STEP BY STEP GUIDE: How To Write A Resume. Video Tutorial and Template Included

– Hey there, it’s Austin Kueffner here Founder of Resume Scientist, and author of the book, “Hired”, and today we have a very special training We’re gonna do a step by step guide on how to update your resume so that way you can start landing interviews as soon as next week And you see, this resume tactic works so well that it’s helped people land jobs at places like Tesla, Google, Facebook It works extremely well for the technology sector but it also works very well for jobs outside of the technology sector And the reason why it works so well, well is because, what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna pull information directly from the job posting, we’re gonna find out what the employer wants in the employee And then we’re going to align your skills to make sure that you appear like the most qualified applicant And before we get started, let’s go ahead and chat a little bit about why it’s so hard to land interviews in today’s economy Well, websites like Indeed and, have made it extremely, extremely easy to apply for jobs In fact, it’s so easy to apply for these jobs that it’s caused a lot of people to apply for them And so, what employers are currently experiencing is hundreds of applicants for each and every job posting In fact, Google, gets about 428 applications for each job opening that they have And this is a little bit problematic for the employer, because they don’t have the resources to read through all 428 of these resumes So, what they have done is that they have actually started employing robots Robots that will go through your resume and decide if you’re a good fit before a recruiter even sees it And basically with the increased competition for each of these job postings, the robots are now discarding more and more resumes So, that way recruiters don’t get bogged down in the sheer number of applicants In fact these robots will sometimes discard up to 80% of all resumes and only pass along 20% of resumes to the recruiters So, we want to make sure that your resume does not get filtered out by these robots And in fact if you’ve been applying to a lot of jobs but you haven’t really been having success at landing interviews, well, it’s probably because your resume is getting filtered out by these robots known as, “Applicant Tracking Systems” So, let’s go ahead and dive in to how to update your resume, so that way you can get past these Applicant Tracking Systems, and ultimately be on your way to landing a job And if you want to get the template that we’re gonna be using in this video, you can easily do so by clicking the link below and downloading the template So, that way you can just go ahead and start updating your resume, side by side in this training, and ultimately have your resume complete within the next three hours or so and start landing interviews as soon as this week So, let’s go ahead and get started I’m super excited to have you here with me on this training So, let’s begin Okay, so here we are This is the resume template that you can download by clicking the link below And what it does, is it allows us to showcase our skills And the main focal point of this whole resume is actually the core skills section Because what we’re going to do, is we’re going to reverse engineer our core skills What that means is, we’re actually gonna go to the job posting and find out what core skills they are looking for in an employee And then we are going to add those into our resume and then showcase how our previous experiences have demonstrated those skills So, let’s go ahead and dive in and then from there, we’ll touch on every other aspect of the resume Does that sound good? Okay, so what we have over here, is the job opportunity that my friend Jared is looking for He wants to work at Airbnb, as an account executive And so, what we have to do, is we actually have to go in here and we have to find out what sort of skills is the employer looking for So, just kind of browsing through and let me zoom in here So that way you can get a better view of it So browsing through, browsing through And really it seems like the main focus here is “the entire business development cycle “for new hotel partners on Airbnb” And then they even get into this section right here which is “Consistently meet and exceed quarterly growth quotas”

So let’s go ahead and add that in as a first skill here “Meet and Exceed Sales Quotas” Okay, so we have one skill down, now to find six more “Effectively nurture and manage a healthy pipeline “across both inbound and outbound channels” So that’s another good skill “Manage and Nurture Sales Pipeline” So now let’s go on to a third skill “Identify decision makers, navigate business objections, “negotiate long term partnerships” So these were three of them here I would really only chose one of them So, think about whichever skill that you have demonstrated the most clearly in your past, and go with that one, so Jared told me that he has a skill for, “Identifying Decision Makers” Okay, so scrolling through a little bit more Okay, “coordinating and prioritizing outreach efforts” Okay, so I kind of just fast forwarded a little bit for you guys, but essentially we have our core six skills And so now what we need to do, is we need to add in our organization name So, he worked at Oracle Corporation And then we need to add in the date Okay, so now I’ve added in the date The next part is, adding in a little blurb about each of the organizations which you have worked with And so, this can easily be done, by simply doing a Google search about the business that you’ve worked for And then if you’ve worked for them you probably have some sort of idea for what sort of business that they’re in and how much business that they’ve done So, let’s do, “Oracle Corporation” So, what I like to do, is just Google, “Oracle Corporation” Or just “oracle” rather And pull some information directly from their Wikipedia page One of the things that I like to do is also include their stock ticker so that way it shows that the business that you have worked for is pretty large, and you know, a recognizable brand So as we can see, Oracle, it’s on the New York Stock Exchange, so That would be, “A publicly traded”, add in the ticker, and then you just want to pull the information directly from the Wikipedia page And adding in as many numbers as possible So, I’m gonna go ahead and do this now Okay, so what we have here is, “Oracle Corporation A publicly traded, NYSE,” the ticker, “American national computer technology corporation “with over 137,000 employees and over $40 billion in revenue “that develops and sells database software, “cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products.” So, I like to put in how many people work there and how much revenue the business has demonstrated Or has generated, so that way it just shows your future employer, who’s looking at your resume that you have worked for a big company If you can find some more, I guess better numbers that demonstrate how valuable your company is, definitely include them in this part right here But one of Oracle’s biggest talking points is how big they are from an employees standpoint and how much revenue they generate Okay, so now onto the next part Which is just writing out your job title Jared was an “Account Sales Executive” And he did this from “July 2018 to Present” So, with Jared specifically, he actually got promoted within the company So rather than creating two separate bullet points or two separate sections, it all just falls under this one main section And what we want to do now, is we want too show how we have demonstrated our core skills and then write about exactly what we have done to demonstrate them

But before we do that, let’s get into a little information about the roles and responsibilities What Jared did at Oracle was, he, “Served as the direct link between an existing “customer managing day-to-day affairs “and ensuring customer satisfaction, “in addition to bringing in net-new revenue prospecting “and closing greenfield account opportunities “spread across the Midwest territory.” And then here is where he points out that he was promoted So, he actually told me, this is exactly what he has done So, I was able to pull it directly from him But when thinking about how you want to show what you have done, really spend some time thinking about the value that you provided to the company, strictly within your role Not your personal achievements, but how your role provides value to the company Okay, so now let’s get into the skills demonstrated section So, the first skill that he was able to demonstrate was meeting and exceeding sales quotas “Meeting and Exceeding Sales Quotas” He also, managed and qualified a sales pipeline So, copy this, paste it right here And essentially what you want to do, is you just want to add in the skills that you have demonstrated that the employer, that your future employer wants but you have demonstrated at your previous employer So, go ahead and do that now Okay, so Jared wanted to showcase all of his skills at Oracle, because it’s really the only job that he had out of college So, he wants to show all the skills because he doesn’t really have many other organizations that he can talk about So, now we’re going to get into writing out the content for each of these sections So, one thing to remember when writing how you have shown each of these skills at your previous employers, is to make sure that you use active voice and active language, specifically if you are talking about your present job But also to really demonstrate the value that you have provided to a previous employer And specifically what’s most helpful is, showing how much value that you have provided with numerical evidence The more numerical evidence that you give, the less subjective that your work looks So you want to give as much numerical evidence as possible and really kind of dig into how you have helped grow the business, specifically from an ROI perspective Or saved the company a lot of money So, let’s go ahead and dive in So, what Jared did was he, we’ll actually start with managing I’m sorry we’re gonna start with, meeting and exceeding sales goals So Jared, “Finished in the top 10% of my sales peers “allowing me to be elected” So, I’ve had the ability to previously talk with Jared about this, and he gave me a rough draft of what his resume looked like, and then we just kind of formatted it together into this So, go ahead and start writing out how you have demonstrated each of your skills Specifically try to include active voice and adding in as many numbers and numerical evidence as possible Okay, so now that you’ve added this in, let’s review So, as we can see with Jared, a lot of his talking points are very numerically driven So, make sure to include that, but also try to include as many keywords as you can from the job posting into this section So, for instance, LinkedIn, Groove, various customer engagement tools, well that was pulled directly from this job posting He does have experience with these tools, so LinkedIn, Groove, so When writing this section make sure to add in as many talking points that are discussed within the job posting itself, okay?

Okay, and so, next you want to do the same with your previous organization Show how you have demonstrated all of those skills and then let’s dive into volunteerism, or additional experience Because Jared doesn’t have a lot of volunteer experience, however, he does have a lot of additional experience So, what we can do, we’ll label this out, “Additional Experience” Now the formatting can get tricky sometimes So make sure that you shorten this line as much as you need too So, in his additional experience he was an, “Oracle Meditation Club”, and he was a Co-Founder He likes to meditate Okay, so what he did was, he, “Led large meditation sessions for brief “and extended periods of time.” And now feel free to write as much as possible as you want for this section and when possible make sure to include keywords from this job posting So go ahead and begin Okay, so now we see the “Oracle Meditation Club”, as a Co-Founder, and the “Capstone Student Consultation” Each talking about the specifics of the project with keywords from the job posting placed in each of them as well as the organization, which they took place with And the time period that they were a part of Okay, and if you have relevant projects or you’re a developer that you want to showcase these projects, it’s pretty simple Fairly kind of the same, where you talk about the name of the project, the description of your role, the skills, if you can pull some skills from up here, that you have demonstrated in the project, please do that And really treat it very similar to additional experiences So, let’s move onto education So, education, you want to put the highest degree that you have earned first As well as your focus within that degree, okay So, here’s what we want to do, Jared went to, “University of North Carolina at Chapel Hills” He had a Oh, (chuckles) spelling is off today “Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, “Second Major in Communication Studies with a” So, write out your concentrations as well as all of your majors Okay, so now we have everything written out for his educational experience And I went in and focused on exactly his two majors and what these curriculums are designed to teach If you had grad school, your grad school would go up here and then your college would go down here I don’t really recommend putting in high school unless you find it absolutely necessary And another word of advice is, only put in your GPA, if it was above a 3.4 Jared’s was not above a 3.4, so we are going to leave it off of the resume Okay now before we get into “Other Relevant Information”, let’s scroll back up to the top So you obviously want to put in your name, your credentials So, if you’re an MD, you’d put that over here Your email, make sure that it’s a professional email

If it’s an unprofessional email, your resume and job application is gonna get discarded So, really try to have a professional email and I recommend having your or, or something of that nature, as well as a telephone If you have a LinkedIn profile, which I recommend building one, you would put that URL right here, or a personal website, which is absolutely fantastic for finding a job So if you can create a personal website that has your resume, it’s really gonna go a long way because the first thing that recruiters do when looking at your resume is type in your name to Google, and if your website comes up as number one, you’re obviously gonna have a huge leg up on the competition So, let’s get into writing the “Executive Summary” Okay, so writing the “Executive Summary”, is pretty formulaic, right here you pretty much have the template that tells you exactly what you need to write out, step by step But one of the things I like to do before writing out the executive summary is go back to our job posting and find some buzz words that would work well within the resume Okay, so kind of going through here You don’t want them to be the same thing as what your core six skills are So, “navigate business objections”, seems pretty good So, we’ll write that right here “Prioritize outreach,, sales stack, “Collaborate with cross functional teams “Collaborate with cross functional teams” Okay, what type of personality are they looking for? “Competitive, business development” So, they’re also looking for communication skills And is there anything else that we should add here? “Self starter”, is a good one, so we’ll add in that one as well Okay, so let’s do it You want to make sure to type in the role that they’re looking for So, “A account executive professional “with three years of experience in software as a service “enterprise technology selling,” he sold, “financial planning, supply chain management, “logistics, human capital management” Okay, and we want to put that in parenthesis “Cloud applications to hospitality based businesses.” Okay, and here’s where these buzz words come in “A self starter who specializes in selling, “navigating business objectives, “and delivering high value to customers.” Okay, let’s fix this “A communication expert who collaborates “cross functional teams with a proven track record “in delivering customer satisfaction and happiness “while exceeding sales goals.” So, that’s a rough draft of what it would look like Essentially you want to add in as many keywords as possible within this account summary You want to add in some core skills and buzz words that you find from the job posting itself I’ll be going back through and editing this a little bit more to make it a little bit tighter and more concise But now you can go ahead and get started on the final piece of updating your resume Okay, once you have gone through everything and tightened everything up and made your resume perfect, well then now comes the fun part

Where there’s this website called, “” And essentially what it does is it allows you to scan your resume, and compare it with the job description So, what you do here, is you copy the contents of the job posting And you can leave out all the part about the business itself You want to copy that and put it in the job description right here And then you go to the resume, starting below the top, just copy all the contents of the resume Okay, and you paste them here and then you press, “SCAN” And what it’s doing is it’s scanning your resume and comparing it to the job posting itself So that way it can give you an idea for how well your resume compares to what exactly the business or the future employer is looking for And then what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna give you some sort of percentage that shows you exactly how matched your resume is to the job posting It’s also gonna give you advice for how to update your resume to make it a little more compatible And if you want to use Jobscan, you can simply just click the link below I provided it for you right below this video So, what it says is, we have a 68% match to the job posting Ideally you want to get it to right around 80%, 80% can be tough with this format Specifically because this format goes longer than two pages and it just strongly recommends a one page resume But having a one page resume really is not that important You just want to make sure that whatever resume you create is easy to read Okay, so let’s look through and see some areas where we can improve So it seems like we are missing one important, high value skill, “hotels”, and we’re missing, “hotel partners” So, we’re missing the word, “hotels” quite often So, since hotels is actually a part of Airbnb, I’m gonna ask it to exclude it All right, so now what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna take this knowledge and I recommend you do the same, and update your resume with the parts that are missing, right So, make sure you have in all your hard skills, add in some soft skills that may be missed but really making sure that the keywords match appropriately So, I’m going to update it again now Okay, so updated my resume and re-added it in to Jobscan And now we’re going to re-scan Let’s see, 77 Close, not quite 80, but pretty close So I think we’re pretty good here As you can see we have quite a few skills match, “ATS Findings” I’ll probably go back through and do it again But just to give you an idea for a great tool that it will definitely help you make your resume stand out a lot more And again if you want to use this link you can simply do it by clicking the link below And if you want this resume format you can do that by clicking the link below for the resume template I have both a college, and recent grad one, as well as somebody who’s been involved in the workforce for a little bit longer So go ahead and download those And if you would like to have me review your resume, personally and give you feedback on how you can make it better, I’d be happy to do so You can also get that resource or the next steps to getting me to update the resume by clicking the link below Again, I want to thank you for all of your time I know it’s been a lot, and we have certainly done a lot and updated resume But this format is really going to help you stand out Because you’re gonna get through the robots and ultimately get seen by the recruiter And then when the recruiter sees your resume they are going to see that you have explicitly demonstrated the skills that they are looking for in a potential hire So, that way you can start landing more interviews And once you update your resume, go ahead start applying to places and then please post in the comments some feedback, and kind of give me some insight into how many interviews that you’re starting to land

So, again, thank you It’s Austin, from Resume Scientist here, and I look forward to talking with you more Oh, and one other thing, go ahead and click the subscribe button below, and subscribe to my channel, where I will be adding all sorts of cool information on how to get hired in the modern day, but also how to get races, and ultimately how to start your own business