Let's Play: Dark Forces – Part 12: Hidden in Plain Sight

hello my name is arbitrary of all seven and this is let’s play dark forces I’ve lead part 12 yes our 12 we’re going to go ahead and do the fuel station obviously I’ve already played this I played it frequent shortly after i finished laughs and just to see if i could do it and actually worked out fine just waiting had to wait for time that was appropriate to record so we’re going to give this a shot mission 12 Imperial fuel station ergo smugglers hijack background from the navigational data tapes I was able to trace the next smuggler cargo ships route that route leads to the Super Star Destroyer the executor we have found that for security reasons er camera makes periodic jumps across the galaxy always hiding its location the only ship that knows those locations is the executor smugglers cargo ship will meet up with the executor which will then hyperspace to the ark hammer in order to get the our camera hijack in order to get to the our camera hijack the smugglers ship before it meets up with the executor that’s my list ship will be in a sitting sitting duck as it fuels up at the fuel station ergo hijack to the ship and under the guise of a smuggler meet up with the executor there you will sneak onto the executor and wait until its rendezvous with the ark hammer for the rest mission I won’t be able to provide backup so be careful get your hide back safely it would get pretty lonely back at the rebellion without you to worry about ah thanks Jan get on board the smuggler ship hijacked this month oh [ __ ] that’s our mission objective so let’s get started and it starts relatively easy blow those up some plasma cartridges for some of the stuff and I played it on hard when I practiced obviously and yes we’re on space stations is out in the middle of nowhere there who is what oh really was that really appropriate commandos know huh who’s in violation I took care of that problem anything else up here and hey you’re not supposed to respawn there did I say you could respawn No ok let’s see what kind of ammunition I had better and i’ll have better ammunition there but i’ll be getting a lot of it here I want to get a lot more this way I want to go in there later right now no I don’t get too close to those auto mech doors they will automatically open now clear through here real quick and these guys will continue to respond so it’s not like they’re going to give me a whole lot i’m taking a little bit of damage for setting all those off but i’d rather set them off now when I have a little control and not let them in the midst of it or have one of them triggered by accident that would not be fun yeah I think this is where I’m headed listen really did I say you could shoot me we may find some trippers out here all

on roaming shooting me there they go back to once a half good name again and this is ultimately where you go that door isn’t open and the reason why that is is the arm that was on it initially has to be moved back come back out here and a lot more stormtroopers and contrary to popular belief they do respond and they will do so indefinitely I’m sure there’s a point where the game finally goes okay fine you killed everybody but it’s a ways away all right a craft ouch oh crap that really stinking her nope kill myself let’s try going in here without doing that this time and this is actually I don’t think I’ve ever introduced this weapon per se I’ve shown it and I’ve used it but I’ve never really talked about it it’s a concussion rifle and it’s a powerful little bugger love it too this is an excellent long-range weapon and anything in close quarters where you can aim that hallway this is perfect hey who’s that see they got walls anywhere near anything that this is the thing to get and this agree to provide a whole lot of help but it’s just worth exploring mainly because it’s got a bunch of other stuff in here that’s that’s good look at all those guys and you can see how effective it is so listen okay so tuned to this one blaster rifle is good for now and you can see why I switched oh who shot me got you you can tell it takes them down with pretty good efficiency too I hear another one being shot craps I mean shot at again yeah there r and assumes i think that carry these and they really stink it hurt shoot across the way here ouch taking way too much damage fighting these guys

take care of some of these things down there oh wow yeah that was self-inflicted there we go I’m doing way too much damage to myself and you can see that’s technically why I called it the masochists gun is because there’s so many easy opportunities to hurt yourself with it and that took Kate took me down let’s see take down a lot of those guys o mine let’s see it’s a fat guy down anybody else down here you can see I seen instructor / down there okay get some chillin on let’s do this k oh ok run is what first thing happens is that ok making sure girl is watching me from over there whoa was sent him flying extra life which we desperately need looks like there was another random back there I think that’s what I call no doors okay this will send me back over the other direction got him got him and you know that might be something I also notice that they don’t do in this one that they did and in that they do this game this the dark forces use that they did and do mrs. infighting you don’t see any of the enemy’s actually attacking each other they’re pretty much all unified hey let’s kill you hey let’s kill this guy let’s see pretty uniform there puts on those a back entrance somewhere over here but oh well maybe that it’s somewhere else and yes you have to press every single one of those buttons bugger off really let’s see ya there had

to have been wife something amiss elevator ok the other doors right off I’m looking at it I’m gonna just got most of that it’s just good I’m not terribly worried about how everything’s looking right now now so you are here and it’s not having to do with the shield’s just right there either they’re negligible okay now I’ve got that moving over to where the smuggler ship is which is what I want to get to is this puppy ah look a revived okay so maybe there was another dark trooper who I’ve been hiding in here but it’s not just out in the open and I’m sorry if my voice is a little hard to pick up i’m i think i’m starting a nice little bout of sickness and i really don’t like it unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it other than you know just be sick now that all done this is where majority of it is all the work and effort I love it now and we’re at least I do now I’ll switch to this one because it’s going to be our bread and butter for a while probably for the rest of these missions to bring pretty much everything is going to be Imperial from now on let’s see just take me where I want to go I’m thinking yes yes not that one he’s a major pain in my side beginningless got him I think this is where we need to go whenever we get to the next mission but for right now we’re just going on this stuff yellow key which we need same think she’s nothing hiding in here right now later I think whenever what the next mission started there’s some nice stuff hiding in there i’m not sure we’ll find

out soon enough there we go all right well that set this ends mission 12 very simple with that said this is arbitrary double-oh-seven signing off this is the end of episode 12 of let’s play dark forces you all have a nice day