this is it welcome to the circuit to catalonia barcelona for the three races held across two days that will decide the outcome of all three classes of gt world challenge europe’s sprint cup it’s all very tight at the top and every lap must count as there’s absolutely everything to play for last time out at zanvort there was tremendous racing in both events with the second race led away by emil fry racing’s lamborghinis they got through tarzan all right but unfortunately for christopher hussain he was spun around in the santa love racing audi by julio’s bentley somehow just somehow everyone behind managed to avoid him by the time the field got to huguen whole spot kelvin van der linden died up into second place but albert costa was not impressed and fancy getting back as soon as he could he had a look up the inside almost contact between them and then kelvin van der linde went on the attack dive down into the lead past the lead lamborghini but unfortunately into the gravel he ran through the gravel trapper by the time he rejoined it was very tight indeed felipe fraga demoted him and then poor jugunion pushed off into the gravel on the outside in the green cmr bentley the awaker brothers audi also stood off the circuit and things were getting very tricky indeed but the number of fight back starting early on then came the pit stops all neat and tidy there and giacomo alto taking over from albert costa and emerging into the lead of the race looking good for lamborghinis but the 32 audi’s staying out for a long first since unfortunately a little light rain put vanity in pierberg and that card being as high as fifth place but one of the drive facts through the field was arta ruggier picking his way up the order giacomo alto all over the tail of dries towards the end of the race and at the end it was the audi stood in front but a pit stop infringement led to a 30-second penalty being added to them after the race and that meant the first win of the year for the 163 lamborghini and celebrations on the podium were very very well deserved indeed outracing teams morrow engle and lucas stoltz have been fast and consistent and they are really really competitive second overall but they find themselves surprised to still be in the mix having missed the last round exactly well for us it’s great to still be in the hunt um obviously uh we missed lanvort uh with with that double weekend clash so uh we weren’t really expecting to still be uh in this position coming into barcelona it’s great for us to be there um just gonna try and do the best we can in both races in all three races sorry um and i think we have nothing to lose so i think it’s a great position to be in japanese racer riachiro tomita has made an impressive impact in his first year of racing in europe and he and his teammate kelvin van der linde took their first win in style last time out at zamford every time i’m driving the first time in every circuit and beginning it’s so difficult i couldn’t confidence but now it’s getting better and so we’re getting ringed and i feel more confident but then every time i shoot running it’s it’ll be difficult because so it is a race i i know the young belgian duo of charlevieuts and dries van tour arrived for the triple header finale in barcelona with a six and a half point lead but there are 52 and a half up for grabs i think we did a really solid season we are we lead as you said during the whole the whole season so let’s just try to keep it like this um i believe we have a strong car and a strong lineup so let’s see what this weekend will bring us stephen palette and simon gashe not only lead the silver cup rankings for santa claus racing but they round right winners at manipur and know that they have what it takes to take the silver cup honours this could be their weekend yeah now to be honest as you told the trophy is closed but we have need to be focused on this meeting you know this year it’s a bit special this weekend it’s the last one but it’s three races to to finish and cisco uh beginning of the year was good we are a bit unlucky with uh with some trouble but we are on the pay for sure german racing brothers hamza and yusuf awaga continue to show increasing pace in the silver cup but they know that make no mistakes at all this weekend to be honest we still we still have to work hard but we are doing it so we’ll see we need to drive clean races to get good pits up and

uh yeah get the maximum out ezekiel perez compact with axel jefferies ranked second in the silver cup after winning in their brilliantly livery mad panda motorsport mercedes and pizano back in august they’re looking for glory here yeah we’re quite happy to be here it’s our first time racing in barcelona right next to the truck our workshop is so we’re really looking forward to racing here sps automotive performances vanity pierberg arrives in spain third in the prime class after a brilliant run by nick foster took the mercedes as high as fifth overall at danbot this weekend balatin welcomes back regular teammate dominic baumann to the fold and is excited about what the weekend may bring so yeah i think we’ve uh we’ve been really successful in the last free practice uh we have a good car uh i think uh we’re only 4.5 points behind the second position car in the championship in the pro m and uh i think if we do three clean races and finish and maybe pull off the first or second place that we can push forward to finish overall second i think that would be a great achievement despite winning the pro class just once this year andrea bertollini and louis mchills are always competitive in the af course of ferrari but need to win this weekend to have a tilt at the title we are struggling quite a lot with the tires with the virality tires but okay we will fight and okay we are in the same category we are the same ferraris uh should be the same so uh okay it’s a nice fight it’s a nice season till now not too many accidents but we will fight for it chris froggett and eddie cheever have enjoyed a fabulous season at the head of the prime class in their sky tempesta racing ferrari to arrive here with a 31 point lead now they have to convert that advantage it’s a very competitive field and even our sister car i think is just behind us in the championship and i know they’re two very very talented drivers so not not being complacent but so far very lucky with how the season’s gone and uh no mistakes very pleased at the minute there seems to be a lot of uh tire degradation uh first lap on a new set of tyres seemed good and then after that is a big big drop off so i think it’s very important that you nail that first laughing quality otherwise yeah uh the car is always not bad on its tires i think for the race we should be okay it seems to be quite gentle on the tyres over the race but it’s going to be i think peak performance is going to be tough to extract so getting ready for the start of the first of not two but three races this weekend here the final round of the gt world challenge europe the sprint cup started the season in in mizano with three races two races at manicore two at xanvorta fortnight ago and then three here for the finale three championship battles to be sorted we got the overall we’ve got the silver cup and the pro am but uh of course it’s part of the overall championship that’s being 442 we’re focusing on the sprint cut this weekend but it’s still part of a larger picture let’s look at the overall global points scored by the manufacturers ferrari in the mix give you the points in a second and fighting very hard with mercedes it really has been up and down between those two all season long lamborghini three poles in a row for them they’re definitely coming on strong through the course of this championship both in the endurance and the sprint cup so three makes fighting it out and it’s uh mercedes on top by a large margin five three six four ferrari second three four twelve and twenty eight two thousand eighty nine is the lamborghini’s coming good there are the cars down on the grid 21 cars coming out to play it’s a one hour race starting at a quarter past the hour so we’re into the final preamble and we’ve got a real mix of cars i’m bruce jones i’ve got john watson alongside and another lamborghini on paul john that’s three in a row lamborghini have been very strong this last few races but the battle is really in this this is the final round one of three sprint events the 32 rd is the car that leads that championship the car there the number four mercedes is the nearest challenger the problem was the way in general flag and everybody’s listen oh don’t tell me the lamborghini on full position has why is a wave get a flag being waved but it should be a green flag well maybe i think lucas stocks could get underway but let’s look at those points 60 and a half points for drinks van tour and charlie it’s lucas stoltz tomorrow angle who starts second to vincent van tor starting eight they’re only six and a half points down that’s a big factor john

that factor is only being compounded by the fact that the mercedes are starting on the front row the grid the audi is starting back in the fourth row the grid now we know here in barcelona it’s not about who gets into turn one first it’s about who gets out of turn one gets out of turn one for that’s important and what we don’t want to see yet another unguided missile bombing down the inside and just you know the normal story a turn one here in barcelona yeah we’ll just have a little look at the championship points the pro-am class and eddie cheever and chris frogger now 30 points clear the silver cup it’s seymour gashay and stephen palette outright winners in one of the rounds at mandy core active jeffries and ezekiel perez complained mad both panda motorsport are second so don’t i just want to reiterate if you’ve got a 20 point advantage potentially there are 52 and a half points up for grabs in these three races so be at the front end you’re more likely to grab them so lucas starts to be smiling jacomato and jim plath also running in the silver cup class in third place overall team of bogacci he’s got rafaeli marcelo back to join him this weekend he’ll start fifth the better of the two bentleys in seventh overall nelson panciotishi will share that of course with julio and then come the audi’s eighth ninth tenth in fact they run down to thirteenth place the audi just couldn’t hook it up at the front end in qualifying tricky tricky conditions and they’re running through a whole host of those addies with some very quick driver pairings and but they’ve got to get through that first quarter job they’ve got to start picking up positions yes i mean you’ve got four mercedes scout we have rain on the windscreen you’ve got four mercedes two lamborghinis in the bentley ahead of the 32 rd behind the 32 rd you’ve got a further four audis now if you think back to manipur we saw those audis there was i called it like a swarm of audis they’re going to be all around and over charles bex they’re not going to think about charles francis championship positions they’re going to be thinking about their own individuals but now we’re looking skyward there has been a lot of rain certainly qualifying was affected by rain other events here have managed to get through but is that going to be a wet interlude in this one-hour race well i think they’ve been a little light rain the track had dried out that we got to see it for the first time in the one you’d still see damp patches must have been but look at that sky out beyond the but earlier today when we had rain it only really fell on the first few corners but the field is coming down into the chicane the safety car will pull out of the way two by two they come 21 cards so let’s reiterate ricardo feller on pole position for the emil fry lamborghini team then alongside lucas stocks hrt mercedes he’s second in the championship jacob alto third in the second of the lamborghini’s and jim platt also liked the pole study car running in the silver club cup class he will start from fourth and championship leader charles vitz down in eight with five out he’s tucked in behind it could be very very busy john down to the first corner so full field on the start finish straight and now we accelerate the second the navigation right under the tail toeing themselves from first and third to first and second so that’s a really good move by emil fry racing it should be ricardo fellow leading down into the opening corner where are the addies in behind charles v it’s right in the middle of the pack that could be a bit risky outside of he’s got use of baja contacts one of the audiences i’ve gone to the lamborghini he’s got hunted off so it’s come back on track i just got back in the lead and back well i think that should be sort of the green bentley nelson fancy attitude being pushed right that’s the nose of team of bogaslevsky but out front it’s still the two lamborghinis first and second and jim blah doesn’t fancy hanging around he’s going for silver club glory and he’s going up into second place in the akka asp 89 mercedes what a move for the french yes and even worse as the number four mercedes has been bumped down from second on the grid down to fourth and that is a situation which was not to the advantage the 32 rd is making progress so they are going to be very close on track well the important thing for charles v is he started six places down on his championship rival lucas dalton now stops is only just in front of the nose obviously has done well gained three places absolutely that’s what he had to do and do it without having any contact he succeeded so he’s now on to the rear wing of the mercedes that what he can do beyond that as the cars continue midway through this opening lap so it’s lamborghini mercedes lamborghini mercedes audi and then they bogoslavsky in the 88 mercedes in sixth place well clean tidy a little bit of aji bhaji and pushing around nelson panchoti lost a little bit of ground he started in 70s back into seventh place he was one of the ones that took the gravel at turn number one that one two combination now around turn 12 13 down the hill towards chicane they go for the first time through chicago this has been very good years news for charles spears eighth up to fifth lucastalks second down to fourth but lamborghini were clever at the start one giving the other a toe down towards the first corner i mean it would be good you could certainly see the pace that the second lamborghini had literally got the run off the pull position car john into turn one but it was jimmy black who was the smartest of all that lead group of cars who managed to maneuver and weave his

way through into second place well sometimes we’ll just seeing you super hacker running wide between turn one and two sometimes you have to make your form and fortune and uh hacker there that was a little bit unfortunate he’s lost a little bit of ground so he’ll fall back but at the moment we’ve got two cars from the silver cup class leading the race ricardo fella came here gave emil fry racing its third pole position in a row in the sprint cup and he is now starting to pull clear jim pla by clever track positioning is second for mercedes the akka asp mercedes team third place jacobo alto you’ve got to see what he can do about jim clark but jim is starting to drop him this is a really impressive run for the french mercedes racer in second place so we will see certainly in the case of the 89 mercedes but they make the driver change don’t expect it to run in second place that would be a slightly different situation for the number 14 lamborghini because mikhail grenier when he gets behind the wheel that’s a very well matched pair in that silver emuled fry racing lamborghini the mercedes are back with patrice but not the charles first has actually lost the position to timothy uh foregoslavsky so that is now back to sixth place that is bad news for the rd good news for the number 88 mercedes yeah you’ve got a hunt and so just while his target was on the stoltz car maybe he ran a little bit wide and timothevsky pounces we’ve got a little moment there one of the audis at the 10 end of that audi group i think that’s probably tommaso mosca just in front of pro-am class leader chris frogger kicking up the dirt back onto the circuit he goes but uh on these small moments uh races can hinge but right now it’s a case of ricardo pela fella pulling ever further clear he was three quarters of a second to the good last time head of jim clark actually stays pretty much exactly at that margin two laps on the board we got a view from the back of the number 32 rd to this car here the 107 bentley they’re coming down this is the view that you would see if charles bert’s deemed to look at his mirror that’s the vehicle that he’s got going to fill it because the penalty is hanging around at all he’s got the pace right now to challenge fetch for that current sixth place yeah and just tucking in behind arta rougier gate that place when uh yusuf hakka dropped himself uh from just around the tail end of charles fitz and the finn down to ninth place for top sport wrt what i’m starting to sense is that uh charles v is starting to look around the tail of timor bogashlovsky getting in closer challenge down into they go through the kink at six into seven and the bentley is coming yeah bender’s coming but merch likewise just trying to get back at the mercedes but ferguson had passed a second time on the slap in sector one and but charles first has actually closed that gap down i don’t know quite where he lost the position of the mercedes but now trying to consolidate get back down the hill into turn 10. not close enough to thinking about a maneuver but bears has shown in the past he’s not shy by sticking the news of that audi up the inside to try and take a position yeah and all along this is happening the front four are starting to escape look there’s a gap between stalks is uh orange and black mercedes from out racing team in fourth place we can riding on board in sixth place with charlevoix he’s got the second of the akka asb mercedes this is the one the russian racer team of bob schleske is driving through the chicane they go but all along those front forecasts are starting to stretch clear which is not good news at all for charles fitz the race is only an hour long it’s a sprint race he cannot afford to lose more track space the big strength we know this from the past we keep repeating it from the past that when it comes to the pit stops teams like wrt or h tp are outstanding and the driver lineup in the audi the driver lineup at the number four mercedes are without call stellar combinations so they will come forward once we go through the mandatory driver pit stop between 35 25 and 35 minutes into this one hour race just riding on board the 93 sky tempest racing ferrari chris froggett running in the lead of the prime class he’s 14 the next car in class is four positions further back it’s the second of the ferraris af courses louis machine louis michiel so it’s going very very well for the british racer not so well for the belgium at the moment then for valentin pierberg and the mole they’re bringing up the rear 20th 21st their last two cars in the field oh chris what was that all about the back end just snapped under braking i think he might have snatched we saw it from on board all of a sudden he’s got handfuls of steering lock this is going to be a full course yellow initially and might be a safety car intervention watch again no that’s a rear brake snatching and turning at the same time nothing he could do once the car broken trends all the grip had gone he was just a passenger as nature took over the forces took over and into the gravel trap he went to get that car out they’re going to need a snatch vehicle and whether that will involve a full course yellow if not we wait to see it depends what when the court workers get to it uh what they can do with it but i suspect that the fields still relatively compacted they’ll want to bring this race under control to enable them to get that car

pulled to safety well very unfortunate there for ricardo fellow 1.2 seconds 1.1 seconds to good last time red now the field slowing right down obviously full course yellow so let’s reiterate the order ricardo fella jim pla two silver cup runners lamborghini ahead of mercedes at the top of the field giacomo altoy in the second the lamborghini’s in third and lucas stone’s fourth timor bogaslicki had moved back ahead of charlevoix charlevoix started eight got up to fifth back to six but of course the whole field will now be compressed just a point about uh chris froggett leading the prime class by four positions in the race had a buffer behind him he has the biggest points advantage of anybody along with his teammate eddie cheever in any of the classes a 30-point advantage and that’s a car going nowhere 22 and a half point sorry 16 and a half points for victory their gap is going to be halved well i mean they’re going to be a minimal it minimally a lap time probably more so the time it’s going to take to get the car removed and goodness knows how much gravel has been shoveled into every out every orifice in the ferrari but just trying to get a thought as to what might have happened i thought there was a break snapchat the other thing that could happen there’s a restart go ahead well just like take a look at the restart brilliant brilliant toe provided by ricardo fellow to his very fast starting teammate the more blue lamborghini jacob alto holding down second position but uh lucas starts the orange mercedes was already back in fourth place by the opening corner in behind well let’s ride on board with the 26 santa lock silver cup class car stephen palette gets busy as you go down the lexus on the outside lexus breaks late but looking for a gap that may open in front and a few cars got shoveled wide one of the attempts to audi’s running across the course we saw the green bentley also taking to the wide and coming back in but now riding on board with lucas stocks that wasn’t good news he wanted to be at least keeping his second place down but first i think both these lamborghinis go off track and the exit have turned on into turn two as they go in almost side by side there’s the first one yeah they do both cut no i wonder i wonder whether that should be looked at and reviewed because they gained advantage by doing that it certainly prevented the land of the 89 mercedes at that point but it did actually get ahead of the second or the two lamborghinis good spot there john would be so busy looking to see if anything had clashed in behind you had half a sensation at the first time of asking but again just looking back looking at the nose of team of bogaski’s car that makes you squint when it comes so close to the tail end of lucas stoltz’s mercedes but all cool karma collected at the front and let’s go down to the pit lane and uh hear from chris froggett’s teammate cars in the gravel let’s hear from eddie cheever eddie huge disappointment do you know what happened i’m not sure he had a really good start he was going really fast and just lost it in corner five it happens it’s very slippery out there and hopefully we can get back out and get some points anyways and let’s see what what we can do from here thank you bruce i think you’re just eddie obviously very disappointed indeed as there’s no doubt chris frog yeah i call it a break snatch but the other thing is of course you’re going down the gears but he actually the back end snapped i still think that was a rear brake lock could have been snatching a gear a bit maybe aggressively but more than likely just that one little brake snatcher once call it coolish track temperatures tar’s getting up to race temperature but maybe not at the ultimate peak so there is the ferrari making its way back shredding loads of gravel as it makes its way back to the pits safety car being deployed which is normal procedure now after a full course yellow so it’s sitting waiting for the lead car here they come here comes that’s not just one lead cars the entire field yeah so for the race eating lamborghini ricardo fella this is matches as 1.1 seconds before the the full course yellow of course he will be the one that dictates when he floors the throttle at when he come round to the restart effectively when the field is released again but right now they’re going to be getting nose to tail around the field and for chris frogger it was good to see that ferrari still going and eddie cheever his teammate had a point we’ll go on and see what points we can get we’ve got four runners in the pro-am class so as long as he goes gets the end of the race and he’ll pick up the points for fourth place that means he’ll be able to put seven and a half points into the pot so with 16 and a half for a win he won’t hemorrhage too much two races tomorrow though but you just don’t want to make it but the the sky tempest ferrari has gone i think a laptop they’ve got little chance of all they can do is go through the motions but safety car in this time and uh let’s see how they restart because it’s a single five start nobody allowed to overtake until they go across start finish line need to punch the field up but of course just to finish that point about chris froggett uh he can pick up the doesn’t matter if he’s a lap down he’s not going to get into the top three but the points of fourth place still put points

good that will be the purpose so the safety car now is slowing down to get the field more or less into a reasonable order you don’t want the restart turns 13 14. so lights off from the safety car that’s the signal but already ricardo fellas uh contemplating life thinking about exactly when he’s going to floor the throttle jim player is nobody’s fooled he’s tucked in behind half a twitch the throttle and he’ll get right under the tail but the important annoying thing here is that chicane john they have to go through the chicane and then they start swinging up to the start finish straight what was interesting was the pace of the uh 163 lamborghini at the start it picked up the slipstream the lamborghini and the mercedes have been equal and top speed 270 kilometers per hour yeah we’ll watch that through the course the race the speed at the end of the start finish straight heavy heavy braking heavy heavy clouds up above now again lucas starts losing a little bit of ground to giacomo out riding with the fourth place car down the street john your spot on those lamborghinis super sleek in a straight line yeah and again looking so slightly again you see trying to come out from the slipstream under jimmy flowers mercedes into turn one and again i don’t know why lucas dot’s not quite on the program when he should have been honored he should have been glued to the back of the 163 lamborghini well let’s take a look at those top speeds we’ve seen that the best of 270 kph before haven’t quite hit it but again ricardo fellow was the top of the tree just one kilometer an hour faster uh than he is now in the course of qualify but his teammate jack him answer me just showing how those lamborghinis are super sleek bentley good in the straight line too equaling that time with nelson pastuti that’s back in seventh place the green card just coming into shot now but lucas stalls is not shining at this point no not not only i don’t know why but the one that is shining is uh jacqueline altoy because he is looking for a way back ahead of jimmy platt in the second place mercedes he showed his news already on this restart in two parts of the racetrack into turn one and then up into turn nine again a place that people have been overtaking is down the bottom end of this infield straight turn 10 is approaching and certainly outerweight not close enough he looks out ducks in behind the second place jim player certainly wasn’t going to stick his nose in there lucas stoltz may be the beneficiary but at the moment he’s just falling away a little bit and again it’s about the exit from that cicada then we know the lamborghinis the mercedes has punched but the lamborghini’s down the start finished straight i think there’s no chance for for stance to get with them right now jacob altoy looks to me to be the one of these lead four cars who could make something happen for me luka stolza’s really just holding position waiting for something to happen rather than forcing something to happen okay what we haven’t picked up on is the fact on the restart that charles beards he got from eighth up to fifth now he had to sing now he’s down to seventh arta rougey taking no for an answer and he in the yellow and white santa lot racing out he is now the top audi runner in seven in sixth overall via the championship leader down to seven that isn’t good nobody did it again we didn’t catch where other rouge find a way past charles red but certainly for wrt audi santa luck raising all their old paddle rd family i wonder once we get through all the pit stops will any sort of influence or pressure come on all the satellite rd teams to assist the 32 get maximum points that they can get the car that they’re fighting principally is lucas dalton fourth place it’s not the race lead they just want to keep as close to the number four mercedes as they possibly can well taking a look at the prime cup as they exist eddie cheever and chris frogger that was the car that went into the gravel had a 30 point advantage before this race and you can see it has come down considerably it is down to 21 points and uh now of course it’s the af corsa ferrari that’s assumed the lead in that class 17th overall got a buffer he’s got the hamza a vega driven wrt audi between him and the best of the rest in the pro-am class which is valentin pierburg in the sps automotive performance mercedes so keep it clean keep it tidy you can see in the af course and car louis mchills at the wheel just coming down the slope behind the blue bentley first position they’ve only won the class once this year they’ve been consistent but they really really listening to the drivers before the race they’re desperate to put another win on the board best point to do it right now is the opening race of our three here at barcelona yeah well you’ve got what 43 minutes of this race to go they’re in the pine seat they need in the category they’re not really being challenged they’ve got two more events on sunday morning and then sunday afternoon as the lamborghini where a card of fellow comes across the line but look at this 1.1.2 seconds of a gap first or second well again super quick in a straight line it looked actually slightly larger than that much smaller gap between jim clare in second place and giacomo also he tucked in behind in that lamborghini as you say altoid the italian teenager looking very very creative yet to complete the magic and make a move but certainly a clear clear intent so the tail end of the field you’re seeing valentin pierburg coming down the slope lee mole behind him

and of course a lap down on all of them is the erswell leader of the pro-am cup class that’s chris froggett he’s just going to circulate circulate and see if what points he picks up trying to squeeze down the inside one the attempt to occur 66 trying to get through that snickerless shull trying to make a move and i think he may well have got certainly the track position all he has to do is be careful not to overrun as it comes into turn five well it’s still tommaso moscow holding out it’s a battle between the two attempter racing cars will be a sharp intake of breath down in their pit garage but it’s still nicolas shaw in 13th and tommaso mosca in 12th but the audi is just not at the sharp end of the field after qualifying and not much has changed through the course of this race so far well after qualifying we didn’t have an id in the top seven the best place card was that black number 32 in eighth and right now the leading rd is sixth base center lock rating of the rougee so looking at that gap at the front of the field as well we can see it’s stretching little by little ricardo fella pulling clear the second car is also in the silver cup class it’s the akka 89 mercedes of jim pla his teammate benjamin hites will be very excited in the pit lane the chilean race would love to be at the front end of the field his car is there now yeah the difficulty for he says will be that the co-driver of giacomo alta is a rather rapid albert costa and one would have to think that the favor will go towards albert costa rather than benjamin heather’s but you know that’s not underrated what he did has got the capacity to do right what i’m really sensing now the gap between first and second was one point one second became one point two is now one point six seconds there’s a trend there for fella but i really started to think that player is bunching up those behind alto is half a second down on him a good news for lucas oh something may have happened but what we saw just after the safety car procedure arterucci got ahead of it did he do it before the start finish line that is under investigation arteries seventh is now six fiats for sixth is now seven let’s do the maths on that one you’re not permitted to overtake until you cross start finish line we don’t know we didn’t get to see we weren’t focusing on that battle that’s going on for sixth and seventh position but i’m sure that there are observers and stewards who will have flopped something which was an incorrect maneuver if that’s what it is will be under investigation and if it was an incorrect maneuver there will be whether it’s a drive-through penalty or whatever so we will wait and see but it was very very busy we were looking at those lamborghinis at the front end to see if they could get into first and second they couldn’t but in behind in that battle of the outies with nelson ponce atiy bentley he got past as well don’t forget he was seventh so he possibly passed two cars which is a smack on both hands if indeed that’s the case let’s not get ahead but right now charlotte should be frustrated doesn’t want that car ahead of him wants to be going off up the track after timothy schleiske and all along vogue is escaping in first indeed so all the team can do is talk to charles bretz and say they can’t we’re waiting there’s an issue that’s under investigation don’t do anything rash also we’re just born a bit minutes away from the pit lane being open so will they bring that number 32 audi in at the earliest opportunity and put dries fantastic let’s watch again look at the back end of the shot we’ve got uh an overtaken there is a white light across the track but it isn’t the right one that’s not the same that is cut and dry whatever you want to call him there’s no doubt that he was on a mission dependently and the 32 id march i think it’s what we call used to call in for penny in for a pound but uh right now the message well we’re waiting to see if any punishment is coming his way but that seemed very very clear-cut so at the front of the race ricardo fellow 1.6 seconds to the good jim clark still hanging on to that second place and in fact the attack from giacomo alto has sort of fallen away now let’s look at the top of the hill the fastest pace through the court axel jefferies 152 kph for the man panda motorsports mercedes ricardo fellow though leading the race fastest in the straight line equal fastest through the top of that interestingly the race speeds through turn nine are about eight kilometers down to what they were doing in the qualifying now that’s the difference between a single new set of towers low fuel flat out near that energy you can go through turn down at a race set up on a set of towers you’ve got to do certainly another three minutes on before you could come in at your earliest opportunity to change to wheels and tires this car number four it has just sat there and really done nothing and i’m really surprised because they had the benefit of starting the front row of the grid and they lasted on the rundown

into turn one and they’ve not been able to get close even to the back of the 163 lamborghini to even make this not even to overtake but just make the threat of trying to overtake yeah it’s making it rather easier for jackie he’s able to concentrate on trying to depose jim clark for that second place overall still possibility of rain still quite high great cloud we have those little spots when they’re on the formation lap they have gone away so for at least the drivers who started this one hour race they’re gonna complete their stint on a dry circuit if that’s quite bright as we look out of turn four over down towards turn five but then you look a little further other clouds no clouds over ricardo fellow 1.85 seconds clear at the head of the race but for lucas stoltz he’s got it all to do but uh john point to the top of the screen this is we’re heading due north at this point and it just part of that looks very similar to what we saw in qualifying where there was localized rain not just a shower it was a massive massive dump of rain all done entry into turn one up through turn two and three very very heavy rain so much so that nobody could run sticks they had to go big wets on while the rest of the track was just to find maybe drivable on slicks flashing lights as they went through caps are there at the top of the hill because charles v is now getting very very fed up to be behind artarushi this is the championship leader if we scramble the points they are at the moment i think we’re very very close to parity at the top of the table because luka stokes running in fourth place was six and a half points down at the start but right now charles vince wants to be able to get past arteries set off after the second of the akka asp mercedes just here at the top end of the screen in the 88 card just going around the final corner that’s team of bonus feisty who’s running on his own he’s isn’t able to live with luka stoltz but arterius not close enough to challenge and big frustration for the 32 audi team from wrt and again there’s the point of the strength pit laners now but it’s going to be open in just under 50 odd seconds and it looks as if the lamborghini team that emmy frey racing are about to bring in one of their two cards i suspect it’ll be the 163 well here are the points as the positions of the race now charles beats running in seventh place frustrated the advantage down from six and a half points to just two points lucas stop samara maybe they do have to just keep playing it safe three races we’ve got the two tomorrow any slip-up is going to be the most painful thing for anything so here’s the question bearing in mind there’s currently currently only two points difference between first and second overall would you bring in this car at the earliest opportunity would mercedes bring in but they bring into it but the lucas stalls at the earliest opportunity put morrow engel in the car to see if he can do any more than lucas stultz has been able to do certainly in the case of the wrtrd i would bring it in at the end of the slap the pit lane window is now open to bring it in that griezmann thor takeover we know that wrt can do a very good pit stop and then just roll the dice that’s all you’ve got to do you’d have to say so because there is frustrations for charlotte he looks so he’s got the pace but rousseau made that move we don’t know yet if it’s illegal right who’s going to be making that i think the lamborghini 163 jacob altay will be the first of this lead group cars into the pit lane because they were preparing the pit lane for a stop let’s have a look and see does it peel off or not yes it does and so does luke crystal’s well there’s two obvious ones the next one’s got to be well there’s not a team of our gospel he’s coming in so griezmann for adoptees for thought uh charles francis they died yeah well there we go so third fourth and fifth reporting into the pit lane um in fact both the lamborghinis came in so what we saw just sleeping out of the corner was the first one going in so jim platt leads the race so far we did see those two pit boards without bikini but that was just bringing the front of the garage i could certainly think that 163 was going to come in i was a bit surprised fella didn’t stay for another lap i would have kept fellaini personally because i don’t like the idea of double stacking there’s not a lot of room to work as we should finally reese van thor is going to get into that number 32. he has one lamborghini slides down the pit and that’s the 163 albert costa the very very speedy albert costa but which car is just coming down the pit night first that is that the 6163 lamborghini difficult to tell looking into the headlights so there’s griezmann thor ruling directly behind the car that has been following for the entire race yeah but the good thing about that from um the point of view of three stan tour is he’s only one position now behind the car he needs to get ahead of he’s got clear line of sight in fact akka asp have got in front of that pit stop of the stoltz car so they’ve lost lost grounded uh it’s hand over some trampolines done the right thing they picked up one position because we think that the 25 audi is going to be under investigation anyway right jim platt leading the way around

leading silver club class runner and uh doing a really good stint of course he got up into that second place and remained in he comes now so he’ll have to clear pit lane the other asp mercedes made its pit stop and has gone back out so they’ve taken john’s formula don’t get two drivers from the same team with their cars in at the same time keep it simple i just think when you do double stacking and the pit stop this is a very good pit lane in barcelona there’s loads of room to work around but it’s just putting an additional pressure on to the teams to turn truth cars around without making any errors and getting it back out again there’s the number 25 body the car which we believe is under investigation for an overtake before start finish line so there will be what is it this is going to be the one this is the 163 i think it is 163 that’s technically will be in the lead once everybody’s made their pit stops so benjamin gets the 89 sp mercedes rumbling down the pit lane don’t forget that was second in the first part of the race the card is now leading is nelson ponciati the 107 cmr bentley will be one of the last ones to come into the pits along with yusuf haka and down the start finish trade come the lamborghinis all over again they’ve made their pit stops mikhail grenier out there on the circuit bedroom heaters just gets out ahead of rafaela and i don’t imagine rafaeli martial will be hanging around too long grenier is ahead of albert costa car 25 of course that was the one that made the uh ambitious but over ambitious move to gain two places waiting for any potential penalties for that but uh it’s been clean and tidy in the pit lane just remember that raffaeli martiello he made that place gain in the 88 mercedes ahead of lucas stokes and what that’s done with morrow engel taking over from starts he’s now got dressed van tour championship rivals clear line of sight nose to tail and it’s the mercedes that is it’s in third place necessarily i’m just looking down to see it is the gap is 1.4 seconds between those two cars so the advantages to the number four but all drinks man thought the least he could do is stay behind the number four mercedes the best he could do is try and find a way past that will not be an easy task and one that should not be risked if the penalty is going to be a marginal overtake so here we go the animals come in two by two but so we’ve got two lamborghinis leading the race effectively after the pit stop nico grenier from albert costa then two mercedes benjamin ites from arafa martial and marchetta doesn’t fancy fourth place very much at all does he no i know sometimes you wonder when you see rafaeli martial or behind you you wonder should i actually just lift and coast into a corner and let that let marcelo go through because the way he drives it’s exciting to watch he is a charger he’s a racer look at the sky behind us by the way oh we’ve still got half an hour to go in this race almost all the runners have made their pit stops just waiting for pierre alexander jeans to report in the cmr bentley and you support hacker so they’re right at the top end of the charts of the moment but they will go tumbling down but the real leader is miko grenier from albert costa we’ve had a first lamborghini when last time out at danville that was the sister car that was costa grenier and his pole started teammate a ricardo fella fancy it’s their turn this time around will it come to pass let’s see half an hour to go to came in in second place it will go back out probably somewhere in the seventh eighth decision it’ll be one more lap until the field actually gets into its formal order still this battle taking place for what was between the two mercedes 88 and 89 that’s on the road currently eights the ninth but probably going to be third fourth and it might be fourth rather than third year for itaes very soon because he’s being pushed and shoved around the circuit by rapper marcelo up the climb out of turn eight they go to the crest of the hill at nine again a slightly wider line by the chaser and that is the chance to carry a bit more momentum over the top of the hill and down the straight the lamborghini is pulling clear not close enough to make a move into ten that’s the moment to try it of course yeah marcelo had a little sniff he thought he might have had a logo he forces in effect almost forces he tends to overrun into turn 10 had to check up because the i’m just going to say that 89 mercedes started to come back onto a race line so marcelo realized that there was going to be a closing gap you don’t go for closing gaps wisely backed out of it that does all the prep work once again through that grade type left right back into turn 16 and marcelo needs to be a little closer right now this part of racetrack than he is if he’s got any hope of making a move down into turn one yeah the lamborghini is escaping all the time marcelo’s got the tow from benjamin again you say john he needs to be another half car length closer to get a little bit more of a tow biding his time waiting for his moment

but in terms of experience he says he’s got a fraction of the experience that rafa bartiello has watch marcelo he might think about a move into turn four he’s trying to get close to the back of the 89 mercedes running slightly different lines going through turn three but he’s not really close enough to make it work he might think about it again he’s trying what he’s doing is giving he’s giving peters a real going over a real workout forcing him to look in his mirrors forcing him to think about what’s happening behind rather than focusing on what he can do ahead yeah but he’s he’s softening him up that’s for sure but what’s happening is the lamborghinis are escaping in the lead there’s now a four second ford a bit second gap back to ites from the second of the lamborghinis that’s albert costa albert’s one point seven seconds down on race leader michael grenier so maybe it is the turn of the number fourteen evil fry racing huracan leading as i said 1.7 seconds to good so ricardo fella what an impression he’s made this weekend yeah i mean they’ve just gone i mean to pull a gap like this in a few laps as the pit stop window was closed it’s pretty impressive both lamborghinis again heat is going very wide coming out of turn 10 marcelo will be monitoring that watching it knowing and there is the car that is in the championship battle for the leader of it so that they’re still currently two points behind but i don’t think maraud’s got anything in the tank he needs what he needs is marcelo to get past he says so that he can have a god he does to get up at the fourth place and put the 89 mercedes between himself by the 32 rd yeah watching morrow engels super smooth super sleek in behind can’t quite get into the toe but he’s not he really gives the impression on someone who’s not pushing too hard at the moment he’s fighting his time the car he’s fighting against is behind him and that’s streetsvan tour and dressed at the moment 1.2 seconds in the rear so slightly larger gap than we can see looking from engel up to the tail of rafa martino through turn one and two they go this is the third fourth and fifth battle between the mercedes but it’s for the moment benjamin heath is at the top of the chart yeah but in the meantime the leading leading lamborghini i should say up and gone i mean they have got such an advantage over the rest of the field i mean they’re almost a corner ahead of the following field well pit window still open let’s take a look miko grenier on his out lap oh he’s got a bit of traffic up ahead the weather’s getting a little bit worse john that could be oh well there’s the penalty we sort of expected to go after rougeier’s way he’s been a great racer but he was a little too racy just then bruce what’s what i thought needed to happen was martial would get ahead of heaters now that’s allowed uh marijuana to close up to the back of the 89 he now needs to find a way past to gain that extra advantage of having one car between himself and the 32 rd here we see that in fact it was it wasn’t a pass he just gave it up and let the 88 mercedes the sister team cars so the rest of the message has gone on allow marcelo to have a thought at trying to run down the second of the two lamborghinis probably not enough time they have 24 minutes but in doing so it’s allowed marrow angle to get close to the back of the 89 mercedes so what can marrow angle do he ain’t going to get the same kind of privilege there is look how close the audi is to the back of the number four now that does driftspan four at his best he’s gonna pick up a small sniff creep not close enough to dive down the inside not to say he’s not gonna have a look and he does have a look of course he does he’s drinks fans or he’s sizing up the opposition but it was really just what i noticed there was the body language again of mario engels started to pick up right i’m going after it’s now we know he can be passed of course he let his teammate through but he’s gonna have to let me through because i’ve got trouble behind i’ve got the championship leader who’s ringing the bell taking large chunks of time the last two laps and that lasts that mean almost a second under the out of the number four mercedes that’s a lot of time so what mario engel can do is just protect his current uh fourth position fifth position and at the same time think how can i persuade benjamin hito who’s in a different race to me different categories in the silver category of the 89 mercedes whereas the orange mercedes is in the overall the professional category will there be any cooperation amongst the members of the family of mercedes-benz or not well there’s the question christopher haas is the driver who’s gonna have to serve that drive-through penalty he’s running in seventh place the damage is done by artarushi but he needs to get out he’s just in the background of the shot behind audrey’s van tour he’s got to serve it soon he hasn’t got the benefit of having it awarded him right at the end of the race just saying i’ll take 30 seconds he’s going to have to call in he’s going to have to make that painful drive of shame down the pit lane for something which he didn’t commit a crime he was in the pit lane whenever when it was actually uh occurring i get the feeling that albert caster spanish driver

brazilian barcelona does actually fancy his chances 22 minutes remaining i reckon he’s thinking in his head you know i’m probably going to think i could make that pass he’s close enough he’s been shutting down the gap first of a second 22 minutes two and a half minutes i think that a little spaniard is going to have a pop i certainly think he will so let’s take a look at the silver cup class and it’s simon gashe and stephen palette still with a tidy advantage over axel jefferies and ezekiel perez company but ironically the car that’s leading the silver cup in the race is the race leader but that isn’t uh featuring at that level of the championship because it only became a silvercast class car because miko grenier was joined by ricardo fellow they’re still leading but it’s not just a spaniard at home who’s chasing albert costa is a boss from barcelona itself catalonia but it’s his home home race well that’s good watch what castle is doing watch where he’s placing his car he is putting as much pressure as he can on on michael grenier the canadian is not going to ruin sorry he’s not going to concede that lead but albert cast that we know is 800 proper bottomed racer and he does fancy standing in the windows podium certainly does so let’s take a refresher miko grenier leading the race but as you can see it’s not much of a lead it was 1.7 seconds after the pit stop a second has been shaved off that by albert costa getting closer and closer what’s not getting closer and closer is the chasing pack the best of the mercedes it’s rafa marcello he’s nearly seven seconds down or was last time around in fact now he’s clear of benjamin he says he can start to laugh at his own place but the person who can’t laugh at his own pace anymore is ricardo fellow he’s got to laugh at whatever pace costa does and a little bit more to try and stay in front but these lamborghinis we know they’re magnificent down the start for this trade really really sneak the opposition look behind look behind cannot see them yet i mean they have just literally disappeared on a racetrack which tends to keep the pack pretty close i mean there’s not a huge amount of difference in the lap damage from the front to the middle of the grid but these two cars have just disappeared it’s just over seven seconds between first and third place and uh rafaeli marcelo personal best of sector one still not good enough to draw that gap down from what is well it’s yes almost eight seconds now yeah but he lost a couple of tents in the lap that he’d been setting his best pace and that just says it all so he’s gonna have to take a change in track conditions we’ve got 20 minutes remaining the pit window has been opened and closed so it’s out and out racing to the end of this event the car leading is also going for top honours in the silver cup that’s mikio grenier in the silver cup because he’s got young teammate a ricardo fellow with him but let’s let’s go down to here from one of the lamborghini drivers down at the pits in chakamo altoy giacomo elbows pushing very very hard is he free to race yeah it’s a really challenging place uh we are trying to to go as forward as possible and uh and see what we can do for sure we have a good chance uh for the win and for alba this is his home race he’s hungry for it yeah exactly he’s really excited i’m also excited for him and uh yeah for sure he’s uh home race and then he knows perfectly the track so he can push 100 thank you thank you you know i mean if the team wanted to orchestrate things and let albert cast a win here in barcelona and have uh might be calgary finished second grenier is the silver cup leader whether he wins the race outright or finishes the key is under investigation for unsafe release oh that’s the lexus that is the lexus started by thomas neubauer taken over by aurelian panisse and unfortunately for them they’re not running really where they’d like to be in the race either so that’s a setback for them running 13th overall we know that car’s got pace it’s been up and down but at the moment it’s far more down than up but certainly the lamborghinis they’re not up they’re on top and maro angle yet again aren’t able to do anything against the 89 mercedes benjamin heath has done a very good job in supporting defending his fourth position and marrow angle of course he’s got griezmann thought all over the back of him so he’s got to keep an eye on one mirror the other eye directly ahead on the 89 mercedes and i mean look at look at the threes from thor diving one way diving the other coming into turn five i mean carrying sparrow angle at every opportunity have you seen dries ventors got a shadow the car that looks closest to him the 31 out he’s in behind kelvin van der linden house latching onto the tail he’s really closed very quickly the last two laps benjamin nites under supreme pressure here but all along if that 163 lamborghini can get into the lead the race came here in seventh place in the championship that could start moving it up towards the top five with two more races tomorrow could

somehow get onto the edge of the championship fight one thing i can almost guarantee you is whatever kelvin van der linde is doing he’s driven very well to catch up to the back of dries fun thought it is not in the interests of wrt to allow help and vandalism to race griezmann thor they’ve gone alive and order maximize the number of points possible no matter when go on the inside can you make it stick the touch wow that was close and certainly griezmann thor will think now here’s my opportunity and right behind that mercedes as i come on to start finish straight i’ve got to pick up figure two that i’ve done at any point and i’m going to think about making a move down the inside it’ll be defended by marrow engel if he sees the audi go out to the right there’s the move the counter move from angle but dries van thor well he must have thought all his sundays came in one corner as they went through 14 and 15 well that was a big big moment somehow just somehow mara angle managed not to lose too much momentum got it off to start finished straight but actually for team wrt if they can get vantour through and the car in behind vandalinder past engel then that suddenly starts to reap dividends reach a new dynamic it’s a lot of ifs and downs and cuts but certainly that was a move that barrowmangle felt he could make there’s van thor sticking the nose down the inside just to distract farrow angle to make him think maybe i’m not sure if ronaldo is going to roll the dice on this one or not had to give him a little bit more room margin forever on the entry to turn one that he would have normally done well he says isn’t cracking and nor is michael grenier he’s got the the hometown driver the home city driver the catalonian albert costa in that second place now let’s have a look at a let through taking place because suddenly albert costa in the lead of the race just gone past john how did that happen i don’t know maybe they’re listening to our broadcast let the man from barcelona win the race because the silver cup card grenade miguel you’re winning your category whether you win the race outright or not is is very nice to win it outright but it’s winning your category that’s important and to have the local man win on his local circuit in catalonia which is a part of spain in case some people forgot uh it would be a major major coup for nba pride raising with lamborghini and uh so let’s see what albert costa can do but they’re sitting on an advantage of well it’s now just five in a bit seconds over rapper marcelo who quietly quietly has been picking up the pace doesn’t think he can get much closer but talk of close trying to go the outside time uh lying down into turn one not allowed by mauro engel but dries vancouver still picking his way around the circuit still trying to upset the german in front of him yeah i know he had a decent run but of course angle then conjured it and put himself in the bit of real estate that griezmann thor thought he was going to occupy but thor had to get out of the throttle otherwise it would have been contact the thing he does not need to do is have contact with the principal challenger to his current championship lead known as this battle continues to slightly slow everyone down we’ll soon have the bentley catching on to the tail of it as well as the back end of the shot great images riding on board right now with kelvin vandalinder suddenly a little bit brighter the weather as they go through turn seven he’s on the tail of dree’s fantaudries should be thinking where’s the next place i could make a movie if i get a really good line through cancer over the top of the hill but it’s not gonna be this time because i’m not close enough to make a move down at the bottom of the slope at turn number ten so for some reason suddenly uh drinks fanta losing a little bit of ground there i mean it’s the ebb and flow that you get when you’re running in traffic as closely as you are to a car that you’re competing against but kelvin van der linde likewise he’s got to sit now become the rear gunner to protect griezmann thor from juguno currently in eighth place again different uh merits for different cars at different points on the circuit and around the twisty part through turn 11 12 now 13. you can see three transforms closed in all over again and this is the point on the circuit where two laps ago morrow angle got the tail out and that didn’t help his speed down the start finish straight let’s have a look at top speeds it’s been lamborghini all the way so far in this reckoning best we’d see was 270 and it’s now the lexus top of the charts uh one of the audi’s mitai trudy and then in fact the lamborghini’s not in the top few cars how times have changed through the course of this meeting john well there’s a difference between what we see in a qualifying run of what we see in a race run certainly the lexus as always we know it’s always had great let’s break down speed it’s currently running in 13th place but uh it’s got a very good performance at the end of the straight and of course the main street in barcelona is the principal overtaking area but you have to get the job done way before you get into the braking zone so kelvin van der linde giving us a very good shot of what drew’s fan tour is trying in his various attempts to unsettle morrow angle let’s go down to the pit lane in the

heat of the action for another interview we’re seeing the battle commenced between the two audi there is calvin allowed to push to race yeah i hope so maybe he’s uh to still keep a good mind and the hero button comes across so now and he’s the he’s free to push yeah yeah okay thank you thank you i don’t want to spoil your day but i think there’s more chance that uh other factors may come into play then we’ll see kevin take a position away from the current championship leader who is running directly behind the number two in the championship so that will be in my view a team called all beard wrt allows their teams their inter team drivers to compete against each other but coming to the end of the championship season you’ve got to protect the leader in that championship i must say benjamin he says soaking up a lot of pressure from morrow angle borrow always quick always precise but so far the chilean driving away he hasn’t done before onto the starting straight one more time barrow engel ran a little bit wide a little bit early on the exit of turn 16 don’t know why but uh unfortunately for griezmann thor he wasn’t sufficiently close to take advantage of it but does it indicate the left front of the mercedes has maybe not got the kind of fight or grip that marrow angle is needing to put a move to try and get up to the tail of heat as we saw he got close and turns 14 and 15 in fact they had contact that’s the only time we’ve seen mario engel offer up anything that looked like an overtaking maneuver totally my balls i just mentioned how neat and tidy morrow english and he gets it a little bit loose now leading the pro-am class it’s andrea bertolini but dominic baumann now right onto his tail the sps automotive performance mercedes has caught the af course of ferrari but bertollini so much experience racing ferraris he’s got to hang on for another 10 minutes and a bit to the end of the race but certainly the rumble is on for dominic bauman the austrian closing right onto his tail so this should be a spicy end to this race they have to repeat it all over again tomorrow with two races and talking of which sky 10 pester racing still circulating they won’t get on the podium in pro am but they’ll get the points for fourth place but remember bertolini is leading the pro-am category but he’s got five one right on his rear wing so this is a race for position overall and that will hurt fertilini if the farmer can find a way past in the mercedes exactly he’s going to have to defend like crazy because at the moment fertility and louis michels his teammate who started the race trying to see if they could make the move but he’s leading this is the fight for the lead of the pro-am class and there are the points bertollini car 52 leading from dominic bowman those are the positions phil keane and eddie cheever running around last but of course that was car was beach for a lap but he would still get points before the reality is if the mercedes gets past bertolini in the ferrari it’s not going to have a serious impact on the points that uh the ferrari has in the championship nevertheless it’s a matter of pride you don’t want to lose the a potential victory in your gift cavalry just under 10 minutes of the race remaining well you certainly can’t let’s take a look at those points it’s uh 21 it’s 21 points good for eddie cheever and chris frog helped by the fact that they should get rounded to fourth place so right now lou michels and andrea bertolini bertolini in the ferrari but cannot afford to lose any more ground with just two races left tomorrow they are determined to stay in that in the lead position today to take the maximum haul of 16 and a half points in class but dominick bauman missed the last round of the championship back with the bang and he’s determined to take a class win for sbs he’s catching the ferrari just at the worst part of the straight that’s under braking he needs to be able to catch the car as you come out of turn 16 get alongside midway down the back down the front straight and then you’ve got a chance at the meantime back behind the wheel with kevin by the linda up through turn nine third gear i can’t believe it’s third gear that corner which is hand up to the airplane just remember to get some cooling air on the palm of his right hand and on the brake start into turn ten just riding literally as i call it shotgun two three stand four he’s not there to challenge when thor is just there to protect him but you can tell the pace of the lead mercedes heaters is dominating the pace of the three following cars certainly is to take a look at the charts and just uh one and a half seconds further back is i thought he might have caught them by now because they have been tripping themselves up a little bit but benjamin he says complete comes up to complete another lap he’s running third for akka asp and it’s been a season of learning for him the best result so far is a ninth place so this is a massive leap forward for benjamin hites and he must say bendy has stopped us in the spirit or is a mechanical issue it looks like there may be something burning under the hood because look at look at you he is absolutely trying to get the lid off to see what the problem is i don’t know there’s a there is an on-board extinguisher as he activated that to try

wait for the marshals to come but whatever it was certainly it looks a lot of steam coming from somewhere that’s not oil smoke that looks like water whatever it was it certainly got you bouncing around in the balls yellow in ten seconds five four three two one full course yellow now okay so here we have seven and a half minutes in the race to go and the lamborghini is covered by a second at the front of the field but what we haven’t really noticed that much was what a great job marcelo was doing he got down from seven seconds behind to half that to three point six seconds now that akka 88 mercedes has a chance to get right on the tail for this restart and do you think rafael marcelo is not going to say thank you to that opportunity of course he’s going to grab it with both hands so here we have slowing down full course yellow albert costa moved into the leaders race allowed into the lead of the race teammate miko or grenier first and second for lamborghini be a massive result for them but for rafa martino back in the championship this weekend he’s going to put some points on the board you know they say sometimes it’s better in life to be lucky than good but i think rafaeli martial was both lucky and we know he’s very good so he’s going to get an opportunity i’m assuming that this full court cello is not going to be very long they may have a very rapid safety car intervention we have to wait until there’s the battle that’s going on for fourth and fifth and sixth and seventh positions so they’ve all concentrated together but they couldn’t really get any closer than they have been for the last what 15 20 minutes or so yeah so it’s just the same battle as before for the the battle from uh fourth he says fifth angle sixth van tour and kelvin van der linde the thing was i just mentioned that uh gilgino had lost a bit of ground went to 1.6 second that was obviously at the point he was starting to slow because he’d been down within a second of this cooled off just into turns 14 and to me that looks as if something a radiator or something there’s more it was more steam than smoke but certainly it got jul goon yo very exercised indeed as he tried to get the bottle off got the bundled off maybe not always the wisest thing to do if you haven’t got any extinguisher in your hand you don’t know what’s under the bottom of that takes it off a little bit of air going in there is the safety car now has been deployed it’ll be a relatively brief safety car there’s only five and a half minutes of this race procedure safety car lights out lights on for the cars behind as well but there’s a huge gap back from third place rapper marcelo to that train the second of the yakker asp mercedes there it is turning down into the first corner benjaminites leading maro angle in the orange and black hrt mercedes then two of the belgian audi club team wrt chargers dries van tour championship leader going into this race kelvin van der linde riding shotgun behind this group of cars got to get a bit of a move on as has the rest of the field to get themselves all into line before this race goes green we may get one racing lap we may possibly get two racing laps hopefully we’ll get two but of course the field is still spread out as the consequence of that full core cello now that there’s gone to a safety car they can accelerate but if one car isn’t performing the whole field behind is gonna be patient yeah the gap was 15 seconds from marcelo back to benjaminites now it’s about um 0.15 of a second so the second asb mercedes gets up onto the tail it’s still those two lamborghinis with this safety car leading the field around bunching the field up but we know at the restart it’s anybody’s guess but don’t forget down the start finish straight which cars are sleekest the two lamborghinis that are starting first and second don’t imagine there’s gonna be much likelihood the lamborghini’s been overtaken the issue will be third fourth fifth sixth and seventh as to which of those cars and remember what happened to the arthur rousseau number 25 audi it went way way before start finish line so a massive penalty a 30-second time penalty if it happens at this phase of the race so that could be absolutely catastrophic yeah anybody that was a little bit impatient yeah ferrari the drive-through had to be served by his teammate because it was only enough in the race for it to be served and that’s dropped christopher harter down to 15th place and uh when you come here expecting good points and go away with none whatsoever very very frustrating but it wasn’t even just a nose in front it was a rampant misunderstanding of the lines on the start finish straight i’m afraid so this kelvin van der liff delinda car has been very very close still another lap behind the safety car please let us have one racing that i think we might just have one writing that that will be the last lap within the one hour because a safety car lap will take over two minutes certainly and that will then be just under the one minute remaining when they would come on for that final lap so we’re assuming that they’ve managed to get the number 107 bentley somewhere safe

so that the workers the marshals can work on the car get it behind the barrier okay here we go being towed away there’ll be a gap in the wall of seas just off the circuit at the chicane turns 14 and 15 but we will have one racing lap so buckle up hold on to your seats hold on to your hats we’re going for it but what can rafa martiale do he’s actually slightly irrelevant in the ultimate battle for points but don’t forget we came here with half of the field able to go for victory in the championship it’s that close at the top with so many points to play for across the three races oh yes oh yes but of course the one that you will have to keep an eye on in my view is dries van thor because he will see an opportunity there is 31 cars kevin by the linda he will be riding shotgun and he’s now a guard behind a fredericksburg beach so it’s a nightly train of cars so they’re all there in effect to make sure that griezmann thor can max out the number of points in this one remaining lap before the checkered flag and it’s that car the number four car that threes fans thought when he comes through the final three corners i’ll just start finish straight he has got to be like a laser to the back of the number four mercedes and look look at the gap between the fourth and fifth place i don’t know why mario engel isn’t isn’t stuck to the back of peterson and that’s going to be frustrating from those behind everyone wants everyone up front to be as close as they possibly can the safety car is about to pull off the lights have gone out so leading the way around albert costa from mikael grenier expect to be super quick of course granny uh costa could decide when to floor the throttle it cannot be overtaken well most certainly green but it’s blue blue blue because it’s three blue cars at the front of the field it’s costa from uh grenier in the second of the lamborghini’s great start by costa he’s got this one in the bag but what can happen behind again the lamborghini’s so quick in a straight line and the gap opening out between third and fourth marcelo and uh he is going out and the heaters and also the number four tomorrow angle so griezmann thor wasn’t able to capitalize on what would have been as large full of the dice and killed about the linda a little bit of block as he turned into turn one fighting the car back end snapping one way looking forward to the number 32 and further beyond that the number four mercedes runs out wider on the exit of turn three than you’re saying the audi able to do only appears a marginally better fight and grip all the way around the circuit yeah so if you’re gonna make a move it has to be now this is the final lap but every driver aware that uh trying to gain a point by gaining a place or two could end up in a gravel trap like the outside of turn five luckily the first dozen cars get through down the slope albert costa escaping in the lead mikhail grenier is the driver under pressure in fact about the closest combination is marcelo chasing grenier second and third at the moment with italian looking to try and find a way past but it’s hard to find here at barcelona yeah right now midway through the lap up and turned on the highest point on the circuit the drop down again kevin van linden putting his hand on that air vent sticks his nose out that fact that’s the uh beast sticking his nose out of the attempt to tell them that linda just going through the process nothing for him to do look at marlowe angle right on the tail of the number 89 mercedes as they come through turn 12 into 13 then the drop down into this very tight left right chicane so oh it’s very tight indeed i think that we’re going to see marrow angle try and do something that’s going to be very late in the day if he can he’s not close enough to take that position away from benjamin he does lamborghini’s first and second rapper marcelo third for mercedes super super close behind but the chequered flag is out and the championship has been given a shaking because the championship oh unfortunately for dominic bauman challenging don’t forget we saw him right on the tail of bertollini he has spun out and there’s a helping hand there has been contact left keen up into second place but delighted racing they found out how to win at sam bought they’ve done it all over again with the same car 163 yeah there’s a double victory of one first and second place for mlp racing lamborghini an outstanding effort indeed by the team and good thinking within the team a long caster nobody wants to give up a win and that’s how sometimes it is a team sport so the one six three had to get up so the fortune had to get that position up it didn’t lose the 14 i think it wins the silver category so everybody’s a winner happy days yeah it’s often trouble communicating through the teams but one thing i loved in that the fact that rio cheering tamita was absolutely happy that his car was allowed to race against dries fentore but down in the wrt camp they have a slightly different take on that they’re here to win this

champions they come here leading the championship you do not squander points no look there’s nothing wrong you have to be positive you have to be optimistic you have to feel that the worst thing is going into a race feeling you’ve got to be subordinate to another team member everybody wants to race but in this end of the season where the championship is up for grabs that one position that kelvin abandoned that could have taken over 90 kelvin had the pace to do it would have put the 32 audi further back then well it would probably put the number four mercedes actually a pointer to a head if you do the calculations there quickly bruce no i’m not doing all of them there’s only one and a half points difference between uh fifth and sixth in the race okay so that’s fine that that’s not too bad being they’ve lost one and a half so there’s a five point difference between them at the top of the table it was six and a half when we came here right i’ll do a big chart tonight we’ll work out what will happen in tomorrow’s two races but andrea bertolini goes away with victory in the af course of ferrari in the prime class still needed that to make sure but of course what happened because fireman’s car has got damage on the left front it’s in the gravel there it is it’s just been pulled is that mad pandas go i’m not quite sure i think that’s batman’s car inside the track that’s bad i know it’s bad yeah stop for a bamboo shoot maybe they’re just going to pick up dominic barman on the way back i don’t know it’s very weird the cars stopped up at so the winning car 163 they took victory in the second race example they liked it so much they’ve done it all over again already the akka asp 88 car in the pit lane rafa met martial delight here but albert climbing out a winner on home ground big hug and suddenly they’re starting to come up into the championship battle they came here some distance down on points ranked seventh overall but two wins in two races and they’re getting in the mix yeah but uh two big challenges for them tomorrow morning q2 and q3 different day different temperatures possibly different weather celebrate while you can enjoy it because tomorrow is a brand new world yeah they’re thanking the sister crew there miko grenier and the driver who led away from pole didn’t put a wheel wrong so ricardo fellas certainly doing his reputation a lot absolutely i mean i i mean quite rightly to that the points john it’s down to as i said just five points three’s fantastic still lead the championship but lucas starts tomorrow angle they finished ahead that’s why they closed the gap but suddenly team of bongo schleiske not so far behind and rafaeli marcello in the mix as well he’s missed a round of that car third on the track today and third in the championship and two more events and lots of points up for grabs there are so many unknowns you have to go to bed tonight if you’re right team of versions for rogers you have to go to bed tonight thinking all my dreams are going to come true this sunday you have to believe if you don’t go to bed thinking that don’t bother coming on sunday no loads to play for it’s going to be quick far tomorrow there’s two qualifying sessions at the start and then the two races through the day to end the sprint cup but certainly not the black block the gt world challenge we’ve got two more endurance rounds including the big one spa 24 hours in a couple of weekends time and then we’ll end it in the middle of november uh paul ricard but certainly you must say the lamborghinis they aren’t coming they’ve come they’ve arrived well we saw this last year with the fff racing lamborghini’s winning everything and now they’re just focusing on the endurance arm of the gt world challenge powered by aws so uh wait to see what happens tomorrow and qualifying that’s my high uh recommendation well let’s go down very very happy winning combination the one-sixth screw albert costa and jacob giacomo albert fantastic resort i’ll bear for you this really means a lot to have a home win yeah um the winner at home is amazing unfortunately there is no public so i cannot celebrate with my family friends girlfriend but yeah win is a win i think we are more or less in the fight for the championship still there two races tomorrow uh we need to keep focus it’s only a win and tomorrow we can go for the championship so keep on this way of work uh very lucky because in the last lap i had something broke in the car early yeah yeah so very very lucky because i i get i get it back to the end so now it’s time for the mystery jackpot really proud of albert for finishing it but you started off that race yeah the start was good then there was a bit of uh digital situation i managed to to don’t make any mistake and to try to to bring the car home on the pistol well and then albert did a great job so thank you for the team uh to the team to albert and to everyone that helped us to do this result congratulations well done thank you well a lot of pride there for a one-two for lamborghini but for albert costa and giacomo lt they’re starting to move into the championship hunt for those top two starters in the championship finishing behind him of course the gap’s going to

come down and you bruce you could say as we saw altay and uh jack are casted together that’s the long and the short of it you could you could say that well let’s go down with our silver winners second place overall it’s also emil fry racing’s crew mikhail grenier and ricardo fella mikhail ricardo silvercast winners second overall a fantastic result for the team as well yeah it’s a good result for the team um full position this morning for my teammates which was really good job uh albert and recommend fighting for the championship and we are yeah at the bottom now after zanbot weekend that was uh difficult for us with uh two races and not in the point so we try to help them to score as many points as possible and for the team is a perfect result so we have to be happy ricardo it’s a great way to start the weekend two more races to go yeah yeah i hope uh michael will have some good qualifyings tomorrow and uh to end up on the podium tomorrow twice would be nice well the car certainly seems to have pace yeah of course the car is amazing so at this point big thanks to to all the mechanics all the engineers they’re doing a great job and yeah can’t wait for tomorrow well done thank you very much congratulations overall winners and silver cup winners that’s the emil fry racing lamborghinis no wonder they are so so pleased things really starting to swing their way can anyone live with them down the start finish straight that’s a real question when we get to racing tomorrow but let’s go down because we’re going to go down to the pro-am winners af course of ferrari louisa shiels and andrea bertolini andrea there is a fantastic result for you guys it was a tough race uh yeah it was a tough race uh the start was quite tough and yeah i we managed the car get back on uh on the track and uh so uh yeah we are very happy i think and andrea that final center it was really tough we had the problem with the front brake we had some fading and then yeah in the last lap the car behind me the mercedes he pushed me off corner five and then yeah he made a mistake as well in corner 10. i was inside completely inside he was off of track he tried to to went back on track i was there but also my side was the other audi number 33 and was impossible to avoid the contact and i’m so sorry but i cannot do anything and for us is important victory we yeah important point we’re looking forward like a grace a win overall for you guys in your class well done thank you thank you i’m sure that’ll be investigated and uh following up here’s here’s what happened repeat of what andrea berlini has just told us so these two are battling it was very very close between them and uh for af course so they absolutely had to make sure they took that win and in fact i just noticed over the start finish over the finish line they’re only a quarter of a second to the good over phil keane after that final lap sort out full coming from further back for erc sport but unfortunate moments there two moments for dominic bauman fighting with andrea bertollini but a of course it took the win they came here they craved and now we’re heading towards the podium ceremony and it’s third place in the overall race that’s timo bogashleiski and the taller figure sleek new haircut for rafaela martiello they take the podium position third back asp mercedes coming good towards the end of the race good solid run for them but just couldn’t match the pace of the lamborghinis and also a very good defensive drive from benjamin well here here is the uh final position after the first the three out three one-hour races here in barcelona and jacob i’ll say on that top so let’s go back down because uh the second place crew ricardo feller and mikhail mikhail grenier there they are they took the silver cup honours they’ll get two sets of trophies here after the first three races the check for 10 000 euros and the sister crew albert costa they won last time out at zamboan the second race at zamboa could possibly have won the first one bar a blowout but they’ve got it right here for albert costa a driver racing on his home patch very very pleased with that so the dark horses were became here in many ways the tail was up but now they’re on the charge just remember that 163 lamborghini crew and a representative there from emil fry racing goes to the center make sure he’s got his hands on a trophy and the check keep the check photos all round but they’ve got to try and replicate that in both of tomorrow’s races to have a chance of tilting at the title john yes the race will be secondary is the qualification tomorrow

we don’t know what the conditions are going to be like it’s going to be obviously a lot cooler in fact temperatures cooler normally mornings in barcelona are actually the point where the racetrack’s at its best but qualifying starts at nine o’clock uh in local time barcelona so what the weather forecast is that i looked at my weather app and it indicated that there could be rain on sunday whether that’s rain throughout the day or just different periods but certainly it will possibly be a weather affected race day as well as qualification day so here come oscar tunjo and yusuf haka they came eventually across the line ninth overall which was good for third in the silver cup class in their top sport wrt mercedes oscar on the left-hand side of the shot yuso the finnish teammate on the right so they’ve been picking up their speed and form through the course of the championship and it’s good to have a new team with top sport wrt doing a full season campaign and uh now let’s look to the crew coming up into second place they worked hard for it jim platt ran second in the early stages of the race benjamin hito’s sucked up all the pressure from behind from morrow engel and uh he’s grabbed two large pieces of cardboard one is a check one is a set of pirelli tyres and uh good job fourth overall well jimmy plus has a very high benchmark on that 89 mercedes and i think benjamin heaters did a very good job in acting as i’m again defending the position particularly against someone as experienced and for such great success as mario engel and we’ve seen them before we’re going to see them all over again mikhail grenier and ricardo fella their car started in pole position they led the race they came home in second place behind their teammates but they take the silver cup trophy as well so uh good points all and that emil fry trophy cabinet’s gonna have to made a little bit larger they’re starting to gather trophies for fun yes i mean an excellent team victory the team orchestrated the overtake it wasn’t an overtake that was done because one driver car combination outperformed the other it was a team decision this team leading the race at one point well michael grenier given the order to let albert costa take the lead take the victory two different categories within the same race team came first i mean they’ve had a perfect day now you might argue that if you’re driving the 14 lamborghini ricardo fella and mikhail grenier you might feel a little bit well you know we wanted to win the race as well as winning our category it’s not about the individuals in this form of racing it is a team event third place in the pro-am class the tall figure of valentin pierberg and dominic bauman they had the clash on that final lap well potentially two clashes on the final lap with the af corsa ferrari but they held on to take third place still ahead of the sky 10 pester racing ferrari that of course was delayed with that incident very early in the race when unfortunately chris froggett ended up in the gravel but still sky 10 peso racing will be leading the pro-am class they came here with a tidy advantage went out to 30 points after they took pole position as well in qualifying second in class just a quarter of a second down nearly snatched victory was the erc sport mercedes crew an upcoming limo and phil keane phil following out there and nearly plucked it from nowhere as the af course of ferrari was delayed but certainly what phil can do is nothing short of miraculous and lee mo will be very delighted in my view to have someone like phil keane alongside a lot he can learn from phil and and help limo build his own personal level to get closer to that of uh philippines louis michelle said at the start of this weekend he really needed to make sure they put a win on the board for af course i’ve only had one so far in the prime cup they’ve been consistent but now they’ve done precisely that at the first time of our asking it keeps them in that championship battle but it’s a big big points disadvantage they’re trying to chip away at because certainly sky 10 pests are racing sitting pretty but they’ve got to get on top of the brake problem and drive better than you told us about because you do not need to have a brake problem particularly at the long the end of the long was almost a kilometer long start finish straight here in barcelona quick cars are doing 270 kilometers per hour when you go for that brake pedal you’ve got to know it’s going to be there for you well it’s been a great afternoon’s work for emil frye racing overall winners and sky conditions clouding up all over again 0.1 of a second at the end that was all it mattered giacomo altoy and albert costa bringing it home ahead of ricardo fella and michael grenier so lamborghini’s first and second team of bogger slices he handed over to rafa martiello he closed right in to take valuable points for the number 88 akka asp mercedes jim plant benjamin hites second in the silver cup class behind fella and grenier so really good racing at the front and unfortunately for juguno the non-finisher at the end because of course we saw that car go up in flames it caught well smoke under the bonnet it brought out the safety car kept everyone on their toes unfortunately for bentley but it didn’t change the outcome in the race look at the points though

down to five points at the top of the table not a big swing only one and a half point change lucas starts tomorrow angle closing in in second place timo bogasleiski closing in even more in third place and then behind we’re gonna have some other guest finishers here who could move up the charts but really anyone from sixth place upwards has got a big tilt and uh so for a look at the people dow alto and costa starting to swing into the championship battle onto 50 and a half they’re just 14 and a half points down they’ve really come from a long way back without they could take two victories tomorrow and the other principal championship contenders for one reason or another find themselves out of position or getting involved in an incident that just again could make a whole new brave new world for emily certainly could so let’s look at the silver cup points it’s 89 points 25 points clear for seymour and stephen they just keep gathering points ahead of the mad panda motorsport duo of jefferies and perris company and the owaga brothers also in that championship fight too but oscar tunjo used support for and closing in very much in the silver cup class in pro-am though it’s all about eddie cheever and chris frogger but their advantage has come down from 30 points to 21 and a half with that little slip up from chris frogger he was leading the class sit off at turn five and that allowed the class winners today louis michels and andrew bertolini to close in just a little bit for af quarter to keep their tail keep their hand in the championship battle well they’re still in the races but they’ve got a big task because they’ve got what they’ve got to do is clearly win the pro-am category but they can’t control what happens with the tempest sky ferrari well let’s take a look back to the start and it was a really good toe for jacob altoy behind ricardo fellow went from lamborghini’s first and third to first and second unfortunately for the orange mercedes of lucas stones he started second it was down to fourth because jim player had moves on him and went up into third place which soon became second in the middle of the pack it was very very wobbly as the cars went over the curves through the first corner sequence turn one and turn two a lot of cars running right in fact the first two lamborghinis did precisely that didn’t quite turn into the corner team of bogashleiski right in the mix right on the tail we’re looking back from luka stoltz’s fourth place car and then the prime leader chris frogger just had the tail snap away from him at turn number five that punched the field all up while the car was cleared and then a absolutely flagrant uh overtaking maneuver before the start finish line by artarushi clevering that it gave him two positions but not very clever because he got a drive-through penalty the lamborghinis came in from first and second position to a scramble in the pits dress van tour was able to go right and out onto the tail of morrow engel his chief championship challenger was able to take a look at him keep him in his sights tried to pass it on many occasions just couldn’t pull it off later we had a drive-through penalty for arthur rousseau’s teammate christopher harsa and then up into third place let through by his teammate benjamin hites let rapper marciello head off after the race leaders and this was the closest that he has got to being passed by mauro angle burroughs somehow managed to get the hrt mercedes that back onto terra firma and then a wave through effectively the team saying right you’re leading the race people grenier but you’re in the silver club class a let on better place car in the championship go into the lead and that’s why altoid and albert costa took the lead of the race shaw gooney was running seventh then he brought out the safety car when he got a bit hot under the bonnet for the bentley but at the end of the race with rafa martino tucked it behind it was the two lamborghinis first and second in the order of albert costa on home ground for mikhail grenier so grenier also took the silver class honors pro-am honors today went to andrea bertolini but what could the others do about ed milfury racing and they’re flying lamborghinis they’re looking great two races tomorrow dial in watch it all with us