Thumbelina – Episode 3 – Wonderful Town Underneath the Umbrella (English Sub CC)

Today, we present: “Wonderful Town Underneath the Umbrella” “Ribbit, ribbit!” “Finally, we are pleased to meet you.” “Can you tell me who you are..?” “What am I?” (Ribbit, ribbit!) “I’m nothing more and nothing less than your future father in law.” “And I am your future mother in law.” “What?” “Come now Hoppy don’t be shy. Let the young woman see you well.” “H-Hello I am Hoppy. You are very cute.” “Okay, okay. Hoppy why don’t you declare to your pretty fiancee? She’s waiting for you.” “Will you marry me?” “Get married??” “Yes! I will make you the happiest person in the whole world!” (Hehehe) “Hey, you didn’t tell me you were so popular.” “Shut your mouth Nobo!” “Ribbit?” I am very grateful for your proposal, but it’s just that I didn’t even consider the possibility of getting married. Sorry.” “Let’s be on our way Nobo.” “No, you won’t!” “It’s an order that you must marry my son.” “That’s out of the question!” “Let’s go!” “Up and away!” “Never!” “That was quite a scare..” “They’re leaving!” “Bye-bye!” “Hey come back!” (“Oh no my fiancee.”) (“Come back!”) (“Don’t go!”) “Huh? That bright spot that lies ahead must be the Land of South.” “I would like it to be the case..” “Must be! It has to be the Land of South.” “It’s raining!” “T-The sugar fairies can get wet?! ” “I am vulnerable to raindrops! “If I stay here, my body will melt quickly!” “What should we-?” “Find shelter but do it quickly!” “Endure it Nobo we’ll get there..” “Look Nobo! There!” “What is that strange thing?” “I think we found ourselves in another strange place..” “Hey Maya look at that!” “Heavens! In what place are we?” “It looks like some kind of floating botanical garden.” (*Botanical: a term relating to plants) “I was not thinking of such a huge shelter against the rain.” “So it seems. I’m so hungry…” “Wow! Look!” “The fruits of this flower garden are all made of cake!” “Lemme see- You’re right!” “Look! This one looks like a delicious cherry pie! I love cherries!” “What’s wrong?” “Delicious! Now, I think I’ll eat this little strawberry cake-” “No! I think this chocolate cake and this cream one look much better.” “Man, oh man. What should I call this girl? Greedy or stubborn?” “Help me!” “There is nothing that I detest more than an earthquake.”

“Oh no, again? Please help me mom! Mom!” “Come on, but what kind of cowards are you?” “If you lay on the floor like that, you won’t be able to do anything. Watch and learn!” “You see? That’s how you should balance!” “Hello, hello~!” “What?” “Ta-da! See?” “Oh wow! I can do that too!” “Careful, Maya! You’ll get hurt!” “Maya!” “Are you okay?” “You are stubborn..” “Why don’t you take some honey from this flower? It’ll make you feel better!” “Thank you! My name is Maya and his is Nobo.” “My name is Zubulin, and I am in charge of the care of this garden.” “But, I’ve never seen your faces before. Where have you come from?” “From a very far place..” “Far? From the suburbs of the homeland?” “I’m referring to a much farther place.” “Don’t lie to me! I know there is no country outside the homeland!” “But I am not lying! We come from a place that is outside this land’s atmosphere, Zubulin!” “Ahh I get it. I guess your intending in planning to invade this land right? “What are you trying to say-” “But you can’t!” “This flower garden doesn’t allow foreigners to enter!” “Are you kidding me? I would never wanna live in a place that is so agitated like this one!” “Maya..” “Let’s get out of here!” “..And thank you very much for the honey.” “Since you don’t want to admit that there are other lands.. other than yours.” “Out!” “Sure!” “My heavens! This must be the center of this town!” “This place is very strange. I wonder what’s beyond those clouds..” “Hey Nobo, why don’t we explore the place a bit, huh?” “Okay, lets fly!” “Let’s go!” “Don’t you think we’ve visited all this before?” “Well, maybe, maybe not.” “What is that?” “That’s.. That’s a giant!” “Zubulin!” “Zubulin!” “Zubulin!” “Zubulin, we discovered the cause of so many earthquakes!” “The town is under the umbrella of a giant.” “Discovery? Everyone knows that.” “What?? Then why do they stay in such a dangerous place?” “When the rain stops, the giant will close the umbrella!” “The rain will never stop! ” “And besides, where do you suggest that we go if there is no other place?” “There are many other places out there!” “Don’t lie to me!” “You think that we are liars? Then come!” “No no! No-! (Come with me!) I don’t wanna go! Leave me alone!” “Zubulin!” “Zubulin, are you okay?” “Let go of me!” “Wait!” “If you like the outside world so much, why don’t you just go away!” “Zubulin..” Thumbelina! “Zubulin…” “Maya..” “Pardon me, young ones..” “Are you the ones who tried to get Zubulin out of this land?” “Yes.” “I hope this doesn’t become a serious problem.” (“How so?”)

“You see, it is against the law to kidnap people.” “Kidnap??” “How can you say such a thing? We didn’t do any of that!” “Sigh Don’t be so hard on Zubulin..” “Sometimes her behavior is a little odd.” “But.. there must be a reason for that.” “Well, I will tell you the story. Why don’t you sit down and listen.” “Zubulin’s parents left this homeland when she was just a little girl.” “What??” (Come again??) “They wanted to find a new land for this home town. A good and fertile land.” “They were sure that they would find a place to live.” “And they asked us all to wait for their return.” “They left Zubulin completely alone Thinking it was for our own good, I think they were a little careless.” “Mom! Dad!” “Zubulin! Zubulin!” (“Mom! Dad!”) “That happened a long time ago “But since then, Zubulin has stopped believing in the outside world.” “Wow..” (“Poor Zubulin..”) “It must’ve been unavoidable for her to react that way.” “And so, I find myself begging you to leave town.” “Yes, we will.” “Let’s go!” “Wait!” “Why don’t you take this?” “It will protect you from the rain.” “Thank you very much Elder!” “Could you apologize to Zubulin for me please? I think I was somewhat selfish towards her..” “Yes, I will.” “Have a nice trip and take good care of yourselves.” “Thank you. Thank you very much for everything and goodbye!” “Ready?” “Ready!” “We finally got out!” (“Yeah!”) “I am pleased to able to see this huge sky again.” (“Me too!”) “Look Maya!” “And to think that Zubulin and the others live under this umbrella.” “I feel so sorry for them.” “Goobye, Zubulin.” “A Sun Ray-!” “That means it’ll stop raining!” “I think it’s great if we don’t need this umbrella anymore!” “In case you don’t realize what you are saying, the Giant will think the same with its umbrella!” (“What?”) “And imagine how much that would start-” “Sprinkles!” Which means, that the giant will also close his umbrella!” “Lollipops! What can we do?!” “We must hurry!” “I agree. Here we go!” “The huge raindrops never stop attacking me!” “That happens because you’re always too hasty!” “Maya! Nobo!” -“Fairy Enzera!” -“Hey Fairy Enzera!” “Maya, I’ll infuse your ribbon with magical power.” “This ribbon will enlighten you with advice on your jounrney.” “Enlighten me with advice?” And one more thing, I must tell you something about Zubulin’s parents. The girl they knew on their homeland “You know something about Zubulin’s parents?” “They are both alive in The Land of the Far East.” “Really?” “They were very lucky and are very much alive.” (“How?”) “They flew into The Land of the Far East, with the help of the wind.” “They are still looking for a safe place for themselves and their companions, where they can live in peace and without danger.” “I hope this isn’t a dream!” “Splendid!” “..This earthquake seems to be quite different from all the others.” (“I-I.. what will be happening here-?”) “Can this be a sign that warns us of some kind of catastrophe?” “Everyone keep calm!” “This happens all the time there is no need to worry!” “Soon, it will stop shaking! “See? It’s all over. Now, return to your tasks!” “Everyone wait! Elder!” “It seems that it stopped raining!”

“What do you mean that it has stopped raining?” “Let’s hurry, we have to leave this place!” Elder, if it stops raining, the Giant will close its umbrella, and your homeland might get destroyed “Will you shut up?!” “I know, the only thing they want is to divide this land of ours. Isn’t that right, foreigner? “I know this will surprise you Zubulin, but your parents are living in The Land of the Far East “What..??” “Its true. I was told that by Fairy Enzera. She’s a good fairy.” “It can’t be..!” “Zubulin, please come with us. We’ll bring you.” “Zubulin!” “Whatever the reason, we cannot leave this place.” “I’ve always held onto the possible and always will. This is our only place!” “That’s right! We don’t need to listen to some foreigner!” “Yeah! So why don’t you leave you foreigner!” Sprinkles! We try to be nice about it and this is the result. Let’s go Maya.” “But..” “Oh! What’s happening?!” “It seems like it *could* stop raining, huh?” “We regret to have doubted you.” “That means that-” “No, there is nothing we can do to remedy this..” “Oh no, don’t say that!” “The only thing we can do now is pray. Pray that the end of the world doesn’t come.” “Oh no! Zubulin!” “What?!” “Zubulin! Look where she is!” “Zubulin!” “No.. I can’t do it!” “Zubulin! What are you planning to do?”” “I’m going to see my parents in the Land of Far East. I’ll do it!” “I want to help them find a better place to live. A place for all of us. Its my duty to do it too!” “Zubulin..” “But I can’t! I don’t have the courage that my parents had. I’m such a coward..” “Just by trying alone, you have already shown enough courage.” “Do you really think so?” “We’ll go together!” “Yeah!” “Zubulin, jump!” “No!” “I can’t! I’m too scared!” “Magic Ribbons, preserve the courage Zubulin needs.” “What Zubulin needs now, is the love of her parents.” “Now I know what I should do. Thank you!” “Nobo look we will have… (Whishper, whisper) “What? You want me to be her father? Ah okay I understand! Here I go!” “Mom! Dad!” “Zubulin, open your eyes!” “Hoist up your hang glider!” “Help me!” “Come on Zubulin, drive the hang glider slowly. I know you can do it! Go ahead sweetie! You can do it Zubulin!” “Come on Zubulin!” “You can do it!” “Snap out of it!” “Look guys!” “There they come!” “Zubulin is flying!” “Well done Zubulin!” “Hey, I’m flying!” “I can’t believe it! I’m flying!” “Very good Zubulin!” “Thanks!” “You guys were the ones who took the place of my parents and gave me courage right? “No, It was your own bravery.” “I’m sure you can look for your parents. Now let’s go!” “Good luck Zubulin! (“Good luck!”)

Let’s go! Let’s get ready to leave in case the Giant closes his umbrella!” “Very well, Zubulin. We must seperate now.” “You guys are leaving..?” “We must continue to The Land of South.” “Will we ever see each other again?” “Definitely! Good luck Zubulin! I hope you find your parents very soon.” “Bye!” (“Goodbye!”) “Bye!” Thank you Maya! Thank you Nobo!” With the help of Maya and Nobo, Zubulin learned to face the outside world The rain has not yet stopped, but the hearts of Maya and Nobo are as joyous as the bluest and brightest sky!