China's WEIRDEST 3D Printer? JGAurora A7 Unboxing & Review

Hello everyone! Today I have another huge printer Actually I prefer small printers but companies they seem to like to send me big printers This printer is sent by a local Shenzhen company is called JGAurora R and L is kind of my enemy. I think I will practice more but there’s that There are very few JGAurora printer reviews on Youtube So let’s open it. I am curious what this looks like and what it can do So let’s open it and take a look Ok I guess it’s time for me to call some helper elves to move this for me. Be right back Good work, elves. Thank you and see you later So let’s see what we’ve got. We have a3D printer tool box In the tool box we have the warrenty, the plastic cutter, spatula and the power cable We also have the 3D printer filament and the last thing is blue tape So let’s put that aside So this is the printer. Let me move the front to the camera so that you can see I should probably have asked the elves to stay a little bit longer, before I finish the I can do it Let’s take off the plastic The built plate was hidden underneath the foam The built plate is not PEI, BuildTak or polycarbonate. It’s good old blue tape Sometimes I still use blue tape but in this case is quite odd but let’s give it a try, let’s see At the back we have four magnets at each corner. I guess you can just clip it on. Let’s take a look Yeah, it snaps right on. That’s great. If you want you can order another built plate online to swap it out When you finish this one you can use another one. It’s quite nice, I like the design Now let’s plug it in and take a look at their interface So let me set it to English first, now it is in Chinese

Click Setting Switch to English interface? Confirmed And then it will restart. So I switched it to English The font is kind of off. But now let’s level it first. Leveling So the interesting thing is it’s a H-Bot gantry style and it has linear rails I guess X and Y, I don’t know about Z axis The strange thing is the filament tube goes into the drag chain. I’ve never seen anything like this But it’s two things out of three so I guess it is good So the leveling is finished. Let’s see what other options we have. They have a spool filament holder Elevator? Let’s see So far I’ve learned this is probably a direct drive style and the filament goes through the drag chain There is a weird angle. The filament has to go all the way into the drag chain. It has the angle like you know So let’s open the filament elevator and see what it is So it’s actually the Bowden style not a direct drive? What? So the filament goes through the hole on this side and then go all the way back in If it jams, what will happen? I don’t know As you can see this is not a normal size spool I don’t know how it’s going to handle the normal size. So I am going to test it out for you guys later But for now let’s try this out What just happened? I think the spool holders weight pressed it down by itself. I didn’t do anything I didn’t even press the filament elevator button. And there is a strand of filament hanging out So I was looking at the instructions on the top. I was a little too short for that. So I missed it It looks like it doesn’t need to go through the hole just the direction is wrong Let’s do it a third time Okay I was talking with the company about the issue I was having Then I tried a couple more times. I played around with it and I finally figured out how it works So let me show you how to put in the filament It still needs to go through the hole first

But this time we don’t need to push it all the way in, we just push it in a little bit Click in Filament So now the Bowden driver is pushing the filament through the tube And now is slowly feeding it through to the hotend. Let’s see The filament comes out smoothly As for pushing the filament out of the extruder. This is how it works So now it is coming out It just come out like that So I didn’t have to manually grab it and then pull it out I didn’t know about that. So before I tried a couple of times and failed Now it works. And the system works well It was just poorly documented Okay let me show you the hotend now So from here you can see there are actually two motors controlling it There is the Bowden drive motor to push the filament through And then the direct drive to pull on it. If you are new to 3D printers. It’s quite unusual for a 3D Printer But I think this system works ok And if you have a jam, it’s easy to just pop it off because it has magnets Then after you take the jam out, you just put it right back Ok for the bed leveling it is really interesting Usually people do software leveling. But this printer does hardware leveling So I am going to tilt the bed a little bit And there is an induction sensor and three Z motors It can do real hardware auto-leveling. So let me show you So now we go back and we hit leveling You see now the bed is all leveled again So now I am just going to open the JGAurora slicer And as you can see they just reskinned the Cura program The good news though you can just copy their settings and drop it to other platforms like Linux or Mac or whatever Right now I am going to open my STL file. 3Dbenchy Here’s our Benchy Boat I’m not going to change any of the default settings But I’m going to add the raft to the Benchy Boat Let’s start to print it at 0.2mm and see how it goes Okay now let’s try 0.1mm and no raft. Without the raft Okay now let’s try something a little bit more difficult So I’ve got some test prints here. Here are some Benchy Boats

And this cube was created by Angus aka. Maker Muse. Hey, Angus! This is a really good test print and it gives the printer a really good work out Let’s switch to this camera This benchyboat I printed it at 0.2mm It has a raft. Because I was having adhesion problems with it But the resolution I think it is pretty nice, I can feel it with my finger Other than that really no complaints. Let’s compare it with the 0.1mm I printed this at 0.1mm and the resolution is a bit better But same problem with the blue tape they just stick to the bottom This one is also printed at 0.1mm but this one was printed with the (FlashForge) Guider II I have been using it for a while. The print quality compared to A7, I would say the A7 is a bit better And this is the torture test print So the same problem at the bottom, the blue tape. But it’s print quality I am satisfied with it So let’s give it a closer look at the microscope So this is the 0.2mm from A7 The layer line it looks clean and there are no major flaws Let’s compare it with the 0.1mm also printed out from the A7 The layer line is even finer here It feels very smooth and let’s take a look at the 0.1mm printed out from Guider II It is a decent print I would say. Guider II is a workhorse But the print quality, as you can see the details are not as smooth as the A7 But Guider II is very reliable and I didn’t have any major problem while I was printing the Benchy Boat It’s just the layer lines quality is not as good as A7 So as you can see the A7 print quality is great I would say it is better than any other FDM 3D printer I have reviewed And the H-Bot gantry the movement is fast and reliable It has the 3-point leveling. So basically it is hardware levelling. It levels in the hardware I think a lot of other companies are going to copy this feature Because when you hit level, it just automatically level itself in the hardware But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t comes with other serious problems So there are other cons I am going to illustrate Remember the drawer I didn’t figure out the first time I am still using their filament. It’s not like they have a chip inside or they have a proprietary system No, but they have an unusual size of spool And the size of the wheels (spools) is different from the one I usually use The normal size one I usually use is like this. It is a bit thicker, and the JGAurora one is thinner Like this, this one is thinner. So this drawer only fits their own filament So why is that a problem?

Why can’t you just keep the drawer up? Well, you can’t See? So if I’m putting a thicker a larger spool inside. It will automatically go down and make noise like And then it will jam. And once it is all sealed up there is no way to feed in the filament So that is a really big problem if I have to only use their filament Or use other filament the same size made by other companies So next is the bed levelling Right now there is no power going through the stepper motors. That’s why I can move the bed freely And whenever I am taking the hot plate off the bed, it unlevels a little bit If that’s the case you have to relevel it every time. You have go to Levelling It only takes a couple of seconds it will relevel itself I know it is a bit annoying. But I don’t think it is a really big deal. It can be easily fixed Just keep the stepper motor’s power on Obviously from the interface you can see there are some English mistakes It looks kind of unprofessional. But it is not the end of the world it is still readable I hope they will fix it in the future. But what really bothers me is when you click inside there is a Wifi icon When you click on it nothing happens It doesn’t really have Wifi. I spoke to the company they said they planned to add on this feature later But right now they are advertising it and selling it as if they have this function But truth is they don’t have it So there are three major problems filament loading, needing to relevel the bed in between prints and Wifi But those are just firmware problems just patch it It’s not that simple, I talked to the factory They said I had to ship it back so that they can physically take it apart and then flash the firmware to update it It’s not a joke I was like why can’t I just plug in the usb cable and update it like every other printers? It’s not like that. I asked them many times And they said I have to ship it back. And I don’t think it’s fun for you guys to ship a 20kg 3d printer back to China just for flashing the firmware So that’s a big problem but I am giving them a couple of weeks to sort out the problem They said they were going to work on it so let’s give them a chance Because it’s a very interesting 3d printer, I don’t want to just let it go And it’s coming from China. It is innovative, it’s wonderful and terrible just like the drawer But if they confirm that they can not fix it well you and I, we are going to work it out. We are going to hack it and we are going to fix the problem But right now just sit tight and wait on it This won’t be my last video on A7 And remember if I can do it, anyone can do it. Thanks a lot for watching