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– Look at this guys We just found the ultimate pork roujiamo, wow This is it right here Insane And my mouth is watering just watching this because it is going to be so delicious Look at that, just stuffed plump Check it out guys It’s Trevor James We are in Xi’an, magical Xi’an And I’m so excited because there is a ton of delicious food to eat here and we’re going for a full on street food tour Let’s check it out Today we’re bringing you to eat seven incredibly delicious Xi’an street foods Here, there is an amazing mixture of both Hui Muslim Halal Chinese food, like incredible lamb and pita soups, lamb kebabs and more, along with tons of local Han Chinese specialties as well, like Chinese stewed pork stuffed pitas, insanely plump baozi and more And at the end, we’re going into the back kitchen to watch a classic Hui Halal paomo being made and grilling some juicy lamb kebabs Let’s eat All right, guys. We are now in a morning market Check it out. There’s fruit, vegetable, meat all around and right up ahead there’s supposed to be a super famous roujiamo, Chinese pork hamburger This is the origin of the hamburger since the Chin Dynasty This is where it comes from and we’re going to go try it out Oh, and it’s already busy (speaks in a foreign language) We’re going to get the nice juicy one (both speaking in foreign language) So, we got our ticket. Now we’re in the roujiamo line up and we got (speaks in foreign language), which is premium quality pork And they’re going to load it up After a quick chat with the owner, we got so lucky because we got right into the back kitchen to see how they make the roujiamo Look at this, guys We just found the ultimate pork roujiamo, wow (speaks in foreign language) So, roujiamo is basically ultra-rich fatty pork stewed in this huge pot full of spices and seasonings for over 20 hours and you can really smell all of that And they’re going to chop it up and put it into a Chinese pita Oh (speaks in foreign language) Oh, look at the seasonings here Oh, look at all the seasonings (speaks in foreign language) (both speaking in foreign language) This is all the seasonings here, guys Look at the big bag of spices and seasonings and we’re just adding in that sauce (all speaking in foreign language) We are just breaking up the fatty pork by hand Ultra-fatty and just covering it in sauce, as well (both speaking in foreign language) Oh, you can see the fattiness, the richness I think we really found the origin of the Chinese hamburger here Wow, look at that That is insane That is absolutely insane This is going to be life-changingly good And then you can see we just chop up the pork, the fatty pork, and then put it into all of these pitas, freshly baked, freshly made, hot pita, Chinese mo And look at all the fresh mo, all that fresh pita Insane And we’re going upstairs to see how they make the pita, the Chinese mo (speaks in foreign language) Wow, look at this So, you can see we’re rolling out the dough, one by one, making it into little discs, and then putting them right here on the grill

And you can see they’re kind of flipped up and that’s to get the top have a nice crispy brown And then, after they grill for a few seconds, we throw them right over here and put them right in the oven Those are done and then, there’s actually like a hatch right here and they throw them down the hatch and then they catch them So, you get a fresh pita, fresh mo full of perfect seasoned, rich, fatty pork Oh, and we’re going to add the juice (speaks in foreign language) And then, we’re also going to get a liangfen (speaking in foreign language) And you can see we’re just cutting up- (speaking in foreign language) So, we’re cutting up the rice jelly noodles Oh, this is just a Xi’an specialty (speaking in foreign language) So, it’s rice jelly noodles with a special vinegar, sesame and chili sauce Oh, so there’s a bit of- (speaking in foreign language) So there’s a bit of chili oil, sesame oil, vinegar, and then sesame paste (speaking in foreign language) Oh, this is going to be the ultimate breakfast Oh and there’s a bit of- (speaking in foreign language) So, there’s also broccoli and cucumber Oh, that is pure beauty Look at this perfect breakfast Oh, look at that ultra, ultra-fatty, rich roujiamo We added sauce and this is (speaks in foreign language) so they add all of that extra pork on there That is insane Oh, it is just the perfect fatty rich start to the day The pita, the mo bread is crispy and fluffy And all that fatty pork It’s actually, it’s quite strong You can tell it’s a rich broth and it’s a little salty but that’s because I added the stock That’s how I wanted it, it’s powerful, fatty, juicy After enjoying that cool and refreshing and spicy sesame chili combo liangpi with a classic Xi’an orange soda, we made our way for our second breakfast, a famous Hui Chinese Halal beef ball breakfast soup Awesome, we are in the backstreets of the Hui area and there is so much street food out It is just packed with energy and right up here, there is a hulatang joint, which is a special Hui soup Let’s try it out This is local (speaking in foreign language) So, it’s a vegetable soup and he’s making it spicy with chili oil and a little numbing and you can see it’s very thick, full of cabbage, little bit of carrot and beef ball Oh, she’s just scooping it up here. Wah (speaks in foreign language) We’re going to start out- (speaking in foreign language) Look at that chili oil right in there (speaking in foreign language) Look at this, guys. Fresh mo bread And you can see all the locals there breaking it in and that’s what we’re going to do You got to come bright and early, that is super hot that mo bread Still steaming, hot, perfect, thick Almost looks like a little gooey Lots of veg in there and he put the chili oil Let’s try it out Oh, it’s actually almost a little bit like Sichuan food because there is a numbing peppercorn aroma in there It’s definitely peppery and thick (speaking in foreign language) After that nice bowl of hulatang, and before going for an incredible bowl of lamb blood rice noodle soup, we went for our third breakfast, a famous Chinese street food, the baozi But here, completely upgraded into the most plump buns you’ll ever see All right, next up, guys, we are going for classic Chinese breakfast, baozi But these are not just any baozi I hear these are the most plump, juicy baozi you can find and they have a lot of unique fillings I hear they have eggplant and chili and tofu It’s all here, let’s go try it out (speaking in foreign language)

So many baozi And we’re going to see how they make them (speaks in foreign language) I think we just found the baozi hotspot Look at that char. That is eggplant Eggplant, chili, tofu, there’s a bit of cut up bell pepper, green bell pepper Oh, and it’s so nice to watch them being made They are plump These are the most plump I’ve ever seen. Wow Wow, it’s all here (speaking in foreign language) Oh, and here they are Oh wow, they are plump Those are the most massive baozi you’ll ever see Just monster size. This is a baozi party Oh, and they’re bringing in more. Incredible It’s a baozi lineup (speaking in foreign language) It’s hot Look at that That is the most beautiful baozi you’ll ever see There’s tofu Mm, it’s actually a little sweet and spicy I think they put a little bit of pumpkin in there (speaking in foreign language) After that delicious breakfast baozi, we went for a super local lunch in Xi’an, rice noodles with lamb blood strips in a super spice-packed broth Next up, guys, we are going for (speaks in foreign language) right up here, super famous joint, rice noodles with lamb blood and you can just sit on the side of the street and enjoy (speaking in foreign language) Just look at what we found here The ultimate lamb blood rice noodle soup And you can see we’re just loading up the lamb blood on top of the rice noodles. Beautiful A bit of smoked tofu, oh amazing And then after that, we are going to take that and load it up with beautiful, tons of spices, look at that Salt, MSG, five spice, Sichuan peppercorn, celery, cilantro, of course lots of beautiful chili oil and a little more oil and then loading it up in the back with a rich stock They call it (speaks in foreign language), which is just packed with more spices And we’re going up to see how they make it in the kitchen (speaking in foreign language) Look at all the lamb blood (speaking in foreign language) This is how they slice the lamb blood into strips Oh wow, that is so fast (speaks in foreign langauge) That is amazing. Look at that It’s like a brick of lamb blood. Amazing And now we’re making them into strips Wow. That is fast (speaking in foreign language) Look at this, guys. Look at all those strips of lamb blood And you can see they make it spicy And you can break your mo bread in and you can see this place is just packed People are just feasting on the lamb blood noodles Wow, let’s get a nice (gasps) look at all the slices of lamb blood It’s like they’re almost like noodles Wow, that You can really taste all of the spice in there, it is just packed with spice You see they put spoonfuls of that Chinese five spice mix in there. So, Chinese five spice is usually cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise and Sichuan peppercorns (speaking in foreign language) Next up, after walking through some back streets, we found a local man selling a special sweet date and sticky rice dessert who sold the same street food

for his whole life We are just exploring the backstreets now and I think there is a specialty street food here by bicycle (speaking in foreign language) Oh, so this is zenggao (speaking in foreign language) Oh, so it’s a sticky rice (speaking in foreign language) So, it’s sticky rice and date and I think there’s also a few nuts in there, peanuts. Wow (speaking in foreign language) Classic Xi’an street food (speaking in foreign language) Some beans. Oh, it’s some beans (speaking in foreign language) Wow, been doing this for a lifetime (speaking in foreign language) Locals love this. Wow, you can see why (speaks in foreign language) Next up, we’re going for another famous Xi’an street food, the yangrou paomo, a famous soft, fatty lamb and pita bread soup This here is the number one dish from Xi’an You’re going to love it Awesome, guys. We are now exploring, it’s early evening We are in the Hui district, the Muslim district where there’s tons of delicious Halal food and we’re on the hunt for a good yangrou paomo, classic lamb pita soup Oh, I think this is it here We’re going to get premium, extra lamb, classic yangrou paomo This place is local and famous (speaking in foreign language) And this is the kitchen here We’re just going to walk right in Whoa, making yangrou paomo (speaking in foreign langauge) So, this one is spicy It’s got tomato, chili, he cracked an egg in there And then you can also get the original (speaks in foreign language), which is classic lamb stock Oh and it’s just mesmerizing watching the wok in action Oh yeah But we’re going to order a classic paomo, original lamb stock (speaking in foreign language) So, look at this guys (speaking in foreign language) So, you can see, there’s all of this pita bread on the bottom, broken up pita bread and all of that lamb Oh, looking good and we’re going to put that right on top Tons of juicy lamb, little bit of rice noodles and that’s preparing it (speaking in foreign language) Some green onions, it’s all in there We’re putting it right in. Wow Oh yeah, right in the big, steaming wok Oh, that is beautiful So, you can see all of that pita is starting to get soft, it’s soaking in all the juice All that lamb stock, oh that is beautiful (speaking in foreign language) Just adding in a little MSG there Beautiful Oh yeah. Whoa That looks amazing Just look at this, guys Look at this classic yangrou paomo Beautiful Oh, what an awesome combo So, we’ve got lean and fatty lamb with pita, see this is all pita here Then we got these rice noodles, like vermicelli Bit of green onion And it also smells like there’s a bit of spice in there, maybe like a bit of cumin And they give you some chili paste and also some pickled garlic Oh, the lamb just falls apart, look at that This is Xi’an classic Mm, it’s like creamy Yangrou paomo, the lamb it’s lean but it still melts in your mouth and then this mo bread gives it a bit of a cushioniness Really nice. And the stock is just really nice, rich lamb flavor For our final street food, we went for a nighttime favorite amongst Xi’an locals, the lamb skewers with grilled Chinese nang bread, the ultimate combo Today is a true street food adventure and we are going for our final meal We’re going to get some lamb skewers on the street, Xi’an style, Hui style Oh, it’s busy (speaking in foreign language) So, beef skewers here

(speaking in foreign language) That is insanely aromatic (speaking in foreign language) And just look at the bubbling beef skewers and all of the juices are dripping down into the pit there and you can see it’s just bubbling away and that smell is just (speaks in foreign language) They’re just loaded with a secret spicy chili sauce, cumin, chili Oh, it’s going to be a lamb and beef skewer feast tonight You can have your beef or lamb kebabs with this homemade nang bread, Chinese nang bread, baked in a tandoor oven with cumin, with chili and with sesame, crispy and fluffy Oh, and you can literally just soak the kebabs into that so the juice gets into the bread We’re going to go try it all out (speaks in foreign language) Look at this, guys. Here is the lamb covered in that cumin and chili and their special chili sauce Same with the beef And then they sliced up, oh this nang is still hot Oh, still hot And you can see there’s big cumin seeds in there, sesame, chili, it’s all on there And I think I’m just going to take a bit of that lamb Oh, look at that, fatty, load it up right onto one of these pieces of nang bread Amazing, juicy-looking lamb over top of that nang Crispy, you can really smell all that sesame and I just can’t wait Let’s go in for it That is a flavor explosion That is the soul of Xi’an It’s got such a strong cumin and sesame flavor And this nang. It’s crispy, a little soft on the inside It has a bit of a crunch to it It’s insanely good What an amazing day it has been I would love to know what you’ve thought about this street food and travel video in the comments below Please click that thumbs up button and subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already This is just the beginning There is so much more to try in Xi’an