Second Sight – Meet John Vattic #1 (Gameplay)

hey there guys it’s me no guard and welcome to second sight so this game is really kind of old it’s almost 10 years old it came out in 2005 but this is an awesome game this has an awesome storyline the gameplay is not perfect but it’s lots of fun and you can do well you can do telekinesis and stuff but I’m not gonna really reveal much of the storyline yet because it’s very surprising and if you guys know it already please do not spoil it in the comment section this game is that is all that played back then on the PlayStation 2 but well I got now the PC version so I can play for you guys ok let’s go there’s only one level so far isolation so let’s start this this game has a really unique graphic style but it’s it’s good it looks really good you’ll see guys I’ll let you enjoy the cutscene hey come on Harry buzz me through what you got that’s not guess he won’t be dating again and like he’s ever gonna have he’s a psycho killer that’s classified these losses are mine the lab ones cuz what the crash-test dummy who knows been led up to a box all summer and maybe he’s killing cancer he can hear all he wants hey Doc more monkey juice over here be careful with that one let me see hold his arm alone No we’re waking up now there we go there we have our powers oh okay why can’t I remember anything I I gotta get this door open no Aaron you know what to do yes that switch up there opens the door I’ll open this with my I could just tear lace and mrs. powers my psyche I don’t understand whoa how’s uh if I’m going crazy well I just pressed that switch from here you are not crazy sir but I can tell much the not spoil it for you either man it strengthens your memory so much medical equipment but no patient sniff I wonder if I managed to undo those straps and then unlock the isolation what else can I do it’s no use I don’t think I can go on I feel so weak healing powers so that’s amazing I suddenly feel a little better and a more moral day so I’m used to the controls of the PlayStation 2 so I have to get used to control here so I switched to healing and then left mouse button to heal let’s see ourselves completely the red bar is my help and the blue bar is for how long I can use the power so done it worked much better so let’s see it’s time for me to get careful whoever I know there are some guards there elevator way out yeah ladies are the test and I didn’t realize remember call the elevator without the proper code I know when we haven’t run aha hey guys that [ __ ] cool as hell okay the doctors are somebody man they’re such chickens bad ok still a [ __ ] hell man Oh a swipe card Oh [ __ ] hell I know where the swipe route is Cod as

harsh cook oh whatever this game is really good man it’s really a good good game you guys are not gonna regret watching this playthrough believe me there’s a computer in there I wonder if it can shred in light of my situation we’re inside there new that doesn’t hear sometimes so I don’t really remember completely what to do okay there we go that’s cool huh I can speed forward the time when when well when I went well well well we actually didn’t notice when I play the PlayStation version okay in real life that would be very very useful I don’t want it the best even faster finish recomputed leave mouse space well I was hoping for some patient records I guess I’m out of luck map of this suppose surgeries the room I’m in at the moment this computer is that little red dot oh yeah right the code for the elevator is eight four six one well I can’t come in use okay okay oh forgot okay eight four six one okay okay I managed how to how to move on go to anymore though forget it man leave me alone I hope he puts it automatically he doesn’t I’m screwed yeah he puts it out of Matt what dog pup I have to wait don’t come inside but you’re so dumb man you don’t see hello [ __ ] heck dudes scare you again okay be chicken shits that’s all you can be chicken [ __ ] dad okay short again okay okay still all a mystery guys still all a mystery but believe me it’s gonna be surprising six months ago okay but a man gentlemen e-excuse me hey I’m vatic dr. John Banach finally Colonel Joshua stock US Marines good to meet you colonel this way dr. Braddock thanks call me John what’s all this about look I’m glad to be of help but one day’s notice is barely enough time for work out of time dr. Craddock can you handle the sidearm they said my role was strictly advisory then advise yourself to get some weapons training my squad doesn’t nursemaid tourists I’m in a squad now we’ll explain it all at the briefing 1800 hours be there oh okay well [ __ ] well [ __ ] Sookie military training I wasn’t expecting this I guess I should find someone who knows what’s going so firing range the girl thinks you could do with some physical training before you’re given a fire up I’m Catelli Tom’s expert follow me and we’ll see what kind of shape you’re in okay let’s just cover some basics firstly some simple climbing watch me and follow over these walls just walk into and over it’s that easy well easy for you I guess what okay it looks easy you know okay and then okay okay good work keep it up okay it’s automatic

I just walked towards it and it does it automatically so nothing’s really hard but it looks like you keep yourself in good shape porch what do you expect but [ __ ] will continue your training okay uh crouch you need to crouch yeah exactly let’s see good so next part of training okay that soldiers yourself over here as weapons now mm-hmm okay over here doctor no it gets exciting use your head vadik let’s see if you can get around this problem okay let’s see that yeah make your way along the edge okay strong guy on John vadik over here dr. Banach yep okay so what okay so here I write Jackson’s the name let’s get to work let’s do it man you proved you can climb walls but what about using cover lean against the wall of this block press even use the movement keys to move John into a wall to lean against it now move along the wall try leaning out and peeking around the corner but a small problem you can see my head so this is not a good hiding place it like this yeah let’s clean a bit of the wall alright okay that’s enough what do you mean okay I know what you mean now cracking this techno cuckoo cuckoo key I’m sorry I am dumb sometimes man roust against the wall to use the cover you’ll move slower when crouching like this right see get to the other side of the end block and try to sneak back past me to the tunnel entrance okay yeah wait seriously okay but yeah you your back is turned so that’s just easy wait wait I have to get to the other side of the end block and try to sneak back past me to the tunnel entrance here I come okay oh okay see you yeah ha ha ha ha of course don’t think that’s allowed martabak wait wait wait [ __ ] okay come at me okay we’ll come down one step at a time one step at a time okay so left so left it is move man stay there ah yeah it’s time to let you move well make your way through these uses again so you that is easier it’s like if fps and FPS okay let’s just do it no choice try to learn people’s behavior and pass through them man okay will do dude dude what are you doing dude Wow the way the dealer looks again to the left or to the right doesn’t matter stop checking you okay okay okay okay

I have an opening Oh sitting he’ll okay okay doesn’t matter is not gonna see me he does not see me doesn’t matter there’s no [ __ ] that man [ __ ] Hegman oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] mmm boy the cameras all crazy Oh [ __ ] hell man I think yeah yeah bingo okay I have to pass through him okay well look at it I guess for you yet EJC at the rifle range to continue your training Oh rifle range okay wait wait just the time moments wait wait wait although all right ready for your pistol training pit tortellini this way this way okay Oh pistol training first of all I want to show you how to aim your web okay take this pistol okay MIT at the indicated target okay no problem don’t have any problem with this now move your aim to the next in the key target oh how can I shoot man oh not yet I guess that’s good now it is move your aim to the next indicated target all right so log on to and psycho you’re aiming between individual Carrigan’s next we’ll look at fine-tuning your aiming no problem doing it now gently adjust your aim until you’re pointing at the head I’m finding a direction okay now you know how to aim a firearm okay aim is pointless without knowing at the end don’t know luckily firing is the easy part it is keep your m steady and I squeeze the track to attack today go okay practice everything I just showed you will continue on what your guns empty oh okay the better much oh I destroyed you said it good okay okay okay okay oh wait I have to destroy it all oh it’s gone oh [ __ ] BAM oh it just read he’s not gonna shoot you I see how many of these targets you can heap okay can I shoot you man I don’t know if I can shoot you mr. marchek gonna shoot you’re nuts man decision connection that’s my signal to start okay man I’m shooting at you okay okay continue your training in the next room oh I follow it through Hey don’t close the door on me rude bastard okay okay what’s up now okay what to do there will be a number of hostiles taking up strategic positions in this room you’ll need to use cover if you want to beat them all behind efficient and stealth against it okay okay good okay this is cool long time didn’t play shooting game hey let’s go in okay left yeah over the barrier okay targets will be easier to eat from different shooting position okay cool okay now really start each hostile would take three weeks from your training weapon okay or they give up okay the lights on the barrier will indicate how many hits each has their gyro fail and have to try again if you sustained so many heads so be careful alright Roger into position and wait for my signal three two one go

film okay not going so well okay new shots on that guy already okay every single bullet so far oh [ __ ] too late okay oh he’s dead and he’s that too okay come out [ __ ] don’t be scared it’s the game okay hell no okay yeah no training next phase okay man follow me I’ll follow you I finished the next phase and then I finish my bid you do it okay still deal it is a deal dude you’re slow dude okay okay make your way to the compound gate this time you need to shoot your way through you don’t run a business number you’re still training it might be better to choose your shots carefully and keep the situation under control don’t worry about me okay test starts sting a bit but they’re armed ‘less if you’re taking too many hits I’ll call you back just remember the real enemy don’t fire blanks and neither do we take this seriously and you’ll do okay okay man wait can I shoot you yeah that gets you at you bet take it easy Atlantic I always do this [ __ ] when I have the opportunity of shooting someone that is on my side I just do it for fun see what happens for example you know dessert again sorry man just joking around are you for the enemy yeah hey watch it yeah I watch it I don’t care man girl what I have to go again yeah no there I think yep exactly yep okay okay it’s like paintball down ah screwed yeah you can put your arm down ah [ __ ] man [ __ ] okay where the helis okay yep I’m at so oh okay we have a duel here Phil yep I did wait so okay the stairs I go crouched I’m already crouching careful okay can only go through here so let’s go through here okay are there okay oh this call the stupid person sounder and I’m out as well so guys I hope you enjoyed my video I hope you’re liking the game so far if you are please leave in the comments down below say it in the comments down

below I mean and well I will continue playing this game anyway but I just want to know your opinion if you’re enjoying it this is really a very good game stories awesome you guys are in for a treat here so anyway I will see you guys in the next video then take care if you guys enjoyed my video be sure to leave a like share it with your friends and leave a nice comment down below thanks again for watching