Escape to the Country Kent 10a x 2

hey I’m in my home countess claims to be the oldest in England its name dating back to 41 BC it’s also home to one of the first and finest light railways so all aboard as we escape to the country in today’s show we’ll be meeting a couple who can’t wait to leave suburbia behind them and trade it in for a very cozy country living I do expect this I’ll be showing them some wonderful country homes that will take them by surprise I am speechless just not what I expected and as ever there’s the blinding mystery house which will call for some hand-holding turn around and reveal today I’m in Kent the Garden of England now this county is full of history being home to over seventeen thousand listed buildings and these beautifully preserved steam engines so get ready to discover this very special corner of Britain Kent lies in the southeast corner of England and is blessed with a spectacular coastline is to see that has shaped this county renowned for its rich naval history and of course the iconic White Cliffs of Dover a symbol of Britain venturing inland is Canterbury home of the Anglican Church and the high Weald which Henry the eighth’s referred to as the Garden of England or it has some of the most fertile land in the UK but Kent is perhaps most famous for its oast house and many of these Victorian hop drawing buildings have been converted into beautiful luxury homes the Northwest of Kent is bordered with Greater London making it a popular choice with commuters but as a result the average detached house here is a massive 34 percent above the national average at around 325 thousand pounds so if you love beautiful countryside and the close proximity to London then Kent could be for you today’s property hunters are Phil and Philomena from Sidcup in Kent Phil’s an Account Director for a health company and his wife Philomena who Phil refers to as Phil number two works as a PA in London Phil and Phil have been living in their current 5 bedroom detached house for the last eight years but with their two daughters having grown up and moved on and with retirement on the horizon Phil and Philomena have been dreaming of a fresh start our current home isn’t ideal for us anymore I think it’s outgrown us it’s just the two of us now and we don’t need this amount of space and I think we can’t enjoy what we really want which is the peace and quiet in the countryside all this dreaming has left them with a pretty clear idea of what they want from their new home we’d like a three bedroom detached house with character it has to be in a quiet road yeah we’d like an ensuite if possible and I’d like a kitchen diner and also I quite like to have a range cooker in the kitchen Philomena loves cooking and so having somewhere big enough to entertain is important she’s also very attached to her dining table I really love this table it took me ages to find it so when we move it’s definitely going to have to be a space for it and it must have a double garage or space to build one and the fair size golden Phil and Philomena want to get back to nature to enjoy walking and country pursuits Phil’s also keen to start growing his own vegetables again we love being out in the garden but it’s shady nature means we’re not able to grow vegetables when we moved to the country that’s one of the things we’re really looking to be able to do he’s also keen on Victorian engineering and in particular steam railways in the area we’re looking to move to has a couple of restored railway lines I’d like to do some voluntary work on and there’s some vineyards in the area and I’d quite like to take up a wine tasting course sounds like a good move but before we start homing in on properties we’ve invited a local agent in to give evaluation it’s a lovely at building family home the great location easy walking distance the local station with great sister London nearby there are good schools all in all it’s a very desirable property and my recommendation is to market the property at seven hundred and twenty five thousand pounds the fields want to put some money aside for their retirement leaving them with a budget of five hundred thousand pounds will we be able to thrill our fills and they’re half a million pound budget in this one other expensive part of the country essentially they’re going to get

excited about a kitchen diner open fireplaces a large garden but an and a garage to store Phil’s tools so he can return them with properties that have oodles of history and lots of character but will we deliver let’s find out we will be starting our search close to the Kent and Sussex border around the town of Tenterden where there are plenty of direct trains into London useful for Filomena’s daily commute into the city it’s not far from the historic spa town of Tunbridge Wells and I’m pleased to say a search will also take in the high Weald though you can find some of the most spectacular scenery in the region over the course of the next few days I’ll be showing Phil and Phil three properties in the local area they’ll be viewing them without known the asking price which I’ll be revealing at the end of each tour and the fourth house will be the mystery house a property chosen to put the cat among the pigeons so Phil and Phil are welcome to Kent although I believe you already live in the county only by postcode we actually in the London borough of Bexley haha so it doesn’t look like listen at the beautiful countryside now originally your budget was five hundred thousand but you’ve added a little bit more if we’d be looking for a while and we’ve realized that if we want to get the house of our dreams who are probably gonna have to spend five hundred and fifty thousand pounds well that’s great for us because it gives us real flexibility and I’m really excited about this because Cape is actually my home county I was born here so should we start looking at some properties definitely late Carmen Phil and Phil have upped their budget 550,000 pounds and although they’re downsizing they still want at least three bedrooms a kitchen diner a garage and a large garden so that Phil can grow his own vegetables property number one is located at sissing hurst in south of the county it’s famous for the stunning national trust system hearst castle gardens and it’s great for commutes as its nearest train station is just five miles away in staple Hurst it has everything you want for day-to-day living a pump and a cobbler shops the property we’re going to see is just off the main road into sissing hearses this is why I bought your hair take a look at this property certainly different thing that we we’d like to learn I think we take a look yeah come on in it’s a little warmer in here it certainly is good job we’re not too tall come through the door like this but the original house was actually built in the 16th century so it’s great to list it but from this partition this stone wall here onwards that was built in the 1700s and then through there into the kitchen that was built in the 1930s so it’s got areas from all periods in the house I like this size as well I do like to come in to have some sort of room when you loop in great let’s hope I can impress you with the rest of the house or follow me on the way to the kitchen is a cloakroom and a small but bright bedroom which would be perfect for guests but this is what I wanted to bring you to see the kitchen to make my wife very happy yeah range the range there that’s something I want that heats the whole of the house what you want a kitchen like this it’s quite important for me certainly to be able to have a table in the kitchen so that when you’ve got friends and family and they can chat while you’re cooking it’s nice to walk in as well and look at it go I wouldn’t have to change anything in here you’ve got the butler’s sink there on the Battlement there you are the gradual place then you know what you’ll be doing the washing up and your storage too because that’s something that’s often lacking in a kitchen so thumbs up yeah I think son thumbs up for the hallway yeah it’s a good start it is a good start it’s key real kleeger Nyx’s flooring at the other end of the hall in the 17th century part of the house is the dining room packed with period features and just enough room for Filomena’s prized possession her dining table I do not know who else finds it so I’m actually looking for a house that fits the dining room sorry both in this look at the other way so you ready to step into the oldest part of the house yep and this is the living room in grown-up fireplace that’s something we’re after you could stand up in there might do that in the main and again you got a double aspect

windows in here which makes it light which is great every room we’ve been in it’s been really light it is light and airy an old house yeah what do you think about the feel of the room does it feel quite tranquil – yeah I can still hear the room but you can’t deny that it’s there so lots of blue points I’m just one negative so far will the deal be clinched when they see upstairs can actually feel the it’s quite higgledy-piggledy yeah too bad a size size is fine and you know bathroom – something I can change in Auto so the actual is just a size that’s important besides it’s fine but you did want an ensuite now fortunately this house we can’t get you one but the good news is the master bedroom is just next okay welcome to the master bedroom what do you think first impression is quite small I think it’s light again I think you’ve got the windows at both ends it is light in here which I haven’t seen anything inside that’s put me off so yeah the lovely thing about this room is if you can imagine yourself lying in that bed on a Sunday morning looking out onto that tree there and that approach I mean it’s beautiful that’s when I begin a cup of tea brought up to me do you think that no and we do that you’d be getting neither – I’m quite large here this is obviously the dressing area been here and you have we have got several waters well that’s not proper we just get rid of your clothes for that yeah I don’t think I dare comment self at I like the red hair the reality of downsizing is beginning to hit home but there’s a little more space up another flight of stairs very steep stairs but I think you’ll agree it’s worth the climb because this is the other bedroom this is lovely for the grandchild with this aspect you obviously you’ve got some amazing views on both sides dormer windows could be possibly the master bedroom it could be yeah but I think probably we would keep the master bedroom down on that landing there wouldn’t we probably you got these downstairs was one wardrobe up here there are no wardrobes what are you saying well we’ve got three four wardrobes so it’s completely crammed full at the moment sorry there is a problem with storage space I think in this house my concern about wardrobes isn’t for me he’s very caring isn’t it well those storage may be an issue they probably need to appreciate that downsizing actually means getting rid of things but what about outside will that suit Phil’s DIY needs and his green fingers quite a mature garden over here you’ve got your vegetable patch you’ve got your greenhouse you’ve got three apple trees so fresh fruit in the altar you got the weeping out and obviously you’ve got that beautiful pond yeah and then we’ve got the garage that you so want the garden sometimes I think so much why is it funny so both fields you know what’s coming next how much do you think a property like this is on the market for I think it’s probably about five to five sales very not for the road it would be a lot more I actually think they struggled to get over 500,000 on his house I like she promised it for eight five four eight five it’s quite low well this house is actually on the market for four hundred and sixty-five thousand pounds so you actually were closest cheaper than you thought I think it it would be worth an awful lot more were it not for its position I think well before you finally make up your minds why don’t you go and have one last look around it okay thank you to move to this part of Kent to be nearer their daughter and the grandchild they’re expecting they know the county fairly well as they live in Kent already but they don’t know the areas we’re looking at so they keen to explore some of the pretty towns and villages that dot the Kent countryside first up Tenterden so much going on here isn’t it because Tenterden is typical of many of the Roman towns in Kent in that it has an important trade and military history major development has passed Tenterden by and the tower remains one of the most unspoilt in Kent it’s a nice antique shop the tree-lined High Street has a selection of shops and historical buildings and is dominated by the glorious pinnacles of st. Mildred’s Church like the town it overlooks st Mildred’s also has a rich history we can go to a chocolate and after a quick if

exhausting climb up the 150 steps to the towers summit only more than halfway it’s clear why Oh God this amazing it was in towers like this that beacons were lit to warn of the Spanish Armada Zach Roche another must is to visit a local vineyard and winery as Philomena is keen to take up wine tasting here at insulin there’s 25 acres of inn-yard yeah we saw some about 250 acres all across the southeast I’m really looking forward to growing more of my own projects and paps heat in the capital vines absolutely the perfect place to come but I tell you the best living is the lines are fantastic yeah they taste it after years of being Smith backed by our European cousins English wine is beginning to be taken seriously so much so that the French are even looking to buy land in this region to make champagne although the grapes are only harvested in October the winemaking process goes on throughout the year and inside the winery you can take a guided tour to see the complete production process let’s see what you make of this man you spoke like summer it’s very fresh isn’t it fruity I think for the future just a few miles away enroll Vanden on the edge of the high Weald is great Nathan Hall perhaps you can share something like this the pristine 18 acre landscape gardens are impressive look at the food’s good the old walled garden is what makes this place unique the famous author Frances Hodgson Burnett lived here from 1898 to 1907 I think we can go in this is where she wrote The Secret Garden one of the most famous children’s books of all time why would you want to live in London for our next house we’re off now to horsemen burn down towards the East Sussex border what will please Phil is that it’s packed full of history as the guns for Charles the First’s forces June English Civil War came straight from the local ironworks there’s also no shortage of things to do with a weekly farmers market and an annual fair in the village Heath so a nice quiet country lane because I know that’s important for you too and he’s the property we want you to take a look at it’s an 18th century where the boarded house it’s grade 2 listed was originally a pub a funeral you can see it’s attached to the house next door but apparently the local farmer got so upset with his workers coming to frequent the pub but he hadn’t bought it and turned it into a house let’s go have a look inside okay although it has large grounds the double garage Phil wants is missing however planning permission has been granted in the past and here’s the kitchen this looks very promising a good size for you – yeah very good size yeah and Phil you’re gonna love this flooring this oak flooring it comes from French railway carriages granite work top yes dude very nice whatever take a look at the dining room so we’re now walking into the older part of the house 18th century I notice the ceilings aren’t as low as some beamed rooms that you go into so it’s quite nice it makes it feel more spacious doesn’t it yeah it does those beams actually are from Chatham Dockyard okay so we know the house was 18th century but they’re probably far far older we might have even gone around the world a few times so what do you think about this room as a dining room would it work for you yes it’s great but I think it’s really lovely so you’ve got the casual dining in the kitchen and then the formal dining yeah what about the fireplaces that work on it – actually it’s currently closed but it shares the flue with the range so small job and if you wanted a nice fire that would be quite easy to do the depths of winter it’s always quite nice to have an open fire you could get your guests to keep an eye on it while you’re preparing the food so it’s a great entertaining room you’ve also got a downstairs cloakroom opposite the front door I fought you in the tradesmen’s entrance anyone I’m normally allowed in and then this leads straight into the living room now what about this just the thing we’re after we did ask for a fireplace didn’t mean we host raining Lunik and I think

you did I love watching your faces who’s both of you like trying to take it all in well though it’s not a huge room it has quite a spacious feel to it I know it has sweet me down to the ground I think so the downstairs of this property is working out quite well yeah I’ve got some more good stuff upstairs back through the dining room other main stairs leading up to the first floor where we find two cat full bedrooms down here I like to think this is your guest room this delightful snug room is ideal for family or friends and even has its own ensuite further along the hall is this simply furnished family bathroom but this is what I really wanted to show you the master bedroom oh this is great this is just what sort of sort of bedroom we’re after you don’t often see a bedroom with features like this indeed and the fact that the wardrobes are already there means that you’re not got to clutter the room up anymore it’s a man after my own heart the fireplace lovely fireplace has actually been closed off by the owners because they can’t keep jumping up but you couldn’t open that what do you think about the size though of this room yeah it’s a good size he’s just what you had in mind when you’re escaping to the country I actually think it’s better than what we had he’s really good I know I I’m really impressed by this on you oh yeah well this is the master I’ve got something else to show you so Phil I want you to lead the way all the second flight of stairs up in the attic the owners have made ingenious use of the loft space well this is this is different okay let’s make this oh gosh oh well this is another extra bedroom isn’t it you certainly have to mind your head look we are literally in the rafters please yeah yeah you can you imagine our grandchildren growing up and wanting to sleep up here away from everybody else oh I love it opposite is another smaller room ideal as an office or hobby space as long as you can get your hobby up here that is if your pastime requires a bit more room than there’s plenty of space outside there’s a third of an acre sort of split into three the way it’s been done quite mature I know you’re a keen gardener Phil yes could you work with this as a canvas nothing fazes me about it because I think I want to grow vegetables and I think there’s plenty of space and it’s got the right aspect to actually do that as well the quaintness size sets the standard for any other houses that we see so positive I like that they say one last look at this house favorable comments throughout I don’t think we hit a negative did we hmm no no garage and it’s have changed okay we found two all right with a garage we could possibly fix so bearing that in mind what do you think a house like this is on the market for want to go first oh you guys I would imagine because it is attached and it does need a garage it’s probably priced I think it about 525 okay and Phil what do you think no I think it’s gonna be higher than that I think it’s nearer the five five five five this house is on the market for four hundred and ninety five thousand pounds that’s good it’s really good so it does leave you a little bit of change should this be the property of your dreams to build your garage and your workshop with all your tools make me smile so with that in mind do I have one last note round yeah okay I see you limit when to swap their five bedroom detached house and downsize to a period cottage in the Kent countryside they have a budget of $550,000 which have gone down well but coming up there to be left completely stunned and they’re also about to be blown away by a very large bathroom to see the bathroom quite well it’s the beginning of day two and I thought yesterday went pretty well we show them properties at the lower end of their budget but today we’re upping the ante so the houses they see might be a little bit more expensive I hope they brought their checkbook properties we’re gonna see today we’re pushing it a little bit because I know your budget was five hundred thousand to start off with and then moved up to 550 how would you feel if we looked a little bit more than that I think we’ve got to be a bit realistic things what we’re after maybe costing more than what we had first thought it’s not an issue with finding the money it’s actually an issue

with finding the right house despite being right in the countryside property number three in the village of bouton lawn Chelsea is only four miles south of Maidstone so it has great train links into London the village has piles of character which is just what Phil and Phil want from their ideal home set on the rack stone ridge between wilded Kent and the North bounds many of the local buildings are made of local sandstone quarried in the village I couldn’t bring you to Kent and not show you one of the cameras traditional oast houses it has been restored you’ve got the kill then you’ve got the cows at the top and can you see in Victor horse you know you know that the emblem of Kings now the property it is attached but you get the roundel well you actually get to because there’s one behind this one it looks pretty good doesn’t it yeah so how do you fancy living in the round wait a minute I think the two Phil’s seem to be struggling with downsizing and it’s why I’ve brought them to this property which offers them a bit more flexibility and this is the hallway downstairs cloakroom there you got some storage a plenty of storage in this house let me take you through to the living room it’s a good size isn’t it nice big room I didn’t expect it to be like this inside so we you know we’re looking traditional type houses but this is quite contemporary yeah this is more contemporary I would say but that doesn’t detract from the possibility of what you could do with it you do like a project and I think this house might have a few projects in mind for you but we’re in the old barn part of the oast house and now I’m gonna take you through to the Randall because this is the bit the eye fine piece de resistance just walking through here and here we are the first round all used as the dining room big space isn’t it lovely space I think enough for that table yeah and you could see how you could change it it seems a little bit empty at the moment and a bit yeah well we know you like projects but this this is really gonna get you thinking so we’re crossing through the hallway into the second roundel thick walls and here is your kitchen just not what I was expecting what sort of kitchen can you envisage putting in here there’s a look at the space it’s an amazing space I think you could get you could have a beautiful kitchen couldn’t you you could really go to town the only thing is we going from room to room I’m racking up costly okay it’s the working to do so well as we take you through and see if the rest of a house there look justice okay if you want to get back through that door okay I can see Phil getting very busy with his tools in this kitchen and fortunately down the hall there is a good-sized couch to keep them all in my time more interest in showing them upstairs has loads of storage it has loads of rooms they’ve got two large bedrooms in there and this this would be your master bedroom this is a great size and good views looking out through the windows that’s that’s quite good isn’t it that’s quite a lot you could do in here isn’t now you could fill it make it look bit cozier I think this would work for you as a monster yeah I would this room it gives you an idea of what you could do if you did out this property but it’s actually got an ensuite and that really gives you a feel of with a modern touch what this toast house has it’s probably its potential what do you think Oh they’ve done this nicely yeah I think this has really been done well has been done well and it’s got a shower or you bath or shower people shower really I couldn’t imagine not having a shower in the morning anymore it’s something new we do well I just remember this for now I think I’m going to show you something completely different this is your family bathroom daddy I have a secret bathroom quite large certainly you need have some fun in here kidding me that the space is enormous Internet doing a normal bathroom you know how much it costs and how much time it takes to put a bathroom in here it’s gonna take a lot more time and a lot more money as well I just noticed though there are no windows in here early well hopefully I’m not gonna disappoint you on that scale because this property does have a room with the view some of the rooms in this house do feel quite closed in but you really can’t say

the same for this I know you get a real sense of the other side now don’t do and how would you use this room if this was yours I think our grandchildren can my people their toys don’t you yeah when they arrive yeah it would actually make a fantastic bedroom I would do we like the beams yeah good I like it as we came up the stairs I like that beam across there I can see fit and then I’ll move into this house part changing it to suit the star they want might be just a big to bigger project even for Phil I think there is quite a bit to be done yeah it cost wise I think it may be a step too far but I don’t know we you know you have to take another look and really sort of weigh it up I don’t think this is a huge project because most of it is cosmetic you know once you plastered the house and then you’re into really decorating and you know there’s a bathroom in a kitchen but it is a big space that’s the only thing it is a huge space it also has lovely ground around it so let’s take a look at that so here are the gardens it’s quite pretty I think a manageable size for you do you think yeah I mean it’s not overlooked at all is it which is quite nice in the corner there which you could either keep or perhaps fill that could be your vegetable patch yes it could and it’s quite plain so you know you could do lots with it I think so we’re quite like in the garden yeah you’re gonna ask us how much in a moment well I am that’s why I wanted you to look at that view because you’re one step ahead of me you know people love living in those houses because they are so spectacular but the question is how much is this property worth feel what do you think it’s on the market for ladies should always go still mulling it over yeah he’s chasing it’s not fair um I reckon it’s gonna go for about 470 I’m probably way off month but 470 I’m actually gonna go a bit less than that I actually reckon it’s 450 417 and 450 well the property’s only just come on the market and it’s currently valued at 599 thousand money needs to be spent on it I just never did open and also it’s a large part of your budget if it’s over your budget but it is early days we know what the markets like at the moment so I want you to think of that mare with fresh on why don’t you go back inside and have a look at the interior and what you might do if you chose to live in this property okay see you in a minute no it’s time for the mystery property and this is my favorite part of the show because we show our buyers something completely different and I think Phil and Phil are gonna be in for a big surprise in your hearts what would you love the mystery property to be if it was an old railway station that we did but I know there aren’t any roads around it’d probably be a water tower how about a lighthouse that would be good for the mystery property we’re slipping across the border near to the tiny hamlet of Netherfield in East Sussex although just a hamlet it boasts a couple of shops and a palm and if its history you’re after then just up the road is battle the site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings for your eyes have instantly caught the mystery property really nice-looking isn’t it great it looks contemporary but it actually is a grade 2 listed building the way it’s been done it’s been done really carefully and just to the side there isn’t a garage but there is permission to have a double garage built there that’s fine McGary job so can you imagine yourself living in a building like this I came yeah I can’t wait to get inside actually what about you fail I’m not sure what so I think I’ll reserve judgment till I get in there can we go into it please put your ID irizarry come woman this stunning barn conversion has been painstakingly taken apart and put back together again perfectly marrying tradition with cutting-edge modernity here we are that the last way certainly every stove so anything you’re saying I wouldn’t expect this in a barn it’s very very different isn’t it what are your first impressions well if I said I was expecting to walk into a barn then this clearly isn’t just the barn is inside this is a house of two halves so I don’t think this is the guest area you’ve got a fabulous York stone through here lots of glass and

this this would be the guest bedroom what do you think about the room itself for your guests I think the guys would like it I think they would think it was so different like anything else they River likely sustained you can see can’t you the original oak beams and there’s some modern ones obviously have had to be used to make it into this room although there’s a lot of glass it doesn’t feel cold particularly no interesting I think the extensive use of glass creates a solar game and actually heats the property keeping the warmth inside he’s nice to see something completely different it is nice and same well we could live with it you know we don’t know yet do we but we would never have probably chosen to look at this so it’s quite a surprise here just like here next door has the signature high vaulted ceilings and underfloor heating to warm up your toes on the way to the bathroom so there’s your bathroom for your guests go in and have a look oh that’s a nice size sister yeah like the time like that radio chatter okay that one isn’t it did not have to be shine with all the wine glass when you take a shower but now I want you to trust me so step on out fill hold my hands I’m gonna take one of you to close your eyes so close their eyes it is now an important bit this is where you two could possibly live okay one two three four five keep them closed but you to turn around and reveal the spiral staircase but one spiral staircase with all one’s face this is contemporary living isn’t it it is contemporary living in the country unusual kitchen completely different from anything else we’ve seen it is that’s actually a German kitchen all handmade all mod cons they’re sympathetic lighting so it’s nice and bright and airy obviously this doesn’t have the glass but it doesn’t detract from the rest of the barn it’s it’s nice having you seen that magazine it is yeah yeah so you do have your dining area I’m very close to the kitchen whether that’s a big enough space for my table I’m not sure whether the table is fit in really but as an entrance when you look at this room all that light and what it really does is reflect off this staircase this glass staircase it cost 30,000 pounds how’s that for a statement 30,000 is actually suspended from the two beams it’s a massive feat of engineering and it literally just hangs there is a lovely view to look out there and it’s almost like having a big picture let’s wander through the room what’s really clever is the use of glass the large windows bring the outside in and the floating staircase almost disappears it’s the first room I’ve seen where a large flat-screen TV doesn’t look large yeah we could outdo our friend Keith has got the largest one we’ve ever seen probably get a hundred inch one on there I think when you first considered moving from properly into the country did you ever think of an older property with a modern twist we were thinking quite traditional and it’s nice to come in somewhere like this I think we need to you know think about could do we live here there’s something there that’s appealing to isn’t it yeah it is just that you know being different and having somewhere where you can bring people every you can talk about it talk about the history of it what people come along and you get a chance to do something different well this room is dominated by this amazing staircase and let’s take a look up here entrance wherever you are in this property you get those amazing views outside you’re also on intimate terms with your neighbors because this this is your bedroom certainly big the height makes it seem much larger than the floor space isn’t it it’s a good size and not too much storage in here I see much where do they keep their clothes oh that is a very good question they obviously are minimalist we’ve seen one big wardrobe in one of the bedrooms and that is it it’s certainly different it’s not a normal way of living me is this amazing ensuite which as with everything else in this bespoke property is finished to the highest of standards and as Phil may be wondering could be cranking up the asking price so here’s your garden you’ve got the railway sleepers along here got the York stone here nice little private dining area I think you could put some more stuff around here to make it a bit prettier you couldn’t since the house yeah it suits the house yes you wouldn’t imagine a rosebush being no you

have to be a striking plus or something then obviously you got the railway sleepers in New York stone leading up to the rest of the garden it’s a little bit of land up here but the great thing about this area is you really get to appreciate that barn the recreation garden it is a lovely view isn’t it so how much do you think this property is on the market for well no expense has been spared in that house has it they if you look up or everything that’s in there just to get the cost of the fabric back it’s got to be on the market for over six hundred thousand and I’d probably say six twenty six twenty okay Phil what do you think what I think I’ll go as high as that I reckon it’s six hundred thousand yeah six hundred thousand families well I have to tell you that mrs. Phil yeah is the closest because this is on the market for five hundred ninety five that’s not a surprise isn’t it and do you find the idea of modern living in the countryside because it is very contemporary how much to rent it for a year on that full go and take another look round Phil and Phil have seen all the properties so it’s time to collect their thoughts and make a decision well it’s decision time and we’ve seen such a range of properties my head is spinning but what about theirs let’s find out so fill in farewell our journey is nearly over but we’ve seen some beautiful part of Kent and East Sussex mustn’t forget that but the question is have you enjoyed yourselves I’ve more than enjoyed it it’s been really good Furman definitely seen some properties that perhaps we wouldn’t have looked at ourselves for the first property we saw the weather boarded house what were your first impressions when you saw that I thought it was a nice-looking house obviously the road impacted on our view of it but once we were inside it was full of surprises and I think previously I might not have even looked at the house at that age that’s one view that I certainly changed when we went inside now what about that beautiful house that used to be a pub I think that was my favorite it was a lovely looking house and and then when we went through the front door I thought you know the kitchen was just what I wanted I guess when I walked in I felt I’ve got a battle on here because I knew that fear had fallen in love with it and for myself I thought what am I gonna do if I move into this house okay for all the land you wanted and actually I think that could be your project so there you know you’ve got a starting Drive steam trying to pin it right certainly a strong contender I would say now we did have quite a stretch in the budget and we did stretch it with the oast house yep what were your first impressions when you saw it when we drove up to it I was quite excited because I haven’t thought about going to look in an oyster house so it was inviting you wanted to go inside but were a bit disappointed when we did get inside in certain areas you just wouldn’t know that you were in an older house I think it’d be fair to say that we’ve seen quite different properties over the last few days but I don’t think you’re expecting anything like the Mystery House it was so different from anything I would ever probably choose to look at the excitement you felt from just walking in and looking at it you couldn’t deny that you had to admire all the work they’ve done in it and they’ve got it you know they’ve got it spot-on that brings me to crunch time really because we’re going to have to make a decision of all the properties that you’ve seen over the last few days is there any one that you’re really interested in I think this house for you the old pup I think for me in the perfect place it had a wonderful garden there was no road noise and I think if the price is right the the other areas I’m prepared to ignore I think that was a great place to live well that’s great news but what’s the next step we’d like to take another look at it certainly and try to establish the right price of right massage for the house yeah if the price was right we might well consider putting an offer in it so quite possibly we might have found you the house of your dreams so you can escape to the country I think thank you my tutor I’ve really enjoyed showing Phil and Phil now my home county of Kent and delighted we may have found little property to suit their needs what I discovered this week is that when you’re looking for your dream house you really do have to keep an open mind until next time bye-bye