Easyjet A319 G-EZFM Manchester to Amsterdam FULL FLIGHT

maybe for a video to be sure put on me you know your mother steam will new YouTube channel is a repossession good the Jen’s Jed Jed I don’t know I’ve never played again in fog yeah start again it’s doing something way too loose awesome an edge with right there never and never the times I’ve been eating fries so I was like hey magenta like a dish like a package ft7 you know the Jesse Sunday elephant bothering you see my video 3 many people stoled it just the initiative yeah leaving I love a good view go when he was gonna die 18 yeah it’s just an idea on the phone they might exit for customs us back when a stump we’re gonna well yeah that’s what I could I’ve never done

this time the morning that was really Cato these chairs of Italy with Elizabeth I think that’s the tenerife to be Tod just place your right notions shop man so I am happy a feeling you have those often partial please here we go guys women on it is a chance the piston situation is right

initially a club internal I ran through West cruising altitude also the was to read from there we continue these three tracks out across the whole scene and ready to force the Western Darcy horde we don’t because there the coastal time of all the sack we’re gonna be positioning tonight boys at the moment emotionally we’re sweating touching gun while I initiated no no one 14 touchdown about one is the furthest one point to get the location from way they were pushing to China I mean on our end of you playtime so she’s coming up to a – 31 – 31 local time Tom again we go suggesting Oh right Charles I’ll shower heavy shower seem to be any others is going to be they certainly fatty killed is just three three Celsius on the his driver the lightweight yes

that makes sense let’s see and it’s alright he’s one service morning so they’ve said we can expect a round of our 7 or 8-minute denied that we have been given in a lot of times I think in Aveiro should only be around about that time should they focus too much on that basis does Tommy it’s ahead of schedule but sensitive just it’s nice it’s like we have a halt just the Western to get better sales bar just to visit when he attractive Java’s inhibit becomes worthless okay portal opening and Oh dr. Dell for the main event for less important everywhere foot –

as far as misty Charlie oh gee they’re enough let alive would level I start at level 10 two weeks ago favor way up to who I had the old polish laughter save it eight five eight you got like given the first time in father the thought was to give up you want PS though mind was someone gifted me a life I deal with Mariana and that I did that I achieve with a helicopter delta-sigma shop afraid of what yeah it was on a I did it with Arjun a few times I think about going again ten or yeah like a thousand yeah boys Avenue in the right I didn’t outside to be about did you watch my life yes I still don’t still rages on Oh Chester and often for all of the sudden up a little each other’s gone apart overall

she didn’t show the queue on a better way you see it just we should do that and each other like a bunny don’t talk about that it wasn’t a local tribe is originally may be short if you have a Christian will release professes to the farm safety related duty however we would ask that you remain seated with your seatbelt securely fastened until the captive switched on the seatbelt sign video services is the message across access including all of our phones e to remain switched off until you are well inside of the terminal building please make sure you take all your personal belongings with you checking in the seat pockets underneath the seat and in the overhead Locker salute a narrow nose walkers in case things of things and make all hours smoking is not permitted until you reach a designated smoke once again without – thank you choosing to fly with us today and on behalf of the captain and all the crew we’d like to wish you all a safe isn’t our journey to our final destinations I won’t find a word ladies and gentlemen spoons this winter easy saving these moments for UNICEF the world leading children’s organization and this Christmas we’re collecting before the Syrian emergency appeal UNICEF is working on the ground right now to give medicine food shelter warm clothing and blankets to babies children and family by donating any spare change on today’s fight you could help us give life-saving support to children and their families affected by this terrible crisis UNICEF is on doing everything they can and they’re one of the few honorific organizations left on the ground in Syria today initially due to the weather that’s make politics rolls over while we’ve been sitting here please design has been significantly towards that northeast company else it’s actually dry up soil but more the cryo made it hopefully will be after we’re waiting so they hopefully will be moving within the next appearance they tell us on the Simon completed that de-icing you should help her to every country’s pushed out there is family have a sharp fairly heavy shower cell just moving across the N filter the man

please decided just as we see if the family is moving away to the Northeast our stand is just occupied at the moment but they tell me it is very romantic and see the lights flashing on it so hopefully that should be the case so for disaster you might see two just for them out there hope you know off a couple of minutes and once they’ve pushed back that care to stand and they will be allowed to taxi on this property that we’re gonna make it up in our head to the schedule once were there obviously will let you loose 17s you by the way distance is gonna be your otherwise you have this minute now many of us know that you’ll be a non-white then again let’s take this it while we go no sign of each other the reason – Travis was a Singapore I was telling him Oh losing four seven seven yeah Shunta Jeff wait I’ve never seen a job where dose development allowed where’s the yeah you’re good 100 another team on to it good good spotting our address to the bank teacher page one with HD one sighs old days it down come again we’re honest there we’re just awaiting turning on the staff there’s your left hand so I can see that we just need someone to turn the go it’s on as a lighting system that guides us into Park so we can’t actually turn off to this final stand there until like without we’re just awaiting someone appearing to do that so hopefully that won’t be too long either but if a good hang just these are severe weather providing the seats of the valves lasting that will be much appreciated make it you know we are a company and it would be because he’s a dad waiting for just in the guy check-in that chuckle thank you for watching this committee lunch as the water as ever say my god inside releases aldosterone again together the state you