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Namaste Dosto !! And welcome to my channel Right now I am in Nagaon, Assam and it’s very humid over here The temperature is not that much but because of humidity this sweating is more I am making this video to share my travelling experience during this COVID-19 pandemic I will talk about the travelling norms we need to follow, the quarantine protocols, Covid Testing Centers and how safe is travelling by flight. Most Importantly! Should we stay wherever we are or can we take the risk and fly to our natives maintaining all the protocols ? If you are new to this channel, do “SUBSCRIBE” this channel and click the ‘Bell’ icon to get the notification whenever I publish a new video I make videos on Travelling, Easy Home Recipes, Tech Talks and also do Product Reviews Recently, I travelled to my home state, Assam, from Chennai International Airport And my travelling experience is based on my travel from Chennai to Guwahati I travelled during the month of September and every state right now has different Travelling and Quarantine protocols So before you plan your travel I highly recommend you to check out the Travelling and Quarantine norms in the state you are travelling and also the day you are travelling But I believe it will be more or less similar to my experience So stay with me till the end of this video Before I begin I want to tell everyone associated with the ‘Airport Authority of India’. Starting from the ground staff, Security Personnel, the Crew Members the Cleaning staff. A big thank you from the heart For maintaining proper hygiene and providing seamless services Our direct flight to Guwahati was from Chennai International Airport And I stayed in Bangalore. I booked a cab from Bangalore to Chennai Airport For that I need to apply an e-pass to cross the Karnataka border If you’re planning for inter-state travel, do check out if it requires any e-passes As it might take couple of days to get the pass I have mentioned all the links in the description required for applying e-passes, booking cabs as well as flights At present airport seems to be the safest place to travel between places They are maintaining proper protocols required during this pandemic The process is very seamless with minimum to no contacts Once you book the tickets you will get a ‘Mobile Boarding Pass’ with a barcode You have to scan it when you enter the airport The same will be used in every process like check-in, security check and even during boarding the flight You don’t need to carry hard copies just show it on your mobile phones To make the process more contactless, they have removed all the trolleys from the airport So I recommend you to pack your baggages accordingly. Only take as much bag as you can carry yourself Even they are allowing only one check-in bag per person when i was travelling Even the washrooms are very contactless They have put sensors in water taps and handwash. You don’t need to touch anything Again that depends on airport to airport. I find these facilities are lacking in Guwahati Airport They have made seating arrangements maintaining social distancing norms The airport seems to be less crowded nowadays, which adds up maintaining the protocols properly Once you Check-in the bags, you can proceed to the Security Check, where you have to scan the Mobile Boarding Pass. The security check is quite strict now They are scanning the bags very strictly and not allowing liquids above 100 ml It took more time than usual. I recommend you not to carry any deodorants in your hand luggages, especially for guys, I have to throw my brand new favorite Deo Also try to reach the airport keeping 3 hours as buffer time Even the boarding process is quite seamless They are providing Sanitization Kits to every passengers The kit contains a mask, a shield and sanitizer pouches Flights are also maintaining proper protocols, sanitization process and maintaining social distance

Based on the load they are trying to keep the middle seat unoccupied to the extent possible If you happen to be in the middle seat, you have to wear a PPE Kit provided by the airlines You can also carry your own PPE Kit as well as shield, if you wish Once you reach your destination city, the process might be different from city to city I again recommend you to check out your destination city’s protocols before you book your tickets so that you are not surprised In Guwahati Airport you have to fill up a form Where you will mention your details like your name, your address, your flight number, your destination district Covid Test for every passengers is must in Assam when I travelled. There is list of centers in each district where you can do the test You have to mention the Covid Testing Center’s name where you are planning to do the test Once you fill up the form, one part you have to submit in the airport and other part in your preferred Covid Testing Center One thing I want to tell you about Guwahati Airport. They are not maintaining proper protocols. No one is following any social distancing I blame both the passengers and authorities here As we all are responsible for this I will talk about the Covid Testing Centers and how safe it is at the end Before that I want to share our whole journey experience with you guys for your understanding of the process I’ve also shown a glimpse of my beautiful state, Assam, as well Be with me till the end !! Hi Friends !! So we are going to our home state, Assam. We are in Chennai International Airport now We didn’t got a direct flight from Bangalore to Guwahati But we got it from Chennai, so we have to come from Bangalore to Chennai It took us around Four and a Half hours of travel. It’s not a vacation exactly, so our Work From Home has been extended till end of this year and we are not sure like when our offices will be open So it might extend till June-July, so we thought of spending some time with our families The process of check-in and boarding has completely changed from the pre-covid and post-covid So I’m making this video to help all those who are planning to go to their native places during this pandemic and doesn’t know the process So the process is very simple Just book the tickets and everything is online. And they are making everything contactless You get a Mobile Boarding Pass Even in washrooms, it’s all contactless The airport is completely deserted You can see the Chennai Airport It has a very deserted look! We had done our Check-ins, so we are now heading towards the

security check I can see a lot of changes in the airport as well. You can see people are sleeping over there There are a lot of sleeping beds, there It’s a good one We are done with the security check and right now I am seating in Gate No. 2 Everything has got changed starting from entering into the airport, security check and also the boarding All airlines have their individual departure gates. So if you’re travelling by Spicejet, you have to enter through gate number 1. If you are travelling from Indigo or some other airlines, there are separate gates to enter the airport. Also the security check is quite stringent now So they are not allowing any liquid items So I have to throw my Deodorant, my water bottle, also I had four packets of ORS But they allow me to drink in front of them before throwing them out The security check process is very lengthy this time. Even very few shops are open. Lounges, all are closed They are only allowing take aways, you don’t have any seating area in lounges You can see back side of me, the whole airport is very deserted Only a handful of passengers are travelling right now. I’m waiting for my flight now So it’s almost uh 2 hours for its departure So, yeah I will relax a bit. I didn’t sleep at night. As I was travelling from Bangalore to Chennai in a cab, the driver was getting sleepy from time to time. So I thought I will better be awake then sleep. I allowed my wife to sleep So she was sleeping and I was the night-watcher So I will wait for another One and a half hour, before I board the flight So stay tune! They have given us this sanitization kit. A shield is there, a mask and hand sanitizer packets We are ready for Boarding We have reached Guwahati and we are asked to fill up this form

We are in Nehru Bali, Nagaon, Covid Testing Center. You can see the social distancing maintaining by the people See!! That’s the plight of Nagaon Covid Testing Center right now Waaoow! Now that seems very scary The Covid Testing Centers are the only place, where the risk of getting infected with the virus is very high I have shown you the testing center in Nagaon but the situation of testing center is same everywhere in Assam. I think the testing center’s condition is more or less similar in other parts of India as well, bearing few cities like Bangalore or Mumbai No one is following any social distancing and there seems no sanitization process as well I don’t completely blame the authorities here Even they don’t have proper PPE Kits to test people I have seen their PPE Kits were of very low quality, torned gloves, etc Their risk of getting infected is much higher than us, as they are exposed to hundreds of people daily Such is the plight of Covid centers in Assam And I believe it’s same in other parts of India as well. Now if you feel the risk in Covid centers, you can go for testing in private

hospitals also and you can submit the reports in the centers. I too decided to do the same but luckily, I found one guy who helped us to complete the process skipping the crowd Otherwise people are waiting for six, seven hours to get the test done. Even the centers doesn’t have sufficient kits to do the test. For us we were only able to do the Rapid Test and not the Swab Test, due to lack of kits. Such is the plight of Nagaon Covid Testing Center and I believe it to be similar in other parts of India as well Now if you are wondering about our Covid reports. Well, fortunately for both of us the tests are ‘Negative’ The home quarantine protocols are not that strict here but being responsible citizens we both kept ourselves in home isolation for 10 days for everyone’s safety. We have old parents at home didn’t want to take any risk but right now the situation is like getting infected from the local people is more than the travellers Now to answer the question whether we should stay wherever we are or can take the risks of travelling to our natives? I would say the risk of getting infected is same in every city. Yes! I do agree, apart from few cities like Delhi Bangalore, Mumbai, where people are following the rules very strictly than rest of the country, the rate of cases rising is same everywhere I will say YES! You can travel and flight is the safest option right now. Just make sure you take all the necessary safety measures There are two reasons for us to take the risk. First our Work From Home policy has been extended till end of this year and we are not quite sure when our offices will open again So we thought of spending some quality time with our family at the same time Working From Home Secondly, it’s always better to be with family during this pandemic You will have people to take care of you rather than being alone in an unknown city. We are glad that we took the decision but if you still think you are safe and can survive keeping yourself happy in your current location you can always do so Before I end, I would like to add few pointers if you are planning to travel during this pandemic Number 1. Prior to your travelling get all the information about your travelling state norms and quarantine protocols applicable on your travel day The government is changing their norms almost every day, so keep yourself updated till your travel Number 2. If your travel requires to travel via a different state like in case of me. Check if you required e-passes to cross the border. If required, apply for e-passes at least one week ahead. E-passes are valid for two days so be careful with your dates. Number 3. Keep a sanitizer bottle in hand and apply it whenever you feel the requirement Number 4. Masks are also to protect others from getting infected from us if we have the virus. So whenever you sneeze or cough keep your mask on. I have seen people removing the mask and doing such things in public. It will only infect others if we have the virus and the mask is of no use then If you like this video do hit the ‘like’ button and share it with maximum people so that everyone gets the benefit of this video. Stay at home and go out only when it’s essential. I request everyone to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and sanitize yourself and all the stuffs you bring back home I wish everyone remains safe and healthy Until next time. Jai Hind!