jesus would you come and pray for her he said yes it took his sweet time he ventured in the marketplace he healed the woman with a blood issue and many other things when he arrived they were mourning to leave yeah delecia was dead they said rabbi don’t bother Talitha is dead he said Talitha is not dead telethia is sleeping and he went in there when he got the people without faith and he grabbed by then he said to leave their Kumi and the new life was given to her Talitha means the truth when God spoke to me he said the church is the truth the church is not dead the church is sleeping he said your first Commission is to wake up the church the second Commission is to teach on radical Islam the third commission is to redeem Ishmael to bring the Islam the Muslim people to the promise that God given them in the last days they have a promise in Christ he is the way in the life of the truth they have a promise and their father Abraham Jesus came to fulfill the promise and he came the gate but what happened there in through in the process this is my story born in Beirut Lebanon 14 brothers and sisters three room house living room bedroom in the kitchen we know what sardine is like that’s before I came salmon it’s a fish story he said he will make us Fisher of man so were there what happened is we were taught my mother was my first person who radicalized me for the sake of time I’m gonna cut through this story I’m gonna minimize it as little as possible and take you to how we go through all this in in 30 in 30 minutes so now what happened is I was radicalized by my mom she said if you brought me my son if you kill a Jew you handle a light up before the throne of heaven if you kill a Christian now we were talked of my mother table when I was seven years old five years old that’s when it all started if he kill and therefore God will send us to paradise if we do this I was dreaming about killing at five and six and seven years old from there they were teaching

us the teaching in the Koran says well couldn’t whom income worry to have all Muslim will have to go to hell no Muslim want to go to heaven to paradise why because Allah will forgive you if you say forgive me Allah but if you sinned again Allah will bring you all your old sin in a double portion and he put the new portion on this and now you have three fold so what happened you could not leave Allah because Muhammad the Prophet Islam brought what so called the law and what is that law Sharia so now you could not live outside the law and Islam dictate every part of your life how to live your life and how to be and how to treat other how to do everything every aspect of your life the exception require and my mother taught she said the Quran says what at the seminal adeana Pootie Luffy severely lay him what and Bella here and under a bohemian silcoon there you have it so if somebody speak in tongues somebody need to translate said those who died for the sake of a law and martyr ISM they are not dead but there are life and prospering what does that mean when a man dying like 9/11 offering his blood as a sacrifice to kill infidels what happened he become Santa fide his blood is holy and because of the holiness of his blood now because he killed himself killing other he’s a warrior now he can enter paradise without judgment that’s in the holy book I was going like wow I can see in all my life and one day I’ll just do it that’s how I thought as a child the first drop of you blood you become an intercessor for 73 mediate family they can go to paradise without judgment your mother your father you bring you know all these people will build the paradise without judgment why because you offer your blood as sacrifice you become a door and a way and a hope for them the second drop of your blood you get 72 aversion half women and half angels these with everyone you get 72 others this is your price paradise is made for me and it’s not made for women if the husband make it to heaven then the wife will make it to heaven the wife could not make it to heaven even if she Bond herself less her husband or lets her somebody in her family take her and as a matter of fact Muhammad the Prophet Islam says I looked upon hell and the feel of Hell was made out of four women so what yes but but we gonna understand this because in the Book of Revelations when Satan fell when God spoke to Satan and he said he took it against whom the woman and her offspring so this is a war on women women on a week on a sick and what so have you so now what happened you are given plenty paradise for us was food women alcohol everything that is forbidden on earth for us as Muslim was legal up there so everything was offering to like boy I can have heaven here on earth why wait up there the hours thinking as a child for myself and the Lord would have a plane for me before you were born dad God had a plan and hope and future for you you were in the heart of God and the thought of God you were chosen you were selected you are not here by mistake and you are not equal to anyone else you are a blessing and you are not cursing and your hope and you are for all humanity not just for yourself or your neighbourhood for your spouse just to know who you are my life took me from there I was seven years old now when my father took me out of school he said I wish you were a girl I would have not out of getting rid of you why because in Islam when he turned seven years old or six years old it’s okay they married that girl to 65 years old man if he want to get rid of the girl because the girl is not equal to the boy when when a man have a boy they throw a party when they have a girl we just like hmm they had a girl he said I wish I had a girl out of getting rid of you and I was so brokenhearted from my childhood but that’s not who God is building something here for me when a circumstance has happened in your life that Valley that take you through don’t look at the circumstances but look at the price look at the God of circumstances look at the things ahead of you because God has a plan of story for you do not linger around 40 years in your place but press on seven years old I start working I was

walking to work every day one day I was in a mosque neighborhood mosque I was recruited you see the mosque I was the mosque is not equal to the church the mosque is a place where it’s a recruitment take place that’s where they take moderate people turn them to radical the mosque is a place it’s a it’s called the embassy it’s represent the state of Islamic state so therefore when Islamic state is established all mosque in the world will have to answer to the Islamic state so the mosque is not just an embassy it’s a Senate place it’s a parliament where the Imam dictate to the people what to do and how to do it statistics shows by the FBI that over 80% of our mosque in the United States of America they speak radicalism and each radicalism so now I’m moving in my life working and I was being recruited by special group called the Muslim Brotherhood the Muslim Brotherhood came in 1928 out of after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1924 the Ottoman Empire throughout Islamic history they killed over 270 million people by the sword of Islam so what happened is the Muslim Brotherhood came to bring about the Caliphate which is the people who were bring the inheritance of Muhammad and his royalty back to place they bring about Sharia which is Islamic law for all laws and wanna establish area here in the United States we’ve been working on it for since 1960 and so therefore what happened and also to establish what so-called OMA OMA is one world order under Allah the Muslim want to put one world order in my mind I’m racing the clock so bear with me well well many of you has a plan you have plan you guys so therefore what happened is I’m doing this now being recruited and the Muslim Brotherhood is the most radical organization on earth out of it came Isis al Qaeda out of it came out Shabaab Al Muhajiroun Al Fateh all those radical organization came from the Muslim Brotherhood today the Muslim Brotherhood reign in the United States of America in different names like Care Council American Islamic relations Islamic Society of North America all these are Islamic you know Muslim Brotherhood therefore what happened is after that one of the head of the PLO came and he was part of the Muslim Brotherhood came and preached in the mosque and a whole group you joined the PLO I was 7 years old I was doing an assault camp in Beirut Lebanon it’s called Sabra there I was shoot him I shot my first ak-47 I trained how to mix chemicals I was training how to do a lot of things that are kids that they are watching Spongebob Squarepants and play the Wii and we were just doing the real thing instead of using call of duty we were doing the ak-47 this is my childhood at 7 years old I was sent on my first mission to Israel I carried the weapon caches it was very successful at 8 years old I became a recruiter I’m recruiting other boys jihad goes to RIT first to start you know at young young age that’s when we recruit them the best place to start that’s what Isis starting starting at Academy for children it’s called madrasa that’s where they put the kids and they start turn them to radicals at the young innocent age and so therefore what happened is now I’m going somewhere and I recruited several guys and we went another mission to Israel but this time it was deadly I carried my best friend on my back my life change my life is real I’m seeing blood all those kids that’s why I called my first book the blood of laments why because all those kids were slaughtered for something we don’t know what it is but we were commended to do it from there I met Yasser Arafat for the first time I thought there’s no God but but Yassir because he was he was the head of terrorism to me you know like wow he’s the ultimate and I looked at him because we were fighting for freedom and who were fighting those who stoled religion from us the Jews and the Christian they called they perverted their religion and they should be Muslims what the Quran teaches all prophets are Muslims all religions are Muslim but the

Christians used lied about their religion we were just thought something was upside down from there my childhood now we’re fighting the civil war in Lebanon killing hundreds of thousands of Christians in Lebanon I started fighting at a young age the first massacre in d’amour over 400 innocent people didn’t know what hit them that day just it kept going and going I started growing up and I became really radical my heart I could not feel my heartbeat I was angry with my life I was angry with the world I was angry with everybody else murder was the thing that I has in my heart I want to hurt somebody you want to have coffee I want to hurt somebody and that’s what I looked for every morning how I’m gonna beat today I want their battle whatever Islam sent me I went until I was recruited by a special group from Saudi Arabia did the Royal Saudi family today so I was working for them now I was raising fund I was sent to Europe we engage Europe we started a new er far before we started in America and I wrote my first letter to your to the Saudi King and I said to him Europe is falling Europe is falling I said their churches are the best place to get stiff drink and a beautiful woman their churches are the best places for good music there’s people there’s life that there’s no spirit they worship a God of soccer and the God of cricket and God a funeral or whatever and they kill each other over this and they got of the pub I said this this nation will fall in no time England will be in Islamic they sent me to Tora Bora it’s fight with the Mujahideen my job that’s before the war started I was going over there from one from Europe all the way to teach Mujahideen how to shoot each seeking missiles I was involved I had a good resume Yaser Qaddafi oh Allah Gaddafi he’s the real dude Saddam Hussein his local but he’s good he loves people like us so we’re working with I thought I was doing the right thing have you looked at your life and you saw your life where you going are you doing the right thing today have you examined where you’re coming from where you go in to do you know where God’s and do you know what God created it for what is your purpose these are very important questions therefore from there I encountered the first military merican military right there and I was gonna I was gonna do one night attack those destroyed the Russian Sukhoi which is bombers they would come over the they come over there over the the the villages of the puck you know Afghan ease and they bombed they just you know carpet bomb everything and they kill people by the thousand every day so they sent two to two fighters to you know two fighters ahead of them like mix and then they go back and they bring the bomber and the bomber will do everything and my job was to go ahead and sit in a ravine and take that rocket you know Sam Sam six and hit it and what I hit it is gonna come down but it’s a deadly mission I thought I will die that day and I will I will be in the bosoms of Allah and I will celebrate and I will be sitting out there with all that’s taking place I was celebrating my death so we shave when we do before we go you know it’s called Santa fication we shaving their arms we shave our body and it’s a nightmare don’t do it you turn to a cow what happened that’s this hair comes from everywhere so anyhow certificate I lost that centrifugation so now I meet with their American and the American came and they said to me you don’t have to die come on we will watch over you and we’ll make sure you come back you and your guys these people were CIA we’re top praying fighters all of them were covered in their face and they said we’ll make sure we’re covering under radar we’ll take you out on bring you in that night they set together and they held hand like this and they made a circle seven men and there were thousands of us Mujahideen right there and they cried out to Jesus they cried out to God that they fear and they love and they adore they were not scared they were not afraid y’all that’s my southern Beirut

accent they lifted up the name of the Most High God before us and they know that all of us are killers and they know that we hate Jesus but they lifted the name of Jesus right in our face and I was more afraid of them than they’re afraid than anyone else over there why because they ain’t scared of us they are not as scared of us y’all and I came to know I’m going like wow what kind of people are these that they are not afraid there’s more spirit on them than theirs than all of us that night they led us through the ravine they gave us radar blueprint and what so have you and we went in I shut the Sukhoi the bomber and I returned home safe I wrote my first letter to the Saudi prince I said to him dear Prince we got to lose another battle for the Crusaders these people are fighting with their monies with their children with their life and they’re given everything they have they’re not afraid to call on the name of Jesus and to fight for what is real and they are willing to give their life for us we have not committed like them we’re gonna lose this battle and they will win it the prince send me a message he said we’re gonna take you to the din of the thieves America there we can take the battle inside the United States and you can take it on the street and there they could not stop you out here we are losing to them but in there we’ll live now listen this is not a message against Muslims the Muslims are my family my bloodline came from among them I love them God loves them Jesus loved them Jesus died for them this is a message about Islam and radicalism radical Islam why because the radicals there are the slave masters Islam is a slave religion but the Muslim people are innocent and they’re enslaved over there somebody got to bring them out they are drowning every day God says I will make you fishers of men I was commissioned to the United States of America my count of four was different than 9/11 the 9/11 were stupid we were the smart one because our way was still house that we go to your neighborhood we go to the poor neighborhood we go through jail system and I’m so glad the pastor was talking about the jail system earlier go take this message to the people in jail because we know that these are the weak area we always start with the weakest those didn’t understand and we tried to flip them around to turn them again for our purpose there’s a memorandum that was found in the early 2000 it’s by the Muslim Brotherhood it’s the Islamic manifesto it declared it says their way of doing of jihad is to destroy the United States of America by the hand of the American people first and then by the hand of the Islamist so how they’re gonna do this here’s how it happened so my my place was universities universities our best place this is where you meet a woman and you marry her we’re commissioned to marry how to woo American women and how to marry them and how to obtain their American citizenship so we can have the sword of Goliath so we can behead America with your Constitution we were taught over there to go after the young men and start flipping them around and telling them we worship the same God we worship we are religion of peace these are radical we are peaceful we are two different things we created that gimmick that there’s radical and peaceful while the Islamic doctrine is called Alto Kia which is lined by omission it is part of the Quran it’s Anna crane and spy Muhammad by hadeeth all the trilogy of Islam speak about Autopia which is deceiving your enemy Muhammad says al Haribo Hoda war is a deception how do you do it you deceive your enemy and destroy them by deception Jesus in the book of Matthew they asked him what are the signs of end of time he said nobody no one an hour comes but here’s the first thing will happen great deception we are walking in the age of deception we must understand the time an hour like at the tribe has a car they understood it and they acted upon it if you hear the word today and it means nothing to you and you go like well I heard a good sermon oh I was scared I was this I was that you have failed today what you have to do is really chew

on this and say what do I do with this where do I go from here what is my purpose what is my mountain of influence how can I make the difference in my life if we go outside the wall of the church he said go in my name and your pastor talk about the missionaries the going out there that’s what the world is afraid of the Church of because the church is going in instead of going out and they’re holding to their understanding and they’re not sharing it with everybody else I read the letter from an atheist he said this in his letter he said hey this is after he died he said if I see that there’s a true God and I come to see that there’s a god out there after I died I’m gonna hold the Christian people accountable before their God because ours their neighbors all my life and nobody shared with me Jesus Christ the message of hope that we have it is amazing grace it is the love of God the glory of God you don’t have do anything but just to share it straight and forward do not lie we’re working jail system we’re recruiting more from the jail system we want to create separation between American and American if we create one one brand versus another different color will have clash and right now has been established Islam has been able to separate the culture it’s happening in the United States of America University and colleges we’re recruiting professors so they can teach your children radicalism in socialism and Islamism and every other ISM that when they come out of school they be ISM eyes and no longer know who Jesus Christ is you become the enemy you pay for them you send them there and will change them for you that’s what we did one day I’m driving down the street and I have a car rack boom my little Mars the rx-7 five-speed leather seat Bose system T top you shift you go I don’t need to get married I have a car it’ll go anywhere I want her to go I had a great plan for you declares the Lord some time his plan is different my thoughts are higher than my ways are higher declares the Lord this guy cut in front of me I hit my brake my car was going somewhere else crossed the other side of the way and now an 18-wheeler traveling at 70 miles per hour and my little little red car I had an encounter and it was not an angel boom and my car turned to little red croissant I acted out of the t-top I was traveling to different destiny have you crossed your road did you go to the other side it’s okay I will be with you till the end of time this is the promise of God Paul said it delivers Christ and to die is gain if I live I live for his glory if I die I will be in his glory and now what happened is I ejected out of my car in a rapture and I fell upside down on my head cracking my neck in two places my collarbone and I cried Allah where are you Allah didn’t answer but a man from the southern side of the world came running to me he said son we could I take care of you and everything’s gonna be all right now you’re here I said Allah I didn’t ask I asked your help I did not ask you for a redneck I could not move that main stood with me and smile and took care of me until the ambulance take me today to the hospital in the hospital of surgeon the first the orthopedic surgeon said son we’re gonna take care of you and everything is gonna be all right he said the same thing I wake up in hospitals second day the head of orthopedics the head of physical therapy comes in and he said he read my chart this guy he works out for those who work out so every time he walk he

squeaks he asked him question he just go like What did he say let me think about it he was so amazing and I’m watching every war everything he’s doing and he said dude you are in deep doo-doo I called him Sherlock but when he finished and then he said son we’re gonna take care of you everything’s gonna be alright I thought it’s a conspiracy what’s the converse conspiracy Satan get hold of me and he sending me these men and what a man Christian man and all of them telling me the same thing we’re gonna take care of you in my world if I’m gonna say take care of you run Forrest run because we’re gonna break your legs but here the Christian when I say we’re gonna take care of you they really mean it they’re gonna make you fat and happy I met mr. pop lock himself listen this story is so real and it’s happening and if there’s no humor in it it’s deadly it makes it heart breaks so the reason when I’m making a fool out of myself is not to make you laugh but to tell you there’s something happening over there and it’s not gonna fit if be fix unless you step out there and do something about it you are the fix-it man and women if you are waiting for hope look in the mirror you are it God is waiting on you you’ve been chosen selected and you’ve been trained many of you are filled with the Word of God you can teach class they can send you to college and teach course on this if you don’t do something about it then they will have our children they will have our life they will have our future that’s what happened to Israel time and time again but there’s a God watching over United States of America and now God sent me three crazy man and these men one day they came and fought over me who’s gonna take me out to his home because the hospital’s gonna discharge me and I’m telling them I ain’t going with you home y’all and now the orthopedic surgeon took me to his home and I was introduced to his family his three children climbing on a bed and called me welcome home uncle Kemal they were loving me and when I told him monkeys get out of the bed I am NOT your uncle these kids laid hand on me and pray to me prayed over me in the name of Jesus your child could be a David a giant slayer or he could be a soul run Forrest run you trained your child in the right way whatever you put under his Christmas tree will declare his future or her future be careful what you put under Christmas trees they’re in their home I cried like a baby when they laid hand on me because I came to understand for the first time there’s something bigger than me and then I can’t fight it I’m here set up for it you know and they are just taking care of me I start watching these people live in their life the first Bible I saw is how they lived their life and how the husband treated his wife because we honor them in and this man he loved his wife so much that when his wife said honey they’re coming home soon the visitors go clean the bathroom I said don’t do it she’s a woman come to me root I’ll give you four wife’s 18 16 10 they can have all the children you want this old maid is not good don’t tell her he said honey where is the Ajax baby are you going I was speaking in different tongue good like our man he cleaned the bathroom he cleaned the kitchen he walked he swept the floor him out he did everything he sat down he was teaching his children these people were one unit they’re equal they loved one another she respected him and honor him when he spoke she agreed when she had his problem with him she talked to him behind the door she did not embarrass him in front of everybody I’m looking like how did they train their woman to do that then I saw how they training their children to be honest to be beautiful to be good to help other to go put eyes in the basket

train them one day our children and they were not leave the way when they grow up this is the time to do it I was falling in love with those crazy Christians one day the door opened up and 60 men walked in all these are Christian men Christian organization you know business organization they’re professional and they came to have Bible study well all those three men belonged to the same group I was gonna like I’m really set up you can run but you cannot hide they’re in their home now I start seeing something new they pray about things and next week they celebrated what God did they brought praise report it’s good to share the praise report and not just the sickness declare what God did for you and they overcame they overcame how overcame because they believed and to bless the Lord in faith and they fell in love with him and they believe passionately and he fell in love with them and he filled them up with his presence Israel walked under 40 years cloud of glory America today is walking under cloud of glory your blessing is not because you’ve done it it’s because he has done it for you you are blessed because you have a blessed father who brought you and sent his son to adopt you and graft you into his life it is not by might nor by power but by His Holy Spirit do you know him my life was changing they made a circle they put me there they said come on we’re gonna pray for you they were praying for me they were Catholic they were Baptist they were haka my son died they were evangelists during everything else they stood there and they prayed for me the best way they knew at once in a while they have a Jewish people there and they prayed in the name of Jesus I’m going like Lord Harmon I have to I’m talking to my God how I’m gonna have to kill them after all this finish when I become strong there’s a lot of them I love them I’m falling in love with them how the husband treat the wife the wife street the husband and now these people are having miracles in their home they lay hand on a sick and it’s it are getting up and you’re like how do you do what kind of magic did you can I have that oh yes you can have it his name is Jesus well I’m allergic to Jesus can I just have the book without him yeah here’s the book give them the book the book is an instrument of the Living God it is his word is his presence therefore my life was changing and now I became their nanny I’m babysitting the children Nana come on if only else her vet sees me like this if muammar qaddafi who i trained his jihadist in the Libyan desert come and say like come on what are you doing I just didn’t know what to do and one day they said to me come all you can leave here’s the keys to the house I said I ain’t feeling good you all yet a couple more months I’ll I’ll feel better I want to stay I don’t want to leave I felt peace I felt hope in their home the biggest ministry I’ve seen is how you lived your life I fell in love because I saw how you loved I was introduced to something it’s called unconditional love your God is so unconditional my world is so conditional today you’re my favorite wife if I eat this obey me I can beat you I can throw you in a room in jail you I can take your head off it is my law your expired this one here go clean the bathroom these people are having hope and sharing their world for nothing why are you doing this for me because that’s what God told us to do we love you unconditionally come on this one here my God told me to kill them and I’m living under their protection and I’m going like Lord I don’t want to leave there keep me there so they said and we

bought you a new car to replace your old car there bought me a 280zx to replace my old ugly rx-7 they know how to give good gifts they didn’t give it because they trying to buy me they gave it out of their needs they forgave my debts in full to the hospital my life was changing I didn’t know what to do now I was confused am I really real boy am I for real I felt like Pinocchio now I’m going home for the first time and I fell on my knees facing the eastern window all the way to Mecca and I cried out to my god Allah Robbie Webb Olay Allah my lord my king why have you done such a thing to me Allah I’m not talking about the car wreck I would die for you every day of my life that’s what I was born for but you put me among Christians these Christians are crazy they have relationship with their God they speak to him they say I heard him saying this and this and that I want to hear your voice I want to have a relationship just like them I want to hear that you love me Allah if you are real speak to me guess what Allah said absolutely nothing many of you knew who he is so I get up and I thought I’ll just bet to take the gun put it in the right place clock out I don’t have to be there anymore because if I go back to the my Muslim family my brothers will hold me and my dad will take my head off I’d have done it for my other brothers if I go to my camera and do the same thing they will kill me would I go now where what I do and guess what there’s no voice out there there is no place to go I fell on my knees and I cried out to my god I said Allah if I die today and I see your face and you say Kamal Saleem you gonna go to hell because you killed yourself I’m gonna say I’d rather go to hell than live with you because you are a liar and a father of lies you are in Islam says if we do this he got Allah will kill you guess what I’m standing before you I laugh at myself I became the joke and a joker that day and I was losing it before myself because I thought I’m not saying I thought everything I’ve done in my life it’s what I did for Islam it’s not what Allah did for me all the sudden my eyes were opening the Word of God says the god of this world blinded the unbelievers lest the gospel of good news who is the gospel of good news you are he said I’m in you and you are a mean if I am ask anything in my name and I will give it to you declares the Lord greater is He that is in you the gospel of good news today lives in you because you are his ambassadors he said go to all nation and that’s what opens the eyes and the ears of the understanding of those lost the hopeless the lost so what happened there I was about to find my life and I was examining to God your God and my god your God according to what these Christian said he so loved the world this one said if the whole world worth anything to me I’d have destroyed it time and time again but it’s worth nothing this God said I so loved the world that I gave my only begotten Son this one brought an orphan man this one here brought the spirit of adoption of Jesus Christ this one brought the spirit of orphan this one gave his life and gave his blood this one took life and took blood this one here opened the eyes of the blind this one shunned the blind told him you are nothing this one said to the prostitute go sin no more this one said stone her to death Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I was once lost but now I’m found I was blind but now I see so clearly this is the story of every Christian now I’m before two giants and I don’t know what to do and I came to reach for the gun and I heard my father voice for the first on my life and he called me by name he said kemal come on come on my son the Jews and the Christians and the Muslims they cried to God a father Abraham once you call on the God of father Abraham and Isaac and Jacob not the god of Ishmael but the god of Isaac and Jacob I fell on my knees and I cried out with a loud voice God

if you are real speak to me God the Father ahem if you’re real I want to know you well God a father Rihan came to room and he filled the room with his glory and his name was Yahweh the Lord is one the Lord is one the Lord is one the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are one and I came to know finally what that is because we are so creeped out by three gods so the father had Mary and Mary had Jesus and now he had a spirit two will make up your mind well when your presence of the Lord there’s power there is healing there is love his the essence of truth is the essence of all thing he’s the light of the world life is in him and he is the life the life was created in him and by his name he is the son of the Living God who came and conquered hell sin and death and he stood there and I said to him who are you my lord he said I am that I am I said war would mean a few what is that supposed to mean I’m a Bedouin I am I am what does that mean he said I am the LF I am the Tov I’m the beginning I’m the end I am everything I have known you before I formed the foundation of the earth I have loved you before our form Union mother womb I have created you in your mother womb wonderfully and fearfully you were made kun canal arise you’re my warrior you’re not war they’re warrior arise or Church of God you are the Warriors of the Living God for such time and Dan our God has created you for such damn purpose so then since celebrate the bride of God make your dues right now make your peace walk away from your sin and declare the Living God in your life because he’s coming soon the Sun has turned to darkness the Blood Moon has turned to blood and next one will not come until 848 the second millennium if so it’s coming about where are you today the hour may happen tonight the things may happen there there in his present is at Combe my neck was intact my collarbone was intact my ribs were perfect my knee was dancing but that’s not the miracle that I’ve experienced the miracle that I experienced He healed my heart and he reformed my mind I was rewired I was brand new you can be that too you are that to discover yourself in Christ my life was changed that day I said to him my lord my lord I will live and die for you he said do not die for me I died for you that you may live I said Lord I’m a warrior permit me by the skin of their teeth and by their eyelashes I will made them Christian Muslim style he said the harvest is plentiful the workers are few be an ambassador of mine Kemal from a thief liar murderer everything you read in the book that thief on the right hand of Jesus Christ on the cross that was me that was me it was not a thief he was a murderer he was everything that nobody want he said Jesus remember me in your kingdom is that you will be with me today in paradise with every eye closed with every head down every eye closed every head down if you have not met Jesus if you have not made your peace with him put your hand up in the air say I want to make my peace with Jesus I want to give him my heart today is the day and today is the hour and there’s an open heaven this church the Spirit of the Lord dwells in this church if this is you there is no shame the Word of God said there’s no shame over there in my father house my sister in Beirut I came to visit in 1991 she said to me brother you are one of us but you are not one of us what is it that you have that we don’t have I said to her I said I don’t know what you’re talking about she said do you worship the same God that we worship I said I worship the Most High God she said is his name Allah I said his name and I came to lie why because I was ashamed I was afraid to lose my life I was afraid to tell harm Christian because I’m not sure if I am Christian I’m not sure what

I am right now because my life is more important to me and the Lord spoke to me he said my son if you’re a shame of me I will be a shame of you before my father in heaven if this is you today is the day an hour put your hand up in the air and say come on pray for me pray with me we’re not going to ask you to come front just put your hand in there and we’re gonna agree because we’re gonna testify that you said I if this is you thank you sir god bless you thank you thank you thank you I see your hands I see them thank you next come on this is a time make your peace right now thank you back there I see you next okay everybody on your feet Holy Father I thank you your Word of God your word said if the place receive you to loose our blessing on that place so father I loose your blessing and my peace upon this place I ask your father got there knowing this place with your holy presence I ask you Father God to fill all these people with your Holy Spirit and with power father God for those they put their head and hand in the air everybody pray with me dear Lord Jesus I receive you come to my heart live inside of me take me make me a blessing I want to be yours use me for your glory Lord I have no idea what to do but I come to you as I am take me and make me blessing I am yours in your mind in Jesus name Amen you are born again and you are forgiven and now you have a new destiny if you don’t know what to do for those who put their hand up in the air plug in with your pastor plug in with the group at church your elders tell them I need your help this is a good place the Spirit of God is here when they were praising worshiping if you didn’t feel that I don’t know what else you can feel I want to give a gift for those who could not afford to buy it because we have a table out there this is a book with General Jerry Boykin and myself we just wrote for the last days we just finished last year it’s called coalition and it’s about what will happen in America and we put both of our stories together and if this is you this is your gift come and get it if you wanted me signed it out there it will be ten dollars sorry this is this is the blood of lambs this is my story if you want to know why Isis what’s happening in the world the Arab Spring all the things that’s been happening why the Muslim are losing their rag head and doing all this read this this will help you understand this this is a thrilling book you will not be able to put it down and it is yours this is my latest project with General Jerry Boykin we created this and this is one of the best this is six DVDs of the ugly truth this is about how they have brought America down so far how they infiltrate the culture how they changed everything and this is here about how to reach the Muslims what to do in the last days what is the promise how the Muslim are coming here’s some of the statistic that I caught in there every hour of every day 660 men and women come to Christ in the Muslim world 16,000 every day six million every year ten years in a row this is happening I have an Iranian family out of the blood of Muhammad the Prophet is long that they had same encounter that I had and they came to Christ six DVDs this is yours too today I’m dropping those these are usually $70 today there are $40 for both of them and these books there are $25 today they are $20 for those who could not afford it or for anyone at church thank you for having me I wish I had more time but I hope to see you again and be with you again god bless you and thank you for allowing me to be part of your life you