Roadtrip: New York, NY

hey don’t be laughing I get 70 miles to the gallon on this haul baby well who’s ready for a road trip before you’re seated this morning I just want to take this opportunity to say I’m so excited about this series s Corey said over the next nine weeks we’re going to be visiting some major cities talking about their tag lines what they’re known for and relating that to what God might be wanting to say to us the church today and here’s what I’m going to ask of you I’m going to ask that you would join me in my excitement so whatever you’re feeling when you come into this place let’s take it to another level let’s take it to another level of engagement of receptivity of excitement knowing what God could do in this place so here’s what I want to say for those of you that serve to those of you who are greeters may in Crete like you have never greeted before open the door with a smile to those in our parking lot don’t just wave someone into a space maybe during this next nine weeks in this season you actually open a car door for somebody engage them in a conversation if you’re serving and volunteering in our kids corner man don’t go into it with the mindset oh I have to go be with the kids no man I get you going and still godly values and principles and character into the next generation and for all of us here today man if we could get to another level in our excitement understanding that God wants to speak to us you know if I knew that God wanted to speak directly to me you know I would be excited about that I’d be pumped up so over the next nine weeks can we come into this place excited pumped up knowing that God is going to speak we’re going to go to nine different cities there’s going to be nine different messages but I want you to know that God wants to speak to you week after week after week and I’m telling you make it a priority to be here God’s going to do something amazing through the series and i know it to be true so why don’t we just do this just so i know that you know it as you find your seat this morning turner three people and tell them this message is for me this message is for me this message is for me Thank You where’s your team well welcome to the first stop on our summer road trip New York City let me start off by asking you a question how many of you in this place have ever been to New York Wow a lot of you guys some of you guys love New York City just a quick fact about New York and most of you know this it is the most populated city in America it’s a population of over eight million people now that’s crazy now think about this for just a second in the city where we’re from Louisville it has a population in the city of about 600,000 so New York man 8 million people as a matter of fact it’s over double the next closest city in size and that’s LA in LA has about 3.8 million so over 8 million people is incredibly large for a city now what also you may know about New York is this tourist destination as a matter of fact because we’re visiting New York before I get to my message I thought I’d just bring up a few quick pictures of New York City these are the five most popular and most visited tourist spots in new york number five we got the empire state building the empire state state building has an awesome observation deck you can see a clear view of the city it’s simply amazing next up number four we got the Brooklyn Bridge the Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic figure in New York also number three central park right who doesn’t want to go where they filmed part of the movie else right central part number to the Statue of Liberty man it is fitting on this fourth of July weekend we are celebrating our independence and that’s exactly what that represents our Liberty as the country and also meant that this is the land of opportunity do you my thankful for that this morning amen in the number one visited spot in new york city times square now why you may have seen a lot of those places in person or on TV or have heard about them there’s something that you may not know about New York and I find this pretty fascinating new york has actually had three different names I didn’t know if you knew that or not but I didn’t know that till this week as a matter of fact it started off as a Dutch settlement there on the island of Manhattan and

they called it New Amsterdam that was the city’s first name New Amsterdam way England came in took control changed the name to New York well the Dutch they weren’t too happy about this so eight years later they mounted a comeback recapture the city and you know what they called it then they didn’t call it New Amsterdam they actually called it new orange they named it after their king prince of orange and I promise you it held the name new orange for over a year which is kind of ironic because it’s known as the Big Apple but we could be calling it today new orange well the English England man they got their act together ree conquered it reclaimed it and renamed it to what they wanted it to be named New York City and while New York might be the official name it’s also known by a lot of mottos or tag lines right as i just said one of them is the Big Apple other people call it the capital of the world some people call it the financial capital of the world it’s also known as the city so nice they named it twice New York New York it’s also known as the concrete jungle because of all the the sidewalks and roads and skyscrapers but it’s mostly know for the tagline the city that never sleeps and as you’ve heard what we’re doing in this series is we’re taking these tag lines and relating it to what God would want to say to us the church so let’s focus on the phrase New York is the city that never sleeps you see I think what he might be saying through the church today is we need to be known as the church who aren’t sleeping on what he’s called us to do now we rest in what Jesus accomplished on our behalf right right he lived the life we couldn’t live he paid the debt to pay the debt of sin on the cross that we couldn’t pay right he did the work we rest in that when it comes to salvation right the only thing we have to do now Jesus even said this in John chapter 6 verse 29 he says this this is the work of God to believe in the one he sent right it’s not behavior its belief it’s not behavior its belief we rest in the finished work of Jesus on the cross as a matter of fact Jesus has last words right before he died was this found in John chapter 19 verse 30 now last words are important you guys know that last words are important if I knew only had about 10 minutes to live how many of you know that I would want my family around and I would want to tell them something important well this is Jesus’s last words John chapter 19 verse 30 says when he received the drink jesus said it is finished with that he bowed his head and gave up his spirit his last words were it is finished now in the Greek this isn’t three words like it is in English it’s actually one word for taking notes I want you to write this word down the word is Ted LS style tetas les dice a word in greek and it can be translated to end to complete or to purge a debt so when Jesus says Ted a less died on the cross it is a statement of victory you see during the life and time of Jesus this word kettle estee meant one of three things one it was a word that a servant was would use after he went out and did or said what the master told him to do he would come back into the Masters presence and say Ted elesta it’s finished what you told me to do what you call me to do is done the second way was used it was a merchant term the merchant the merchants would come in and they would buy and sell goods and whenever something was paid for they would literally stamp the piece of paper kettle estee the debt has been paid in full you owe nothing more but it was also used for this in the Jewish sacrificial system people would bring in animals before the priest and the priest would have to examine each animal for cuts for bruises for imperfections but if it passed the test and didn’t have any of those the priest would say Ted elesta it’s acceptable for sacrifice you get this so when Jesus said it is finished what was finished he was saying that look all the father I did the work you call me to do I preached the messages you called me to preach it’s finished on the cross I shed my blood and this this blood was shed for the forgiveness of sins so that those that believed in me I’m stamping kettle estee over him that has been paid in full you owe nothing more right he said look I am the perfect sacrifice for sin without blemish without spot I live the perfect life of obedience before your father Ted elesta I’m the perfect sacrifice that’s what he accomplished on our behalf is anybody excited about that

this morning but while we rest in that while we rest in the finished work of Christ we got to be careful where we’re not lulled to sleep thinking that now we don’t have to do anything once we receive best salvation there’s a difference between resting and sleeping we rest in Christ but man we don’t fall asleep we don’t fall asleep he’s got some work for us to do as a matter of fact check this out Matthew chapter 11 28 through 30 in the message Bible I love how it puts it I think it puts it so playing let’s pull that up it says are you tired now burned out on religion right religion is spelled do it’s about what you do but relationship is spelled done what Jesus did on our behalf on the cross that’s why he said come to me get away with me and I’ll and you’ll recover your life I’ll show you how to take a real rest man we rest in him but check this out it also goes on to say that Jesus said this we get that pulled up walk with me right walking it takes a little bit of effort and he’s not talking about sleepwalking either right somebody walking around sleepwalking man they’re bumping into things ain’t doing nobody any good but we walk with me and work with me there’s there’s some effort there’s some work that needs to be done watch how I do it I love this learn the unforced rhythms of grace I won’t lay anything heavier ill-fitting on you keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly listen guys Jesus finished everything that the father called him to do but you have not you have some unfinished business as a matter of fact if you still have breath as long as you still have breath you have some unfinished business while you are here now we know that we are created right Ephesians 2 10 says for we are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works which he prepared in advance for us to do so we’ve been created for good works right but here’s the thing sometimes what God must do is that he must work in you before he can work through you so let’s talk about that there’s some unfinished business that you have as a matter of fact let me put it let me put it this way I love this Jesus says in revelations chapter 3 to the church in Sardis he says this if we can get that pulled up he says I know your deeds you have a reputation of being alive but you are what did you have a reputation of being alive but you’re dead here’s the thing guys people might look at you and they might say man man they got such a good marriage look at her look at him man they got it they got it all figured out man they’re so in love my man behind the scenes there’s no relationship there’s no intimacy it’s the appearance of life but really you’re dead financially someone might look at you say man look at that they got the house they got the car look at all that stuff they got but they don’t know deep down that you’re you’re just drowning in dead just trying to plug the holes of your sinking ship you got the appearance of being alive but you’re dead or spiritually speaking someone might look at you and say man they got a great relationship with Jesus look at them but they don’t know that that’s just an hour a week when you come in on Sunday mornings but really behind the scenes you don’t have a relationship with God you are spiritually really there’s nothing there it’s flat your relationships flat you have the appearance of being alive but you’re dead but check out what he goes on to say he doesn’t stop there he says this he says wake up everybody say wake up come on say it louder wake up wake up in other words stop sleeping wake up to what God might be calling you to do he says wake up’ strengthen what remains and is about to die for i have found your deeds what unfinished in my sight you got some unfinished business you still got some work to do strengthen what remains you got some work to do you have a calling that God wants you to start taking steps in and taking steps toward for other people to do a work not just in your life some unfinished business but to begin to use what you’ve been given to bless other people you got a job to do you got a calling on your life every single one of you have a calling in your life and on your life as a matter of fact Paul says this in Acts chapter 20 verse 24 he says this he said however I consider my life worth nothing

to me not a zip zero zilch it’s worth noting my only aim is to finish the race and complete finishing complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me what was the task the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace you see Paul said look I got a calling I got some unfinished business and I’m going to I’m going to continue to do it that matter of fact that’s my only aim is to finish the race and complete the tasks right now just just in your notes I just want you to think about and write down so maybe some things that God’s may be called you to do maybe some unfinished business in your life you know maybe you don’t get anything let me let me help you out maybe maybe even coming to church and you’ve been receiving when God also calls you to give back to use your talents and abilities and resources to bless his church the body of Christ his bride you got some unfinished business maybe it’s in your in your marriage and right you’re sitting there and you’re pointing fingers at your spouse but then guys going to really make you realize that man there’s some point their fingers pointing back at you and you got some things going on that you maybe need to deal with in your life you got some unfinished business God might want to come into your life and maybe bring just some correction through the Holy Spirit into your life maybe it is financially and right you got some things in areas where you’re struggling and you’re drowning look now’s the time you got some unfinished business you need to go when you need to seek help seek counsel seek wisdom maybe it’s physically maybe it’s physically and and you’ve let yourself go you got some unfinished business and God might be saying look now’s the time to start taking care of the temple the body that he’s blessed you with time to start eating right eating healthy right exercising maybe for you as God’s called you to give to someone who’s in need and you haven’t done it yet you got some unfinished business maybe if he’s asking you to share his life in his love with someone that you know maybe it’s a fellow student a co-worker a friend a family member and you haven’t done it yet you have some unfinished business unfinished business guys now is the time to wake up now’s the time to wake up we need to identify some things in our life that are unfinished into what God’s calling us to do and walk in and begin to take those steps begin to take steps towards accomplishing and finishing the task that he’s given to us we need to finish strong there’s two ways that we do this two ways that we finish strong and I hope these really ministered to you as they did to me this week but there’s two ways I think some biblical principles that it lays out and the first one is this if you’re taking us I want you to write this down you need to commit to a finishing decision commit to a finishing decision now I get it a lot of you have a fear of committing a matter of fact I think that’s one of the biggest struggles that we face in our culture today and that is of committing last week I talked in our yellow light message how when we’re faced with the yellow light right we have one or two options to slow down and stop or we can realize we’re past the point of no return and go on through the intersection but even sometimes when we’re faced with that we just don’t know what to do we don’t know what to commit to we have a problem committing some of it may be a fear right I’m missing out i know i struggle with foam oh really bad i really do fear of missing out so i don’t commit to one thing for fear that hey if I commit to this and actually carry through and do it man there might be something else that comes up and I can’t because I’m committed over here but i’ma let you know that fear of missing out will actually keep you out of what God might be calling you to do any and you’re doing it because you haven’t made the commitment it takes a commitment to a finishing decision step one as a matter of fact Jesus even did this Jesus shows us the example right before the cross he’s in the Garden of Gethsemane in mark chapter 14 in verse 36 and he actually praised this prayer and most of you probably know this but he says ah the father everything is possible for you take this cup from me in other words if there’s any other way then the cross open it up for me if there’s any other way that I could accomplish this except for the cross man I just bring that across my path man the cross I don’t know everything’s possible for you take this cup for me but then I think in that moment in that very moment he thought about it he made a commitment to a finishing decision because he goes on to say yet not what I will but what

you will yet not what I will but what you will he made that finishing decision now if you know the story he goes on and comes back from praying and he finds his disciples there and what is our what does the disciples doing what yeah they’re sleeping and he says man couldn’t you just stay away for an hour keep watch for an hour hey do it again I’m going to go back and pray keep watch and you pray here he goes and he praised he he prays that same prayer did you know that he prays to the same prayer twice take this cuff for me but he made the same resolution yet not what I will but what you will he comes back and he finds them sleeping again here he is faced with what what he is called to do and going to the cross and he comes back and his disciples are sleeping again he doesn’t say anything to him I know they probably just saw the look in his face he just goes actually back and he praised it a third time but the same time he makes the same resolution man I’m committed to this I’m committed to this decision so laughter he comes back the third time he finds him sleeping again for a third time and he says rise get up and let’s go here’s the awesome thing where were they going they were going to the cross he made a finishing decision and how does this play out in your life making a finished decision as to things two things real quick on making a finished decision a finishing decision a finishing decision I’m going to check this what it is my no sign on just second a finished decision because this is good Oh will motivate you to endure short-term pain for long-term gain a finished decision in your mind already committed and already made up you can’t endure short-term pain for long-term game you can endure the pain for the long term gain right again look at Jesus where I can’t help but think of Hebrews let us fix our eyes on Jesus the Pioneer and perfecter of our faith for the joy set before him for the finish line he endured the cross scorning its shame he said look I can take the pain I can take the torture I can take the shame and the humiliation because I know what it’s going to gain on behalf of those who put their trust in me a finished decision a commitment to that will help you endure short-term pain for long-term game and the second thing is this the second thing is a finish does this decision will negate negative influence a finishing decision will negate negative influence right now it won’t it won’t silence it but it’ll steal its power even if it even if it comes from friends or family you can face the criticism when you’ve made a finish decision and man I can’t help but think about a guy on the Bible named Bartimaeus those of you who know Bartimaeus he was born blind but he had heard about how Jesus was going around healing people and so he made up in his mind a finished decision he committed that when Jesus if he would ever come my way I’m going to get his attention I’m going to cry out for a miracle because he is the only hope that I have well wouldn’t you know it Jesus comes down the road where he said and you know what he does Bartimaeus it says the scripture says that he cried out Jesus son of David have mercy on me you know those around him told him to be quiet hey shut up don’t be quiet hey don’t you know who that is that’s Jesus you respect him you be quiet even its own disciples told him to silence but it says in Scripture that he cried out all the more Jesus son of David have mercy on me you see he wasn’t letting the critics get in the way of his miracle some of you you’ve been beaten down by the enemy so long you’ve heard that voice and you believe the lie but it’s time to say look I making a finish decision I’m not going back I’m not going to be hindered I’m moving forward with what God’s called me to do and i’m going to get my miracle i’m going to step out into my calling a commitment to a finish decision will negate the negative voices in your life the second thing not only not only do we make a commitment to a finished decision but number two if you’re taking notes we need to carry out a finishing action we can’t just talk about it we got to carry it out right do we have any pop our fans here in the house yeah we got a few any pants race hey can you help me out right I am strong to the finish because I eat my spinach I’m Popeye the sailorman do dude hey we can’t forget the 22 man

takes me right back to childhood but right we don’t just talk about it we actually carry things through we don’t just make a commitment man we got to finish it out we got to carry it out as a matter of fact I love this first Paul says in 2nd Corinthians chapter 8 verse 11 he said this now finish everybody say finish now finish the work so that’s your eager willingness to do it right your commitment to the finishing decision may be matched by your completion of it you carrying it out you don’t just hope to do it you actually carry it out and do it you take steps towards it no matter what even if it’s baby steps you step toward that thing that God is calling you to do as a matter of fact let me just interject here the purpose for this church and what he’s calling us to do our mission is that we exist to help people in the process of progress there’s progression from wherever they are to wherever God is leading look I know we’re never going to go from A to Z overnight but I can help you get from a to b b to c c to d you see there’s a progression of carrying out what he’s calling us to do there’s a progression here I’m going to say this with somebody here this morning you may be someone that maybe you’ve committed to a finishing decision maybe even started to carry it out but maybe along the way maybe you dropped it maybe you’ve failed in some areas I want to say to you that it’s time to get back up you look the enemy in the eye and say look you ain’t going to win here i am going to finish what God has called me to do look a righteous man he may fall seven times but he gets back up again look here’s the thing as we were singing that song earlier in our worship services the promises of God right it doesn’t matter what I feel doesn’t matter what I see my hope will always be your promises to me I couldn’t help but think about one promise as we were singing that song the promise where scripture says for no weapon formed against me will prosper no weapon formed against me will prosper but you know what that promise is not you see a lot of people think that promise is that no weapon will be formed against me that is not the promise we face an enemy he does he doesn’t want nothing more didn’t want to steal your joy and your peace he doesn’t want nothing else but to take you out he wants to destroy the testimony that you have why because we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony you see doesn’t say that no weapon will be formed against us because it will Jesus even said in this world you will have trouble we face situations we face circumstances in our life that are not good there’s some things that try to knock us down and beat us up but guess what in Christ they will not prosper in this world we may have trouble but Jesus says fear not for I have overcome the world and if he has overcome the world you can overcome whatever you’re going through whatever you’re facing in this life today it’s time to get back up it’s time to wake up it’s time to wake up it’s time to be known as the church who isn’t sleeping on what God’s calling us to do Leisha come on up and help me as I close here I’m going to close with with this story it was nineteen sixty-eight the Summer Olympics that year were held in Mexico City and there was a runner running one of the 26 mile races his name was John Steven a quarry you can look us up as an incredible story halfway through the race this runner John from Tanzania who actually had won the african championship in this race halfway through he takes a horrible fall and I mean horrible dislocates his shoulder gets cut up everywhere and has this gash on his right knee and bloods just flowing out it’s incredibly nasty they actually call the ambulance and they take him off on a stretcher the race goes on the race continues everyone crosses the finish line there were 75 runners 74 of them had already crossed the finish line they did the medal ceremony it was over with half the stadium’s piling out there’s only about half of it now remaining and there comes some cheers from down by the track everybody’s kind of curious what’s going on down there and so they begin to make their way to the track and they notice this guy he’s running he’s got this sling that’s holding up his arm and he’s got this bandage around his knee and literally they see the blood coming out of the bandage and he is limping along the track where everybody then figures it out that this is the 75th runner this is John Steven acquire you see they took him off

in an ambulance and on a stretcher but he made him turn around he said take me back to where I fell they took him back he finished out though the rest of that race the next 13 miles bloodied and bruised and hurting and in pain but inch by inch he made his way across that finish line reporter comes up to him the first question that’s asked John why did you come and finish the race the race was already and over the race was already over an hour ago why did you come and run it I mean you were going to be a dead last place anyway and he says this and I quote he said my country did not send me 9,000 miles to start a race my country sent me 9,000 miles to finish cuz we don’t receive salvation and see it as that’s that’s all we get to do that’s all we got I’m resting in Jesus and I don’t got to do anything else I got might get out of hell free card and I’m good that’s not how we look at it we need to see that we got some unfinished business as long as you have breath you got some stuff to do while you’re here you got people to bless you got people to share the good news of Christ with you got a family to love children to nurture you got a job to do you were created in Christ Jesus to do good works and the cool thing about that scripture is that he prepared them in advance for us to do as we focus on Jesus we get to just walk in on knowing that we’re linked up and yoke to him that he did the hard part on our behalf we just begin to walk it out and yeah there’s some fear yeah there’s some so maybe pain along the way but man we need to commit to a finishing decision and carry out that finishing action it’s time to wake up it’s time to wake up it’s time to steal New York’s model for the church that we are going to be the church that never sleeps amen amen would you pray with me Father I just come before you thank you for what you’re doing in this place I just ask that you administer to us and help us just engage in the race that you want us to run right now what I want to do as we continue to prowl want you to ask yourself what is my unfinished business it could be that there is sin in your life it’s been there a long time and today you make a decision no more it could be a relational decision it could be a spiritual decision it could be a financial decision I don’t know what it would be for you but there’s some things that come to mind even in my own life and I want to make a commitment to step across that line the step across the line called commitment and then to carry out what God puts before me as we pray I I can’t help but think about Philippians 16 the Bible says to be confident of this that he who began a good work in you will carry it out to completion man God wants to finish what he started in your life those of you who are here today that would say you know what pastor shinnok yeah I got some unfinished business but no more it’s done in my mind I’m stick stepping across that line of commitment and saying god I’m going to do what you call me to do I know what it is I want to carry it out I’m gonna trust you to meet me God right where I’m at it’s a finished decision in my mind now you give me God the power to carry you through around the room right now if that’s you would you just lift your hands and say yes that’s me I’m committing amen amen father I pray that those with their hands raised that you would bring this to completion God that whatever you start God that you would finish in our life that we would just take those steps towards you and what you’re calling us to do I thank you for all of those who are here that are stepping across that line called commitment for the victory that they are going to see in you and it’s your name in your name I pray amen