Sight!: Mark 10:46 52

I don’t have cable at my house like I can watch a lot of those great shows but I do catch them once in a while on like Hulu or Netflix or whatever and there’s a show called American Pickers anybody watch that show the guys go around and they stop at a farm and they’re like hey can we check out your junk and so the guy they sometimes say yeah come on in and they’ll look at all this old stuff rusty bicycles in in old motorcycles and signs and oil cans and everything you can imagine and so you see all the stuff and it looks like it’s just normal stuff but they’re once in a while they’ll find this thing that’s all rusty but it’s special and then they’ll say like okay after restoration it cost this much bling kind of like antique road show and and you’ll be like wow that thing costs 500 bucks I mean it’s just a rusty oil can or it’s just a sign from an old gas station and it’s really fun to watch that discovery process of finding something that seems plain in discovering it’s spectacular and that’s what this passage seems like to me as you come across a short story of another blind person being healed it seems like well you know we’ve seen this sort of story before and it’s kind of short and nothing super spectacular on the surface yet when you get into it you realize there are some amazing spectacular things about this passage and I want to start out by pointing out a couple of them to you this passage is remarkable for a couple of reasons I mean other than the fact that is God’s eternal word right I mean it’s priceless yet here we find it’s the last healing miracle in the book of Mark the last healing miracle in the book of Mark it’s the climax of the healing miracles before the triumphal entry in the cross and the resurrection but also if you’ve been following along with us as we’ve been studying the book of mark we began a section way back in chapter 8 verse 22 that began with the healing of blind man and then that whole section is about Christ’s journey to Jerusalem and on that journey Jesus teaches many great lessons about what it means to be a disciple he predicts his death and resurrection three times this story is the end bracket or the other book end of that amazing section of Scripture of what it means to be a disciple and so the first story if you remember the blind man that was healed jesus healed him in at first he said I can see kind of people look like trees walking around and so you read that passage and you’re like well why did Jesus can heal why did he kill him all the way the first time but then Jesus heals him the rest of the way and that he can see clearly he had 20/20 after that but what was going on well we studied how at first they didn’t see clearly but then he did see clearly and how that was symbolic of the disciples journey with Christ discovering exactly who he is that they understood he was somebody special he they understood that he was called by God and gifted and in all these things but they did not know totally until that time at Caesarea Philippi where Peter proclaimed you are the Christ the Son of the Living God and their sight was cleared up but even as we read this section you can see the misconception of the disciples on what is truly great in the kingdom of God and Jesus is clearing up their sight and bringing them into a better understanding of the way that he leads us and so this last miracle of another blind man that is healed is that exclamation point that their sight was cleared up that they can see and so when jesus heals this blind man it’s immediate as you notice this is

immediately he regained his sight and so this clear sight is what we long for as Christians Bartimaeus interestingly enough could see though he was blind he knew exactly who Jesus was as we’ll talk about shortly when he calls him the son of David now someone once bluntly asked Helen Keller is it terrible to be blind and she responded this way better to be blind and see with your heart than to have two good eyes and see nothing and that’s this man but Christ gives him his physical sight which is a great gift the verse 46 says and they came to Jericho and as he was leaving Jericho with his disciples and a great crowd bartimaeus a blind beggar the son of Timaeus was sitting by the roadside again Christ was in the area of the Jordan River his last six months of ministry on earth called the lay the later 2d and Korean ministry where he goes from the Sea of Galilee arms the jordan river and starts ascending to jerusalem on that ascent if you guys read your Old Testament you would know that when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River the first city that gate came to was Jericho Jericho of the New Testament was situated five miles west of the Jordan River Jericho of the Old Testament which was ruins was one one mile north of this site and so if you were to go from Jericho to Jerusalem it was a twenty mile hike up a long hill that would ascend 3,300 feet and so they would go up to Jerusalem as oftentimes you see in the Bible and there’s a map behind me hopefully you can see that on his way out when he was leaving Jericho with his disciples and a great crowd well at this time there were many pilgrims that were on their way to Jerusalem for the Passover Feast and so this great crowd mostly galilaeans were traveling along with Christ and as they come out of the city of Jericho there’s this blind beggar mark tells us his name which is pretty unique for mark to mention the name of somebody and then give you the meaning of the name the name of the man is bartimaeus a blind beggar the son of Timaeus interesting fact is that Timaeus means honoured one honored one if you were a blind beggar and your name was honored one people might chuckle just a little bit because it was an ironic statement to say that you’re honored yet at the same time you’re experiencing the shame and being marginalized from society as a bagger and one with disabilities not included in the regular social circles sitting asking for money but this man though he’s perhaps experiencing shame in his condition will soon experience honor because of Christ in verse 47 and when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth he began to cry out and say Jesus son of David have mercy on me and here we see that great statement that the man sees clearly exactly who Jesus is now if you were to call somebody the son of David it was proclaiming that you thought they were the Messiah that was

coming to inherit the Davidic throne and all the blessings of the Davidic covenant in that throne being an eternal throne so this man’s yelling out this great proclamation of faith that you are the Messiah son of David have mercy on me it’s not too unlike what Christ had taught about before in mark chapter 10 verse 15 when he said this truly I say to you whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it oftentimes those who are obsessed with their own honor position power and wealth have a hard time being childlike and calling out out of true need but here in a shame he calls out upon Jesus Christ for mercy with the faithful child that’s a cry of faith that is so pleasing to God it’s more pleasing than a beautiful sounding voice during a worship service we might hear that and say now that’s pleasing but we can’t see the heart now this act of faith this cry of faith was pleasing to God it tells us in Hebrews 11:6 without faith it’s impossible to please God which is good news because I don’t have the best voice in the world if I worship with my heart then man God will be pleased you guys might not but God would be pleased this is a cry that is pleasing to the heart of Christ but notice it’s not pleasing to the crowd in verse 48 and many rebuked him telling him to be silent but he cried out all the more son of David have mercy on me could you imagine the Angels watching this seeing the cry of true faith that pleases the heart of God and then people around him telling him to shut up be quiet stop it how out of place how ironic for those who think they have honor to realize that they’re out of sync with the heart of God sometimes we can be out of sync with the heart of God with people in our own lives we’re in true need they cry out in faith yet perhaps were irritated well I’m I’m kind of busy you will always have problems you know or whatever it is we just kind of in our mind state these thoughts that aren’t very nice towards people and we might even verbalize it and hurt their feelings perhaps telling them to be silent we can become an obstacle to somebody actually meeting Christ in having him heal their lives why because we’re selfish because in our own minds we have this level of on earth would they won’t stoop so low and we miss out Oh what God could do but notice this man’s faith it says but he cried out all the more opposition did not stop him from seeking God he pressed on now we’re told by Jesus earlier in chapter 8 that following him we need to be able to push through opposition because there will be opposition in following Christ if it’s not our own flesh that’s pulling us one way it’s the world telling us to deny him and so I want to read to you what Jesus said and math or mark 8 verse 34 if anyone would come after me let him deny himself take up his cross and follow me for heaven would say does life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it for what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet forfeit his soul for what can a man give in return for his soul for whatever are whoever’s ashamed of me in my words in this adulterous and sinful

generation of him when the son of man also be ashamed when he comes in the glory of his father with the Holy Angels it’s so in spite of a crowd a large crowd that was in opposition to this band calling out for Christ he continued to press on what a great example for us when even those that are so-called religious might discourage your commitment to Christ well in verse 49 it continues on and Jesus stopped now that’s cool Jesus heard that crime and it pleased his heart he wasn’t irritated he stopped in order to face this gentleman and call out he said call him he told the crowd that was in opposition discouraging him from reaching out to Christ he told those people to then go and call him go find him stop stop opposing and join me in my word I think that’s really cool he could have done it himself but he got this crowd that he needed to teach something I love it when God’s merciful yet disciplines at the same time you ever noticed that it’s like a kind spanking it might hurt a little bit our pride but at the same time it’s very merciful and kind that he would even include us he doesn’t say get out of the way you selfish people because I put you guys to work and they called the blind man saying to him in their message was even encouraging notice it went from shut up to take heart get up he is calling take heart and literally it says rise he is calling you now earlier we saw the rich young ruler who when he heard the call of Christ he was disheartened to remember that he was disheartened because he had great wealth he didn’t see his need because he had everything everybody at least what he thought everybody wanted he wasn’t willing to let it go so he was disheartened but this man in his great need his absolute need is able to take part in the call of Christ rise which is a great word rich in theology in the New Testament it’s also used of the resurrection when Jesus rose on the third day when one day we will rise with him take heart rise at what the call of Christ and throwing off his cloak he sprang up and came to Christ came to Jesus now for me that is such a cool picture of the resurrection take heart Christ is calling and he springs up and he throws off what his old cloak to go and face Jesus face to face we’ll talk about that a little bit more in a little bit in verse 51 and jesus said to him what do you want me to do for you all right now that question we’ve heard before and it wasn’t that long ago last week’s passage remember James and John they were like hey Jesus grant us to sit one at your right hand and one at your left when you’re in power when you’re the king but Jesus starts off with that question with that question to them what do you want me to do for you their request was off their request was based in an honor that was immature it was selfish ambition in Christ corrected them if you want to be great then you’d be the slave of everybody you learned to serve all people and then you’ll be counted great in my kingdom but for me to give you the right hand or the left that’s that’s the father’s job and so here notice what do

you want me to do for you if Christ asks you that question what would you say I want you to make me look like Brad Pitt or I want you to give me a Lamborghini or I want you to grant my greatest wish and fill my bank account up with millions of dollars that request will show a lot about who you are in your understanding of your own need in your life and this man responded the blind man said to him Ram Rambo and I actually literally hear Rab and I it’s not just rabbi which I wish this translation would have put it in there there’s one other time that this word is used and it’s of Mary Magdalene at the – in John chapter 20 in verse 16 it says Jesus said to her Mary she was mourning she was beside herself and then the words of Christ Mary that must have just pierced right into her heart she turned and said to him and Aramaic rabboni which means teacher now more literally this is a lymphatic personal form of the noun rabbi it’s emphatic fatica ly saying you are my master you are my lord you are my teacher there is no other and so there’s this heart aspect of love endearment but there’s this passion of commitment and that’s what he says to Jesus rabbi 9 it’s not about him it’s about Jesus let me recover my site simple he knew his need and Jesus said to him go your way your faith has made you well and immediately he recovered his sight and followed him on the way now this was a good request unlike James and John’s request truly out of faith truly out of need and jesus said your faith has made you well that childlike faith now it’s not faith that itself heals you faith is the means by which we are healed what I mean by that is the faith that self faith and faith doesn’t do anything I could have faith in a doorknob maybe some of you guys have heard that before faith in a doorknob my faith in my faith in a doorknob does nothing but my faith in a great God does everything she faith is the means by which Christ grace and mercy floats his faith has made him well in this phrase made him well is a word that means to save it’s translated sometimes salvation or to be delivered from harm to preserve to rescue and so here it means a physical healing but it has the connotations and the symbolism of a spiritual salvation which happens by faith and so this man is healed physically but it’s because there was something much greater that happened he put his faith in Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and his life was forever changed immediately he recovered his sight unlike that first healing and it says followed him on the way this is pretty amazing now imagine if you were blind from birth from the time you were in the mother’s womb all you saw was darkness but when your eyes are open the first thing you see is the face of Jesus Christ could you imagine how awesome that would be to preserve that first experience of sight that imprint to be the face of Jesus what a blessing bartimaeus had what an honor

right what an honor but his response tells you so much about his heart instead of running back to his town instead of finding a place to go be a sightseer he decides to follow Christ he followed him on the way it says obedience followed true faith you know if you separate the two James tells us faith without works is dead faith alone which is just like a blind intellect even Satan knows that God is real and yet he shudders that mental assent does not lead to salvation it’s the true faith and the person of Christ resting in him as your Savior that you’re helpless that you’re in need that because of sin were condemned and so when we call them out on the name of Jesus we’ll call it out on the name of the Lord we will be saved as scripture promises in Romans 10:13 those who call upon the name of the Lord will be saved great promise it’s not your faith that saves you it’s Jesus Christ that saves you but it’s faith in Him is the means by which it happens but we know that it was true faith because of the fruit in that fruit in this instance was obedience he followed him on the way and I keep saying on the way because it’s important to remember where was he on the way to where do you was he on the way to the way Jerusalem the cross he was on his way to the cross and we talked about that last week how Thomas knew that and he said hey let’s go with him that we might die with him he knew Jesus had predicted his death and resurrection three times and so he’s on the way to Jerusalem for the crucifixion the road that he’s on is the road to Calvary not Cour chapel Calvary go got the place of the skull where the cross was and so he followed him to follow on the way as a technical term for what discipleship really is to be a follower of Christ to be a Christian in the book of Acts before we what our faith was before our faith was ever called Christianity it was called the way the way read the book of Acts it occurs at least six times translated outright but if the phrase is there are a number of times the way well what is the way the the way is following Christ and that’s the way of picking up our cross that’s the way of Calvary the road of righteousness the way of holiness the narrow path which only a few find that leads to heaven broad is the way or the road that leads to destruction narrow is the way or the road that leads to eternal life this way is everything about our walk with Christ that way did it require self-denial that way requires sacrifice loving your enemies forgiving those who wronged you it requires humility read the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5 through 7 you get a great picture of the way but sadly I believe that this is not the form of Christianity that we’re often sold if you will in churches today we don’t want to give a way that’s too hard or else people might not come right we don’t want to turn people off like the rich young ruler who went away disheartened because he had great possessions and he loved as well yet it’s the gospel that Jesus teaches and people either loved him or they eat it in the way it’s important because

it’s the way Jesus goes in first John 2:6 it says this and it’s at the very last slide guys by this room know that we are in him and I just read a little bit of verse 5 so don’t freak out verse 6 is coming first John 2:6 whoever says he abides in him in Jesus ought to walk in the same way in which he walked and we talked about Christian as being a walk you know we’re like how she walk what do we mean by that well this is what we mean by that walking in the same way in which Jesus what are you following him or are you looking for shortcuts other paths that are easier or don’t require having to repent or turn away from sin or or don’t require humility or self-sacrifice you know if we have truly claim to be in him and this is how we know we’re in him John says let me walk in the same way in which he walked I don’t know about you guys but I need that foot in front of me every day so I don’t forget because there’s almost a culture around us as Christians that does not hold to this and it’s easy to get swept up in it and forget it fairly easy and so we got to remind each other hey are you walking are you following Christ are you on the way following your Lord and Master well I want to end with these thoughts in conclusion to this passage I guess the first one I already went over and that is this keep your eyes fixed on Jesus keep your eyes fixed on Jesus you know that the title of this sermon is sight if he’s giving you the sight to see him then keep your eyes fixed on him let your self be imprinted with the image of Jesus that you might always stay following him but if you haven’t accepted Christ yet it starts with the second thing be healed to see Jesus clearly be healed to see him clearly that word saved or you’ve been weighed well it starts with faith and here’s the cool thing in faith we cry out lord save me and he responds by saving us he calls us we rise up we leave behind the cloak the old life to get up and follow him and he empowers us to live that brand new life that’s a picture of salvation when we accept Christ but it’s also a picture of salvation in the form of what’s called sanctification we’re in the process of walking this way and that means Christ is transforming us to be more like him maturity as a Christian is not how much you know it’s not how many ministries you’ve done maturity as a Christian is how much like Jesus are you the more you look like Christ the more mature you actually are and so sanctification are being made holy being made more like Christ we leave the old behind and we get up and we follow him but also a picture of that final salvation the resurrection Easter’s in just a few weeks and we’re going to be reminded of this very thing that this man was told cheer up he’s calling you cast off that earthly cloak because you’re going to be transformed and when you are you’re going to see him face to face that’s cool stuff in 2nd Corinthians 5 1 through 5 check this out sorry guys I’ve got a cold today and

God’s been preserving my voice but I don’t want a coffin to the microphone so second corinthians 5 verse 1 for we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed we have a building from God a house not made with hands eternal in the heavens for in this tent we groan longing to put on our heavenly dwelling if indeed by putting it on we may not be found naked for while we are still in this tent we groan being burdened not that we would be unclothed but that we would be further clothed so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life what a cool picture and was prepared us for this very thing is God who has given us the spirit is guarantee it so beep cheer up right if you’re sick like me one day I’m going to cast this cloak off man I’m gonna change bodies into a heavenly one amen but the best thing about it all is that eternal body is that we could be with him for eternity that’s cool but a couple other things I want to challenge you with first is keep your eyes fixed on Jesus stay on the way second is if you’re not on the way be healed by faith in Christ the third is see others as Jesus sees them that he would give you that kind of sight to understand the call of true faith that we’re not so fleshly or worldly that we would become an obstacle to people that truly need Jesus like that crowd was at first but maybe we’ve been there Jesus is merciful to say to you hey I want you even though you opposed me in the past with this I want you to go reach out to that person I want you to go share that message take heart get up Jesus is calling look for those opportunities see others as Jesus sees them and help others see Jesus let’s pray Lord we thank you for this great passage that reminds us so much of what it means to be saved that we’ve all been in this place helpless in may yet call out a part of your name whether in the past or maybe even this morning somebody may be feeling that heart race a little bit more maybe a little excitement maybe a little fear knowing that you’re calling them Lord you call us by name if there’s anybody here today and that needs to respond in faith pray this prayer with me Lord Jesus thank you for coming to this earth to die for my sin on the cross now I call out upon your name Jesus Christ Lord to be my savior help me to follow you on the way give me the strength when the crowds scare me give me the strength of my flesh pulls me one way it’s not your way the lord I thank you for your love and your forgiveness that you’re always with me and we pray for all of us Lord as we go out of this place you would clear up our sight get our eyes fixed on you and we pray in Jesus name Amen