Microsoft China Event: Introducing the new Surface Pro

– The Surface journey has been an incredible journey I remember the first time I came to China myself, almost 13 years ago Coming to Shanghai, the city was so different than I remember it vividly I remember Shenzhen, vividly I don’t remember exactly when I took this picture But I remember exactly where I was standing This should look familiar to you here in Shanghai And this is a photo I just took only about 13 years ago Now I remember back then when I used to come to China, it was so different I remember getting on the van I remember driving to the factory I remember visiting my team in Shenzhen I remember how it felt, how the roads felt, how things took a little bit longer Now yesterday, I went out to the same exact spot I took my camera, and I took another picture It is absolutely incredible to see how much has changed in such a short time Isn’t it incredible? It is incredible how much it has advanced, how much technology and people have grown this city together I remember when I would go home and see my son when I would get home from China, and I’d sit and talk to him after every single trip Every year, we would have a conversation I would say, this city is growing so fast This country is growing so fast, how incredible it was to see Yet what I see behind me is actually quite emotional for me This is more than just building an infrastructure When you look at these two pictures side by side, look at them Look how different What you are actually looking at is the very embodiment of possibility The power of what people and technology build together A friend once explained to me, watching China is more like watching a motion picture rather than a photograph And it’s pretty profound when you think about it You understand by seeing what has happened over time Through different points in time There is not a given single moment that could ever do the city justice, that could ever do the progress justice Surface Pro feels much like my visits to China, in this exact same way It’s been an evolutionary journey You can’t understand it by looking at just one generation You have to look at every iteration, with every product along the whole way The journey started when we created Surface to click in and do more This was a tablet with a kickstand I remember when we launched it So many people questioned, is it real? Can it be? Do people want this product? But it was a category that was meant to make you more productive It was there to help you do what you wanted and get done what you needed And that’s what we believed And by the time we built Surface Pro 3 there was a conflict among us People were carrying two devices in their bag and one device in their pocket A laptop, a tablet, a phone This was a real challenge People were walking into the store and they weren’t sure what to purchase What do I carry? What is it that I need? Pro 3 became that device, that device that started removing complex for millions of people and still today, millions of people are using the Surface Pro 3, removing that conflict and helping them be more productive And when you look at each and every single product, each generation of Surface Pro, you see meaningful change From our hinge design that started from one kickstand angle, that went to two kickstand angles that went to 150 degrees To our screens, moving from a 16 by 9 aspect ratio to a beautiful 3 by 2 pixel sense display with both pen and touch coming to life in new ways To the evolution of the hardware and software coming together to create a magical experience, like a Surface that knows who you are with Windows Hello This is a journey of a team back in Redmond and the team here in China that builds the Surface It’s actually a journey across all of Microsoft and a journey with our customers around the world using,

loving and creating amazing things on Surface Pro And just as the infrastructure in Shanghai has grown and changed with technology and people, like in those pictures we just looked at So has Surface And isn’t it ironic that today I stand here and our journeys come together in this room Like China, Surface Pro is not a picture It’s not a moment in time It’s a journey It’s a motion picture It’s a continued evolution You have to watch the whole story to understand its beauty This moment, today, here in China Us together This brings us to the next step in that journey Right now I would love to introduce you to the new Surface Pro [Music playing] This is the new Surface Pro I think you like it, which I’m very excited about It feels incredible in your hands, but it’s that same iconic design That same design that you need in a product like this that does so much The design you understand that has been built through four generations Every single detail on this product has been rethought There are over 800 new custom parts that come to light on this product Yet we kept that form factor that people love This is the form factor that you can take with you, where you can write with the pen Where you can type with the clipped-in keyboard, where you can use at your desk Where you can use on your lap Where you can use it on your couch The product is so versatile You can put it in and out of your bag, and when it’s in your bag, it feels practically invisible This is the lightest Surface Pro we’ve ever created Thank you We created this device to feel softer, to be more approachable We redesigned the entire bucket, bringing you a softer feel, a softer touch, a more comfortable product to hold that’s more quiet to the eyes and families beautiful with the Surface laptop The perimeter event that’s been on this device for generations has become practically invisible, fading to the background On the front of the product to bring that seamless look, you can’t even see the cameras come through anymore

Yet the integration with Skype has never been better When you want to communicate with your loved ones, this product does that There’s an array mic that gives you that perfect clarity when you’re speaking The screen brings out the beauty of the party across the way, across the ocean And that camera connection is real and it’s vivid on this 12.3 inch pixel sense display, where every pixel is color calibrated and tuned to be brighter, more vibrant, more crisp, accurate Which is so important when you’re trying to get work done, when you’re creating Now in this product we pushed the boundaries of the display architecture We pushed them to an entirely new level never been done before We design custom silicon that we embed directly onto the display itself to further enhance the color, better than any Surface previous to it This makes the colors more vivid It makes the picture true Like the Surface Studio, the heritage that comes from that screen has made it all the way to the Surface Pro Let’s change tunes These are my daughters This is Anastasia and this is Sofia They’re absolutely beautiful Now I didn’t just put pictures of my daughter so you can see my daughters, although they’re super cute And actually, this isn’t about the screen that they’re watching, although they love the new screen It’s about the kickstand It’s about how versatile the product can be While my daughters use it to watch movies way too much, people use it in so many different ways And the newly designed hinge on this product is absolutely incredible There are over 20 custom parts in just that little hinge right there Twenty, completely redesigned, to bring you that perfect experience so when you close it, it sounds so good and when you open it, it feels so perfect But more importantly, more importantly, with the new Surface Pro, you can pull the hinge even further You can pull it down to a 165 degrees because everything we learned from the Surface Studio has made it into this product We call this mode Studio mode So now you can write in a more natural way You can draw, you can immerse yourself in every one of those creations And when we say the hardware disappears to the back, it’s just you and your pen and this beautiful screen to let you write and create Now I want to talk about the pen for just a moment Writing has always been part of us It’s part of who we are, especially in China It is innate It’s been used for communication across generations And generation over generation, we see usage of the pen on our Surface increasing at a rapid rate More people are writing on screens today than they ever have, empowering more people to learn to create and to produce in entirely new ways Today I want to introduce you to a brand new Surface pen This is the fastest digital pen on the planet When you write, it has to feel natural and expressive That’s how you can draw a great experience out of your mind And that custom chip we talked about earlier that sits on the display, is also used to render ink directly from the tip of the pen onto the screen What it does, is it creates an opportunity as I click my pen you’ll see me open a sketching app And I’m going to write on the screen now so you can see how fast the pen is How important it is that the ink flows seamlessly out the tip where it never falls behind It’s so important to make this pen more personal, to capture that emotion with writing Especially here in China Think of the importance of calligraphy Since I have been in China this week, I’ve been so inspired Listening to how calligraphy really comes to life

How it connects people to their culture A tradition that’s been handed down from generation to generation That same principle we talk about When you create starting with your mind, and you let it flow through your heart, and you let it flow out your hand into a beautiful screen to capture your creation This is the pen that starts transcending the boundaries of the PC, defying what you expect from your computer to be able to do Now behind me you see this beautiful application The name is Expressi This is an application that brings the tradition of calligraphy and eastern watercolor directly to your device Look how smooth it operates Look how fast the ink is Look how it can bleed into the canvas Look how natural it is With this new pen we bring new dimensions of expression New dimensions of shading with tilt But to really understand what’s happening technically, let me give you just a few details This pen now delivers 4,096 levels of pressure Nine grams of activation force Brings the best tilt sensitivity you will find and has under 22 milliseconds of latency, making it the fastest pin in the industry And with a new set of machine-learning algorithms and the embedded chipset, we can capture every single stroke Every single line captured as the artist or the writer had intended to do I want to take a minute and talk about Microsoft Office Because when you think about the work that’s happening across Windows and Office and Surface all coming together, you can see our belief that creativity fuels productivity And here on PowerPoint, that intersection of creativity and productivity meet They meet in this one simple application that people know so well Now here’s an image on PowerPoint that I want to share with you This is an image not created by me It’s created by a designer back in Redmond from the PowerPoint team It’s absolutely gorgeous And of course this is an image inspired by Shanghai, as you can see, it’s a wonderful theme And it captures the atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival on the nearby Suzhou River The festival happens in about a week from now And as I learn more and more about the history, it sounds like such a beautiful event Now I want to show you this image and what’s happening with Office But before I do, let me show you my set up so you what’s happening in front of me This is the new Surface Pro I’m docked to the Surface docking station with the Surface connector We have the ports that you need from USBA, USB 3.0, with the display port which makes it an experience for anything you want to connect to this device, to bring it to life Now when you look at this image I’m going to hit ink replay here I’m going to hit this button and you’re going to see the image being recreated exactly as the artist intended So watch as it plays through and you can see the strokes that happen right here on PowerPoint itself And when I grab the Surface dial, I can rewind or forward so simply to see every stroke that was laid down When the details matter, when that power, that pressure, the ability to use tilt to bring this to life And as I scroll through, you see the product itself come to life Now the work in PowerPoint has been tremendous to really bring ink to life Let me show you what’s happening here on the toolbar If you look at the top you can see the black and the red, and the yellow highlighter Now within Office, there are millions and millions of colors you can choose from However, today Office is adding eight new ink effects across its platform to really bring to life a new way to create I’m going to show you a few of them right now As I click add pen, I’ll hit the pen here and you can see the ink effects down in the corner Now what’s happening is I’m going to pick gold and you’ll see how the gold pen shows up Now here’s the idea Where you’re able to pick the pens you want, so when you’re working in your system, when you’re working to create, you have the pens that are most powerful for you For me, it’s the blue highlighter and I’m going to use the new gold, because the gold renders so beautiful on the new pixel sense screen of the Surface Pro But the real magic happens over here The connection of Office and the cloud and Surface coming together

I’m going to open Word on the Surface Studio, and you can see this is the Studio you may have seen before and it’s so beautiful how the page renders here with Microsoft Word on the Studio But when I hit the draw tab, look at the top of the screen You see that same toolbar that I just created on my Surface Pro? This is the cloud at work This is your settings carrying with you This is Office doing amazing work to bring the pen to life So if you work on one Surface, on one Windows device, and you want to move to any application in Office and pull out your pen to create, your pens carry with you Isn’t that incredible? Now there’s so much more to being productive when it comes to a device like this And it’s worth taking a minute to talk about performance The staple of Surface Pro 3 was just that That performance that started to transform how people worked was all about performance For those of you using a Surface Pro 3 today, this is your new Pro This Surface Pro is two-and-a-half times faster than that great device ever was Which is incredible And many people like to compare the Surface Pro to the iPad Pro, and I understand The new Surface Pro is over 1.7 times faster than that of the iPad We’re giving you a high performance product In the quietest core I7 Surface Pro to date Now how do we do this? How do you keep a device so thin? How do you keep a device so light? We updated our thermal architecture using a brand new graphite technology Allowing us not only to push the I7 to its absolute peak and give you incredible performance, but this is an architecture that allows us to remove the fan altogether in the core I5, leaving your new Surface Pro absolutely silent to the ears Not only is the product visually quiet, it is now acoustically quiet as well This has never ever been done before With the core I5U processor Now I want to tell you a story, a different story A story about a product making With Surface and all our hardware devices, we test our products in every way possible From drop testing, to temp humidity testing, to cold soaking, to heat soaking, to scratch testing, to vibration, to ESD testing But actually, the most important form of testing we do is in a process we call self-hosting This is a process where we put the product in people’s hands Where we use it day in and day out, something automatic tests can’t do Looking how people use the device What they do with it, how they use it Now one of the most passionate and critical self hosters, in our company is Satya Nadella, our CEO Now just a few weeks ago as Satya was using the prototype device as we were getting ready to ship it here to China and the rest of the world, Satya sent us a mail When you get a mail from Satya, you stop and you pay attention And you open it and you check, and you hope it’s good And you see who’s on the top line And you can see Surface, Office and Windows leaders And then you look at the first line in the mail that he sent The new Surface Pro is amazing But why? He went on in his mail to explain what had happened And that morning Satya had woke up He went to work

He had went from meeting to meeting He traveled from place to place and by the time he got home, and by the time he reopened his computer, when he put down his new Surface Pro, he went to type and send us a mail And what he found was so amazing that after that full day in the life of a CEO, he still had battery left and was unbelievably excited about it The Surface Pro gives your 13.5 hours of battery life, transforming the way you will use this most versatile device, keeping you productive all day Now our heritage in Surface is rooted in productivity And with our new Surface Pro Signature type covers, you will find productivity in a more personal way The beautiful fit and finish of the Surface laptop is coming to the Surface Pro line as well That same alcantara fabric, so warm and inviting, durable allows us to have a 1.3 millimeter key travel for faster and more accurate typing Which is critical to a product like this And the track pad on the product, inspired by the award-winning Surface Book track pad, don’t underestimate how productive you need to be with a track pad How it can enable you to do more To edit your documents, to move in and out of what you’re trying to do That precision is critical And this is the best track pad we’ve ever shipped with the Surface Pro Now that you’ve seen the whole product, it’s important that I share a few experiences with you We really want this product to come to life and we want you to feel that And the Office team has not stop being relentless, driving amazing integration across Office, Surface and Windows, which is critical when we talk about letting the hardware and software disappear to the background This is vital One of my favorite applications is Excel Another is OneNote To show you how these devices truly come to life with both these applications, I’d like to invite Ray Lee from the service team out here to give you a quick demo Ray – Hi Thank you so much – Sure – Thank you so much, Panos Many of you may know Excel as a data analysis tool Over 7 billion cells are added in Excel every single day That’s more than the daily number of searches made in Baidu or Google That’s the power of Excel But I want to show you how, with the cloud and the new Surface Pro, Excel can be so much more than that Now earlier, we heard Panos talk about how the growth of China has inspired us at Surface Let’s take a look at that growth Over here I’ve pulled over a 108 million rows of data from eight different sources If I hit the managed data model button, I can explore relationships between all my data and make it my own But most importantly, I can build intelligent visualizations of my data in the new Maps tool powered by the cloud Now, with the 3 by 2 aspect ratio that gives me way more screen space, I can see all of my charts and insights at a glance I can instantly see that in Asia, China is the most visited country by airport traffic I can also see how the number of airport visitors to Asia has grown by selecting the growth filter And in the blink of an eye, Excel just made 750 million computations That’s the power of the new Surface Pro and Office working together The blue trend line on the far right shows me instantly how airport traffic has exploded over 1,000 percent in China Just like that picture of the Shanghai skyline Microsoft Excel empowers me to not just crunch numbers and data, but discover a fantastic story of China’s growth that has inspired so many Now let’s take a look at how Surface and OneNote are bringing numbers to life

Surface has made it so that writing on a digital device is as natural as writing with pen on paper Now since you’re writing on a digital screen, why not be more intelligent about your ink? In OneNote, we can learn and work with advanced math equations like this function that I’ve written here with my new Surface pen in the beautiful galaxy ink By simply circling it, and selecting the ink math assistant, I can ask OneNote to recognize my handwriting and convert it into text Now I’m a visual learner, so having a graph helps me understand what this function looks like I change the values of the variables intuitively, so that I can see how they affect my graph This graph used to take me so many steps before I would have to start with a pencil and paper, and then I would have to translate it into a graphing calculator which is in different notation This was very complicated to learn and difficult to use But now OneNote streamlines everything into one place I can do everything right here Whether to work, learn, create or even collaborate, Office and OneNote and Surface give me the tools I need to take my productivity to the next level Thank you – Your demos are always so inspiring Thank you for sharing with us Now today we talked about Surface Studio We talked about the Surface laptop, and we talked about the new Surface Pro Now I want to show you how all these devices start to come together I want to show you how the displays, the pen, the power of Windows and the power of Office and the power of the cloud come together in a whole new way We’re going to show you a new experience that you’ve never seen before Something that’s meaningful, that will change the way people collaborate and interact with each other But to do this, I want to welcome one of my good friends, and the leader of the Surface hub and accessories team, Ms Robin Seiler Robin – Thank you, Panos – You’re very welcome Enjoy – Good evening The devices that we’ve seen today are simply amazing But let me start with a little bit about myself I’ve worked on the Surface team for a long time, since the beginning And you know, one of the things that make Surface so special is how we work We start with an idea Or actually, we start with many ideas, and then we combine design with technology and materials with manufacturing We iterate We push, we inspire each other Panos talks about how products are a reflection of the people who make them Well, we make them as a team Now when you’re working as a team, and you want to create, you’re in a room and you go to a white board and you write But when you have a passionate team that wants to create, many times there isn’t enough space at that white board, or there aren’t enough pens for you to use And sometimes, we can’t all get into the same room or around the same whiteboard Many teams are dispersed Many companies are global And when teams are located around the world, there is often no easy way to collaborate with a pen I’m in Shanghai today My team is in Redmond, in Dublin, in Shenzhen, and in Portland, but we still need to get work done We launched Surface Hub and we learned something very important We introduced a white board that allows people to work side by side, that inspired what you’re about to see A cloud-connected canvas that doesn’t run out of space A canvas that isn’t bound by the location that you’re in With intelligent ink, that can be created by anyone with a pen I’d like to bring out Aran Magito, the leader of the OneNote team, creators of the new whiteboard Our teams every day work side by side, to fully integrate both software and hardware

He is a friend and an inspiration Aran – Thank you, Robin Good evening It’s an honor to be here in Shanghai with you and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share with you our new whiteboard product Let me show you what it looks like on the Surface Studio The first thing you’ll see as I bring up our whiteboard is it’s a fully immersive experience It takes over the entire screen My Surface has become my canvas It’s an immersive experience and it’s an experience that is designed for pen and for touch Truly natural user interface And while it might look simple at first, it’s actually quite intelligent Let me show you how I will start by drawing a triangle And you might have noticed that the triangle was recognized as a shape The intelligent cloud and AI recognized my triangle, and turned it from an ink drawing to a concept that I can now tap and see the angles on I am moving from the pen to touch seamlessly The angles update for me And I can move from touch back to pen, and if I want a 90-degree angle just draw it right there Let’s take it a step further What if I draw a rectangle? As you would expect, it’s recognized as a shape But what if I add a line and another one? The whiteboard, understanding my intent, and creating a table, not just the shape The power of AI in the cloud, understanding what I’m trying to do as a user And I can start writing inside of this table My ink will be recognized I can choose to sort the data in the table, or quite simply highlight a column, just like that I have moved from big strokes and a freeform drawing to a structured table, making me way more productive – That’s very powerful Now let’s see what we can do with that same smart whiteboard back in that team environment I’d like to introduce you to Ralph Graham Some of you may be familiar with that name He’s one of the most creative people I know, and he is the lead designer of the Surface portfolio He’s going to use the new Surface Pro in Studio mode with the amazing new Surface Pen Now as you see him draw, you will see him drawing real time, and you’ll see how fluid that is But you can see, Aran, as he moves the screen You’re actually watching Aran’s whiteboard Ralph is drawing in real time on Aran’s whiteboard Now Aran can also start drawing on the same canvas So you see Ralph in black and Aran in blue And now I can go to the Surface laptop and I can also draw Now I am no artist, so I will just do a couple of lines We’re working on three different devices and you see it rendering real time Now we’re in the same room but we could just as easily be in three different cities or in three different countries That’s pretty cool You may have also noticed the presence indicators When you’re creating, it is important to understand who is contributing to each idea Every person has a role The indicators move with each stroke, so that you can understand exactly what each person is writing This is so critical in the creative process I see Ralph is drawing our portfolio, and Aran is connecting it with the cloud

I think it’s probably time to add a Surface Hub – Let me explain what you’re seeing As Robin draws the hub, you’ll see it show up immediately on my screen, ad on Ralph’s How are we doing that? We are capturing the wet ink strokes directly from the pen and the digitizer, leveraging the latency improvements that Panos talked about with the new pen, to capture them across all our devices and then apply them to the canvas on each one of these computers, as if we were drawing them in the same room, on the same piece of paper That gives us instantaneous and real time ink, bringing us much closer together – That’s truly the magic of software and hardware coming together And when you combine the new whiteboard with voice, you have real-time interaction with both sound and sight The new whiteboard will be available on Surface this fall You can seamlessly build with intelligence from the cloud and the ideas from your mind We hope you like what you saw We are so excited to bring this new whiteboard to Surface Thank you – That was incredible It really does show the work across Microsoft Creating magic Magical experiences to help people collaborate together from anywhere And when I say anywhere, it rings true on this product more than any We know how many customers want more connectivity Today I’m excited to announce that the new Surface Pro will launch with LTE later this year here in China and around the entire world No one has ever delivered this much performance and battery life in a laptop this thin and light This is the laptop design without any limits in mind Whether you want to sketch your storyboard in the park or code your next hit app in a cafe down the road Or compose your next masterpiece while you’re on the train Or maybe you type your next novel while sitting on the couch Or if you’re like me, maybe you edit this pitch right before you take off on the plane With the new Surface Pro, you can create without any limits Where the product disappears Moves with you Flows through your life with all the performance and battery life that you need With a pen that’s a magical experience With a keyboard that brings a perfect typing experience to the table You can preorder your Surface Pro today, right now, here With availability on June 15th And on that same day, we will launch in 26 more markets around the world Surface Pro starts at $799 USD and 5,888 RMB We wanted to give our customers the choice that they deserve I cannot be more excited about this lineup You can pick from a Studio to immerse yourself in your creations But now you can walk into the store and pick the most powerful laptop in the Surface Book, or the most personal and luxurious laptop with a Surface laptop Or now, the most versatile laptop with the new Surface Pro We can’t wait to see what you will create I can’t wait to see which product you will choose Thank you for having us in Shanghai Thank you so much for welcoming us in China Terry and I are both so grateful And from myself and the entire team, xie xie [ Applause ]