Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide Ep.8: Trandoshan Hunters

hello and welcome to episode 8 of sir Astros Star Wars painting series in this episode were going to paint the Trandoshan hunters from fantasy flights Imperial assault with their rich green skin deep orange eyes and predatory stance the Trandoshan hunters are some of the most visually interesting miniatures in the game being mercenaries the traditions don’t have a formal uniform like the Imperials which means we can enjoy greater freedom when choosing the colors to paint them although here I’ve used the same blue grey tones that are used for the Imperials that we covered in episode 5 in this video we will paint two miniatures for one we’ll use colors based on the best known Trandoshan from the movies Bossk which is how I’ll be referring to the figure for the purposes of this tutorial and for the other we’ll be trying out a simple camouflage design although this video aims to introduce some useful ideas I would strongly encourage an experimental approach and for you to try out some original color schemes and variations of your own with that said here are the main steps we’ll prepare and Prime the miniatures in the usual way ideally with a white primer we’ll then carefully apply the base colors starting with the clothes and finishing with the skin next we’ll add shadows and highlights which will include the use of washes to produce some pleasing variations of skin tone we’ll finish the miniatures by adding some final details to the eyes and giving our transitions a decent amount of weathering let’s begin after removing the mold lines a white spray would be the best choice for priming the hunters as we’ll be using mostly quite bright colors including some white you may of course use a black or grey primer but may have to work a little harder to achieve the bright finished tones where after we now paint the base colors it makes sense to begin with the areas that are difficult to reach or hard to paint neatly so that we can tidy up any scrappiness when we add the subsequent colors I’m going to begin with the dark trim of the outfit and we’ll be using a 50/50 mix of black and mechanicus standard gray I’m going to use the same tone for the backpack but you could of course pick your own color here like brown perhaps for Basque I’ll be using some myrrh fist and red for the neck piece and some steel Legion drab for the belt which is a color we’ll be using a fair bit of later on now we paint the main part of the outfit for Basque we’ll use plain Ogrin camo whilst painting the suit we want to carefully neaten any scrappy edges left over from the previous colors and two thin layers will be needed for a reasonably solid finish source material indicates that there’s a dark under lay beneath Bosque’s white flak jacket which I’m going to paint with mechanicus standard gray for our second hunter we’re going to begin by using some white to neaten up the edges of the gray we’re then going to create a simple three tone urban camouflage pattern using white Celestra gray and mechanicus standard gray you could of course use any colors you like however here I’ve used white with some dark reaper and storm vermin fur for example since we already have the white we just need to add the gray parts of the design beginning with Celestra gray a quick search online for camouflage should give you plenty of ideas as to the kind of pattern you may like notice I’m leaving enough white space to add my darker gray tone afterwards and now we apply the mechanicus standard gray

the guns can now also be given a base tone of mechanicus standard gray with that done we now paint the eyes and I’m using wildrider red we don’t need to worry about being too neat here as it’s the green skin tone that will provide the final clean edge before painting the skin we’re going to give the gun a dry brush with some LED Belcher that’s right any areas of skin that we hit will be easily covered over when we add the green skin tone next we paint the skin for which we will need around two layers of castellan green the last areas in need of color are the claws and the tongue I’m giving my claws a base tone of Steel Legion drab for the tongue you could use or mix pretty much any shade of pink you like I’m using some screamer pink which I’m going to lighten with a little white with the base colors finished we’re ready for the shading and highlights we’re now going to work section by section adding shadow and highlight as appropriate we’ll begin by shading the yellow suit with a dark wash made of a 50/50 mix of non oil and egg rocks we can also apply this same mix to the claws and even the tongue for all of the gray areas including the gun we’re going to apply some straight non-oil we’ll also use this to shade the white flak jacket for our second hunter we can apply plain ol oil to the clothing as well as the back and other gray areas however we want to either avoid the areas we want to remain highlighted or as I’m doing gently wipe the wash away from those areas which would be places like the tops of the shoulders backside and knees this will allow us to avoid having to manually highlight these areas which would be tricky to do with such an intricate pattern the purpose of adding highlights and shading of course is to add contrast which creates depth with a heavily contrasting pattern we may have to exaggerate the shading further than usual to do that we can add some additional layers of shade selectively just to the areas we want to darken I’m using a thinned mix of 5050 no moil and lamian medium although water would also be fine and I’m adding up to three layers to strengthen the shadows we want to focus on the areas that would naturally be shadowed such as under the arms the inner leg areas and just below the leg pouches

this is pretty easy to do and by the time we’ve added our third layer we should be able to see a lovely builder Pro shade giving us that contrast and depth we’re looking for for Bosque’s outfit we begin adding highlights in the usual way starting with a thinned reapplication of a green camo we want to cover all of the main and raised areas with this but leave the creases and shadowed areas alone don’t forget to build up the paint in a couple of layers ensuring that we achieve the strongest tone for the lightest parts before we mix a brighter shade for the next layer of highlight we’re going to use a roughly equal mix of Agron camo and Flash gets yellow we now want to highlight a smaller area within the areas we’ve already covered if you followed the guides for the imperial faction you’ll already know that this is the most time-consuming part of the process but can also be quite meditative and rewarding we then add a little more of the yellow along with some white [Applause] for the last couple of highlights we can simply add some more white I’ve saved the brightest highlights for the tops of the shoulders the right elbow knees and edges of the pouches although it’s not essential you could finish the outfit off with a yellow glaze to help tie the layers together next we’ll highlight the black bag straps and sleeve cuffs with a dark gray I’m using ashen gray but you could also use mechanic as a standard gray I’m going to add just one smaller highlight with some additional whites mixed in to light undertone for basket we also needs to paint the color I’m going to give it a careful highlight using some evil sons scarlet followed by a thin strip of wildrider red we could then give it a dark wash I’m using Cara Berg crimson but non-oil might also be okay with the clothes more or less finished we can now paint the skin we’ll be highlighting the skin with two lighter shades of green before using a wash to tint the skin and give some definition to the scaly texture our first highlight

will be with some Elysian green as usual it’s important to thin the paint so we don’t kill the details this layer will cover most of the skin except for places like the small gaps between the toes when we get to the face we can also carefully leave some dark creases around the eyes which will help to make them a focal point and add expression the Elysian green will need a second layer especially for the upturned areas that would catch the most light now we use some open camera for our second highlight here we can also pick out some of the individual scales especially around the edge of our chosen area of high light we don’t need to articulate every scale however at the dark wash will be adding later will do that for us I’m not concerned about being too neat with the feet and legs as I’ll be adding a fair bit of dirt to them in the final stage once again we want to save the sharpest contrast for the eye area and just as with the Elysian green we should ensure we’ve maxed out the strength of the highlight by adding a second or even third layer for the brightest raised areas now we apply a dark wash to the skin to shade the recesses and give it a unifying tint there are several shades we could use and using different shades for individual hunters is a nice way to create some variety if I had to pick just one however I would probably use athon Ian’s camo shade and that’s what I’ll be using for Bosque it’s worth reminding ourselves that we need to give these shades a good long shake to get the best out of them as usual we apply the wash undiluted and ensure that it settles into all of the places we want darkened here we can see how nicely the shade helps to define the beautifully scaly texture of the skin for our second hunter I’m going to try out some built and green we can see straight away how much more vibrant this shade is compared to the more earthy tone of the Athenian camera shade depending on what kind of wash you used you may like to reapply a few final highlights to the face in particular with some O’Guin camo we can also pick out a few scales whilst we’re at it this completes our painting of the skin now we’ll use some ash Appetit bone to highlight the claws and we can use the same color to pick out a few teeth the last bits of detail we need to paint

other strap and belt buckles for that we can carefully apply a little iron breaker which we can then bail with a small amount of non oil finally we might add a little a cracks earth shade to the claws we’re now ready to add some finishing touches let’s now add some detail to the eyes we’ll begin by shading the eyes with some Fugen orange although a red shade like karabük crimson would also be okay we ideally want the wash to pool slightly around the rim of the eye to subtly shade to the edges so it might be best to hold the hunter horizontally for a minute to let the shade dry a little now we use some plain black and our smallest brush to paint the pupils we still thin the paint a little for these details as it helps prevents the paint on the brush from drying too quickly if things go wrong here we can always reapply some wildrider red to neaten things up or to start again one more touch we can add to the eyes is to add a tiny reflective glint with some pure white this wants to go just to the side of the pupil and should be as small as possible this is an entirely optional touch but is one that can really help bring life to the eyes we’re now going to use some steel Legion drab to add a dried mud effect an old brush would be good to use for this if you have one within the paint a little and in a semi dry brush fashion we simply stipple the paint onto the areas we want to whether we want to concentrate mostly on the feet and leg area x’ but can add bits of mud splatter as far up as we like this is a good opportunity to obscure any bits of the miniature you might not be happy with we should now reapply a few highlights to the muddied areas by adding some new shabby t-bone or even just some white to the steel Legion drab we might also bring back a little depth by using some AG rocks earth shade to darken the creases and recesses now our hunters have a pleasingly well-traveled look we can go ahead and paint the base before spraying with our matte varnish finally we might like to add some slightly thinned gloss varnish to the eyes this completes our Trandoshan hunters thank you once again for watching and for all of the likes comments and subscriptions that are so helpful to me and for the growth of the channel join me again soon as we finish off the mercenary faction before turning our attention to the heroes happy painting you