#79 산티아고순례길 / 스페인 / Camino de Santiago / Spain / Europe

It’s all gone I can’t lose my coffee I’ve heard kids these days use these words Wipe the lens Let’s shake hands with the pleasant host and leave Kindly teach me the way to the end They say they are happy to see Korean people after a long time So You’ve got blisters at last, SB But it’s too small to call it a blister It’s a nice road~~~~~ You sang well yesterday I was happy to buy a USIM card and leave comments right away real-time communication channel SBJH in front of the trees There’s a machine over there. a wood-picking machine a plucking machine Scrape up from under the tree and get rid of all the branches Like this and that. I’ve seen it on YouTube This is the photo zone It’s a photo zone Such good scenery should appear often The middle part was very hot and boring They will be surprised to see the nation’s territory Most of them are mountains When we ride bicycles, we almost passed the Yi Hwaryeong Pass and died Man… you have to look back sometimes I want everyone to look back sometimes It won’t be much ????? LOL LOL My beard grew so much. Sometimes I get confused where I’m from Not all the kids I met here are Korean SB report looks like a typical Korean, including hairstyle This bastard doesn’t know his nationality Behavior + character Not a typical Korean Simon showed his friend’s picture (Not a handsome friend.) But they keep saying that I look like SB. LOL Exactly. Simon. Compliments Abnormal SB. LOL This road is pretty, so I’ll have to take more pictures I wanted to show more to our subscribers an online trip It’s nice to walk this way without a mask But if you say you don’t sleep well in Korea I think it takes a lot of travel a lot. I assure you If you don’t have it, people who will wear masks will be the most I heard there are a lot of people waiting for the flight ticket after booking it Maybe they’re all holding out You can just go But now, what if you keep getting a corona in your head? What should I do? People who think like this shouldn’t go out. You’re really going to get caught I can’t travel properly because I’m nervous What if it hurts? It hurts. It won’t hurt if you think it hurts We’re careful with each other, because we’re all wearing masks And you still got caught? Then you’re the one who’s going to get caught I can’t help it Just like us. Just do what you have to do. Be careful The influence of the media is also great I talked to my friends here a few days ago A Swiss man told an Italian friend. I asked you if things are not good in your country People around you and yourself don’t think so. I think the media impact is greater You’re raising the alarm Somewhat seems to be true Anyway, make your own judgment I’ll tell you in advance again, no tagle. It’s personal opinion. It’s my heart

Anyway, we have to go about 26km today Must go quickly and edit Surprisingly, there were some accommodations that didn’t work with Wi-Fi There were times when Wi-Fi was working, only in the hall, and not in the room If you think you’re going to come to Santiago, personally Just buy the one with the most capacity It would be nice to do Instagram and watch videos At ease We can’t do it because it’s the cheapest What’s this? Take this to the next town? Isn’t that a ride down here? LOL Beautiful a fork in the road I have to go to town, but there’s another arrow down there Let’s go to town Enter the village. You have to stop by the supermarket I’m going to the supermarket to buy cheese today It would be nice to buy makgeolli here and build friendship with men I was going to buy bread, but they told me to wait for the new bread to come in 5 minutes. The guy Spanish supermarket experience while waiting for bread Ham Jamon And the interesting thing is sell whole pickled vegetables I think it’s in Korea, too. I’m not know SB style I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes, but there’s no bread truck I just have to go. LOL. It takes too long Other people taking pictures of sculptures like that, and we’re too lazy to The weather is cold today Spain, which I thought would be hot, is also cold I’ll have to eat quickly to warm myself Making sandwiches You can make it with ham and cheese I felt sorry for the wind the warmth of the sun It’s been too cold all the way down this road. covered by the clouds with sunlight Wearing a mask because it’s cold What are they looking at? The road is divided into two sides But we’ll meet in front of each other anyway They say the right-hand side is a little longer Of course we’re left lol A hot dog forest Such a tree seems to be for logging purposes Owa fever Looking from the side, it overlaps exactly in a straight line Town again. Let’s go The town is too quiet. Like ruins There’s a good place to rest Normally, it would have been operated as ‘Bar’ Let’s eat again with the leftover ingredients we ate earlier You can make it like this and sell it You can’t sell your face Eat in six minutes and start again Keep moving or cold It’s like a sky Fireman fighting. That’s right. Firemen, fighting!

Dad and Santiago Meaningful But the handwriting is so short By the way, are there only Korean people here? Only Korean I saw the vending machine, so I stood for coke Only coins went in. Looking for coins I put 20 cents in the vending machine, but there was another 20 cents in it Copy the money. LOL Still a little short 30 cents short Take the bag out of the bag. Maybe I have 30 cents LOL. I’m so sick. We’re not that bad Oh, you have a lot of coins. You’re rich, SB If you were rich, SB lol lol lol lol a penny is too much No one cent of vending machine Curses LOL LOL There is only one cent that doesn’t help No, we have bills. But the vending machine didn’t pick up the bills a vending machine that accepts up to five cents Let’s count the coins again You can eat it with just one extra five cents LOL. Fucking shit I can’t eat it because I don’t have five cents LOL Oh, wait, wait, wait I thought it was a coin in my pocket, but it was usb JH cursing right away I can’t leave. You have to eat this. You have to get back at the vending machine Another attempt to copy coins. LOL It can’t be possible You have to look under the vending machine LOL Look to the side just in case Nutcracker Give me 20 cents. Let’s do it one more. LOL LOL Wait a little bit and then lol refund It can’t be It was fate that I couldn’t eat anyway If I didn’t get it from the 20 cent machine at first, I was 25 cents short anyway Still, I have lingering feelings It’s unfair. We have bills, cards Searching for the last bag None. Can’t eat I’m watching it again because I thought I saw it wrong For the last time, let’s put in a cent and two cents Spit it out right away. You vending machine. A cent is not money a heavy tread A green field. The weather is good I can see the village again Today’s destination The Italian couple in front of us? on the way I don’t know if it’s a couple or a friend Definitely affected by the weather 26km is not a short distance. Don’t drink a sip of water today Feels like about 20km. a feeling impression Federica is walking in sandals, too Are you going to stay here tonight? Santa Clara alberg ? ᄋᄋ 거기 ᄀᄀ Lorenzo! Arrived at the village ????? Don’t go in first Other friends are already here

You can leave it outside your bag. And come in Here we have a lot of Albergue real Jesus and the Virgin Mary Finally, Kitchen is available accommodation Lorenzo, assigned the room above, is terrible We haven’t been informed yet Huh? I saw other friends who I haven’t seen for a while in the beginning He was way behind us, and his legs were limping. Surprised I think I went there by bus Do you have Wi-Fi? No such thing There’s a bar just outside. Must be there This room is better for us. Twin rooms. Good Just in time, there is a DIA supermarket in town I should buy some meat and eat it with ramen And beer time I’m going to take that with me Exit again re-entry into the market Use the kitchen when no one’s around paprika trimming nice patrik Then Loes appears sbsbsbsbsbsbsbbsb Have some snacks, sb right running sb Marco’s here administrative supervision JH appears A brief greeting with Marco I was trying to pass the beer to sb and found it already there Barton Touch.ᄎ JH, have a sip of beer He asked where I bought the ramen. He said he bought it at Burgos Pepper Salt Drink beer Celebrating 200 people. a meat diet Let’s share it’ Is it hot? It’s delicious This one is good too Loes, too Nice teach Korean pronunciation uncle Thomas We had such a late lunch, some rest, and a full-scale drinking bout over dinner Everyone plays like this I met my Danish friends Signe and Sofie for the first time on this day The two were walking fairly little by little, slowly I mixed red pepper sauce with other meat for dinner I cooked it like stir-fried spicy pork, but they liked it because it was delicious I told Thomas to try it, but he’s going to take the whole plate out Marco and I are having fun Take a bite, Thomas Nodding thumbs up What I felt most during this trip was I should get old as fun and pleasant as Marco. was What a wonderful friend Friends who listened to SB’s song yesterday. He asked me to practice singing other songs 연습해보겠다는 sb. LOL Santiago arrives and offers to sing the song to make money

The reason why I sing again I was talking with Signe who I met for the first time on this day Other friends are really good at sb songs. I’m calling you back Marco in the middle of filming Very good at it Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bugging beer! Amazing. Camino’s got Talent This gesture was also made by sb Big Loser Spain? People always put pero when they talk Pero is said to be written but or because. LOL Marco said… Hard to understand LOL They told me not to cover the shooting When you speak French, it’s always best to have a chimme ci Marco said something Um… yeah I still don’t know what it is Just happy Getting closer and closer. Happiness