Sailing into City Life! Summer in Cape Town, South Africa! Sailing SV Delos Ep. 104

[MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos We sailed down the wild coast with 40 knots of wind, and a six-knot current And the ocean is beautiful And hit our all-time speed record, 17.5 knots Approaching this big city, I found myself daydreaming, thinking back on all the incredible islands we visited the last couple of months And I asked myself the question– can you get tired of endless white sand beaches, and crystal clear water? We’ve been moving constantly for 13 months now, from one tropical island to the next I absolutely love this cruising lifestyle, but I found myself longing for a long hot shower, see a movie in the cinema, have a dinner out, or just be able to take one step off the boat onto a dock without having to worry about the dinghy or anchoring Don’t understand me wrong here The last few months have been an incredible journey We had crossed the Indian Ocean And I could honestly say that I’ve learned more about myself and life in the last few months than ever before But it was time I was ready to stay in one place for a few months And the V&A Marina seemed like the perfect place Smack bang in the middle of Cape Town Eight, five, ten One, two, three So this is our home here in Cape Town, just on this dock Have the motorcycle parked real close We’re so close to all the shopping Beautiful apartments behind us, where we can use their pool and their gym, because we got hooked up And sometimes we have a little seal blocking our way Mm-hmm Let’s see if we can find him [SEALS BARKING] This is our neighborhood, bro [LAUGHTER] This shit’s getting weird in the V&A For some reason they come to our dock to mate and fight [SEALS BARKING] [LAUGHTER] Big boy’s coming through It’s like the best zoo in the world Christmas time in Cape Town Luckily, this is the only time we ever get our storm drogue out So let’s hope that it stays that way It’s gonna look a lot like Christmas Swedish Christmas, which is on the 24th, and Matte and Karen have made a ridiculous spread of delicious foods And I made some homemade vin gluck, mulled wine It’s so good It’s been a beautiful day of presents, laughing, and music [SINGING IN SWEDISH] That’s the weirdest salad I’ve ever seen [LAUGHTER] It’s a full moon tonight, so we’re going to go climb Lion’s Head Peak And then walk down with the moon So we’ll go up, watch the sunset, and come back down with a full moon Have a few beers at the top Been excited to do some physical activity Let’s do it How far is it? I have no idea Well, it should be like an hour and a half, or an hour Somewhere between an hour, an hour and a half But it’s all up [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHATTER] Check it out

[INAUDIBLE] Yeah, it’s cool, huh? Just people singing carols Yeah It’s real chill It’s a good walk, too Find it hard? We’re pretty out of shape We’ve been lounging around on beaches, walking around lowlands, not [INAUDIBLE] And we’ve been eating and drinking a lot We’re going to do this once a week Yeah Yeah, right away (LAUGHS) That was good [AFRICAN SINGING] I’m gonna do some strawberry mint mojitos Wow Happy New Year Three, two, one [CHEERS] Happy New Year! Happy New Year, guys! Happy New Year Happy New Year, Magnus! [CHEERS] Wow, yeah People are so funny Buenos noches from Cape Town Good night How do you feel, mom? The day has come Oh, it’s been a great time being here, but– oh, I’m so very not good at this leaving Makes me so sad But I know I’ll be back, so that’s good Yep Next year Next year Maybe back in Cape Town I don’t know Mom, thank you Goodbye See you [SPEAKING SWEDISH] Be good What a good trip, though, huh? I’m not very good with goodbyes See you later She will be back Well, you look decked out Where are we going? We’re going on a musical cave adventure, as I understand it [LAUGHTER] Dillon, good morning, bro Bright and early, bright and early Dillon found us through Instagram, and decided to take us out for a little adventure This day’s [INAUDIBLE] Ocean pool How cold do you think that is, bro? I think it’s one of the things where you just gotta go for it Cold It was such a great swim, though, man Like, you get out, and you feel, like, energized Whereabouts is the cave in relation to here? Up, right up Like straight up there? Yeah That is a solid group, man Solid Yeah [MUSIC PLAYING] How’s it going, [INAUDIBLE]? Whoo! What a beautiful hike, man [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Back down on my knees We found the cave It’s right there So what’s the intention here? To go as deep as we can OK [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) I can ask for love, somebody keep telling me don’t, don’t, don’t cry OK, we’re gonna have to back out We have to back out Shit, dude, which is the way out [CHATTER] Check out the size of this cave inside here [HUMMING AND DRUMMING] How’s it going, bro? Cool, huh? At the end, there’s like a big cavern, where everybody’s sitting around in a circle with a candle and stuff It’s real chill It was incredible to sit inside of this cave,

with this strange but awesome group of people One guy started singing, and everybody just tuned in And the cave created this incredible reverb of all the sounds [CHANTING AND CLAPPING] It’s the backpack Yeah, right on Don’t have a lot of clearance with the backpack No [CHATTERING] OK The light! Whew Ow The stone Do you want a net? Where is she going? Action Well, we just finished the walk, and Karen’s on her way back up Look how fast her pants are These aren’t pants, they’re hiking super [INAUDIBLE] No, no, no Show us the backpack I think it’s more the pack Look at that pack It’s like– it’s fast How was that, guys? We lost everybody else But we made it This was a fucking intense walk, man My legs hurt It’s six o’clock Is it six o’clock? So we been walking since 10 Well done That was a good cave ceremony, though It was really sweet It was awesome Cool– But now it’s time for– Burgers and beers Burgers and beers, bitches Burgers and beers, bitches I was filming you Hmm How do feel about Cape Town so far? Cape Town’s amazing It’s been the perfect place to spend the summer for us It’s got good weather, cheap, amazing food, a nice marina We’ve just been hanging out, enjoying it There’s a gym with a pool And we’ve been doing lots of editing, because we have electricity, and good internet here And when we’re not out doing stuff, we can do that And then we head up in the afternoons to go lift weights, and then take long hot showers So yeah, not many complaints I like it What do you think? I think this was just kind of what we needed, you know? To stay in one place for a little bit, and just kind of settle down, be able to walk off the dock, have long showers We have walking distance to the supermarket, and I can buy all the berries that I want, which is really cool It’s just been really special so far And I think it’s only going to get better Because Cape Town is like so much to explore We’ve met so many cool people And yeah, this is just what we needed, to be smack bang in the middle of the town for a little bit I love the city, you know? And then I think up after a few months we’ll be more than ready to go out and cruise again, and see the islands But for now, this is perfect And the sun has been shining for weeks This is Cape town summer It’s awesome [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Come on, do your thing Swing into it, swing into it Come on, do your thing Baby’s making swing Come on, do your, come on, do your, come on, come on, come on, come on, do your thing Baby’s making swing In the morning, get on off, ’cause I’ll good as gone And in the evening come around, we can have some fun And if you call my little sister she’ll be telling you don’t bother calling here no more, ’cause she ain’t that into you If you say you want a player then I’ll be good to go But if you tell me you’re in love, oh baby, oh, hell no Don’t think that I’m a woman you can cling onto We’re gonna do it my way I’m telling you we’re through I’m just hop-on-hop-off kind of lover It don’t take too much from you to get me under the covers I wanna hop on and hop off of you Yeah, I do I wanna hop on, and hop off of you Just hop-on-hop-off, kind of lover You don’t take take too much on you, to get me under the covers I wanna hop on, and hop off of you I wanna hop on, and hop off of you

[SEAL BARKING] Oh, he spit on me Oh, this is going to be good It’s our first [INAUDIBLE] invited some friends over Real exciting Yep, party, tourist party Party tourist party So in honor to all our new friends and followers that we’ve met here in Cape Town, we decided to throw a little Delos party Wow, it’s going really well, then It’s amazing people in Cape Town that are coming by to say hi, that we don’t even know Pretty cool, huh? Lots of smiles, lots of love Lots of goodness [PARTY CHATTER] I somehow got [INAUDIBLE] Oh, look at you, man [CHATTER] Hello Hello Hello Hey, how’s going? How’s it? All good It was so awesome to meet these cool people from all walks of life, having one thing in common, Delos sailing videos Such a humbling, amazing experience [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] we won’t sustain Our hearts are racing This is insane Fingers crossed to hold on tight Mahi-mahi is leaving us Going to miss you Yeah, I’ll miss you It was a lot of fun Well, we will see you again Yeah Bye-bye See you, guys! Later! That’s it Now we have no neighbors It’s just us now, on the cruiser dock Everybody’s leaving, and going across the Atlantic We’re gonna hang out here for another two months and chill It’ll be good Yeah So I think over the last couple of months, both me and Brady and Brian have been kind of– all three of us have been contemplating if we should go towards the Caribbean, and towards Brazil, and kind of sail into the Atlantic, or if we should sail back to the Indian Ocean A couple of days ago, when we sat and had some sushi, we kind of said OK, we need to make a decision and all of us kind of blurt out at the same time like, back to Madagascar Which is really exciting, because all of us are kind of feeling the same thing And I think some of the reasons why we really want to go back is because we’ve never been back to a place that we’ve been before We’re always moving forward Now we just have to start planning for that, and we can start thinking about it and I’ve kind of drawn up a little vision board– or a vision map, I guess– with all the different routes, and what our options are and stuff And that means that we get to go back to Madagascar, which is just so cool And meet all the people that we met there last year And we also get to go back to South Africa We have a few more months here in Cape Town to prepare, and kind of get the boat ready and stuff for remote places sailing So yeah It was a good decision I feel good about this for sure And the Indian Ocean is a very special place And I think it’s a very cool opportunity to show some people what sailing on the ocean could be all about So what we’ve decided to do is something a little bit different this year We’re actually going to run a crew competition So we’re going to have people that we don’t know submit videos to us And we’re going to say tell us why, in 60 seconds or less, you’d make the best Delos crew And then we’re going to watch through the videos, and we’re gonna find people who we think have a good passion and spirit for sailing And then we’re going to invite a few of those guys to come join us for some epic sailing in the Indian Ocean

this next season We’ve never done it before, but I think it’s a good idea I think we’re going to meet some awesome people So we had about 300 people We had just over 300 entrants And it took us the better part of a week look through them all And they were all awesome and amazing, and really touching, just really very humbling for us to see all the energy that people put into these It was so cool And it was really difficult, but we finally managed to pick our top 10 favorites And then we contacted each of those, and we had either like a little Skype call or a Facebook call with them, asked them a few random questions, and tried just to get a better idea of we felt they were as people Then the other night we sat down and made some decisions, which was also very difficult So as a tribute to our awesome time here in South Africa, we have picked three South African crew to sail with us here from Cape Town to Reunion, which is really exciting And this is them So we have Kiril and Dillon, which we met here in Cape Town And we’ve kind of hanging out with them a little bit And it lined up perfectly, because they just quit their jobs, and they want to go on an epic adventure So the sailing to Reunion is going to be the beginning of that And these guys have never sailed before But I think they’re gonna be perfect We’ve got the basics down, a sense of humor, and a sense of adventure But when it comes to sailing, we– [LAUGHTER] And then we have Carmen Carmen just seems amazing A little bit about myself, I am Carmen G I’m a 22-year old South African girl I love sailing and traveling I also like surfing, skateboarding, making things At the moment, I don’t even have a job So I wouldn’t even have to get a leave I’m literally just sitting at home, making beautiful macrame dreamcatchers So my knot work is really good And I could even weave you guys a hammock or something So please let me know if you think I’m cool And I’d love to join you guys So I spoke up a little while ago And today is a real exciting day, because our new crew is arriving There you go [LAUGHTER] Hey Come aboard, come aboard [CHATTER] This is not too much stuff, right? It’s fine I’m here Hey, nice to meet you Nice to meet you too Sweet! How do you feel I’m very excited I’m very excited to be here Such a beautiful day to start out on Sweet! And yeah, other than that, didn’t die This guy– Life’s down to three bags Suddenly way too heavy, so I’m gonna ditch quite a bit of it Gonna figure out what camera gear to keep, and what to get rid of as well It’s a tough call Tough call [INAUDIBLE] Come on down, bro, and welcome aboard Who do we got here? Oh, it’s just another salty pirate Welcome, bro Thank you very much This is me Just back there in the love tunnel Love tunnel I’m gonna make this love tunnel mine Yeah you will Ew! I plan on getting gypsified I haven’t been gypsified in years He looks pretty You look pretty, matey Oh, he’s so pretty! She just called me her little sister He’s like my little sister I– that makes me happy So our new crew had arrived, and it felt so good We had about one week before setting sail towards Reunion And it was time for a little shakedown cruise Will that one reach me? We may need to take some slack off the other end, bro

OK, are we ready? We’re ready So it’s a beautiful day Doing a sail after we just fueled I thought about the question I asked myself, arriving into Cape Town four months ago Can you ever get tired of endless white sand beaches, and crystal clear water? Sailing have taught me a lot of things, especially about balance in life So I think yes, I believe you can get tired of endless white sand beaches But after spending a few months living the city life in Cape Town, I got my dose of long hot showers, and fancy dinners And we’re more than ready for another sailing adventure Whoo-whoo! Wake up, boys It’s half past eight It’s half past eight We’re going sailing We have to go check out OK OK Three, two– Snoozer’s up Good morning, sleepyhead (GROANS) [INAUDIBLE] Kiril (GROANS) Time to wake up, bro Are we going sailing, Mr. Brian? Oh, nice voice, man What’s going on there? [GROANING] That was three hours of sleep That’s what I’m doing here We just bought all the fresh vegetables and fruit for the boat So let’s check it downstairs This looks really nice We bought a lot of good stuff Check it out Oh, yum That looks good So here we are We are here Cape Town And our goal is to get over here, La Reunion, OK? So there’s a couple of interesting things about this sail that we’re going to talk about Because it’s not just a trivial, kind of straightforward sail There’s the big gnarly Agulhas Current, that runs down here And it’s a huge current, like up here, it runs five knots, six knots It can be gnarly So what our tactic will probably be is to cross the current here And then we’ll just pretty much head dead east as far as we can So instead of sailing like this, we’ll sail like this until we get into those southeasterlies And once we get there, then we’ll be able to make our turn So it’s more sailing miles, but it sailable Instead of beating, we should have better conditions So that’s the plan, guys And all the checking out is done, right? We’re going sailing We’re checked out We got fresh veggies We’re full of fuel We’re ready for some sailing How much sailing have you guys done? [INAUDIBLE] a couple of times Killy Kiril practicing his bowlines Yo, those are getting tight And those other ones– what are they called/ Spaghetti Half-hitches Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti You’re all so real as can be Yep Right, we’re leaving in 30 minutes, and the last two items on the to do list That was six months of work, bro All right, guys What do you say? I’m ready to go Loss in sickness, seventh taken Last meal for probably a while Yeah, this might come out [LAUGHTER] Yeah, so soft foods I think we just got to unplug from dock power– Yeah, we’re filling up on some water? –and then we’ll shove off Yeah, we’re filled up The dipstick’s down So let’s do it Let’s do it Up next, we set sail for Reunion How excited is everybody? Whoo! Look at the darkness We can’t even see out there That’s some pretty gnarly weather in a small port Holy– 51, huh? Yep It’s wild out there And cross the infamous Agulhas Current [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Let’s see the lights from the city all lighting up my skin

I got a new step in my swing, yeah I’m gonna begin again Like it! I like it a lot [SCREAMS] That guy’s going crazy Is that where the blow jobs are? Happy 2016! Says me! Yeah Oh! Oh, Brian, how fast are you running? Oh, yeah Burn, burn, is good burn Yeah, I think it’s pretty good You caught me at the wrong time, wait OK, but you’re going to eat it, then, huh? Yeah, of course OK, you want learn some Afrikaans? Yeah Kiss my cunt [LAUGHTER] What does that mean? It means chose my side Dude, I reckon you could stick, like, a computer to that [LAUGHTER]