europe travel vlog pt.3: VIENNA & BUDAPEST

[Applause] so we got on the tram for the wrong direction so he got off at the next station cross the street and now we’re waiting for the tram that goes in the right direction here we are where are we [Applause] so basically we thought they were open 11 so we got here I love in there turns out they open up 12 so our trying to study if we’re gonna go to a different place or kind of like hang out for an hour until they open and then come back this place looks better this place centimeter oh oh here okay so we’ll just go around [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] background to so there’s nothing in this one [Applause] this one just like so cool inside [Applause] is there a doctor [Applause] I don’t see any tugs [Applause] [Applause] Oh Oh is there line oh let’s not

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we were gonna go to one of two cafes cafes pearl or filled but both of them are full and don’t have me seed so we’re just going to walk towards and see if there’s any cafes along the way that we can just like stop it [Applause] [Laughter] yeah [Applause] [Applause] make sure you get one of this and then one Apple shoe rolls and then we can share it to ya so we’re headed over to the Belvedere Palace right now and the Sun is setting so we’re trying to get there before it gets too dark and we can’t like really see anything but it’s like another 20 25 minute walk from here so hopefully the Sun has a completely set by the time we get there [Applause] [Applause] here we are in the gardens start to get dark [Applause] here we are in the belvedere garden I’m ready to say yes yes really nice here in the summer [Applause] I know what this is I know what they mean like is this like what friendship or something or like is this like happiness or something let’s draw my toes I want to go back to the moment when I first met this dish so we just ate dinner at a Greek place called meet those and the food was Circe’s so good

free gym that’s literally what this is called [Applause] [Laughter] is that the garden are we gonna walk up there alright let’s do this then dot and we want to go to number five and then back down and then to the greenhouse pull pull us up Eric on me hold on all of this from down there it’s a greenhouse like this place what if it’s so much prettier this summer but right now it’s just like cuz the winters like sad I like barren here is the greenhouse take it six yes [Applause] we love sitting [Applause] can we go in there how is it ocean is it warmer it’s not that much warmer I don’t understand under why we’re not closed like what are we not supposed to touch like these leaves oh it kind of looks like there’s thorns on them maybe that’s why all here’s the venous pressure those are the sticky stuff what are that one aha this one yeah we’re on our way to cafe right now over law to try before you leave just like famous barely that is our cake not your tortoise a fetus

we’re back here for dinner for a last meal in Vienna because it’s just so green good yesterday we are Buddha fast first thing I see is burger yeah I feel like there’s a Burger King at like next to a train station every city we’ve been to so far [Applause] all rise all ready to walk is that where we go what is like this way what is this but is it like extreme hiking we’re gonna go up that we are not gonna go this way we’re just gonna go up normal stone set steps where did our ego go down that way sure you stand in line it’s coffee yeah I might get that yeah this is where we’re gonna spend all our money yeah I might get a nice coffee like at all owes up this is the start of the desert oh no here it is some Legos guy thinking 300 I mean like it did say that like each place does it kind of differently because they don’t know the original recipe yeah which ice cream sundae

you’re gonna get smoothie how is it yeah it’s really sweet cinnamon this was becoming a sponge cake though on the bottom it should custard yeah take much softer than sponge cake yeah guru me indigo [Applause] he’ll inspire I’m healing