Our 7-Day Roadtrip Through California (From San Diego to San Francisco) "Vlogumentary"

so this is the second try we got a lot of bubbles in the first one so maybe this is going to be a bit better but kind of doubt it but it’s white though so it goes with the car Wow okay we’re still in San Diego but we’re gonna head to LA right after the two-hour drive in Sunday morning so I think there’s gonna be less traffic so very excited to get on this to get started with this trip though let’s see what photos and video contain welcome to our adventure a seven day road trip to catch fun with easily the most amazing places and we want to take you with us our first city was Ella after getting some breakfast and discussing whether them holes should be called Neon Trees of 10 bits per job directly to Santa Monica Pier to get our first shots okay so we made it to LA with settimana here right now Mary son is 14 ah but we’re getting some awesome shots yeah we just want to talk about what we’re shooting on I have an 8 7 3 with a 55 millimeter lens and my mother a 17 my baby thank you we’re gonna keep shooting for a little while and then head inward just you know maybe go to Mel’s Diner tonight but yeah it looked really good yeah we’re kind of refueling before we what did you get what did you get Panthro burger I think it has bacon in a bar that I love bacon fat oh yeah I got a sunset burger as well oh they included an orange okay we’re gonna turn lunch we headed to DC LA to meet up with some friends and enjoy the rest of our day we had a cool view of the Hollywood sign saw the urban lights and then whatever rooftop was the beautiful relay and night alright guys it’s not able to meet up with some awesome heroes and some friends and just had a great time today and it’s a awesome way to start the week we have six more days six more awesome locations stay tuned on pixels calm we do have collections for both the videos and pictures that were taking throughout the trip so stay tuned visit the website check it out and support us on IG follow us everything thanks for watching see you guys tomorrow hey guys it’s joe peshi tekneq stuff for the second day of the real truth Wendy what’s our plan for today I am we are going to be Joshua Tree today it looks gloomy outside but that’s only 33 degrees which is like 90 Fahrenheit so I gotta stay hydrated and yeah it’s gonna be fine second day we hit the road early is heading to Joshua Tree small rocks big

rise in Joshua Tree is caution Sam that’s basically it and it’s awesome [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] like three baby he has scorching we just drove around for like the majority in the morning getting a few shots this one’s actually called really hard to tell that would be called there’s a lot of jumbled rocks around the whole Josh Royal Park we’ve been getting awesome shots on some clips just try oh and we actually just saw a sign that said it said literally this don’t die do not die today and then it listed yeah and then it listed like what you should do like drink one liter of water every one hour I think which we haven’t been doing but we have been drinking water we’ve been drinking I mean eating mandarins so yeah I don’t think we’re but we’re heading out soon we’re like I think 10 miles away from the exit so we’re kind of hungry well so we’re gonna head that way eat and then go to the Airbnb now we have a really cool Airbnb tonight I will show you once we get there but it’ll be a surprise until then yeah surprise you at the first work on the road called right through the tire stacks okay oh there the top there’s a new tire is that it at the second I’ll go left yeah no I don’t know all right oh there’s a nice smells over there I can forking over going left through the time yeah yeah oh yeah our Vandy was impossible to describe we’ve never seen anything like it before the middle of nowhere not traffic noises no one around us we could only hear the wind blowing the afternoon was wonderful I just hope the Sun set and the stars in and should do it too as watch this morning everyone I’m here again it’s

6:00 again someone has to do it like it’s just a beautiful sunrise so I got everyone’s cameras inside of shooting interval shooting I don’t know I don’t really know how to get so nice so I just like Brad interval shooting the menu we try it just set that decently and hope they work oh here we go okay okay hi guys it is day 3 awesome so far I got like pretty good shots have you guys seen this shot when took off me yesterday yeah oh my god wide on from there grab yeah I actually I have never shot the Stars since like in Chicago and like obviously major cities there’s a lot of light pollution so yeah I stayed up until like 1:30 and then I was kind of like scared to go back out cuz it was just so pitch-black but yeah like I went out and I tried taking photos and I think we got some good ones there was like a thunderstorm like in the distance for like the whole like night pretty much but I think I got like 5 out of like the 200 that I shot does he really have to calculate it and just make sure that you catch the lightning wedding of the sky but it’s like properly exposed don’t like I think they do Coppola here it’s like screaming in the hot waters like no you missed it so it’s like just it’s like kind of addicting in a way like you just want to get that perfect star shot and it takes a while like any patient well I want to get it it’s so worth it like it’s incredible cuz a lot of the time like you camera can see a lot of things your eyes can’t but it’s nice to kind of be able to get away from the city for a little but we’re person like we’re a remote team they’re from all over the world and it’s kind of crazy because like we didn’t even well we got I guess we saw each other online but like it was if you think of a kind of weird like the first like you meet people online and then you kind of like live with them essentially for two weeks go ahead and open but it’s been really fun I guess that’s what the internet and packs with homes can do for you but where are we headed today right yeah so Wendy I don’t know thankfully Peter had to go to the bathroom we were able to stop at this cool little location it looks like it’s something like a 1919 we see the desert force today we were crossing the Mojave Desert and hot it’s an understatement climbing bins up and down alone with the self Adam on little dunes after Ricky got stung by the we try to do some donuts not yourself next time try using a rear-wheel drive car we had a good time though first day we arrived at math Valley and wow what incredible place it was even hotter 109 degrees Fahrenheit no wonder why it’s called the hottest place on earth there’s a manageable extent I’ll be

up [ __ ] aha even for roles water and we need a road again today’s movie right when you arrive but Patrick doesn’t sell into a little bit of trouble right in the middle of the path so we have like 20 minutes of light left so yeah I’m gonna do that set up here we have Ricky trying to clamber flic are there a problem there sir what you doing [Laughter] alright guys so we’re in Yosemite we just passed the beautiful lake and now we have this other more beautiful lake and we have Wendy over there taking some say hi to the camera Wendy say Highland I’m very excited are you Stephanie of this feels like babies for just beautiful scenery Apple screensaver shine oh yeah we asked a local park ranger to tell us what were the coolest spots in Yosemite she replies that everything is beautiful and Wow just look at this when to settle her quest to find the Mack wallpaper rocks okay now look at this photo and I look up there it’s the same except it like perfect our that’s probably motive Honore out we drove through this long windy road it’s more sinking way too beautiful to not stop we watched the sunset before resuming our curvy back viki’s stop right now I’m gonna see if I can pour water okay well first of all let’s see if I can open this it’s a first step and broke it justice tada I just got all my pants wet [Laughter] what are the words in you ever had he did it what’s up guys we’re here at Point Reyes I don’t know where the Sun is and it runs up their raincoats because yeah the weather has changed a lot if I’ve we’ve got a much-needed break from all the Sun we made up of that from think-tank and he took us to a pistol hike to the National Seashore in Point Reyes

very keen how’s their stuff yeah it’s all right it still year no no thankfully is this a shower of work hey stop there so I wouldn’t get stolen after more than a thousand miles reading we’ve reached our final destination San Francisco [Applause] on our last day we tried to enjoy as much as possible the sharpest wound readability even caught a sandstorm accents and that was it our journey came to an end an experience we will remember and to the end of our lives a group of people united by one thing in coming a passion for great this is what we stand for what we are among a plan to keep doing thank you for being with us see you on the next one here is the feed to the information booth located under the cartridge level you could eat decoy as a deep that pocket in front if you’ll follow along with it