The Journey Down: Chapter One – Walkthrough Part 3 of 3

oh la máquina what’s up Juana what brings you to my fine kitchen what’s your trick machina why is your stool so good that’s no secret Juana I use my own magic spice mix just cook her up as any other school and then add the spice at the end what’s in the spice mix that makes it so special that Juana is my own secret but I tell you what I’m all out of spice and I haven’t got the ingredients here if you help me mix up a new job it I’ll let you in on the recipe sounds like we have a deal lady oil ginger chili lemon and cheer then what the heck is Chavez it’s an herb good luck finding it nowhere is Makena I love this mixed up for you in no time you take care of yourself corner I’m still missing some ingredients mug is just what I need for the spice recipe I’ll stick it in with the mix it’s cycling stocks hey here’s a book on herbs maybe there’s something about chervil in here Hey look what I found it’s full of dried pressed herbs here’s some chervil I’ll grab it and stick it in the spice mix this isn’t exactly extra virgin oil or like extra tainted filthy oil but I’m sure no one will know the difference there we go oil added it’s a recipe for mckenas magic yoga spice mix we’re still missing some stuff it seems a teaspoon of fine salt a couple red hot chilies 1 pinch of finely chopped ginger I’ll just press this whole upper ginger in here in you go little Chili’s it’s a recipe for Martinez magic your glass spice mix we’re still missing some stuff it seems a teaspoon of fine salt that’s a No this salt will be great for a spice mix

algorithm and put it in a mix hey this means the space is finally finished I can’t wait to see if it works these are the spice things up what are you mad I chopped into small pieces mom Sheila with the knife tried the stool I’m sure it’s better this spice it is giving me tingling sensation it’s delicious my own I saved and you’re freaking me out with that knife oh sorry finally I can get out with a canapes I guess must be starving oh I think baby bread was in other doula I must have toes for Kenneth – relax man I’ll hook you up with some tours that would be much appreciated I do mix forget the face now thank you for your help Finn hey here’s some sliced bread if only I can find a way to toast it it would be exactly what’s a bonus for its canapes there we go in status here’s delicious fresh from the toaster wonderful thank you friend Oh finally I can finish canapes hey sabor you want some help serving these yes thank you I am much busy no problem oh man VIP guests only get lost filth let me Anne I got canapes get lost you filth hey did I hear someone say canapes oh how I’ve waited for something to feast on but surely you are not letting this pill into the VIP room surely I am and he fills with canapes is a friend of mine have a drink and relax come with me nobody likes me hold it kid let me have some canapes hey that’s my favorite kind you got there I’m so glad you’re not serving those nasty white brats from the last time I was here I didn’t like them at all no siree oh these are delicious man you finished all my canapes sorry yeah I just can’t help myself I think I should leave him alone I’m quite sure the captain would disapprove and have me thrown up the odds I know some service service yes the

canapes out with them boy we’ve been waiting forever or sorry sir I just ran out well don’t just stand there lad run along to the galley and fetch some more please look quite near me Sabo seems like quite the fancy chef hey that’s a good idea man I can’t do it in here though Sabo would cut me to pieces okay here goes hopefully that will stop a hungry man from eating them all nah I think I should leave him alone kid let me have some canapes Hey these are those nasty white ones no I don’t like it at all sorry to disappoint you sir it’s the kitchen has to offer at the moment yeah don’t worry kid I’ve got my fill you are sir I present you with the finest of canapes last mmm all right these are all run by hopeless chef as from their starting greater harvesters yeah all right run along now can’t you see we’re trying to have a private conversation here how you doing lady be the kid fine evening tonight isn’t it sir bug off how many times do I have to tell you imbeciles that the crew isn’t supposed to mingle with me and my guests hey you can’t go in there that’s engine room personnel only I gotta get some kind of Pierce to the engineers captain’s orders now all right then orders are orders hey wait a minute I’m the captain uh-oh I better find a way to lock it first that should keep em out for a while hey you and that let me in you’re not supposed to be in there I’m fetching security I’ll have them tear your head off once they get in there tear my head off that’s not a very nice thought I am leaving through that door that’s for sure I better try and find another way out of here man look at these babies they’re huge étoile love them for sure now all I got to do is find a way to get a motor here hmm nothing happened I think this button control the hatch in the ceiling but it seems to be disabled somehow I think I better leave them up in place if the captain gets in here he’ll strangle me looks like a switchboard of some sort it seems like it’s connected to the button somehow who in their right mind builds a power switch like this

ah too easy he’s a cake well that was convenient we should be able to young the engines right out with that crane hey kita kita you fool up here above you in the crane Bwana what do you throw the damn one watch out what’s your tink man they’re beautiful I know man I think they may have a slight impact on the aerodynamics tour seeing as they’re twice as big as the rest of the airplane I know but I figured the sheer power will compensate for that yeah you probably right Oh JA Bwana hey buddy see if you can figure out how to mount this baby oh good on your Bwana let’s see this shouldn’t be too tricky tada gorgeous well done man I’ll go and get the rest of the parts yo Mon what’s up see you later buddy keep it up wanna that’s a good idea man but I need something to mount it on it’s perfectly buona are you sure you know what you’re doing hey I know my avianna kitchens it’s gonna work like crazy I swear oh boy this is gonna be sweet you’re a surgeon that’s going to work now Bwana sure thing lady no where is steering we’ll check you I’m telling you boss this could be bad PR there are hospitals there I don’t do charity I don’t make exceptions by making something shut down the whole street now this better be important sir we’ve tracked down the porn seems it has some old gas station run by Gao Mei and doe doe doe doe doe it’s intense probably run sucked up listen get me that book leave no witnesses yes sir we’re on our way there we go the last part is in place I’ll just get the engine steadied while you raise the anchor okay then we can be off that sends Armando they say that city has its own soul oh the winches are crooked I can’t turn it I think we’re gonna have to find a way to pay little shit before we can use it that’s our winch handle for pulling up the anchor it’s all crooked or I think we got a problem man a winch is all bent I can’t raise the anchor oh man it looks all crooked I wonder what happened maybe it took a hit or two back when we were touring harass the bike yeah probably

well if you can get it in order we are basically set to go Hey Oh you coming along oh man not you again listen kid I’ve got to have these plates welded by the morning or I’m losing my job and I’m exhausted enough as it is hey how about you give me a little break huh please it’s empty oh don’t remind me I’d kill for a cup of coffee right now I’ve got one a hell of a night ahead of me I think she deserves a break from me actually hey can I borrow your maintenance card no kid I told you to beat it Hey how’s the coffee oh it’s awfully strong just the way I like there’s nothing more pointless than diluted coffee I don’t think he’d appreciate it if I stole his coffee hmm seems like I can extend this freely what happened my coffee it tastes like like water a máquina you put some more on please make it me okay shutting Santa another brew of mamma McKenna’s volcanic rock coming right up hey can I grab some coffee just one small itsy-bitsy Cup go ahead Juana it’ll put some hair on your chest guess what your best buddy Bwana just got you high job be praised well technically it’s coffee but you eat it with a spoon we call it mckenas volcanic rock it makes your bellybutton burn but I think it’s working hey kid thanks I think maybe you just saved me my job I please borrow your maintenance card sure kid I guess I owe you one

aw crap looks like I’m in for a puzzle it’s an Armando real wind maintenance card it’s a card all trains canceled it says yeah funny thing though any the trains still keep on zooming by makes you wonder what’s on board I’m not climbing onto the trucks that’s suicide it says think about the environment throw your magazine in the trash where it belongs I sign on that trash bin Thanks a place to conveniently right next to the towers in case you know someone in the Sun stroke or clear-thinking after purchasing a magazine realizes it’d be better off in the trash our cycle a lot of magazines that way saves me some good money yes it does safety first edge Border Patrol let’s not start next week it’s pretty crazy isn’t he should be stuff going on down there man they gotta build this huge principal on the edge and patrol to protect us I’m glad the government funds those things though I don’t mean being locked up if it means I’m safe it says how a coal-mining breaks new ground near the Seoul over the nose – they make us some crazy discoveries down there in the underwear some funky renewable energy source that just keeps on giving yeah are we lucky to have great people like your mondo mining company getting our hands dirty down there awesome looks yummy I’ll tell you looks can be deceiving me though rappers probably got more flavor than the candies themselves you’re not much of a Salesman hey we’re friends man this when it comes down to real business what’s up kid hey Bona what’s up man I come I never see your greasy face when you no more busy man got a big customer going bitch you had power over you so how’s business let’s play skin lonesome me now the trains don’t stop here any longer ain’t nobody come to visit to borrow my boots I got some good goods you know but good and the goods it’s what I used to say yeah sorry man I got no reason to come up here he in Quito mostly hang around the charts at these days easily than you know playing it cool in the baby now here you may sit easily in place nothing for cool cares yourself wonderful I don’t know man the city has its charms but I’ve had my dose of it me and Quito grew up on those streets you know doing the hustling doing a lot of bad things there so would you strike me as no woman who put you under there a guy named town and although the original owner of the chatter he busted us when we were breaking into his place down by the bay we thought he was gonna kick our faces and right there instead he adopted us on the spot and helped us clean up our act we owe a lot to well count on door door wherever he is named Derek with the store you should be on TV so what’s on TV same brilliant entertainment as you do on these numbers now I’m watching a guy’s stuff as many sucks into his mouth as possible he’s playing Jesus I spend my life watching this stuff isn’t that exactly what you’re doing

say you’re sharp as they come on what you’re selling man make Z’s and newspapers and all their shaky sides whoo fling in journalism to ultra buyers and observers it’s happening open some moron will buy a cup of paper so I can close up and call it a day what you’re gonna go home and watch TV hey kids welcome to trains don’t stop here no more something about the Armando Power Company taking over and shutting things down they under a mondo Railway Authority no – you heard about that right it’s all over the newspapers of the Cure’s i don’t read this dribble ourselves oh I’ve got TV see you later man later born stay frosty that could work but no I’m standing on the trucks that’s it the plate is unloose now sabotage rocks man it’s straight as an arrow man there we go this means we finally read it I get out of here good job Juana I just got to get these last couple of bolts in place then you’re ready to take off finally the edge awaits yes we could over the edge also but get it lady not suicide up with us we need to get airborne now relax lady whoever these guys are they can’t just barge in Kito get in here we’re taking off good on them what was done who was who knows I’m not sure we shook up she knows we go to take here for us are you we made it screaming now God worried about you there’s a problem we hide Spencer you’re a pilot in you’re afraid of heights no worry lady I’m fine madam as long as I don’t see him see a lot better let me sit like this for a while and I’ll be fine tell me if I need to turn or something I

can’t believe it my pilot is afraid of heights I gotta hand it to you guys you did a good job one air you’ll never find a safer way to fly I hope she spots the brim with gas boss lady shut up brim with gas right key so great wanna you mean you feel they’re upright I only check for oils we might have a problem here are you telling me you’ve run a gas station for a living and you forgot to do the plane with gas before we took off look at the gauge its fullest bananas one-eye you