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We’re in The Palm Beaches in a place that’s been called the most fun small town in the U.S.A. I’m Frank Licari and this is Delray Beach! Hey guys, we’re here in the Palm Beaches We’re here at Old School Square in Delray Beach and we’re gonna talk to Palm Beach author and Palm Beach Post journalist, Elliot Kleinberg! How are you sir? Thanks so much for being with us today Welcome to Palm Beach County! Thank you, thank you. It’s great to be here Tell me about this place, how did we get here? It all started of course with Henry Flagler coming to Palm Beach extending his railroad from north Florida from Jacksonville all the way to Miami. Then in the late 1890’s other people started coming down, saw opportunities, three men from Michigan, Boynton, Linton and Swinton, which of course was complete wilderness and looked around and decided that they wanted to set up their neighborhoods and their communities here. Originally the name of the town was Linton. Linton had a lot of financial failings and they decided that the name Linton might not connote progress or good things so they changed it to Delray. There’s a neighborhood in Detroit called Delray. Del Ray, of the king Yea of the king And so when the settlers came down from Michigan they were familiar with the neighborhood in Detroit so that’s how it became Delray Delray has a lot of roots here, one of them is agriculture, so tell me a little bit about the history of that. all sorts of produce grew down here, West of here is now a very large growing area. If you eat a red pepper anywhere in the Southeastern United States there’s a pretty good chance it was grown in West of Delray Beach I did not know about the peppers, so this is a revelation for me every time I eat a pepper now I’m gonna think of you, Elliot There’s a lot of history here in this town and speaking of… we’re here in front of a couple buildings here this is the Cornell museum and behind it is the Crest Theatre Tell us a little bit about the history of these buildings Well this was an old educational complex, it was a school and then as the population grew and new schools were built this was closed and it was empty for a long time. and of course this is now a center piece of what’s become a remarkably revitalized stretch of Palm Beach County I talk to my old friends from Miami who say oh, Delray Beach sure you know and they’ll drive an hour up here because they’ve heard about the nightlife in Delray Beach its reputation has exploded the nightlife here is incredible. I mean you can see as you come in there’s just wonderful shops and restaurants It’s kind of a Mayberry by day, Manhattan by night. You can get anything you want, no matter what you want and we’ve got a very cool authentic main street that intersects with a world class and accessible public beach This exhibit is called LIT and the inspiration for our Curator, Melanie Johanson was that… Drinking… a lot of drinking? No, no, no. It’s that art typically is lit from the outside but the art featured in this exhibit is all lit from within or an element of light is actually used as a medium. This gallery, which is our art walk gallery we’re coming into, we feature local art And this is…. This is amateurs as well I’m assuming This is amateurs… this is instructors…fine artists So if I wanted to try my hand out of a little bit of artwork you would allow me to put my stuff up on this wall? Absolutely Wait a second… Yea this is some of mine That’s your stuff! That’s Marusca’s stuff! Wow so you’re an artist as well I’m a glass artist You’re a glass artist? I’m from Italy and a trip to Murano really inspired it Is that right? Oh so this is Italian inspired? Yes. Yes Close to my heart. Close to my heart Look at this. This is authentic Italian in Delray Well they don’t call it the most fun town in the USA for nothing. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more fun we’re here at Putt’n Around in Delray Beach. When did this get started? Well we started about 5 years ago in August and my mother came home one night and said I hate my job what can I do? So she came up with a bunch of ideas and this was… I thought the dumbest idea she could’ve came up with but 3 months later we were in business and we were built You had it And obviously we’re seeing a lot of kids around so a lot of families make this they’re sort of hot spot for entertainment

A lot of families… a lot of date night activity Date night! So tell me about date nights Well we serve beer and wine on our course Okay. Well that’s gotta be unique right? Yeah, we were the first in the U.S. to start doing that Are we gonna get to…can we get to play a little bit? Absolutely! I brought you a club and a ball Alright… alright. Is this… now what’s the skill involved in this? I learned the kids are better than the adults Kids are better Bounce shots… the kids just get up and they hit it and it goes in It’s been a while. OK Perfect. Bounce. In Oh! Oh! This is the Downtowner and this is Tierney, the marketing director. How are you today? Good! Thank you so much. Tell us a little bit about the service you provide We provide a free ride service in downtown Delray Beach and anyone who lives in our service area or is around in our service area can request a free ride through our mobile app Free ride? Hold on a second here. Nothing’s free. So how… how.. come on..what’s what’s the catch? All the vehicles are wrapped with advertising and the drivers make their money off tips I’d like you to take me somewhere. Where can we go? Can we go to the beach? Yes Hey Jeff! Jeff tucks you in its like having your mother with you Here we go Onward…to the beach! Is there a horn or anything? The most picked up area would definitely be the beach. At nighttime It’s almost always like from a house to the Downtown area Gotcha. Are we gonna take an Instagram picture together before we get off this? Yea of course! Alright Thank you so much. And if I was dressed I would go jump right in the water right now We finally made it to the actual beach that is Delray Beach and you’ll see behind me… I know you’re probably thinking what’s that thing doing out of the water…well that is a kite and this is Randy the Kiteman. How are you sir? Fine thank you I flew kites as a kid but I’ve never seen a kite that looks like a Macy’s Day float Where do you get these? Do you make them? Where… where do we get these things? These kites are special made. This one is made in New Zealand by a guy by the name of Peter Lim and it costs about 5,000 to be made So you’ve got quite an investment into this huh? Yea I’ve got about 60 of these This kite is one of the largest kites in the world. It’s 100 feet long, it’s actually the size of a real whale Of a real whale yea It’s 30 feet wide and it’s all air filled But you travel all around the country with this right? All over, all over Making kids happy The kids gave me that name, they called me randy the kite man because I had so many kites I’m sure I taught school in Boston for 30 years and we started using these kites to learn math To learn math? How do you do that? Well we had a kite up in the air like that and one of my students came up to me and said, you know Mr. Lowe, if you dropped another line down from the back of that kite we could do the Pythagorean Theorem Usually I’m just down here in Delray Beach, this is where I want to be. I love this community and I love Delray. It’s nice to see the people smile when they see my kites up Oh, this is just amazing! I am here with the key holders of history of the entire town. This is Winnie the Executive Director, Howard the President and Luis, the board member, right? Well this is just one exhibit that we happen to have right now. It’s called Fish Tales In this particular instance we actually worked with the community for the last six months and have received over a thousand items and it is literally the fishing history of our area This involves Ernest Hemingway so I’m fascinated with Hemingway so tell me a little bit about this It’s handmade and included in it is a sterling silver hand-signed copy of Old Man and the Sea written over to Mr. Rybovich from Ernest Hemingway These two photos up here are of the Zill family and they’ve always been associated with the Zill mango. It’s so classic Delray in front of the old South Florida style home on Federal Highway, the old car, and of course, they had just caught blue fish. And everybody fished with their families Fish and mangoes, it was a pleasant time It was a pleasant time We’re here at the Delray beach Historical Society, this is the front porch of the Cason Cottage Reverend Cason was retired at the time, moved down here. His son was the first doctor in Delray. Some other fun facts, his son was the first one to have a pool in Delray… That’s because he was the first doctor that’s why he had the first pool He also was instrumental in bringing electricity and plumbing into Delray Beach too 1915 to 1935, it’s very typical of a Florida farmhouse. The furniture style and the original floors and some of the architectural details are common for the time

Getting close to the center of town brings us to the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum The Spady museum was built in 1926 by Soloman David Spady. He came to the area to be the teacher for what was then called colored children He was a member of national organization called New Farmers of America and that’s where he met his mentor George Washington Carver… and it was Carver who recommended that he come down here because Carver had received a letter from a local saying we need a teacher for our children. William Robinson got here in 1900. He built his family home in 1901 He was a farmer. He would write letters to the newly opening historically black colleges and universities, requesting a teacher and that’s the letter that brought Mr. Spady to the area. The rest of the exhibit is the history of black pioneers in Delray Beach In Delray Beach Anyone who is of a pioneering family can come in and… See that’s gotta be fascinating. I want that… I want my own… Yeah, that’s very interesting Right? Shouldn’t you want your own… you walk into a museum and you see your family Absolutely. That’s what a museum is for Right, it’s fantastic This is Reverend Keys who was a pastor of the oldest church in Delray Beach the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist church. It was established in 1896 Is that still in existence? It’s still in existence Okay Citizens named their neighborhoods based on their physical characteristics. So the people who lived in the Sands… and this is a perfect picture of the Sands named because of the white sugar sand that covered the ground that we know the white sugar sand covered almost all of the coast Now do you have an archive or everyone donates these to you? Yes! You do have an archive They donated and people are still donating We have collections of African American memorabilia We have documents, we have deeds, we have marriage licenses, we have all those kind of items in our permanent collection So in between museum hopping, visiting the cute shops and going to the beach it’s always time to eat. We’re gonna visit Max’s Harvest Our concept is farm to fork so we do our best to source local sustainable ingredients So tell me about this dish here. What are we looking at? This is a great dish. This is a great Florida summer dish, in my opinion. So we have our half chicken and it has a pineapple datil pepper glaze. So we have local pineapples and we have datil peppers, which are a native Florida pepper The cuisine is new American and New American to us… ‘Cause we didn’t like the old Americans… we really want to replace it with the new ones Exactly, so new American to us is America is a mixed melting pot of all different cultures so we’re able to have some Italian influence, we’re able to have some French influence, we’re able to have some Asian influence and all just be new American cuisine with a lot of American ingredients People are concerned about their health and they’re concerned about what they put in their bodies. And we were kind of on the forefront of that in South Florida Tell me a little bit about the history of this place It was built in 1926 during prohibition so we added our bar later, my family bought it in 1935 I grew up in a little house that was in the parking lot but everybody got addicted to their cars! You were raised in the parking lot? I was! With no alcohol! So it was on purpose! I’m thrilled to be back in Delray. In 1994 Delray was struggling to get better, everybody was working together and they managed to achieve twice the All America City which is quite is really quite an accomplishment Sure A lot of people really worked on that We’re as close to the beach as we can get without actually sleeping in the sand right? And we have our own beach club, the Colony Cabana and Club Private We have the most spectacular pool in Delray Now she’s bragging, okay Maybe even in Palm Beach County Wow! I work with my cousin Hilary Oh well where is cousin Hilary? Hilary is over here! Come here cousin Hilary! Her grandfather was the manager for over 35 years This is Hilary everyone! Pleasure. So your grandfather managed this place? Yes! How long? How long ago and for how long? From the 40s until the 80s Yes! So 40 plus years Really it is beautiful Well you should know that all this furniture is from 1926 Okay, I should know that The wicker, the table, the… And it’s all still workable Thank you guys so much. See you soon Thank you Frank! This is an actual size replica of a real mouth of a shark… I’m assuming… I’m assuming

A megalodon A meg…a megalodon? Explain to me what all this is Well right now in this room we have a shark jaw exhibit we have over 100 shark and ray jaws and it really gives people a good idea about the differences in teeth structure and mouth structure of our greatest predators in the ocean And that’s a megalodon That’s a megalodon And that actually exists? It does not Okay. Good! You won’t see that in the ocean…it won’t be chasing behind you No it would never… I would never see it because I would pass out before it ever gets close to me I would, too Mr. Frank is going to take a piece of food He’s going to try to drop it right in front of the nose of that one Wow! Wow! I was not expecting that No, right? Let’s see if I can get him to catch it Whoa! Now guys, nurse sharks are considered non-aggressive They do not bite people. The y don’t want to bite. But, you should never bother a shark Nurse sharks, like I was saying, are a non-aggressive species. Since they do not feed on large animals they would never look at me and think maybe that’s food Right Now I wouldn’t touch them, I wouldn’t harass them in any way because they have a mouth but they will never be aggressive to a person off the bat. It has to be a reason Do they avoid you or do they come around? They avoid me, they check me out every now and then but usually they’re at the other end of the tank So it’s like me going into a bar Yeah, Yeah! How the girls react to me is how the sharks react to him Tell me a little bit about Boston’s give me the history here Well you have to go back 38 years Started out as a small little seaside bar Seaside bar? And it’s now developed into a great A juggernaut Really… literally a juggernaut in Delray Beach on the beach It’s unstoppable. Everywhere you go you hear about this place…everywhere you go The restaurant was founded by some guys outside of Boston from Worcester, Mass. And all the New Englanders came down during the season and all season and now they’ve all, a lot of them have retired down here and have contributed the growth of Delray Beach, really in reality And they wanted to bring a little slice of Northeast here Absolutely So you meet some amazing people Yes. For sure You get a lot of tourists here? You get a lot of tourists, you get a lot of people coming back through the years Sure Year after year. A lot of people who lived here and moved away now their kids are back…their grandkids…all that stuff So it’s generational place It’s generations But just in the last 10….15 years…the growth of great restaurants and options in Delray Beach has just grown exponentially over the years It’s just a great lively town to be in A nice way to say he’s got competition now No! no! That’s what it was We do what we do…we do what we do That’s great A little bloody mary and some…a lobster benedict or something like that for breakfast And then lunch off the beach, casual, come as you are…great lobster rolls, fried Ipswich clams… the New England kind stuff you know Yea you’re talking my language Steamers, that kind of stuff. And then at night we have live entertainment I encourage you to discover more of this exciting village by the sea And Down the street, just South of Delray Beach, you can visit another energizing community, Boca Raton! The home of Florida Atlantic University and the Boca Bowl, make a trip to Mizner Park, the Boca Raton Museum of Art, and the Town Center Mall Then take the family to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center and the Children’s Science Explorium! Experience the Boca Raton Resort and Club and more! And now we head back to Delray Beach Delray Beach is a hot bed of artistic expression There’s public art everywhere! The best part is it’s free! Ahh! Refreshing! Where are we exactly? Well we’re pretty far West in Delray. You can just come out here and be amongst nature If you’d been here about 2 weeks ago you would’ve seen a lively rookery, a lot of adult Woodstorks… A rookery? Yes Now explain to me what a… what a rookery is That’s where the birds converge into one area in this case in Florida, you’ll find them all in these bushes… Okay To raise their young It’s sort of my Eden it’s where I come to relax after a hard day at work Relaxing to you is hearing 40 or 50 birds squawking constantly (laughs) It’s also…well it’s also framing photos so that…

Oh sure You know they come out with an artistic touch But you know what’s really neat about it is that these birds have been doing this for thousands and thousands and thousands of years and if you give them the opportunity to reproduce in an area like this as the water department did, they will and it would be really cool if we had more of these types of areas throughout South Florida This is your home now This is my home! Do they make you pay? No No you don’t pay rent or anything You just show up anytime you want I’ll go anywhere that’s free Now if you were to build walls around that little gazebo there and just call that your little apartment would they let you do that? If you could arrange that, I will pay you You know, I do have more power than I look…than I look like I have I think you do Well maybe we can make that happen for you I’m there (Music) In 1904 George Morikami along with some other Japanese settlers established a colony here called the Yamato colony. When he was getting older he wanted to give this land to the people of Palm Beach County to enjoy so we have 17 acres of Japanese style gardens that spans about 1,000 years of interpretation The garden is called Roji-en in Japanese, which means gardens of the drops of dew and it was designed and built by Hoichi Korisu who is a very well-known Japanese garden designer If we can find a dragon… I think that the audience would really appreciate that I I think you need to spend the night. Pitch a tent and spend the night It only comes out at night. Smart. Smart That’s why most of our visitors don’t see them Okay. Okay Very illusive (Music) This institution is unique in the country because we’re the only collecting institution that focuses on Japanese art and culture This is a wonderful exhibit that showcases early traditional Japanese art and craft, Japanese baskets and quintessential aspect of everyday life This size of a garden, a Japanese style garden is unique in the world. It is understood to be kind of a jewel of South Florida Sure Sights and attractions (Music) Weee deliver food from restaurants that don’t normally deliver They’re dudes that deliver It originally started in 2009 actually, long before it was cool to own a delivery service Okay It was me and a couple of friends…to give them credit, Chris Clovis and my cousin Josh Chris I miss you! Chris yea totally So are you from Delray originally? No I am not Okay I moved here 8, 9 years ago Okay So you were sitting around Delray wondering why they don’t deliver Exactly and being…hanging around New York where the restaurants do deliver it was a natural kind of AHA moment Yea. When do you become Steve Jobs? When does it just blow up to the point where you’re like okay this was… this was brilliant We actually expanded nationally now so we’re in about 40 locations spread out over 5 or so states You don’t get on the moped I try to. I try to. I really enjoy it actually I’m gonna force you to get on a moped Alright, alright We’re gonna get on a moped together Woo woo! BAM! Lets do this! What do I do with my feet? (laughs) I don’t know what to do with my legs What do you do with your legs on this sir? Yea! See I wish my cape was flowing Yea you gotta make the cape flow There we go (Music) What brought you to the Delray Beach area? My husband worked in Delray and I commuted to Miami where I still have my full time job I’m a paralegal in a county attorney’s office You work all day and then you come here and open up the restaurant Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s a labor of love Wow It was just one of those things Donald took a leave of absence from his job for 3 months and we sort of did a Caribbean maybe Jamaican take out I wanted to have a different concept. I wanted to have a restaurant that would be in line with the other restaurants in the area There’s only a few things that are made ahead The curry goat, the oxtail, jerk chicken and the jerk pork… What’d you call me? (Laughs) Oh sorry Not you chicken, jerk (laughs) What have you been whipping up there? That’s our very special lemonade that everyone loves and don’t ask for the recipe cause if I gave it to you id have to kill you Well I was just about to… Don’t ask Oh wow! Okay So are we gonna get to eat some food? Absolutely! Everybody needs a little spice in their life What do we got here? Our jerk flavored meatballs Our veggie Lo mein Where is all this going? This feels like its cuisine from all over the world This is the place to come

Okay What is this? This is world famous oxtail I need another table! Where is all this…okay Wow I think we could feed all of Delray Beach with this table (Music) If you’ve ever wondered what its like to live a true Florida lifestyle right here in Delray Beach, we’ve got a treat for you today Tell us a little bit about this historic place that you’ve got here First it’s in the Marina Historic District In ’93 when we bought it, it was 2 small cottages separated by about 20 feet We added 600 feet on the top of the house and in order to do that we had to visually connect it with the rear cottage Its all the original cypress walls, ceilings, the original fireplace Which is always always valuable in Florida, especially South Florida Yea I love Delray Beach. Oh we’re such a great community of people! It’s a hundred-year-old city working to keep its cool beach town vibe. Whether you’re finding your Zen at the Mortikami Museum and Japanese Gardens or strolling along the beach and seeing a whale the size of a school bus, Delray Beach is full of adventure. It’s considered a hot spot for fine dining, art galleries, upscale shops and nightly entertainment. It’s no wonder this city was named Most Fun Small Town in America. We hope you enjoyed discovering Delray Beach and that you’ll join us the next time we go On the Town This program is brought to you by Discover The Palm Beaches. Visit for more information