Visiting Walther Arms | Epic Road Trip: Day 1 (4K)

So on our recent cross country trip we had a chance to visit Walther Arms in Fort Smith, Arkansas What you’re about to see is a beautiful tour of their facility as well as us shooting on their fantastic indoor range We shot the PPQ We shot the PPS We got a few other of their fine firearms Great people Great products Great facility And I’m digging it Let’s see what you guys think So we are on our epic road trip We made a stop in Fort Smith, Arkansas with our friends from Walther Arms Yup, I’m Vince I head the Carry Trainer fan club here at Walther Arms Actually I do social media and digital media… and we’ve got Kevin I’m Kevin Wilkerson I’m the marketing manager here at Walther Arms So we are super excited to be here We are going to spend a little bit of time on their range here… which is fantastic 75 yards? Yup. 75 yards We’ve got… What do we got? PPQ 45 You got a Creed You got a Walther CCP and a PPS Mod 2 One of them is the big five inch, right? Forty-five? Lets play with the forty-five (.45) first I don’t know if you guys can see it It’s the PPQ, .45 caliber Big bore Alright, everybody’s eyes and ears Ya gotta like the trigger on this thing You don’t? I do! Let me try it Do we have another magazine of that? Sadly one mag You’ll have to load it up quick It’s cool It’s cool, this is like first rate service man I wish we could stop… The poly case forty-five ammo… The poly case forty-five ammo The forty-five version shoots super smooth Like, it feels completely different with that gun Well, is it shooting hotter? Is it shooting a lot faster? The poly case, it’s not as hot That stuff is pretty hot Yeah, this stuff is hot Yeah, that… That slick point makes it so hard for me when I press… Especially when you’re trying to recover Makes sense Basically, what we are looking for is, as soon as this comes up… as soon as this comes up we want it to… If it does this, that’s “No Bueno.” What we are trying to do is, as soon as it recoils, we want it to snap right back down to where it’s at… instead of having to bring it back up and re-find the sights [BLEEP] amazingly accurate We’re only at 15 feet or whatever, but if like you get on the sight and pay attention,

it’s … let me … The trigger is ridiculous for a polymer lower forty-five (.45) It’s really, really nice Go ahead PPS Single stack So this one does not have the external safety like the CCP… trigger safety on there Vince was about to say I think, It’s going to have more ergonomics than the PPQ Is that what you were about to say? Yeah, very similar This would be thinner Obviously you’re at about less than an inch width with the pistol The model that preceded that, the PPS Model 1 was the first single stack handgun You told us that I did the research on that and I think you are a 100% accurate Let’s see what that thing does Let’s go for the seven up top Up top or down bottom? You have your group at that six Six? I see it Go for the top of nine Let me try that Switch That CCP has the after-market big dot on the front So thing one, I’m excited because we have one actually with us that Walther recently sent us We will be testing it over the course of the next few weeks We’ll do a video on it, similar to what we did with the PPQ I really like that grip It feels really nice in the hand It shoots really nice Actually, vs. the Glock 43 I’m carrying right now, it’s a lot more controllable Let’s try that one more time Even with a hotter round, it still… it felt nicer That’s the first time I’ve put a round through one, so… Do you guys hear the echo we hear? That we here? Can they hear it? Can you see? I love my PPQ but I traded it for a WW2 PPK Damn! Now, I did ride up on that I felt her climb, but I wasn’t locked in very good Let’s try that one more time I want to… That Interceptor Ammo is no joke That stuff has some punch to it Plus P (+P) It looked like very little muzzle rise on that It shoots really nice It’s such a compact gun, but it shoots like a four inch barrel It does I think, even though it’s narrow, like with that extended magazine on there… You get a good purchase (hold) Yeah, it comes down deep enough into the hand where you can create leverage The weight of that slide doesn’t hurt as far is fighting that gun as well What did that look like to you guys? I’m going to spin this around and we’ll use the other… Want to bring that in and we’ll put a new target up on that? I want to just run it for speed and see how flat it is Let’s watch Sang-son here Did that look pretty flat? Yeah It shoots really good It shoots nice! With the extend-o on there you… there’s a little bit of ah… if you look here, with the grip I’m still got a little with the pinkie A little dangler We switch it off with the larger one There’s also an eight rounder available Yeah, I’ve been playing with that You guys sent us one

Yup I try to send you a variety Depending on what you’re wearing, concealability-wise… I’m digging it I’m digging it Do you carry it with the flush mag? If I’m wearing dress clothes, or something like that where I have a real slim type of shirt on… and I don’t want to print Yeah, this thing is easier with that extended magazine to really get a grip on I think it might also be the width here From front to back This is so narrow, like too skinny (Glock 43) Like they minimized it so much, our hands don’t have enough to grab on to Let me do ah, comparison between the Glock 43 and PPS Yeah, I like it better on this one (Walther PPS) I think it might be because the grip… The grip is a little wider Yeah, wider Front to back? They cut out, under, like the way the trigger goes The guard comes up and back It helps get the grip in there too It feels like you’re getting higher indexed on that thing Jeremy, this is the Inceptor ARX ammunition This is that super high-end polymer, polymer copper… amalgam I believe Would be the correct term Pretty sweet We’ll take some pictures and through it on Instagram a bit later So you guys can all find it Oh, cool If you guys haven’t seen this, most of the trade publications have done articles on this Ahh, there we go See that? Pretty brutal wounding with this stuff The reason… the reason for that… Oh, look at this Oh, diffusion You’re a genius The vortesy that’s created around this bullet as it hits soft tissue… there’s a lot of science behind this And yeah, it just looks like they cut some wedges into it but if you do a little research into it, the guy that designed this, there’s tons and tons of testing they came up with to get just the right angle where the bullet maintains good velocity As well as the ability to still penetrate One nice thing about these, and we were discussing it earlier, they are highly flangeble, so you can shoot steel up close I’m not sure if there are issues with any barrels with them I’m told that they actually clean the barrel Don’t go buy this stuff like we are telling you it’s the end all, be all, best ammo in the world It’s meant to serve a purpose So it’s what Walther has to test and it actually shoots really nice I almost see no smoke Even for a +P, I mean, I would not have known Oh what? We’ve got another magazine here real quick? Yeah, go ahead Burn it down So this one has no… no finger shelling So let’s see if I can run these through in the same fashion… as we just did See that? Actually, you’re ok Doors closed You got ears? Go ahead? You sure? I’m not in any rush This is Luke Thorkidsen I was just going to come and say “Hi.” Hold on, I’ve got a live gun here How are you? Very good We are live on Instagram Right this moment Right this exact moment I’m Luke from Walther, glad you guys are here Thanks a lot Just wanted to come say hi Good to see you again Yeah Going to hang out? Or gotta go? No, I’ve been in meetings all day We’ve got some of our German team here so Where’s the tie man? This is business casual, so Hi, good to see you Drew, our editor/cameraman Driver for one third of our trip Hey hey Cool Shoot away, shoot away OK OK, but he doesn’t have any ear protection on I got some here Alright, so… that echo I will have to do the Lou Gehrig speech before we leave Or the prince one… Dearly Beloved

Oh yeah, so that’s what you come down here for Yeah I knew it So aside from marketing, we have a Prince cover band Alright, so the shorter magazine now So we get way less purchase than we did with that taller mag Everybody’s got eyes and ears? Yes, yes? Yes Definitely quite a bit more muzzle rise But totally controllable Of course we got no hits off target Of course But ah, two rounds less than their max capacity and round less than the one we were just running (mag) Do you guys have a eight rounder down here? If not, that’s ok No, but we did send you some Yeah, we’ll have some on the range, tomorrow actually So we’ll screw with it then You were going to grab the CCP? The CREED I’m sorry, yeah the CREED Right over there That’s this one So, you designed this gun to fill a need, I’m assuming Yeah I’m going to take my ears off a second This is, one of our first economic priced guns As far as money is concerned You’re talking, you’ve still got all the ergonomics of the PPQ You’re several hundred dollars less though You don’t have an interchangeable backstrap You won’t have an ambidextrous slide stop And it’s not a standard striker fire gun It’s not a standard double action gun Again, the firearm is clear So, you know double action, everytime you squeeze the trigger, the hammer would be falling So it’s pre-cocked double action So it’s pre-cocking, and everytime that blow-back happens it cocks it so you get that nice clean crisp trigger each time The MSRP is right around $399, so you could get it for less than that on the market Wow, wow! Still has a lifetime warranty You have two metal magazines Life-time warranty It’s a Walther through and through That actually has the talon grips on it The trigger is nice Yeah, you’re going to shoot it really well It’s hard to shoot bad Let’s try it Yeah! Got eyes and ears? Yes We’ve got the CREED I’m confusing all the names here The CREED 9mm, double stack We are still running that same ARX You like that? You know what? Let’s throw up a new target Real quick How do we run that back in? Ooo It would be nice if it went back about another foot At Carry Trainer we like to recycle Vince Way better Cool Want twenty? Whatever Alright, so lets just try this thing slow fire And see ah, see how it shoots Good? It shoots really good You try I like that trigger That’s the first time I’ve ever shot that gun I shot it better than the PPQ I think you might of told me that Yeah Did you? Yeah It feels great I actually wasn’t even watching the sight for half of those I was just thinking about how sweet the trigger was Yeah You can hypnotize yourself watching that hammer comeback I found myself doing that the first mag or two It is, it feels great

And that talon, I think helps Those talons aren’t just regular adhesive That’s heated on there This has a standard style Mag release Same type of button as the M2 What us American’s are use-to with our pistols It’s reversible It is reversible It’s reversible they are telling me It’s a great shooting gun You know what we always tell you guys So there’s no one gun for everybody This is the kind of gun I think, anybody should be able to pick it up and shoot it As you just heard Vince talk about, it’s budget minded So there’s certain features on there people buy… when they buy a car … they buy features they don’t even realize what they are doing Like a ambidextrous slide stop lever It’s great to have, but if you are always manipulating the gun, with your off-hand, paying the extra couple hundred bucks is totally useless What do you got? I concur And there are different guns for different people Luckily there all Walther’s Walther has one gun for every-type of person Yeah, we are kinda learning that It’s… the CREED is just an unbelievable value Look at that target You guys ate that up For a gun neither of you have shot before Yeah, you are gifted So this is just the five inch PPQ Now whose fibers are these? That… I’m listening I believe it’s a Dawson Precision It looks like it That little bit of extra sight radius and… It really does make a difference And the Dawson sight It’s a nice tight sight Try that one Sang I really like that Q5, I wish we had them in stock So, that’s like a competition gun? Competition version? Yup The slides cut out even more on the Q5 and it’s going to have the spot for plates on the rear One for your Trijicon One for your loop hold One for the Doctor Vortex… Here you go See where we are at Right there Did you actually go, what was it, nine eight seven on that? Yeah That was awesome That’s a wrap at Walther but stay tuned because we’ve got a ton more videos from the trip we took cross country Six thousand, four hundred and eighty nine miles of minivan fun Can’t wait for you guys to see it Be well This is Mickey with Carry Trainer dot com Don’t shoot my camera OK, I don’t even know what we are doing right now Like the comp gun… No, we didn’t bring the five inch down No Q5 No Q5 Drew We are sold out of Q5’s Ya gotta gettem… If you can find them you can get one Yeah, otherwise you can’t get one

What’s Drew doing over here