Third Age Rhun ep 11 "Esgaroth Is In Sight"

yeah welcome back everybody it’s a room campaign its back I I try to record yesterday and we had those two armies are standing right here they were just separated enough that they weren’t being the same fight if I attack them and I combined the horse from here and army from here which is this one and we hit them and first army it’s like a 10 unit card army I had both my missile cab on the left and right flank and they ran up and we basically just made a circle around them and shot them to hell with arrows and then javelin when they got close and I lost almost nobody in both fights I did the exact same thing it was kind of kind of funny um they fell for the trap perfect actually I’ve been playing a lot of the zoo on mountain blade and that’s one of their tactics basically you make a bullhorn and let the enemy come inside it and you just surrounded from all sides but um so I did that and my computer decided that it wanted to go to sleep in the middle of the recording about 22 minutes in and just after both of the battles was complete and then so it decided to restart itself for no reason and I lost the recording because it went corrupt so right luckily I was saving along the way so I didn’t lose what I did so we’re up here all we did was push we killed the two armies and then what’s his name here this guy and his little Calvary unit that was over here I’ve pushed them back and here three times and they wouldn’t die I just kept autores all thing that you know ninety percent chance of winning and they fell back into here so we will take the Riverrun and throw the cat away just sit on my keyboard I’ll take the Riverrun here and then with all this bori mister here come in and take that afterwards as we leave and this army will just continue to go on and Dale has one place left one dirty town left and uh that’s the big one that I want to see that it should be a new settlement map should be pretty cool hopefully so we’ll find out here probably the next Turner so I would suspect that we might be able to kill Dale off this episode here so let’s see here got the village really I’d like to be on this side of the village you have perfect way to shoot into the village with your arrows but this side will do just fine I have also tactics for over here so I’ll get you guys positioned and shot butenes we’ll get you guys over here do a little of that and all the mister cab you guys are going to go around the back side and fancy infantry face cards will just look mean let’s get this business rolling they have no archers you know they went for an army of whatever they could afford which is they’re cheap Klansmen type union also or Hill Hill Hill Klansmen or something Dale Klansmen camera out there all right so you guys look at this beautiful miss you guys gonna come back here just shower room with arrows they do have the one unit of Calvary wish I need to pay attention to but should be in good order here so look where I’m going I’ll take one of these units and we’ll stick them right about here and they’ll shower the unit as they come through and this one this one goes right up here and they can actually stand here and shoot a pretty horizontal shot that’s nothing too high arc and we’ll be able to devastate these guys here all right so now how close do we have to get to make awkward you guys do you need to either the closer please I’m not gonna watch you guys put that on there for now you guys are in position you guys are in position all right javelin you guys come up here fast and these guys could actually go right up underneath them cuz that guy’s on a hill and uh other thing that works out really well is this Calvary if you can just manage to charge it right into them but

we will put the heavy infantry down here so we’ll see what happens once they get down into the mess meanwhile the archers back here do massive amount of work yeah you’re gonna run right into these Dale Klansmen here plus I got heavy infantry coming in to flank them pouring the arrows into him here here come the javelin you don’t want any of this dude come on look at that just look at that get slaughtered there shaking just look at the numbers drop pouring arrows right into him over their head oh my gosh you guys actually just save your ammo for a moment that aren’t that unit is destroyed Wow and then out here – the same thing but it’s gonna run out here and get slaughtered just look at all the arrows so many of them wow guys are just getting pummeled now they’re broken and then we’ll come in and hit the next unit and then these guys I’ll see what happens here Wow I don’t think they’re gonna want to do this here this is really not what you want to do you guys keep shooting at that unit they’re broken all right you guys get out of here got to watch out for these ones here we’re gonna turn you back on so you can shoot you can shoot it this guy where are you going oh here’s the Calvary unit ah whoops ha my Kaiser victory wait why serious nice try to charge archers and they’re getting killed so they actually have an archer you need to hear that I forgot about oh these guys they have two units oh look at that I realize that one that’s okay we’ll figure that out get out of the way okay you guys do your job you guys figure that out they’re gonna get some experience out of that hit you guys with that I’ll put you guys over here now just charge in here or to end this where’s my fancy sword take care of that I guess you’re gonna run alright deal with this they’re not going to attack with their things still on I don’t think let us play the dance game I think they’re about that out of ammo anyways so it’s okay yep you guys are going in I mean okay actually let me split one of you up you got to go all the way around the back you’re gonna come inside here and you’re gonna get the hell out of here this doesn’t work it’s very what the that didn’t work out very well get out of here guys right arrows I thought they would stay away they’re just lost Oakland would shoot with their arrows unbelievable guys un-freakin’-believable all right you guys want to go that way that’s fine but you idiots need to go this way and so do you wow I don’t know why they started going around the you’re way far far away okay so handle these guys and get over here and you guys are almost ready to get in position wait what why is that have oh my gosh what is everybody doing here nobody nobody attacked when I told them to attack over here what uh-oh that’s bad all right you guys handle that you guys do this let’s see what happens here if they have

time to turn around right now people are getting shot for nothing kind of sucks but I really didn’t notice they bought these two units somehow or they got them as reinforcements that’s probably what happened they probably got those as reinforcements so even though they’re shaken that’s not gonna do any good yeah everybody get out of there guys should be able to figure this out now come on Bert oh my gosh what is this why did you do that why did you do that oh they ran all the way around I told him twice this is second time I told him to come in this way get to this point and then come to attack again they it up and these idiots to do the exact same thing oh man that’s gonna cost a lot so disappointing so did this is the best unit that I have on the field and they haven’t fought yet stupid look at this some looks like a skillet remotes not yeah you guys and you guys the Golden Horde is here really you couldn’t even run this guy over I was a little weak yeah the hell out of here keep moving stay alive dude there we go oh geez sometimes it’s the Calvary and this was just a little stupid I mean they weren’t even getting attacked by these guys yeah someone even go wiped out right there all right we’re going to speed this up get over here yeah yeah yeah die Dale die yeah 257 million lost little more than I wanted to but I seriously lost control those guys there that was pretty crappy oh well how much we can do about that except for yeah sorry guys but I want to kill hundred of you just for the sake of it you’re in the little village towns never gonna get never Hank yeah it’s never to get bigger what did I just do wonder people died yeah I don’t care we need them in order so I can leave can’t do anything here that’s fine next turn will probably get the building to make cultural I actually won’t I’ll have to upgrade it like I said I don’t care this army is gonna come in and fill its place and then we’ll squeeze out whatever we need from it and we also got reinforcements here the this is gonna be the beginning to the army that might deal with the doors so that would be good don’t need a brothel here looking for the last bit of if any things to make money I don’t think we can do anything Oh gonna change yes take that and here you know farming beautiful got to make anything this is all so we’re gonna put this in order they’re gonna get reinforcements here so we’re gonna need a little bit bigger army than what I think we’ve got mustard here if nobody can shoot over the wall I have not what I have one Archer a horse we need more here we go get some of that action just reminded me as I saw that let’s go that way and I think we should be able to know we’re still still looking for those okay that’s cool let’s go spies coming through here make sure the Silvan else don’t have anything that’s gonna threaten us and then this guy hit me aha they’ve moved up to crossbowmen

so now here’s an army I have to pay attention to these two actors I cannot fight these and it sucks to try and auto resolve against the dwarfs because even though they have smaller armies they are men account for a lot all right let’s take our chance here at 77% well that really blows yeah you make it that sucks but since we’re already here and seeing what’s happening this guy is going to just go up here and fill his place yes this would be our in-between Watchtower send you up a little bit here I want him to come back there we go do a little that business I can’t all right so that’s the Melea what I was looking for was more Archer power I don’t really need you or you don’t need it here we go I’ll take some more archers over here I will save that 500 that’s what we’ll do I’ll save that so we’re gonna start sending everything we can this way out let’s see I take these four so I don’t think this really needs anything to stay behind no fact we’ll just there’s four there there’s eight face card would be cool any of you how much money do you pull in here 100 bucks yeah that’s still question that’s that’s a lot of money that I don’t want to just lose for no reason right now still pulling it in but not enough so the other right and then our objective here we have three turns so the next turn will be two turns and if we can get out here and stand on this we’ll be able to accomplish that little task but it’s not like it’s gonna be an easy one they’re gonna put up a little bit of a fight we’ll see girl this is the one that I want to see that’ll be that should be a cool settlement this I don’t think it’s anything special but then a Erebor is gonna be cool so let’s flip this Stern and see what so is that nobody went rebel on me and I was good okay cool I’m the largest faction right now awesome right so they abandon ask her off wow that is something else they’re sending everything up towards the doors like save us yeah yeah yeah you’ll banter whatever I want you to banter all right you guys I’m just gonna leave everything as is still even though getting a little bit weakened but how about you did you get any more no I want to have two guys got all this cool stuff plus one respect plus two to hit points to two generals hit points plus one to respect veteran warrior security one to Authority huh now he has a Dale sword got one more respect cool I like how you can change that I’m gonna take these guys out we’re just gonna go straight to him so that I can try and get there next turn I don’t think there’s really anything they can throw me that’s gonna be a problem all right so actually wait a minute they don’t quite make it but it’s not like they can go up and around on me that door farm you stops them so let’s see if I can’t squeeze something together here I’ll put you with them so they keep the experience and 50 170 136 here we go 36 you would like to join you have armor

crap it’s gonna disappear well there’s always a chance but I think it’s gonna go away aha it worked there you go I said I remember mentioning that one time some time ago I don’t know if it was in this game or not but in this one sometimes sometimes they had one experience each and it actually gave him both experience for a moment they had the shield there and they just lost it but if you’d always go from low to high now what I wanted to do was get these guys in here so we’ll have those two join up and a lot even more missile power this is gonna be just fine I’m gonna hold off for a moment I’m moving them and that guy’s going away I hope go and quiz it somewhere else you mother let’s just take the peek down the road nope all right and we’re gonna go up and through here and we’ll come out over here take a look around this I really want to see that other dwarf and Army’s coming this way that doesn’t look good looks like you might have gone back because I am wide open back here kind of I guess yeah not as defended as I was like what else can we do here what else can we do Caravan shops the shrine just to increase cultural percentage it’s kind of a funny place too oh you know I cut these that’s why I do actually want to make those caravana shops population growth huh now can’t afford anything else Oh gonna save money for that place that’s the one that I need to really start dumping some money into it’s the biggest well that I have I’m not fine I don’t know why I put that shrining over here actually where is that or the helping it make that no no it’s here okay good all right getting confused clicking around a little too fast and this is you know farming that’s the last of our money things to be okay I think probably next part we’ll start to put this stuff together and go on down there for that just nobody else I could this was gonna start to attack the Silvan else eventually I mean that’s what that’s gonna be going for he’s got okay yeah where else do we have over here Lord at our little friend go go talk to the free peoples somewhere around here and hello Isengard yes I’ve seen you before I like trade yeah barely accepted your bankrupt but I bet you got on her buffs for me of course not mapped information it’s taken awesome let’s go over here oh there’s mr. ceremony himself that’s cool so I’m gonna go over you know actually there’s known that talk to over here what do I do now what do I do with this man I’m going to take him back to Mordor that’s the wrong way to go when I go back here back to Mordor because I need to get map information from them I’ve got everything else taking control under control this place needs some serious money too alright so I got a couple bigger cities okay let’s do this and yes we’ll take our bride we’ll take our 4,500 bucks walk under just beat me out for the largest faction we’ll see about that Gondor we’ll see about that Rohan declared war all right so if you guys don’t mind I think if I stand I can’t there’s no standing on the dot

my that count it’s blockaded blockaded this town well I’ll have a turn to figure it out because I have no I don’t this is it usually when you stand right in the side it blockades it but I’m really oh well you know that did the best we can this is gonna be crazy I don’t even know what it’s gonna look like but we’ll see that next time for sure so I think I’m gonna end it here and uh that’ll be what we do and yeah that’s good so ask her out the next episode we’ll be doing the siege for as goth and getting close to the end of dáil and then we’ll start there we’ll start carrying on the war with the divorce and next will be the silver nails and then we’ll decide goes well how Rohan Gondor will be looking for the ring we’ll have plenty of things to look forward to so thank you guys for watching this part smash that thumbs up button hit those comments down there and now I’m yeah I’ll be back next time guys have a good one