Dragon Mage EZ LEGEND GUIDE! Highlander Mage/Reno Mage – Descent of Dragons Mage Deck – Hearthstone

descent of dragons Highlander mage there it’s completely different now that’s my frostbolt and fireball are so powerful hey if you got him in hand and you know that they probably don’t have healing options just sneak through with some damage I do not see him coming back from that he’s gonna show us that he at least had something so basically just do whatever you can to keep the board in your favor for the early game versus hunters and you should be okay I don’t think it’s all that happy about that get our mini a little bloodlust out there with it welcome back guys crispy waffles here I’m that guy with way too many mage games we’re gonna continue that legend run for you give you all the decisions and thought processes behind every move help you get that legend ranked quick and easy now why mage you might ask not because it’s easy not because it’s fun but because I know like me a lot of you just want to watch the world burn we get that og old-school Reno like always make sure you leave a comment if you enjoy my stuff or just want to talk or any questions tips anything at all it’s what I’m here for subscribe and ring that Bell don’t want you to miss any of the action thank you guys so much we are so close to 500 which is basically halfway to a thousand which is basically halfway to a million I love you all let’s do this got a worthy opponent don’t give us a warlock so just engaged I grow I think it’d be nice to have a flame word just gonna play it safe here pretty solid early game options though even if he’s not area sooo rather than Colette now I think we’ll see if we can get away with the double hero power if he plays like three one cause many ins we just clear everything with the flame word so i thinkin we’ll do the hero power and then Zephyr into the light kill demon restore five health there’s some pretty good tempo in our favor beautiful now that he’s flooded the board we can get that flame word out pulled onto the air can breath not that likely anything will survive and even if it does like rolling fireball will clear it all for us we could drag him cast her power creation be pretty strong he seems to be spending most of his turn just trying to draw some cards oh geez yeah he’s not gonna be able to deal with those wolves crazy value there if we draw a SnipSnap rasili axe like just good game it looks like you spent this whole turn trying to draw into an answer Oh beautiful see what we get off the arcane breath first

yeah chooses those options yeah I guess Kona colds just too good to turn down there able to use the Icicle with a witch doctor and a hero power to kill his minion and we’ll even get the fairy dragon out at the same time then we get the triple snip snap next turn to give this bad boy 13 attack cheese’s you know let’s just freeze everything only one SnipSnap perfectly fine I think I don’t see what he can do other than twisting nether and then we’ll still get those two twos that we can evil magnetized with the celiacs I didn’t almost say evolve nobody heard that oh just barely gonna be able to clear it I guess we’ll just face him and hope he doesn’t have lethal next term he’s gonna have to worry about healing up somehow and clearing the board yeah good game that’s my frost bullet and fireball are so powerful hey if you got him in hand and you know that they probably don’t have healing options just sneak through with some damage maybe trade it unfavorably and just finish them off let’s keep it up so you have a nice ok so I like this after the grades everything else not so great for the early game especially if it ends up being aggro we would get the breath and the ancient mysteries though as well as the coin so looks like we got some really solid options guaranteed late-game to with the Dragon Queen think we’ll take the rolling fireball cases agro gives us a good board way

don’t gonna miguel quran galakrond one of these games I’ll say alright I know it’s painful to listen to I’m sorry I’m trying kind of so it doesn’t have a coin might as well get that out now and if he doesn’t have a spell to play he might think it’s like a flame word or mirror and it like who knows so I’ll have to play around whatever he thinks it is so I might as well keep them panicking there with the secrets just keep him on his toes don’t really want to fireball the minion but I’m going to do it just to get a bit more value Oh to that flame ward yeah you know what let’s get some value on the board clear it with the rolling fire bowl I feel like a waste but get to hold on to our secrets now and just keep the tempo in our favor well see what’s over us maybe that paladin weapon no close enough though elemental would have been nice but feel like it would have been a bit too easy for him to clear if we let his minion live sand is getting pretty low too might as well let the explosive trap clear his board he’s gonna miss out on three damage if he wants to kill the fairy dragon easily all right works for me seemed like the mage secrets can be so tricky maybe you thought ice-barrier doesn’t matter though we’ll keep building on that board get a double snip snap out sets us up for their really powerful Dragon Queen next turn hmm and then with the zero-cost dragons and conscious calling in hand even a collie goes to go into that unless he has a bunch of brawls or some kind of way to clear this is just gonna be good game in a moment no perfect timing on that silly I will just use that now instead of the dragon queen just guarantee that we stay in the game here get the counterspell to hide behind too did he play everything without remembering I have it no no okay he’s still good completely out of cards in hand though let’s just get that full

board yeah that’s all he’s got he’s done hold on to something just in case he does like pull the heart of the cards moment here I don’t think it really has anything that we’re gonna need the polymorph or with a board like this might as well just an i am some armor a little bit of progress on the learn draconic too that’ll pretty much do it I do not see him coming back from that he’s gonna show us that he at least had something like this is why I haven’t done anything with three turns look at these drawers I can I can sympathize with you what do we need nine wins to legend Hello Kitty what if the mic can pick up my cat he’s being extremely sucky and annoying right now I like that we got a hunter giving us more chances to show off the deck against the biggest counter to all the mage in general yeah we’ll just keep this effort see what we can draw just really good option all around usually it’s good to go for like swamp ooze or just the most tempo you can get then if it does just high roll you always great to have an answer for it Oh fairy dragon that’s annoying so I want to get something on the board just in case he doesn’t answer we will be able to clear the fairy dragon next turn just by trading into it I don’t really think there’s any option that would kill it wild growth would be good if we could get away with it I feel like animal companions the safer bet though like the 2/4 wouldn’t be the best but like anything really they’re all really solid three drops and he didn’t have an answer for this F so we can go ahead and take that board control and let’s see we can discover Spellbinder might come in pretty handy so basically just do whatever you can to keep the board in your favor for the early game versus hunters and you should be okay this one appears to be dragon hunter not exactly the same not all that different so we’re probably gonna regret this when he fills the board with a bunch of one once but I want to get that five cost out give us something big to conjure if he gives us the chance or maybe even make him face with that weapon like traded into the minion with it so that he’s not able to just get infinite durability off it you know bees freeze them and conjure let’s see which secret ego

all right so yeah that’s gonna be a pretty huge tempo for us I can always go the spell bender and keysmith next turn even see a mat like plenty of options always really good if you can like if you don’t need the frost bowl to clear minions and you can just stall out their weapon attacks and extra turn with it get the face damage in with it just make lethal damage a bit easier to hit so see them at gonna give us really good board presence as well as take out that minion so we can just continue to face them and that’s probably gonna be a game I don’t think it’s all that happy about that get our many little bloodlust out there with it if we need to oh he’s panicking Oh double damage you say don’t mind if I do man will make a play around a secret like he doesn’t know what it is I don’t think he’s coming back from that you know if he summer clears everything brings us down to like one helpful just Alex and then he’ll concede sound good don’t even need to go for the ice-barrier off the key Smith if we play the spell bender first your odds are that much higher at hitting it like the more secrets you have out that aren’t the secret you want that many less options from the pool of cards a little show nice sneaky little tip there you I think you did that wrong I’m pretty sure you didn’t ever and that’s how you do it next time on Dragon Ball Z uh wait what okay that’s what you would call value just look at it behold as well flex on him a little bit because we can like that we get to be a little shadowy too that’s pretty badass I can’t use that for until we draw these stupid amps I mean these amazing amps victory amps I like to call thank you so much for watching all the way to the end if I could pick anyone in the world to be my wingman it would be Ryan Reynolds but you would be my next choice if he was busy or something make sure you like and subscribe and ring that Bell don’t want you to miss any of the action any comments tips questions just want to talk anything at all leave it below I love you all we’ll see in the next one and stay beautiful did you throw a trident yeah there were horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident