JB Mount Austin's Hidden Food Gems | Eatbook Overseas Guide | EP 5

hey you watching this video yes you April Twinkie for interns to join the team yeah you live and breathe right I’ll do basic videography we want you create content with us like this video or write about the hottest cafes in town on eBook SG down below for more details like five dollars at least each this is 20 bucks 25 minute drive from customs says pretty close all you jb experts were fully exploit the even and accustomed so they’re going for the inverse because there’s a whole plethora activities food and more will do some exploring find some cool places so next time you’re here you can check it out yourself let’s go Takia a restaurant gimchi and they saw in something this is like an Instagram post just waiting to happen i Iike ha ha ha ha because ooh my and together you shop on Saturdays and Sunday gentlemanly my resets at home working some piece for me is the hacker and Asuma I can just have ten plates of taco and be happy first glance right I’m really impressed because the skin looks thin so many plunge in there prawns have a crunch to it toes like fresh I really love the hot dog because the skin is chewing and the front a slightly crunchy but it’s further elevated by the water chestnut let’s try the boughs out you can see they are really and even it shows that it’s handmade like some ie in the back love meeting you this part actually a childhood favorite if this is red bean I grew up on this is the taste of childhood the red bean paste is so creamy it’s not always sugary I’ve been right but this one is a thick piece they’re like thousand-year-old a thousand your century century ok the eggs not that old um this even shredded chicken in it things are very hot Ebola stop for breakfast er is not like the biggest fan of chicken feet so we should definitely try it oh my god are you know in my mind me on the rock climbing wall on the rock climbing wall Justin like now doing urging you to become a better self we see lots of improvement that could be made slightly different to the ones I’ve tried before more like a herbal taste to it yeah that is really nicely marinated through not it will try to basics we should move on to the most special items [Laughter] you love this dish I worship and done yeah time worship winter I work in these conditions in my score you PLC Erin this really reminds me of a hot dog but we don’t have skin so it’s crunchy from the bronze once again and there’s also edit soft and chewy texture from the paste I really recommend my gosh team you’re gonna love it’s called Fung Wong yeah it’s a level up Jaco like all my favorite things joined together so sweet from the prawns and it’s salty from the salt on it at the end of it you get a cilantro and it cleanses your palate well I would really recommend my friends to come to Jim train my strong it’s not only one simple thing something I’ve never it up keep it up next time I mean JB I’m definitely coming back everything like we tried was really good aha we did this place Hot Topic cafe and restaurant it’s so pretty like from the lush green walls sort of paying little details we ordered a few dishes for us to try out I got the butter fish yeah I got the BND French sauce and fried chicken Benny I’m really excited for the sign the BND french toast because they actually have a huge block of house make honeycomb butter comes with a chunk of ice cream to it only getting an extra serving on back though me too okay then just got those very strong bun the butter is like the cherry on Thomas and Dean I love it I’m gonna try this banana oh

yeah you know banana and bacon it’s nice B&B but needs be bit good because everything here has no part in your life so you need the bananas baked that’s an extra soft and really sweet and then the beef bacon is really chewy and savory it’s a perfect definition of sweet and savory let’s try like chicken Benny can take the spice and marinate through to me even so it’s really tender really soft when you need your toaster you cut the crusts off no my favorite caramelized onions I’m gonna be no chicken so flavorful and not guilty but the influence below it’s a bit fresh there’s a nice balance let’s move on to the butter this I love the color that there’s looks like a painting on a plate for the finish what it wants is Sylvia in a bag purists know untainted by the world just kept in his bag like a fish commercial because the flavor of the fish is really mellow they sprinkle the dish with these capers so when they combine together it just balances out really well it looks a bit like eating from the garden of Avatar I can roast it a little outside and then the inside with pesto you can tell that they really put thought into it and all the flavors are really balanced all the textures have a contrast and build off each other hey this is really good you guys should try it [Laughter] so the most important part of a meal is desserts and we got the chocolate devil’s food I mean a consistency on this cake is very dense more like a pound cake actually with that warm chocolate coating well dude thumbs up I need more thumbs it’s real o’clock now I’m gonna try to hide here oh my gosh I’m so excited for it hi today we are tasting tots desserts and savory bye Wow oh we add 19 you ringing so 40 right they have like five kinds of special entities that’s our teacher not your basic hey create a secure yeah let’s try the fish green tea I really liked and I love the peachy fruity taste to it there’s a proper way of eating high tea right basically you just that was the top today possible so they have like a time I think with mushrooms he does not leave you like it looks like what’s mushrooms or the crust is sweet mushrooms got like a slight savory taste to it go to the second tier let me try mine so it’s like biscuits we’ve diced up meat and some parmesan shavings also my cracker has sausage he’ll be cold and seaweed so the flavors a bit saltier than the lay on top the second layer is a bit heavier get you ready for the third layer which we should get to right now crab Juanita chocolate cake has been generous to you yeah I can choose what you want to first well first I know huorchi of you gentlemen you and try my cream when it’s at first but look it’s so nicely touched as well I’m gonna try this choux pastry suck of raspberry jam a whole lot of things going on it’s delicious Suzie so gentlemen mmm I love my creme Bonita this sweet is creamy I love it yeah a little truce we’ve shown you our charm so long I’ll be a gentleman and take the chocolate cake you should have picked this it’s delicious extra wise the crunch from the casing is there and oh there’s our gem Food Center in the middle as well this chocolate cake becomes in three layers top layer is a mean icing chocolate mousse and then a chocolate sponge cake underneath actually this is my second time here at tropic a favorite Jean because is so value for money and ambiance here it’s out of this world so this place actually located in echo world there are many other cafes and little shops and it’s really picturesque so come here take your ID photos enjoy some great food it’s a great day Rodie pretty the best time to come yeah it’s between three to six because you get to enjoy both the brunch and the high tea set what do we do a challenge what’s the challenge see who can take the best instagram-worthy photo for all producers what seems you’re creative and I’m a write that evil you have to get ahead make it right okay so you take a photo I’ll take a photo with a handicap but even so if you lose to me hello darkness my old friend okay next thing on my head you could you

get finally is name you get busy me Oh what 20 minutes later right now jwc factory 13 it’s very secluded so when the grab driver is bringing you don’t think that you’re lost you’re probably heading in the right direction universities are very cool friend because they are morning outlet in each outlet has their own theme so this one it’s a factory if we got a mocha because I’m facing I want to think what those are my lucky I got me an Irish Coffee Cheers yeah it’s still going down and you feel it just heating up everything on the way they are you can’t taste the alcohol it just tastes like a really good coffee how’s your coffee I love this because it’s not bitter it’s more milk than usual lucky I should not disappear even have to leave it out for a while so this shows that the girl says good so because that tiramisu this is that signature and the coffee that we knew since I can guarantee good that’s elbow on site so if you can do alcohol skip this I really love about the tiramisu is that is more cream than usual and the ladyfingers are not so soaking wet that is to for flavor my favorite would be this and this combined individually they’re good but together they’re like a team a unit already always ready we don’t keep peaceful that’s a club dance cream topping is peanuts hazelnuts match up what’s another ingredient I don’t even know [Laughter] the top one in brown sugar it tastes like a smoothie it’s really heavy if you’re hungry if you drink one of these you’ll fill you up I can see it being a really good like breakfast drink like start your day and it’s drinks like full-on yeah I like that there’s like the chew from the pill and the crunch from the nuts really good smiley I see my dad ring is uniquely special atiba class is truly unique like that’s the mean a drink [Laughter] you think you see all I gotta say is I already have to mention that the drinks are all unique truth wisdom so I guess that’s all for today see you all tomorrow so it’s a fresh new morning and my stomach is empty and I’m starving funnel some of the states cut the sugar pantry it’s like a ten minute drive away from 7-month or sit but it’s worth it because look at this and specifically came here for this XXL macaroon look at it is Mesut what you got there I got a sea salt rosemary flatbread I’ve got a soft-boiled egg bun and a potato yogurt one minor key sprinkled on top and they baked it they got like a nice cheesy flavor they got like a whole potato in you it’s like a mashed potato that they’ve reformed into a potato you did that

yogurt inside one Mayo then yo good how’s yours I love it I guess it is like my top five favorite bread now it really feels like takoyaki it’s chewy bread and then with the bonito flakes the Mayo the hand rubric it’s a burst of flavor to the main player of the day everybody’s pea it’s very feel like mini as big as Cara’s face so did 32 bring it about sensing dollars they also have a dual flavor so for doing love us out there yeah says Miller of a huge macaroon base it’s 10 cm thick whoo using jam and Laver so the inside I think is sobbing and then we decorate it on the outside with cream strawberries and these are mochi doughnut balls we kind of mochi ball this is a chewy you do trying to stop it on its own right it’s really sour that’s why that the balance between sweet and sour this what is really nicely made let’s try to Posen when you’re not just kicked I feel like it’s a cross between a cheesecake and whipped cream I’m a fan on really pretty desserts this one it’s a bit gimmicky but that case is on point this place is really similar to Paris spaghetti that sweet stuff and savory stuff on those uses are very nice it reminds me of a little Japanese gardens really Zen mmm then the world this place is really really love character and they play like really cool music just City drink your coffee eat your food and like Bob’s to the jams sorry if I’m ready Kiara sorry were trying five different dishes they got the quesadilla brekkie the mix of plants the rainbow sellable ten fried salmon with kimchi cauliflower right and roasted peanut butter – this one looks really good let’s start with this one this is a signature the quesadilla breakfast wrong I think I mean favorites on this is Tom Yam that’s salty nuts from the hens I love it mmm mmm if you get this dish which you should make sure you ate or when it’s piping hot you get this nice crunch from the copier does this also have you I guess go through the rainbow tell Ebonics you can see why it’s called the rainbow salad it’s so colorful and the cranberries give a nice bite to it the nice dose of sweetness which breaks out the salad dressing everybody maybe a different take off our chicken Tomiko yeah this is a mailman a proper meal even another validator option which is mess up lines kind of reminds us of the entrance of the cafe there’s a mess of climb who the pump is really saw it’s got a grainy texture to it it melts in your mouth literally the cauliflower just cooked to perfection it’s got a nice crunch to it it’s interesting because you get natural sweetness and a primal granite and then you get a bit of a spice flavor from the couscous my first impression for this I already love it because of let ox Emma look so juicy oh and this plate is actually people friendly so this is country cauliflower rice flavor-wise is very robust with spicy and sour whoo okay I’m not trying to M they use fresh salmon it doesn’t have an overly fishy flavor or the beasts are poly power Rises a lot a really flavorful it now then this time I get to shine without any additional flavoring to me oh my gosh the things I have most excited about this is the roasted peanut butter french toast like a peanut butter is totally covered by general serving of banana talk on it it has trap these cougar shavings mmm so they used like a Sultana bread the sweetness from the raisins mix with the banana and you get a bit of a savory taste from the peanut butter with the crunch from the cross I will get one this place is amazing the food is I love that tubby yeah they are really friendly always ready to help and the barista few years ago he was a Brewster champion of Singapore and Malaysia you know you’re gonna get a good coffee if you’re in JB and you feel like something modern I think this is a must try it or not it looks like Steve Aoki you know I like zombies it’s okay we show you guys and you can decide oh yeah there is hey what’s up Steve Aoki zombie you decide this owners really cool is Henry’s kitchen to get our hands dirty we’re gonna try making a cup of coffee and doing the latte art as well let me shine your cooler like the ice angel so this is the one I made just a little time years tastes heavenly is it true right if the lucky I how the coffee is really

good you can drink it although the bottom is the archons you say yes I guess you also stop babbling no pressure Chiara right called me but wish me luck not even angel my abstract art just a five minute ride away from our Airbnb is John and Austin hi and this place really reminds me of book it demands what’s Bukit Timah be mind oh no you don’t look at the amount so this is really like Janis Austin Heights they have a lock Korea book VI restaurants and even Korean clinics oh I mean pretty much the basics here right yeah fun charge and the best way to tell that this place is authentic is to test the kimchi there’s no beef on offer but or what you’re paying that’s a pretty good selection and I’ve never tried pork skin before well that’s like the essential thing that you need for cream bath.you pork belly teaching chiara Korean belly so there’s a notice here that explains why there’s only like a small amount of meat out so it’s to keep it fresh so they have more in the back and they’ll replenish it as it’s all eaten how about we just get one of everything oh this is kimchi soup kimchi jjigae before we start cooking kiara Korean lesson number two child Lafayette Sumida Charaka Samhita and this is the best part when you get started on Korean barbecue and you’re just throwing everything on yeah you get a smell that looks and make it more flavorful @ma qgj I think food less power anything so I did sell do you like the vp pakistan pad of a future then just I we came around the owners initially look very stoic penny when you start talking to human chorionic face lit up hello there are you Korean yeah it’s like the most Korean that expecting you I was a spark or earnest Congress [Laughter] that sizzle man give me so hungry this so challenging you need a bit of coordination anyway you’re older than me rice team sure I’m you know one cutting the meat I’ll teach you I really like Korean barbecue no no no no there’s no what you wanna try new a poem neither for me that was it trying to correct your channel ha oh you either so my favorite way of eating it let’s take a leaf you can eat the more meat the better three pieces three yes after you put the meat need to put some 10 jump oh yeah got a pack that on his own I think the easiest way to get it is like use one of the meats they like scoop it up you can get some chives you can also get some out of kimchi alright this is it I’m going to try looking at rice inside and it needs to go all in one mouthful you think it’s the way you thought right is a pretty healthy dinner you want to eat a lot of vegetables actually and a ratio of meat and vegetable is good Anna try to pop a bogey first there’s not much more food in the pork belly like it there’s a bit of the sweet sauce sorry chicken the seasonings really like you can barely tell that it’s re not about trying almost everything I’m usually a pop person like yeah but that sugar not in a potbelly everything’s really good like well well seasoned a little subtle but my favorite would still be the plain pork belly I can’t dishonor it and pick something else but wait there’s more oh it’s the pork skins like mochi a savory salty mochi first time in jb

right you have to calm down – no don’t have a curious John because for 24 ringgit it’s so very common and the kimchi here on point whoa this is not the end of a loop i jb put block we saw so many cool places ain’t so much good food which was your favorite well I think all the Cathay’s my final answer would be tropic cafe and restaurant because I love the West innocent by it’s nothing as ghosts so we enjoy our photo-taking session you my favorite would be people in places cafe the food was super tasty and the coffee is made by a champion barista there’s so many places to see so much more we will recommend you coming down for more in just two days and it’s just a short drive from customs so why not thanks for watching this episode of April plugs if you want to see more like this click over there and don’t forget to Like share subscribe wait you like to come overseas food going concern right then I want to comment section down below where you want us to go next and what you want us to try ah ok I got a joke that I’ve been saving okay knock knock who’s there impatient cow