POV of Czech Train driver: Křenovice horní nádraží/Brno – Chrlice and back[4K]+English subtitles

So we will turn on the steering switch, we will apply the independent brake, [Independent brake brakes only the locomotive.] turn off the brake lock, fill the brake pipe with air The main brake pipe is filling, We will set direction switch to “forward”, turn on automatic control mode, and we will set the speed We will set 90 KPH and we can release the independent brake, because this locomotive has automatic parking brake [If the train stops, the brake automatically applies.] We are train number 24012, as we can see on the timetable, we will set up the train information system, enter the number of our train, and enter the train route from Křenovice to Sokolnice, we will set the train tachograph, set the train number again and press confirm, 240 12 confirm again So we will turn on the train warning system, [It’s called LS-90.] But first, I will turn on the light the light shines, [The driver checks positions of switches.] we will turn it on During the starting process, the yellow “start” control light must shine Now, the train warning system is in the operation mode Also, we have here instructions how to turn it on Nice! We will turn off the light in the engine room, we will sign up to the train radio system, turn on the lights And we are ready Outside, we can check, that lights are shining, but we can see it o the screen, in front of the train three white lights, on the end of the train two red lights So we have everything set up The departure is at 10:52 and I will be back the departure time In this part of the route we had speed 90 KPH

and the upcoming speed limit is 80 KPH, so we’ll set it on the keyboard and the system will decrease the speed of the train We will open the door on the left side, yellow color shines on the signal, so we can continue our journey and the departure time is at 11:02 and the departure is now, so we’ll get ready so we will close doors And we can continue We will open doors on the left side, The departure time is at 11:04 and the departure time is now We’ll close doors, Here, the speed limit is 100 KPH, so we’ll set it on the keyboard and set full power output 11:10 is the arriving time,

so our train is running on time We’ll release doors on the left side, rise both pantographs, Then we’ll turn off the automatic mode Set the reverser to “neutral”, we will apply the train brake and turn on the brake lock, turn off lights

and the train warning system We’ll find the next train in the timetable The next number is 24014, [The driver is entering the train number to the train radio station.] And that’s all Finally, we will turn off the steering switch, So we can turn it on in the second cab of the train, in the Sysel carriage Now, we have ten minutes to go on the opposite side of the train So I changed the battery in the camera We have done all tasks [The driver is checking, that all switches are in their basic positions.] So we can go We will lock the door We will check that lights are turned off And finally we can go [“Sysel” is a normal passenger car, but it has a driver cab, so if a train driver comes to the end of a train route, he only changes driving cabs, and he can go back The driver hasn’t to drive around the train with the locomotive, so the train can go back quicker.] The door switch is set on the right side That’s right We will override the steering, turn off the brake lock, fill the main pipe, We will turn on the automatic mode, [Cruise control] confirm the train length, We will set electric system 25 kV, 50 Hz We will set the speed 100 KPH We will open mirrors Now, our train number is 24013 and the departure time is at 11:18, we will set up the train radio system, again 24013 So that’s done We will set the direction to “Forward” position Then turn on the train warning system Now, we will set the tachograph 24013 We have all information set, so we can confirm Tachograph of the train has been updated. Excellent We will also set the information system again 24013 confirm reset Now, the information system will be reseted and it will find our current train Train route is from “Chrlice” to “Křenovice”, confirm:

This touchscreen sometimes doesn’t work well It’s a really long loading time “Chrlice” So, the information system is set up [The driver is checking positions of important switches.] So 11:18 is the departure time Now, it’s exactly 11:18, so we can get ready for depart But we only pull down the second pantograph The dispatcher is already on the platform Now, we already have an agreement to depart We will close the door There’s again a problem with doors closure. “Excellent!” Door are closed. Good And we can start our journey I will have a juice “Don’t lose your mind.” [Reading the text (advice) written on the down side of the juice bottle lid.] That’s good advice for today’s morning. I had some problems with a train Here, the speed limit is 90 KPH

The departure time is at 11:24 So, we’ll close doors And our journey continues Close the doors,

closed and we can depart The next speed limit is 80 KPH We’ll set it on the keyboard And upcoming speed is 90 KPH. We’ll also set it on the keyboard We’ll close doors Our departure time is at 11:30 “Begin now.” [Reading an advice on the down side of the juice bottle lid.] But I actually don’t now, with what I must begin now It’s 11:33

and we can continue So and now we’ll: Turn off the automatic mode [Cruise control] and put the reverser lever to “neutral” position Apply the train brake Apply the brake lock Rise the second pantograph

Turn off the train warning system And turn off lights We’re going back as the train number 24015 24015 So We’ll turn off the lights and close the window Also we must clean up the mess We’ll close mirrors We have done all tasks And finally, we can go to the other side of the train I just turned off the steering switch, so we can override the steering on the other side of the train So We can unlock and open the door of the locomotive, So. We’ll override the steering The door switch is on the left position The steering is overdid Now, we will apply the train brake, delete the brake lock and oil the train brake pipe, turn on the lights, [Now the driver is turning on the train warning system. Do you remember? :)] Current number of our train is 2414 We have to set up the train radio system [Again the tachograph] 24 14 confirm Train 2414 [And again the train information system] confirm Nothing is happening

2414 So Done, Done, Also lights settings is OK [Releasing the independent brake.] We will turn on Automatic mode, set the direction switch to “forward” and set the speed All switches are in their right positions See you during the departure We will restrict power output a little bit Because of bad weather conditions, Our number is 2414, our departure time is at 11:52 The dispatcher have already set the train rout. Excellent! We’ll pull down the second pantograph, And now, it’s the departure time But the dispatcher is still not on the platform Dispatcher is already running to the platform to give us a departure agreement We’ll close the door, I hope that there will be no more problem with doors Yes, doors are closed, excellent And we can depart We will set less output power We will test the brake. [It’s necessary to test the brake after leaving the station.] I will turn on the information system speaker in the cab, so you will hear it We’ll play this sentence on the info-system: Info system: “When getting of the train, use doors on the left side of the train.” We’ll open doors on the left side, but it’s 11:55 so we can get ready for depart We’ll close the door, 11:55-departure We can also press quick release of independent brake button The next speed limit is 90 KPH, so we will set it

[You can also hear information system speech.] We’ll open doors on the left side As usual we will close the door, It’s 11:58, so we have half a minute delay Let’s go 80 KPH speed limit Automatic braking

Automatic braking is quite slow Info-system: “Újezd u Brna.” We’ll open doors We have green color on the signal And we have also an agreement from the dispatcher So as usual we will close doors Doors are closed 12:04-departure And we’re going home! Info-system: “The next station-Brno-Chrlice.” We will delete power output restriction, so now we have full power I hope, that you will like this commented video,

that it was interesting for you Now, I’m going to end the video, My colleague will take this train after me So have a nice week and be happy And that’s all for this video See you!