You asked on here Reaction KZ Adelle Rolling in the deep China festival


Come on people talk here about the video, nori labaia asked my reaction on this video and I’ll talk here on this presentation of the christine zheni tanigan, to KZ, she who is 26 years old started her career early and this presentation of her was a performance at this festival where she was also eliminated and I will leave my reaction here for you, you see here in Brazil when you see a presentation of a singer and this presentation was not very good to us You say the following, I’m not going speak Portuguese because people are going to I think it’s bad, but I’m going to speak English, which means something like this in this festival of china of singers, where she interpreted this song of adelle rolling in the deep, she introduced herself singing in an innovative way

creating a version for this song, a version where the public, the great youth audience, this young man who likes this kind of presentation what I would like to say to respect of this interpretation, holling in the deep by adele, sung by christine tanigam, cristine zhenie, KZ is nothing less than what happened during the whole festival, nor did she sang well, did not go well, did not have a great resistance to create in songs, when she plays but I’m going to pass my opinion here technique of what happened in the presentations of her, to cristine, to KZ she does not have a beautiful voice, she does not sing well, she has already been eliminated from various contests that is, the public and the judges, jurors, in KZ presentations, it is always rejected this type of interpretation, that offends the music itself, the her presentations, she makes it very clear, that she is an artistic singer, she creates, interprets artistically the songs, she does not live up to there is a singer, for example, she does not sing the song as it should be sung she offends composers, she offends the singers who have created a space for adele’s song rolling in the deep, is sung in a unique way and which keep the music in its original form, it’s no good for you to bach’s music mozart, choppin, these great creators of songs, these great idols of the classical music and try to put music they created as the ninth of beethoven, for electronic music, goes get shit, it’s going to suck, it’s going to be bad not It’s cool, so when you have an interpretation from KZ to a song that was already created by Adelle, in a melodic way It is not the composition of a song like holling in the deep, it must be respected at the time of being sung so she put on that song a rap has nothing to do with music, with the history of music, so unfortunately KZ, she’s a karaoke singer, she’s a bar singer, I’m going to ask you like music, when you went to a bar that has karaoke you will see that at some point, you will perform there singing a music in the karaoke, somebody drunk, and that someone drunk who is going to sing this music in karaoke eg holling in the deep he’ll sing in a crazy way and he’ll think it’s good, the people who will be at the karaoke bar will see What the hell are you going to ask him? stop singing or respect to the person will allow let this person sing but it will be very bad a lot unpleasant so I think people when sing should do their best and is mainly to listen to a song in your essence is the lyrics of the music to understand and that there has a composer there is a singer who gave life to music adelle gave life to holling in the deep music and she should be sung like this in any place in the world because it has a songwriting both in its composition interpretation and melody to KZ in this presentation she she made serious mistakes she tune she violated the original part of the song is to I artistically she was well gave plasticity for music composition

in terms of the stage and we have of stage she is doing super well is a person who has a resourcefulness She’s not shy, do not you see no moment shyness of her when she plays a song is is a singer artist but she is not a singer, she does not sing, she does not sing anything Too out of tune and does not follow the music melody so I think the following I heard a lot of this presentation of KZ singing adelle rolling in the deep and I could see that she is an amateur person an amateur singer It is not disputed several won no contest of importance is She seems to have won some contests of the wish 107.5 is that it does not is a parameter to be considered a great singer a singer, right? and there are a lot of good people in the Philippines There are a lot of bad people, it’s also rare rare exceptions in the philippines is as we already know marcelito pomoy is an exception is morissette amon has charice at last is when the singers respect a song its composition a Your melody is when these people respect this is cool, it’s cool because are building a career still more KZ in my opinion technical is a bar singer is like demashi kudaybergen a bar singer is a singer Karaoke is an example if you have a concert by de demashi kudaybergen and christine zhenie to KZ and charge a dollar at the entrance I drink ice cream and I’m not going to a show That’s because it’s going to be bad for me it will be crap understood KZ is a amateur karaoke singer She’s not a worthy singer spend a dollar to see her in a show unfortunately my technical opinion is sings very badly, sings very badly, has to rehearse has to learn what music is has to do vocalize have to see her vocal extension For you to have an idea is a soprano it is mediocre she has no voice, she does not have a voice power, she’s a mediocre soprano, right? loaded with addictions there is no technique no vowel has no vocal extension she sings inside she sings badly her diaphragm does not exist she does not have the diaphragm it’s like technique she breathes badly she does not have extension Vocal is a lousy singer so much is that it has been eliminated from several contests and unfortunately it’s nori labaia I’m sorry you’re the one watch my videos in the philippines you who are always watching mine Unfortunately, technical opinion is always speak the truth to you both I I will always tell the truth the truth she does not build on many occasions admirers do not build because the truth is absolute is undisputed it does not have how to challenge the truth You can ask any singer or to any singing teacher at KZ she does not sing she has no extension of vocal is is a mediocre soprano is come to border the shame singers you can pick up any singer who did study and will see that KZ is a fraud a fraud as there are millions of frauds singers that are a fraud unfortunately the world reality today when a singer appears as morissette amon the world is amazed because she sings makes mistakes too makes mistakes like that when she interpreted the rise up almost

died because her diaphragm is not prepared to sing rise up from the beginning to the end of a perfect form as demand the music rise up she almost died It’s marecelito pomoy when he played the player, he made an error then singled out these singers who are going through this problem of being analyzed and KZ in this analysis in the my technical reaction today from rolling in the deep of adelle was very bad very bad in this presentation and as a singer is like I told you it’s a terrible singer and I do not qualify her as a singer has no vocal extension is melisma There is no technique in the whole song I do not know, I can not even see her singer, unfortunately this is the reality of christine zhenie tanigam no sing You can love her, love her, maybe this will help her see what she needs she needs to study music a lot unfortunately there are good things in this world are rare and most who are singing in the world, it sucks This is the truth, I’m sorry but it’s my technical opinion is singing requires a lot of study and will sing to KZ someday he’ll have her sing she’d take a lot of school she has are people helping her to see her weaknesses at difficulty she has she does not have vocal extension it tunes too much the breeding part of it is did not take Beware of doing something audible it’s horrible it’s horrible unfortunately KZ reality cristina zhenie is for me she is not a singer is not She’s a person who plays music like you’re watching now can in a karaoke bar get the microphone put a song and sing there the way you think it’s good but people at the karaoke bar will find sucker can be sure of that Why did not you study music? did not dedicate to learning music Then you’ll be ashamed How shameful has christie been? zhenie tanigan to KZ she has been a shame I was ashamed that it is a pity, sorry for a person who presents live that already participated in shows and do not know what is going on shame it’s a shame it’s humiliating but no one says that to her and they should talk this so she can study study music and after she studies music, she will understand how much She had to be a singer