Rise of the Tomb Raider – Episode #13 – Hidden In Plain Sight

guess what everybody apparently were twenty-five percent through the game according to the the save and load system which is pretty it was kind of accurate before in the previous one the only problem being that like it didn’t really take into account collectibles and stuff it was just kind of like a general story progress and it would make these big jumps you’d be at like twenty percent and then you would do like a story thing and it’s like you’re now at forty-five percent you’re like wow that was a big chunk of the game i just finished within five minutes you know it wasn’t that bad but you get the idea so oh yeah there’s that quest okay let’s go let’s go back here um yeah it’s the general thing is that I I’m trusting that it is saying twenty five percent but at the same time I know that we have a lot of collectible stuff and if I find him if I pick up the season past and all that I found your warriors they’re alive I’m starting to think it’s not an accident you came to our Valley Lara Croft you know we cannot offer you much but I hope this will aid you Oh Park ballpark ballpark infiltrator uh wait sad like a skill okay see now I gotta look I actually wasn’t paying attention i just thought infiltrator and i got really excited i was like did I get a piece of gear um are any of these called infiltrator no no no no no no no okay next you think you would have a thing okay I’m just going to assume that that was like quest complete i’ll have to look back at that when i go to edit these episodes okay well let’s see if there’s a there’s a survival cash thing there we can go we could go there should like just quick travel up to the store and maybe we can find what that mission is can I can I see this mission if I ok it’s definitely in the cave let’s go talk to this dude who has now put himself into a wolf cave who’s probably dead and and I’m gonna have to go and loot his body and feel like I’m sorry friend yeah I know there’s a tune nearby and I have no idea how to open it I’ll get there one day so if we if we go talk to this guy find out what his side quest is by the way I’ve kind of it settled in i’m not sure how I’m hello it’s that sound interesting you’ve seen the mind by the old Soviet facility yeah many of our people died there careful of the Death Cap mushrooms that grow in the valley you wouldn’t want to eat them but they make a powerful voice thanks dad um yeah this guy’s definitely there so we’ll talk to him I’m betting you it’s a dead body Oh or not okay he’s set up camp ah you’re back we could use you I’m only back because you have a quest the Soviets abandoned this place in a hurry and they left salvage all over the valley put it to good use oh okay I’m here to help what can I do our first task is to learn all we can about the invaders we need any information you can gather in the old prison I won’t lie to you it will be dangerous but that information is worth the risk will you help us yep I’ll head there as soon as I’m able I’ll be here and thank you yeah you’re welcome okay so we again have more quest up there I think I think that’s gonna work out well for us can I get on top of okay so that’s just explore caves of which i have found four or five i’m assuming those caves elsewhere that I have missed so let’s let’s go get this and then we’ll go from there or just just explore in the zone as much as I can now that I have the rope the bow rope broke I don’t I don’t know what we should call that but now that we have that we could do we gonna do a lot more on this zone than we could before but i

think this piece of wood oh wait so how i get into the tomb do i use this just I just came up with an idea but I don’t know if it’s gonna work yeah i can’t i don’t i don’t think i could control that the missed opportunity there I was weird floating midair ah hello did you hear that I know I heard that it’s whether it’s like a like a leopard or something still here said on that it is so you see it okay I like sneak up on it is that going to be a possibility right it is like a Snow Leopard shoot it in the face whoo okay we’re good we got it what is it oh I got two special things I could I could craft the thing that I got a craft cuz I got the thing man that was the least coherent sentence ever I’m just really excited that I killed that right uh is that a cave wait are you serious is that how you get to the tomb oh my gosh I can’t believe that I just facepalmed so hard because i think is it is it like down here or is it up we’re about to find out okay is that how you get in I can’t believe that it was so obvious that that’s how I did it I can’t wait to look back and see the comments on that as a reminder a gentle reminder i’m recording this all at once so all of your inevitable inevitable comments saying you idiot is right there shoots vlog not going to see them in time because i did this all within a few days it’s okay we’re good we’re good it’s fine if you if you face palmed hard do that i’m sure i’m gonna get comments man so hard to watch in which case whatever the profit was persecuted and so we’re his followers like trying to blow open the ground that’s clearly not ‘blow-up-able all I had to do is drop a log looks like this was abandoned in a hurry I meant it the way it sounded opiates find something down there alright let’s do it got our pistol close-range weapon also known as just like afraid of like Jaguars or a state appreciators a snow panther of some description snow leopard rather not pantless water down below sounds like a great volume great a great volume of water or it has a lot of volume a coin with an image of a city stamped in gold well exact the image and there’s the profit this was likely an official coin of kitaj hmm an official kitashi coin ok so I make that jump here we go what right do we okay we’re just gonna like gently lower ourselves down this cat cavern cave Katherine Hale fern good ok without falling to my death of course which is what I would normally do ok loot and loot oh ok that’s that is I guess it’s good checked up there before falling down just to make sure truth seekers icon casting gold the metalworkers of the city’s started to develop their own style but it’s still similar to Byzantine kraftwerk pretty cool so kind of puzzle do we have here probably a simple one that I’m gonna spend two hours on hmm that’s got to be part of the works right so jump on to it see what that does lowers it that opens that which lowers water

ok swim there’s something back there some mushroom it is ok so i don’t i don’t care too much about that this may be time so i should probably hurry up right I can’t okay shoot it may be that did it okay let me go through here come on okay look at camp I have leveled up so we could potentially do that but I may as well do this first oh it was a roadie everything that’s right there won’t be much left in a few decades I like this temple it’s assistant thanks Laura how many how many of you want to bet that I’m just missing missing all of the things here where I’m totally not gonna make the shrimp diet nope oh okay we attempted and we failed top of this and look around because there’s likely to be things that I’m missing that I should be collecting but at the same time my able to get back up there from here this way up this yep okay should we try that jump again I don’t think it’s gonna do anything but i’m just going to eyeball it now i might be able to hook into the wall but i don’t think i can that would be too easy so i’m just going to assume that that’s not the case into the water where i shall give it a good look see that may need to be spinning um I guess we’re exploring this will add more water doh it’s holding water back okay well let’s do this where we shall throw it yeah of course it’s not explosive enough I probably could get it a little closer just in case that’ll work just probably move away as well how did I miss that raises the water which will allow me to swim through and what do we got ok so now i can get over this way it’s all coming up soon okay Oh Alice can get over there what I’m gonna make sure I do is look through these rooms thoroughly before I go filling them with water just in case I typically game designers are smart enough not to leave things in rooms that can just get okay that brings me back into here that could just get destroyed can I actually blow this upset a possibility if we’re gonna try nope okay that’s fine dive then around looks like it’s about to fall apart okay oh there is that okay so obviously i can blow this up there’s another things I are expecting the exact sort of going back and getting the other one which is what I would have done if I didn’t come over here and look but I want to give this again but good look-see just make sure there’s nothing in here that will do something it’ll open that so if i drop off that closest it oh I see so that’s how you get it into the water to blow it up yep I’m on the same page let’s help my calls well I screwed that up I just I just want it on the ref first that’ll be the idea here yeah let’s do that so let’s put it on the raft what makes a jump will let it go

over then we’ll make the explosion happen oh come on I wasn’t not that close to the edge how many more attempts to I gosh to don’t screw this up okay here we go again minus the sucking okay cool it’s stuck to it which is good it’s got its got sticky edge and we can do this try that again I just jump up thank you I want it to run all the way around cough this may require additional shots according to the last time we did this okay it’s going okay should be able to swim through now yay oh is that all that did oh I thought it was going to add more water alright cool what else do it what do we got in here oh oh this is out of the room where the Kate okay also this water looks oily it’s got that coloration to it that’s not very watery I don’t know about that okay make this jump where I can look through all this and savagery easy we break it because we learned at the beginning of the game but that’s something we can do anything up here oh yeah right hook down run around up up this should be more than enough oil to light the passages below but be careful transporting it we have not perfected the refining process and it is still volatile you will know the man who supervises the construction we all do without his knowledge of the earth none of us would have survived along the difficult journey do not linger and if he asks for a word of his wife and child feign ignorance he cannot accept that they perished during our Exodus and expects them to arrive any day we need his genius and I fear if he saw the truth we might lose him entirely hmm okay uh still Greek level three how are we gonna manage bahria how can I get to this one yeah I’m just thinking that maybe i can get the oil costs from the other side thanks game he’s ever mined was gonna say you really helped my hand on that one and it did to be fair i kind of want to go up that real quick i’m really curious yeah ok the course there was something i didn’t know if it was going to be like another passage or not so that’s the only reason I didn’t go up there I saw that I saw that I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise but i thought now my love this letter is long overdue but i have been hard at work when you arrive there will be a home for you here with all the comforts we have left behind it is a huge task ahead of us to design and supervise the construction necessary to provide fresh water to our people but all my labor will be paid in full when i see you and our children’s faces again we will create a new world here the equal of everything you left behind to follow me it will not have been in vain as long as you and I are together oops okay well let’s get the oil right look more have spawned I left them alone for five minutes and they just kept spawning like road it’s okay so that’s not going to work that way what if wait you said get it from the other side right it definitely meant over here right also would that raise that up enough I mean I guess we could find out I don’t think it will but we can certainly try okay let’s let’s toss this on dang it it’s like it just gets to the edge and then falls off

I swear I’m not not pushing anything pick pick up pick up pick up pick pick pick it pick pick it okay whatever they’re infinitely spawning over here so I may as well go make use of their numbers yeah i don’t think i can make that jump or not that trumpet that’s row so let’s toss this there and we could try the water thing again I think this is wrong but I’m just doing it in case it is right so that definitely let that get over there which allows me to opt down swim grab this and go good get in there yeah I get it I don’t know if that’s the way you’re supposed to do it but that’s the way I did and it feels good okay then that allows me to us there boom give me the water till sat up which probably has to go out this way they’re actually there might be another way through there I didn’t check because there’s this or is this a different passage probably a different passage does the water go back down no okay whoo an illusion oh I see so if you didn’t want to go out the other way you just gotcha nevermind false alarm everybody we shall go back outside and that should have the water high enough to yep Betty nice I wonder what we’re gonna get from this compound bow ? new new beau upgrades new beau abilities please new abilities an ancient manuscript on the gifts of the earth natural instincts new skill masters nearby resources will automatically appear on the map and glow when nearby awesome well actually saves me a lot of trouble I’m happy with that let’s get this real quick and then we’re done in here oh there’s coins oh yeah coins give me the clothes new document Bureau locations new side quest apparently man this is great I so got that to do there’s the survival caches that we apparently missed oh it’s just like giving us at all now oh this is awesome cool and then I can quick travel out of the cave if I want to let’s get back to that camp you