ROAD TRIP during COVID I 3 months in North America

Hi everyone, hi. Welcome back to the channel. Welcome. How is everyone? Okay. As some of you may know, we have been on the road for a year now. We left the condo on Cctober 1st, 2019 and we crossed North America twice because of something that we called COVID-19. Yes, so we were supposed to leave on the road especially to shoot for a documentary, meeting people living and working on the road but COVID forced us to come back. You’ll see Marie crying in a few seconds and we wanted to show you that part of our travels… that is not always super fun, and then… we’re gonna bring you in western Canada. Yes, where we had a lot of fun and we saw bears and… we saw bears… and we hiked, and we took pictures of whales, and euh… and then we came back. You’re hyperactive today? Yeah, one too many coffees. Enjoy the trip, guys! Enjoy our trip. Hi we’re Dom and Marie and since 2016, we travel the world by van looking for the perfect road trip. Until, we decided to buy and convert our own little home on wheels that we named Vanessa. Every Sunday, we share parts of our van life experience with as much details as possible: tips, tricks, and stories that, we hope, will inspire you to start your own travel project But for now buckle up, subscribe, and enjoy the ride for this new episode of Vanlife Sagas So, the initial plan we had was to loop down the United States through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and then come back through California, Oregon, British Columbia, go all the way up to Yukon, Alaska and then cruise through Canada to come back home, to come back. The whole point was to meet people for a documentary about people living and working on the road but unfortunately, we had to cut the itinerary in two and just reshuffle everything to make sure it works with the COVID regulations. March 1st, I believe we cruised down all the way to Colorado, spent a couple of weeks there with our friends in Denver and we the documentary and the project and the travels were going very well everything was going very well. Dom and I were really enjoying our time, it was like our first time really spending, really enjoying spending time in the van Can I drop it? This one feels pretty dry anyways The dog! Hey! This is my wood cutter. So, in march when COVID happened, Dom and I were in the van, we were pretty secluded out in the woods. We were… you know living alone-ish, we would only see people to go to the groceries and then to put gas. So, we were like euh… might as well stay here, it’s fine. But as the days were going by, things were starting to be very very tricky We are denying entry to Canada to people who are not canadian citizens or permanent… Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also said airlines will ban anyone with coronavirus symptoms from getting off the plane. Americans to keep a safe distance from one another to try to flatten He also answered questions about those new restrictions that Evan told us about at the US-Canada border. So, it was getting cold, yeah. The nights were getting down to sub freezing temperatures, and at one point we just felt like everything was going South on us. It was just bad, everything was bad. We don’t want people coming into contact because that’s the way we’re going to win this war that is so important. We had been planning this trip for such a long time, like it was hard for Dom to leave work for a long period of time. Me, I was like at this stage at my Ph.D where I could leave, so everything was planned. I was feeling like I was in an apocalyptical kind of movie. I was like ”what the hell is going on” and the more North we were going, the worst it was getting and we were going towards New York so i was like okay. It’s about to hit the fan Someone is going to stop us. And at the border, the guy told us ”you have to stay 14 days inside

a house, inside your property. You can’t see anyone, you can’t even go outside, yeah. So go on, go get some food, and if we catch you outside your house, it’s a million Canadian dollars fine. It’s a big fine. So, so that’s… that’s a lot of money we didn’t have. So, we stayed we stayed home for like 14 days without doing anything and it wasn’t our home it was a friend’s house. She lent us her house because she went to live with her… with her boyfriend for two weeks, just so we could quarantine. Yeah, so thanks to our friends and family we were able to get food and supplies, and we stayed there for two weeks. I mean obviously not that big of a deal because everyone did it. It was harsh going from being in the outdoors 24/7 to inside Checking the engine oil. Five minutes before we leave? Oh it’s better than the day after! It’s okay. Did you lick it? This is the key to my heart. So, that’s my key? Yes Because I have your heart? Yes! Am I driving? I’m driving, right? You’re driving because I work Take care. Wash your hair. Don’t be square Take care wash your hair? Take care wash your hands? No, take care brush your hair, don’t be square. Say bye to my parents! Call me when you’re not on the toilet Try to call me when you’re not taking a poop So, as soon as we could go West that’s what we did. We packed the van at my parents house. In a matter of days, we packed the van because everything was at my parents house. So, we packed the van. I cried again She always cries. I always cry So, terrible. Yeah and then we left. Bye guys! Love you! What are we eating baby? Pasta. Describe the meal Pesto and feta pasta and cashew, grilled cashew Yum yum yum yum yum. I never know how to crush cashew. I can roll on it with the car if you want Yes, that’s right. That’s why you’re not doing it because I know that’s your idea. Can we talk about the prairies, because we were both super aware that the prairies were a big piece of flat land, and we thought it was going to be boring but it was not. Look, the prairies are underestimated So freaking pretty, I mean yes it is flat but it is so pretty. Yeah, I loved the prairies. At one point, Marie was just like ”can you drive faster, we’re gonna try to catch this train for me to take some images”. We did it and maybe we can, you know, stop by the train so you can take pictures with the train. So the Canadian Pacific has a lot of trains in the prairies and it was pretty nice After what two or three days of flat driving, you get to Calgary and when you get to Calgary you start seeing the mountains in the back and the feeling is just insane. If you’ve never seen the rockies, it just, like it goes through your chest… it goes through your chest. It’s just insane. You were born there so you didn’t have that feeling, but me, it was just like wow! So, we ended up in Canmore this day, and we spent like three weeks just around Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise because it’s just so so pretty You see why i don’t like brooming all the time Oh no. It’s called sand. That’s me scaring the bear away. So

you’re gonna clap for five hours? Yeah! Oh I see a beer. F*&# off Not funny. Not funny okay? We left the rockies going West to a province that we name British Columbia and when we I heard it was kind of another country. The weather was different, it was warmer, it’s the coast. I feel like… it’s a coast yeah. It’s a coast, and when we got to BC, something very weird happened, I just stopped filming everything. I think you needed a break, I just needed a break. At some point, my body was like tired of always, you know, going back and forth between the crisis, work, the pictures we had to take, the hikes… I was physically getting tired as well, so we just stopped filming and I went… We surfed a lot. And, I went surfing You surfed a lot in that week. Maybe I could do a slideshow with pictures and sexy sounds that’s gonna… that’s gonna compensate for not having videos? Maybe! What do you think? Baby this is so beautiful in Tofino right now. I think you dropped your car keys on the ground Just make sure they’re not your car keys. Well, oh dude you’re right. These are your car keys That would have been nice, you got… lost you car keys in the sand. I’m gonna wait for you here, while you’re back at your car looking at the three feet wave, baby. Where is my sweater? Oh my girlfriend’s got my sweater again but we’re gonna watch the sunset, drinking beers, and take pictures for Instagram. Oh that one is good. Maybe I’m gonna go back in the water, but wait… wait that’s not me, that’s just a surfer girl coming out of the water After Tofino is one of my favorites of the trip, yeah. We went to Victoria and we were able to see killer whales in their natural habitat. That is seriously, I didn’t cry, on the verge of crying. No I didn’t cry, but guys like seeing killer whales, orcas, in their… I mean in the ocean is just surreal They are so massive and their fins, and they’re curious, they come to see you, they’re just so freaking pretty. Yeah ah! That was amazing Thanks for bringing us on board Prince of Whales, the company. They were just super nice, and it’s not the typical whale watching tour where you just drive around and watch for stuff. They actually explain you what kind of animals you’re watching, what are their names, who are their relatives, what they eat, and where they’re going. So you’re like ”whoa”. You’re kind of seeing a family story right in front of your eyes. Yeah! So the Victoria and Vancouver area was just out of this world So, we are leaving Vancouver now, we are leaving the West coast, going back in the Rocky mountains. I think I’m moving to Vancouver soon, yep… whether you’re coming or not I’m coming! It’s just a beautiful city. I just wish we stayed here for like another two weeks We’re going to hike what Garibaldi lake trail, a 19 kilometer, six to eight hour hike, 900 meter elevation. Sounds like we’re going to puke somewhere on the way Sounds like we’re going to puke somewhere along the way We stayed a couple of days near Whistler, we did a very very cool hike Garibaldi, which is pretty long, with friends that we met… at the beginning of the trip. Two french, a french couple from France obviously, we, you know, we would see them here and there, here and then… and we did a very nice hike with them I say, I say we paddle to the glacier over there and we camp And after the hike we just decided to cook in a parking lot. And a lot of you

Did we? Yeah. And a lot of you are probably thinking eating, you know, pasta in a Walmart parking lot has to be not that fun but honestly I kind of like it. When you live in your van, yeah they’re probably, they’re around the best nights you can have. When you… when you meet someone else that you’ve been around for a couple of weeks and then you’re like ”yeah let’s just have fun in the van and eat” and that was really really fun. Do you want me to do helicopter? So, her friend from Quebec came to see… well they’re my friends as well, they came to visit us, yeah. They rented a big RV. They came up, they just showed up with their big RV which was nice because we were able to take a shower. Yeah! We could take a shower in their RV and at one point we just decided to park in the middle of nowhere and that was… that was one of the best days there. I was like ”wow one of the best free camp spots we found” Yeah! And then we went down the Glacier highway. Icefield parkway it’s called Icefield  parkway. And the Icefield parkway is just  it’s a parkway surrounded by ice fields it’s just amazing. Oh actually we went walking on a glacier Oh we did walk, and she drank water from the glacier. I did And she found the North pole. I did, Santa Claus water. Santa Claus water. You like that, right? Drinking water from the glacier? Oh yeah! We had to come back home unfortunately. We had to make our way home for October 1st. So, we left on what? Like the 26th or the 27th? On the 27th of September we left all the friends behind. That was kind of sad as well because along the way, the longer you travel, the more people you meet… you meet and you get along with People are so nice. And, at the end to say goodbye to all these people that was heartbreaking because they were staying a bit longer in the Rockies. So, knowing you have to come back when all your friends are, you know, are going to be hiking for the next couple of days before they come back home it’s not easy. Yeah it’s hard. but So, that’s pretty much it. We came back, you saw your parents. everything was fine, we enjoyed our trip and the documentary we were talking about at the beginning of the clip is still on workers and people who are working differently. But, I would like to know how COVID affected your work life? Yeah. Did it force you out of the workforce? Did it force you out of the workspace? Did you have to improvise some kind of office? Did you leave on the road, on a boat? Did you change job? Did you quit your job? Ae you going back to work? These are all questions I would like to have answers to. So, share your COVID work-related stories with us. That’s something that’s really important to us and especially for the documentary. Yeah, if you didn’t have the chance to go to the West, to travel to canada… it’s just so pretty. You guys need to add it to your bucket list. It’s it’s amazing. It’s an epic country and I’m pretty sure there are million ways for you to travel in your own country by van in the next few months Obviously wait for the appropriate time to travel but when it is free, and when everyone’s safe and all this is behind us, you need to visit

Canada because it’s just very, very pretty So see you next week. Bye! See you next week Bye bye! We can’t forget the French lesson Oh Ze French lesson. French lesson number six