#101: My Europe Experience – 4 Countries in 20 Days!

Hello people it’s Landon here, and I am back from Europe, and oh my gosh. Oh my gosh My brain just exploded. Well not literally, but obviously figuratively I’ve had this like experience Of a whole new continent & countries & everything & it’s crazy. So I have a lot to cover Um, I’ll go into like little sections and like if you want to click on certain part of the video cuz no doubt this video is going be super long & ridiculous, so we’ll start off with my trip there I I took a plane from Regina to Calgary – pretty normal flight full of Canadians But then I took the plane – which is like a huge plane – from Calgary to London and all I gotta say was There’s some seriously attractive Europeans. It’s like oh my gosh seriously like Canadians I feel like we’re just kind of the kind of people that would just like throw on an item of clothing Because it’s warm, and we won’t die when it’s cold. Whereas Europeans dress really well and there was very few obese Europeans, it’s like whew this is kind of set the precedence and what the trip was gonna be like. Did the layover in London and Then flew to Budapest and yes It’s called Budapest no Budapest like my previous video and met my sister there, and it was awesome, and we’re so ready to have our exciting adventure. So we go to our hostel & start getting things are pretty good here because The cab ride was a half an hour of doing 100 km/h on streets that were like Not the kind of streets I would think you would do 100 km/h on But we got there, and it was $30 to the cab ride – like honestly my cab ride from my house to Regina Airport was more money I was kind of like “oh I can get used to this” so we got to our hostel. Kind of this like old building really close together with other buildings and so forth and so we go around get into the Floor that we need to get to and the place is beautiful Super nice. I was like “wow this is what hostel living is like I could get used to this” so Twelve bucks a night is what this hostel cost – really inexpensive So we set up shop and whatever and get settled in. And then we decide to explore Budapest And it’s so cool like it’s just it’s so old and just designed so differently than Western Canada or North America at all. We went across that really famous green bridge and we went through some shops and stuff and Yeah, I don’t know it was just it was just a lot of like experience Um, you know covered parking is like let’s take this Corrugated whatever and put it over top of our cars and the cars were also kind of interesting because they were all like Geo Metros From the 90s just kind of you can tell it was a little bit poorer than Western Canada obviously. We went to a museum and it was an art museum, and it was really nice Full of religious artwork, and I studied religious artwork throughout my school career And it’s one thing to see it at a textbook, but it’s a completely another thing to see it in person 20 feet tall like it’s actually really scary I feel like religion was to like control the people with fear honestly based on the artwork Then we did have sort of a bad experience we went to a restaurant and It was kind of like you know how you play Goldeneye 007, and I think it’s the stack level Where you’re like it. No. I think it’s like the basement. That’s what it is. It’s like the basement. I don’t know. It’s some level you’re playing it, and there’s like you know bullet holes and like it’s all concrete and There’s like green paint and whatever that’s kind of what this restaurant was like it was kind of creepy Because it was painted red and whatnot so we get we go down into this basement, and we have our meal While we’re having our meal we have this like really aggressive violin player come in and like playing violin really like aggressively, and I was kind of like “oh maybe he thinks that like I’m with my girlfriend” & obviously It’s my sister, so I’m like “no no we’re just brother and sister” And he’s just like playing his made it violin like crazy And then I realized oh he’s got like money in his violin He wants us to tip him So I like grab some you know Hungarian coins and sister is like “Landon you just and like 50 cents” like seriously I’m like “I don’t have any money! Like I didn’t expect some violinist to come and like attack me while I’m having my meal”, so

After my sister gives him a little bit more money He goes away, and we’re having her meal and it’s kind of “Meh” like it’s not like a super nice meal And all of the sudden the table behind us is like “oh you mother effing blah blah blah, This is such a ripoff whatever” and they’re talking like a really scary Italian accent and whatever so they like take off like I don’t even know if they walk out of their check or not and I was kind of like really off-put by it. I was like okay, and my sister said to me Oh, you know since we overheard that maybe we should check our bill just to make sure that they don’t like overcharge us for something or something like that my accident right we get our bill and The prices – yeah like it was fifty five dollars Canadian for this meal and this is Hungary It’s not an expensive city to be in and so We go over a bill, and there’s like a bunch of charges that We literally had like water and like an entree each like that’s it so turns out guy comes over and he’s like no like there’s a 15% service charge for both of your meals and then there’s also a What was it? so he also said that you had your entree But then like you know he get like a side of potatoes or a side of corn or whatever That’s extra, and it was on like fine print of the menu, so I was like well That’s kind of lousy, I mean that’s like a really kind of horrible way to do things and We kind of thought well geez like they’re probably doing this to everybody and that’s why everybody in the restaurant is like Unhappy. So my sister Confronts this server of ours and he’s like. I like to speak to the manager because this is not fair We’re backpackers and like we can’t afford this and you guys need to be more clear with your pricing and whatnot and so Our server is like I am the manager. I’m gonna call the police if you don’t pay up and whatnot it Was really crazy my sister actually like went into tears and at first. I’m like yes We’re gonna get like our meal like we won’t have to pay for it, right But no like they’re absolutely adamant that Rachel pay and like everything you know even though We said like we’re gonna give you a bad review. They’re like we don’t care we want our money It was just really seedy so anywho I like console my sister. I’m like whatever. It’s fifty five dollars. I’ll pay for it and So I pay for it we leave and just as we’re leaving like we’re telling people like don’t go to this restaurant like There’s like they don’t treat people well, and then we actually look at the restaurants on Google and there’s a TripAdvisor Review, it’s like 1.1. Stars like everybody’s had horrible experiences We read a review that someone got hit on the head by the server like what the hell so my sister was really upset by this and Myself I was like okay. Well, you know it’s hungry like Leave only had capitalism for 30 years right so probably this is like new wish to them and like some people think they can run businesses this way whatnot and It is what it is. I can’t let that experience You know determine what my experiences are going forward, right? I can’t paint all of Hungary with a bad brush because of that one experience So like I said like our hostel was awesome. We had really good weather did some shopping It was a cool experience And then my sister wanted me to go visit her in Switzerland cuz her boyfriend’s there so She’s like convincing me. She’s like okay. Well now that you’ve been in Budapest You can come to us to Austria or whatnot and it turns out that my dad has a cousin in Austria So he was encouraging me to see family there, so I’m like okay. Whatever. We’ll get a bus ticket, and it wasn’t that expensive So we took the bus from Budapest to Vienna and on the bus my sister talks to this guy on the bus that’s probably a little bit younger than me and Had this like really cool conversation He actually reveal that if you don’t live in Budapest, but you live in like rural Hungary You only get paid 450 euro a month like that’s really their average wage you there, so it kind of put more emphasis That it’s really not a wealthy country at least like on the mass. I’m sure there’s like wealthy people there, but you know that’s why it was so inexpensive for us is because You know the average person doesn’t make that much there, so We take the bus and we go to Vienna which was really cool, so now like you’re in Austria right, so I don’t think they I Don’t know were they ever Communist I have no idea But it was just completely different much more modern vehicles you have a lot more

Commercialism everywhere and the buildings it was so cool because no matter where he walked all the buildings are four storeys tall and really close together cobblestone streets and Just people everywhere I kind of reminded will not remind me it made me think this is what New York would be kind of like just lots of people everywhere so We get into her hostel hostel was more expensive about eighteen dollars a day And it wasn’t as nice the people were really good really knowledgeable there, but honestly I like the flow hostel is what it was called in Budapest The Wombats in Vienna. It was nice, but Personally I like the Budapest one So we stay in Vienna for quite a while my sister actually has a friend there So we hung out with her and her friends And that was really something that was kind of I don’t know kind of cool when I was in Budapest very few people spoke English, you know really broken English and It was it was definitely a challenge When you go to Vienna? Everyone’s like I don’t speak very good English and then proceeds to speak excellent English like Seriously, you’re not gonna have any issues speaking English in Vienna So we go there and hang out. What not we decide to go visit my dad’s cousin They live in ill bits Italy. I don’t know put it here I can’t remember the name of the town But they live in a town in Austria so we decided the train to go visit them, and that was really cool cuz now It’s like small-town living and much more kind of what I’m used to in Regina where everybody drives Everybody’s got an individual house. You’re not like all crammed together really neat architecture It was cool meeting them, and it was funny because my dad’s cousin was like oh You’re like one of those capitalists. Why’d you rent out real estate? Oh my gosh right so it’s just she was kind of like tongue-in-cheek and poking fun, but yeah I guess you’re right like if it was like communism. I’d be arrested because oh my gosh. I rent out places for money so after our visit there we go back to Vienna and Stay a couple more days Then we decide okay, we’re gonna take the bus from Vienna to Zurich I think that’s how you pronounce it Zhora SHhhh, I don’t know anyways I call it Zurich But apparently that’s not how you pronounce it there, so we take the bus Well first of all we order our tickets which were like a hundred dollars each so quite a bit more than the bus from Budapest to Vienna But whatever you know we it was cheaper than flying we Decide to get ready for our bus and we go to the bus depot in Vienna And our bus is like not showing up. We’re like What is going on so we go to the bus depot and they have no information we booked through euro That’s called euro limes, and they’re like yeah, your lines is all online. We don’t deal with them We don’t touch them we have no information on them Like why on earth like we just paid $100 each to go on this bus to go to Zurich so Thankfully we like stick around and 55 minutes later. The bus finally shows up. My sister is like it’s here. Oh my gosh We’re really excited. We go up to the bus for like Worshiping it right like Canadian Craziness we’re like oh my gosh. It’s so good to see you and the bus driver is Probably from Switzerland or whatever and he had like no reaction. He was like ticket, please and like this is So we get on the bus you can hear a pin drop like nobody’s talking Very strange and so my sister and I sat down and my sister reveals to me that the reason why she wants me to go to Switzerland is because she’s bored because people there like I Don’t know they’re just they’re not like Western Canadians. We’re crazy and zany and whatnot they’re very quiet Stoic so my sister And I are like having these like inappropriate conversations on this bus and nobody else is talking and so we’re like Laughing at the same time and whatnot anyways we eventually fall asleep, and then the bus stops I guess for like a scheduled break for a half an hour whatever and Stryver I’m sleeping and he’s like violently waking me up Speaking to me in German like telling me to get off the bus it’s not what he said in English, but like that’s like clearly what he wanted so I get off the bus and My sister is like yeah. I just ordered an ice cream and like this like lady was screaming at me for something And she she wanted a signature I guess for a credit card and like oh my gosh Is this like what’s happening in Switzerland? what on earth so our first impression wasn’t so great we arrived in Switzerland in Zurich and

Meet my sister’s boyfriend my sister’s boyfriend speaks German So he’s speaking to the train station because we need to get a train from Zurich to Lange Switzerland, which is where he is it’s like this like I don’t know resort town and So he’s speaking to him, and they get a train ticket. It’s a four-day train ticket, and it’s $400 Canadian oh my gosh you guys, which sherlynda is so insanely expensive It’s $20 for a whopper meal. It’s like $8 for a hot chocolate. It’s so insane so anyways we take the train and go to link my sister’s boyfriend works at a restaurant and So we’re fortunate that we get to stay at his apartment for free. It’s like unless you like skiing There’s not much to do I mean even the shopping is like really expensive like you just like you can say see and that’s about it So I took the opportunity like I certainly took advantage of that train tickets I went to Baron and I went to tune and like all sorts of Different cities and towns and just yeah like I guess if you like snow and the chalets like help yourself But it just I don’t know like you can get that in capella Valley if you really want that We stayed there for quite a while and like my sister And I were probably like wearing down her boyfriend because like we were kind of negative about Switzerland but like oh my god like I Mean you can go swimming instead of six dollars and Reggiano you’re paying for te like it’s just nuts Anywho after the whole Switzerland thing my sister thanked me She’s like thank you because I’m like going a little bit stir-crazy Like but my boyfriend is out at work like I don’t really have nothing to do so thanks for coming after Switzerland I get on a plane and I go to London and Meet Jeff and his husband and their daughter And it was really cool and the thing with London is it kind of was Exactly what I thought it would be I guess I’ve seen so many episodes of Top Gear that It didn’t nothing really surprised me. It seemed really inexpensive after Switzerland people are like you think London’s inexpensive I’m like I’m not paying $20 for a hamburger. I don’t know it was a really cool experience Everything was walkable where Geoff was living. I did get sick Unfortunately, so there was like two days that I couldn’t really do much of anything, but it was really cool one thing Okay, so we gonna talk about this. I know this is like the end of the video and so forth but I Am a single guy And I have Grindr so I went on to Grindr throughout my trip in Europe, and I don’t know like I guess Maybe Regina is different. I don’t know every time I talk to guys on Grindr They would want sex and that’s it like they don’t want to go for coffee they could care less of even what your name was like I truly felt like a piece of meat when I was in Europe and I guess like Thinking about it. I’m like. Okay. Well I guess I am a foreigner like Maybe people just like oh I don’t want to like hang around this Canadian guy like I’m gonna have to explain To people like how I know you or whatever so maybe that was the thing Another part of it could be that Regina is really small We’re only two hundred thousand people here, so you really can’t be I don’t know you don’t want to like look slutty I guess because you’re gonna probably see these people on Your day to day life right see them in an elevator or see them someplace right so I feel like in Regina It’s much more Acceptable to like have conversation some people just said like try tinder tinder was exactly the same. I’m not even kidding you but yeah like I always thought you know moved to a big city you’re gonna be like a Much higher opportunity to like meet your boyfriend or whatever and have a relationship And it just was not like this and like I have a rental property in Regina There’s nothing to stop me from being like hey I like you know have a boyfriend in a different continent and just let this place run itself not gonna like I Just don’t get it. I don’t understand. Why everybody was like give me sex, and that’s it. It was just weird I will say that I did not have sex in Europe. I think number one was like if I had an STD like how like embarrassing first of all but not only that Like how would I get like any kind of medical attention when like people can barely speak English in some places? So hey who so I’m proud of myself. I didn’t like whore myself out, but at the same time. I’m really happy I’m back in Canada Also, I kind of like bigger guys, so

Canada is kind of more my thing anyway so anyway, so it’s kind of like a weird way to end it but yeah flew back to Regina and my trip was really inexpensive I spent about two thousand dollars over 20 days including flights Like super cheap flights if you can you know be flexible as to like when you want to go and like layover is non-stop so that was my experience and Yeah Seriously when I go back when I go back to I don’t know I’m you know maybe visit Jeff but Maybe I don’t know like I did like butta – because it was so cheap That’s like really That’s how you make land and happy is like make things inexpensive, and he’ll have a good time Anyways, and also while I was in Europe. I did not get a vehicle I know I was kind of talking about maybe buying a car Especially cousin hungry. They’re so inexpensive there, but it just all came down to language I was kind of concerned that like you know it’s really difficult to speak to people in Hungarian or whatever You know I don’t want to be in a situation where I get ripped off or Don’t know how insurance laws work or like heaven forbid some police officer pulls me over Whatever, and they’re gas really expensive about $2 a liter It’s twice as expensive there that isn’t Canada, so we just trained everywhere and took flights and buses, and it was fine so that was my whole Europe experience and Keep you guys updated with more videos lots of more developments, but we’ll get into that later Anyways, we’ll talk to you later. Take care. Bye. Bye