Wanganui & Wellington road trip

Are you ready? Wore boots? Making video? I thought it was a photo O Allah, ease the journey for us and make it productive. Amen What were you saying? I was saying it’s early in the morning and what time is it? I woke up 6 AM in the morning and then you guys say “Sohaib doesn’t wake up” Look at the time what is it? Whats the time now? But we just left now and till now we were packing as well I woke up early. Woke up at half past 5 Good saying But May Allah ease the journey for us Amen I did Supererogatory prayer I did too O boy, congratulations on your hat Thank you Get in front of camera so it can be seen Thank you, this was my favorite hat But I said I will wear it in special occasion in New Zealand so today is it! I’m happy for it Today is the day And let me tell you one thing That he opened it from a sealed packaging As I was looking the hat special seal was opened When I was coming, I dry cleaned it. I always used to wear it in winter season in Pakistan Lets wave ta ta to the flat Well, we are still in Auckland I was thinking everyone must be coming to the city Record it, there is an airplane up there Where is airplane? There it is I can’t see airplane Look over there Okay? Will record it then Okay, I’m going to show you something See? Small legs Although, his steering must not be adjusted downwards Steering is full up Mine also has steering full up Just look at your legs and mine I’m a small child My legs reach till here My seat adjustment is down and steering is full up. So that’s why You look like a baby No actually, I got ideal height and built for this car And this car is built for ideal people, that’s why Everything is perfect match What sin have I done for it? No, no, you haven’t done any sin. I haven’t said that Yet, I still like this car The only problem here is that This car is not built for tall people The tall people I have chosen a car for you Which car? Wait, I’m going to show you Wait for it This one, that’s the one This car is perfect for Hasnain Look at it, bring it in camera. Your legs won’t touch in this car Its a powerful car and its interior is also very amazing This is New Zealand’s I said I don’t want myself to become hazard for the car behind me You should not completely slow down When we were coming down here, we could see the fog Looks very amazing! Actually its the sun as well Its fog and there is water too down there so it looks like if we are standing on mountain

And its a very good resting area on the road side And Sohaib went to the toilet Taking a toilet break Looks very amazing Want to sit? Its wet? Its a nice resting place Come sit here so I can take your photo Where? Sit there, on the swing I’m not going to that swing Diapers like swing Put your legs in No, no Look at this Looks like diapers You sit down, sit down. I will take a photo from there Huh? Okay I’m going to take a photo from that side Now its Hasnain Wearing diapers Lets see if I can fit inside or not for fun Hasnain just remembered his baby-hood Took off shoes for it as well People are going to look at me Its okay, we are children Go ahead I’m sitting Looks like if Hasnain took off his diapers and sitting on toilet