EXTREME Chinese Street Food – Duck HOT TUB and Market Tour in Chengdu, China + SPICY Dan Dan Noodles

– Check it out, guys It’s Trevor James, we are deep in Sichuan, back in Sichuan, and I am so pumped, because today, we’re gonna go for a huge street food tour of this market and have a ton of delicious food Let’s check it out It feels so good to be back in the markets of Sichuan Today is gonna be really good We’re gonna have a bunch of street food in the market Oh yeah, lots of action, lots of people, and then, later on, we’re gonna have more food in the streets of Chengdu Before we get started on this huge street food tour, I have to give a huge thank you and recommendation for you guys to go check out this episode’s sponsor, my friends over at Audible Lately I’m in love with their huge selection of audio books that you can listen to on the go or at home It’s perfect for us travelers when we’re on the bus, when we’re traveling, and I love to listen to any of their huge selection of travel books when I’m in a new destination It puts me right into the setting and gets me inspired You can get an exclusive 30 day free trial and free audiobook of your choice by heading over to www.audible.com/foodranger, or if you’re in the US, text foodranger to 500500 I know you guys are gonna love it so go check out the link in the description below, and get your free trial and free audiobook Let’s get into this deep market street food tour This is what it’s all about, coming in deep to the markets All the veg, look at all of this It’s all around, it’s all here, and you can actually get some good food in these markets, too And I think we found something right up here We found the fried duck joint Look at the duck heaven here, guys This is insane It smells so rich, almost salty It smells like salt and pepper Beautiful And now he’s putting the duck deep into the oil And then there’s the lid, close the lid It’s like a pressure fryer Look at that There it is Look at those ducks Wow Just look at those crispy skin fried ducks, cooked right in this pressure cooker It’s so hot, it’s bubbling It’s way too hot It’s way too hot to cut But we got a whole duck, it smells like salt and pepper Gonna rip that off I think I’m gonna take a bite right from it That is just It is absolutely tender

It just has a light seasoning to it You get the pure duck flavor Oh, look at that That is absolutely beautiful Stir-fried intestines with Sichuan chilies We’re gonna do it the way the locals do You gotta choose your intestine Oh, that looks like a good one These are my intestines here Fried intestine This is something I’ve never tried And look, we’re gonna heat the oil here Look at all those Sichuan chilies Oh, look at that chili oil That is the real secret she just put in, an absolutely spice packed chili oil Look at that There’s cardamon, fennel, cinnamon, tons of stuff, and she just put in some soy beans and peanuts That is gonna be absolutely fragrant She’s plating it right on top of some onions That is awesome Look at this, guys This is a dish I’ve never had and the reason why I love this market, because you can get different things here all the time Every season it’s different Look at those, fried intestines Oh yeah, we’re gonna get a nice mouthful of those fried intestines There is no odor to them They fully take on that rich, thick chili oil she puts in there She’s just scooping it in Awesome Look at this, pig snout That’s crazy Pig snout, pig feet, it’s all here Let’s keep exploring We’re just getting started We found four more amazing street foods in this market, and then went for a massive bowl of sichuan dan dan noodles and hot chili oil wontons deep in the streets of Chengdu afterwards for lunch Let’s eat What an amazing market we are in So much action, really Lots of food to try and it changes every season We’re gonna keep exploring Look at this down here It’s egg, oh that’s beautiful, egg, green onion, in a pancake And just look at the scene it’s in Big crazy market Awesome This is where the action is He’s gonna flip it, he’s gonna turn it, and I think we’re gonna order that up to try it Oh yeah Oh, look at that, fresh egg pancake We’re getting ours chopped over there and we’re gonna put a fresh one down right here The egg batter The rice flour, wheat flour, and egg batter Beautiful Look at that Beautiful egg pancake It’s a nice, light pancake You’ve got that rice flour, slight squishy chewiness, and a bit of a green onion flavor Oh, and look at this Look at these ducks These roast ducks We just had a duck, though, so we’re gonna keep exploring See what else we can get Look at this

These are wheat flour rolls and she’s making them right here on these little grills This is Sichuan fish root, classic Tastes like cilantro and mint and a bit of fish And then some wood ear mushroom And all of these are already pickled and covered in chili oil so you can choose a bit of that I think they got some bamboo, all different types of veg Oh, yeah, look at this bamboo here Beautiful I believe this is rutabaga here Deep in the market That should be good for a wrap She’s putting in tons of stuff into this Sichuan salad Chili oil, green onions, that’s the chili oil And then mix it up That is beautiful She’s gonna put all of my salad into these little wheat flour wraps Oh, look at that, isn’t that beautiful? I chose bamboo, I chose zhe’er gen I chose a bit of rutabaga And all of that Sichuan chili oil That’s great Let’s try it out Oh wow That is pure Sichuan fish root flavor This green, dark leafy vegetable right here lends so much flavor to this It tastes like a minty, cilanto-y fish that’s a bit crunchy, covered in spicy chili oil And the bing is still hot and fresh They’re not taking the money This is the market that originally inspired me to live here in Sichuan, because all of the ingredients, the Sichuan chilies, the peppercorns, everything is fresh every day You can literally, if you live near one of these markets, just step down, grab your fresh produce, your fresh meats, and cook up a feast Look at all of this Oh yeah And we are gonna try an entire pig tongue Chinese medicine herbs, and they stew all of this in there

I can’t believe we’re gonna have a entire, entire pig’s tongue We’re gonna take a big bite of that entire pig tongue Stewed pig tongue in ginger, chili, and Chinese medicine I think you eat all of this before your feast Cold These are like appetizers, and they usually slice it up, but I’m gonna try a bite pure I was not expecting it to be that delicious It actually just tastes like a, like a chewy ham Usually, the tongue is tender but I think the way they make it is a little chewy, and it’s quite salty, and you can taste deep down, there’s a slight herbal flavor to it, like a rich Chinese medicine stock Just lovin’ the markets here, everybody is so friendly This is absolutely packed Look at this Look at the chickens They got Selkie, they got black chickens, rabbits It’s all here This is what you’ll fall in love with right when you come to Sichuan, the massive amount of chilies All these different types of dried chilies and Sichuan peppercorns Oh yeah, this is our old stomping grounds This is where it all started, guys, right here Sichuan peppercorn heaven Let’s keep exploring This is where we first filmed those Food Ranger videos This brings back so many memories You guys are gonna have to go check out those videos, because this is just a magical place here Look at this, I think we found liangen, starched jelly Look at this, guys This is starched jelly, and he cuts it into strips and fills it with garlic and peanuts, and chili and chili oil, and we’re gonna try this out right here Soybean starch jelly Oh, that is pure, pure soybean starch jelly He’s gonna put some, some garlic, lots of garlic Sichuan peppercorn That’s chili And then Wow That is absolutely beautiful Oh, and peanuts All of that starch jelly looks so so soft and squishy, and then we got pure xiaomila chilies on there, a couple different types of sauce, and this sauce looks totally unique It’s fermented black beans with sesame and peanuts, and then this pure Sichuan chili oil That is absolutely incredible It’s hard to talk right now because my mouth is so numb

It is an intense, actually quite salty, flavor from those fermented black beans With the chili oil, it’s a flavor of contrast, with the peanut and sesame and then the spiciness with the cool, refreshing jelly Awesome, guys We are in the streets of Chengdu exploring now, and I hear right up here, deep in a little alley, there is a great bowl of zajiang noodles I think it’s right here We’re putting the noodles into that cauldron of boiling water There’s also chau shou And there’s chili oil All of the chili oil A little bit of MSG, just to touch it up And sugar And that is the ground pork That is beautiful Ground pork, fried ground pork, and a little lard, look at that There’s a little lard in there, too She’s gonna put the cabbage right on there That is pure beauty We’re ordering up a bowl of chao shou, Sichuan wontons Oh, that’s mine right there We’re gonna add some green onions right on top there This is, enter noodle heaven We’ve got the zajiang mien, pure noodles over top of tons of chili oil, and they put a little Sichuan peppercorn oil, and cabbage That looks so beautiful And then there’s pork, ground pork, on the bottom Stir fried ground pork Oh, beautiful This is one of the must-try noodles in Chengdu, the zijiang mien And then over here, we’ve got the wontons Pork wontons over top of all that chili oil This is why I moved to Sichuan and I am just, overwhelmed every time I have a bowl of these, because there’s nothing better Awesome Look at that We’re gonna go in for a big bite Oh yeah That is so satisfying The chili oil is just coated on the noodles The noodles are so slightly chewy, and that ground pork is seasoned perfectly What an amazing day it has been in Chengdu I would love to know what you thought about this video in the comments below, and make sure you guys go check out that Audible free trial and free audiobook of your choice Thank you so much for watching these street food and travel videos, and the addresses are in the description below Thanks so much, guys