Teal Swan on Meditation, Eastern Philosophy, the Astral Plane, Dimensions & More

so real quick one question I forgot to ask I just wanted to see if do you know anything about me whatsoever okay okay cool just so I knew I’ve done a few video responses to some of your a couple of your videos the divine masculine and the divine feminine and so right yeah yeah one of them the divine feminine – okay yeah here yeah cool I think that’s a good way to go yeah so I did a a video response to divine feminine and that one got a pretty good pretty good response like a thousand hits or something so far and so I first discovered you about two months ago and I don’t know how I didn’t discover you earlier because I’ve been watching various you know spiritual videos on YouTube and and you’ve been out there for a couple of years but you know all in divine timing as they say and so within like within like two days then I put out a video titled teal Scott is awesome just because I was so sort of excited and overjoyed to see someone who is putting truths out there that were that were so deep and that I resonated so much with and you know have discovered myself on my own spiritual quest and to see someone who is who is getting you know you know a lot of attention for it as well so congratulations and I’m very you know happy to have your presence here Oh gotcha no no they were very much positive and then no we are so come so totally on the same page I’ll tell you a really quick funny little story about the Divine Feminine video that I did I do all my videos out in nature I’m here in Jasper National Park Canada I work up here and so for one thing mosquitoes are oftentimes an issue but so I’m sitting there doing the video and all of a sudden the massive elk you know what an elk is they’re like a very very large yay oh dear it goes running down the hill like 50 feet away from me and I and I you’ll see I remarked in the video like whoa an elk just went running down a hill and and then I went back to doing the video as soon as I finish up the video and you don’t see this on the video three black bears go go walk wandering down that same hill and so obviously the elk was running from black bears and and because elk don’t normally run so yeah I know so that’s just you know part of the aspect of doing outdoor video shoots in that video basically I was I was saying that that you know one of the keys for obviously for women to come into greater balance inequality and everything is to love yourselves more and I forget what else yeah and that was kind of that was a fairly short pretty light-hearted video my divine masculine video I get a little more intense and and sort of I thought that that maybe it could go a little bit step further and I could be you know push the guy’s a little bit more so so okay excellent cool all right cool yeah yeah I mean I figured it would be you know quite a different you know perspective to get the male of the male response there so so speaking of synchronicities the day that you put out your your video about the meditation where you allow your body to move I put out the exact same thing before I had seen your video or had any

idea what what it was gonna be about I’d been I’ve been I’ve been meditating on my on my bed the night before that and you know I’ve allowed that to happen before but then afterwards I thought well this would be kind of a cool idea for a video so that afternoon and I recorded the video and then didn’t upload it until later that evening and then later that night and I checked to see what your video is gonna be and I was like whoa that is quite a trip to exactly exactly cool stuff I love that yeah yeah because it you know the if your body is moving spontaneously like that at spiritual energies that are that are arising within and you know some many spiritual teachers might say no you should be rigid you should you know you shouldn’t let the body dictate your meditation or whatever but you know I would say just go with it and allow those energies to rise in principle of allowing the universe into your body that’s what we’re trying to do with the spirituality we’re trying to commune with that which is about us which is always flowing through us and if you’re in the aspect of their system no matter what that resistance is visible otherwise you are not allowing that source energy through your body here the third dimensional light that has no way of understanding that because its entire design is to arrange your third dimensional perspectives and so what we get when we come back it feels like we’re experiencing all these things in real time but what’s actually happening is that we’re going there we’re having an experience and when we come back that experience is translated by the mind in a way that the mind understands so they come to us very frustrating the economy you know especially for people like me in trying to describe what in the flight because I can only leave these words and via this brain which I am speaking to you from communicate these things in a way that the third dimensional mind understands and yet I’m trying to talk to you about things that did not happen three dimensionally so there’s no linear timeline so when I say out the body I walked from here to there that’s the linear and that is actually not have occurred so I’ve already lost some of the cheese just by using those words yeah I completely understand I’ve experienced the out-of-body State this was a good 18 19 years ago I read Robert a Monroe’s book journeys out of the body and then kind of followed in his instructions and it was a delayed reaction it was like six or eight months later and I won’t go into into detail or you have videos talking about it but basically I it was to on grounding for me and so I I just kind of willed it to stop I was like I need to I need to plug into the 3d world you know or I’m just gonna drift off somewhere and but yeah I remember go ahead yes exactly the third dimensional reality starts to become a lot less than real to you than it does to the majority of people you can’t see which is a potential energy which is so does thought equal light okay just because I’m thinking of you know I’ve read or heard that that physical reality is a matter of you know

condensed light or compressed I see so light is light is a function of the material realm in other words okay I go you’re saying there which is why we need right and when you exit you like that’s the whole thing about when we’re leaving the human body everyone no matter what culture you or raised indices the same time away as we’re backtracking yep we’re going back through the tunnel that we came down to from is that a I’m not familiar with ketamine Oh gotcha this this was their way of you know trying to sort of tame the wild horse or something oh man Wow that is wild stuff so was there anything else that you want to experience in China I mean box and she would not watching people just almost run into each other in China is so much of a unity mindset a group which is how they’re like when you first go there you’re freaked out completely oh man I’ve that’s I have a story describing Indian almost that exact same way that it’s like you know it’s chaos that somehow manages to come together because there’s an underlying sanity to it of just kind of of trust and of intuition or something you know you know this person knows how to lead in between this car with three inches to spare yes absolutely it’s yeah and to almost run into each other because they want that connection I remember sitting there and watching these people because sitting that the airport and that’s what you see you see people kind of like oh sorry we got each others and I watch them collide with each other

and say sorry I’m late watching the energy I’m like that’s not sorry that person literally wanted to run into them we are this disconnected in the Western world but we literally just just to get some kind of contact and my impression is always coming back from India that this the streets feel so empty because because you know in India they’re they’re just there’s just people everywhere it’s just so vibrant with life and it’s you know overwhelming a lot of you know much of the time but you know every day is interesting because you have all these you know you know strange and and different sorts of interactions and people trying to interact with you and get your attention especially as a westerner and then you come back to you know American small town and you know a few people in their cars driving around in the hotel having food this experience we come together and I’ll have the same experience of food yeah gotcha it isn’t the same way an Indian in terms of sharing in that same way but there’s definitely much more of a well for one thing you just go sit you can just go sit down at another person’s table unless unless it’s some sort of a fancy restaurant but you know if the place is almost full and you know there’s space and you just go sit next to someone and just nod your head or you know they do that the head bobble yeah and then they eat and then they eat with their with their hands and so they so they have this very you know interactive experience in that way you you describe December 21st 2012 as being the point at which we were furthest away from source and so I’m wondering are you familiar with the precession of the equinoxes and that ties in to the twenty-six thousand year cycle is what I’ve come across is that apparently this this may be the result of our solar system journeying around another star do you have any do you have any you know hunch on that hütter okay so so does that yeah yeah it’s just it’s just kind of a never-ending series of cycles like this yes yeah I was just curious if that if that farthest away point as he described it was was in the physical realm as well of us making that you know coming to the the furthest away point from this this star and that we were now headed back in that direction or is it or is it more of an entered more of an energetic thing okay I see so I wanted to talk a little bit about the concept of triggering people I’ve had a few experiences over the past year of you know some pretty intense experiences of as I see it anyway you know triggering people and getting some some stuff dumped on me as a result you know when you’re in the course of doing this the spiritual work and especially emotional work when there’s so much emotional denial on earth then you know you can you can trigger people in the stuff that they’re you know unconscious of do you have any tips for how to deal with those kind of situations expect to be taken better I think those of us in here’s the issue is that people like you have come into a reality where for many years especially

when you’re younger you got used to expecting the people who are not going to take you well yeah and so that’s kind of a core belief at this point and so you’re limited in terms of the amount of people that you’re going to come into contact with that will take you well when you’re thinking that way they exist all over the place it’s just that you won’t meet many of them here is your expectation and the energy you walk into the room with is this person is not going to take me well aha so if we could switch that to this belief that people have been asking from you over and over again then you and me dinner on that same path you mean yeah well fortunately I’ve made lots of great connections in that regard – are you familiar with the rainbow gatherings okay have you been oh really um what year was that a few years ago anyway Wow very cool because well there’s there’s one going on in Montana right now and the world Rainbow Gathering is in BC just next door to here in Alberta and so I’m planning to go to that I’ve been going to rainbow gatherings for almost 20 years now not every year but you know obviously that’s similar uu where you meet many like men minded people like this and also in the course of my travels and and you know living in Hawaii what yeah yep is is physical beauty completely subjective or is there some is there some some deeper meaning and physical beauty like you know you you said that we we choose our our body and our to the extent of our our hair color and an eye color or whatever yes okay can you just give a little bit of insight on you know what does it mean the body that we’ve chosen and and how it you know appears to others well the experience of being seen as ugly and thus rejected versus the experience being seen as beautiful and thus desperately wanted it to the point where you can’t even contain your energy is a different experience entirely and as we said before expansion by product of experience of perspectives being different and so there are there’s contrast that comes along with being perceived as beautiful by many the same as there is contrast that is the byproduct of being perceived as a win unwanted so women choose that based on the experience and there is a you sort of unanimous traits even though subjective there are traits which yeah yeah so there’s some there’s awareness of that in the in the upper realms of you know you know how you’re going to be received and what sort of experience truth you’re going to have as a result interesting yeah cool and it’s a plan I mean that’s best part why even I chose this group of buddy visit it is understood that people are perceived as being attractive pay attention because they’re trying to open awareness which is not yeah so it’s just a decision before coming in of you know what’s gonna compliment your own energy and what what sort of experience you’re seeking and cool well I’ve run through my my list of questions there did you have anything in particular you wanted

to address or anything that the else that’s come up in the course of this awesome yes that’s really amazing to hear it’s it you know this is going to sort of stick with me for a while afterwards as to you know yeah I was I was wondering if that you know how that would be for yeah it’s you know small doses is is no more easily received I guess absolutely I mean I mean I did before you know a couple you know that’s why my first video was teal Scott is awesome it was just you know I felt this connection right away oh cool so yes it’s I’m just thinking of the title so that you can find it because I’ve put up a lot of videos since then if you just put divine masculine response teal Scott then it should come up awesome well this has been been really cool I’m just so overjoyed and honored to have your presence and if you feel called to do another interview at some point and that would be great okay I was thinking it might be interesting to do something delving into masculine feminine dynamics and relationships I’m actually cool I’m actually the author of a book titled the mystery of woman which which and the subtitle is a book for men and so certainly one of the things that I’m focused on is you know trying to give men the chance to understand women and feminine energy better awesome great I’ll call it with some questions and we’ll definitely in touch really looking forward to it all right that’s wonderful thank you thanks a lot to you take care all right bye-bye you