Prepping for the Road trip to Acapulco Mexico

Wow morning adventure actually we’re heading doc apoco but we got things to do first and one of them is to get this Durango wash so I’m following that there’s skee-ball with the big old pitbull pissing on everything so yeah I’m just kind of following them along or follow it to the labid 80 oye kaka Oh tight goes on alert he hears dogs he’s ready to kick some ass oh maybe the yeah Heidi Kadesh not Oh chick Ando see chick Ando yeah car washes clothes so hey Mike oh yeah this okay and phone ha hogging traffic Oh wrong move you know you’re you’re a snack for Tycho yo yo damn wavy in morning breakfast all just kind of take a right turn I’m delaney know drive along the sidewalk I guess that air-conditioning place he’s open so alright well get the AC chak de lys Tycho edj boo boo home neither what check in the pressure I echidna shadows pronoun so it’s the electric current not getting to the compressor Oh doesn’t that suck wait for the big gas truck yeah well that’s not good there’s no electricity get into it it may not be an easy fix the militia time good oh well I don’t know figure stuff out we

get to the house well this will follow the old Ford f-150 to get a them both washed actually and then get the electrical checked on the compressor fun fun fun come on guy I gotta follow that big old truck vol 4 is running to be running pretty good the three hundred and three thousand five hundred plus miles on it it was a bigger can of I’m sure we probably consider taking it to Acapulco Taco Time never have the time to stop for mooring tacos no no no ah always fun following the bakery rattle round around if I go in the car wash around the corner from the boutique and then the electrician is right across from the boat cake so I’ll be good I’m not sure we were going but we’re going to make a roundabout I guess not we’ll just continue to follow the forward well I get to drive the Beast and follow my durango morning adventures in iguana so yeah I guess we’re heading to the car wash now so yeah brakes are soft on this thing definitely be careful i could be rear-ended my own durango people let me out signals won’t move it figures oh yeah this is gonna be fun no no no dinero no nada friggin goofs got no money Oh looks like a la la trucks getting its tag pulled that nice and again they’re gonna trap Carmen driving the durango you’re all clean your windshield Wow traffic’s already starting not planning on all this ah fun times yeah they raised a whole get does I think that’s what that’s called three kings that’s in full effect now all the

kids toys we’re getting around to see that anymore all the ninos have grown up well these damn motorcycles oh come on we got the green let’s move it Florida through no smokey and struck get some good pickup ha I knew that Durango smoke pretty bad its number one cylinder that’s the problem only one cylinder causing all that hey still runs good down here they don’t seem to care much for pollution control so but like that since we bought it in 2009 Oh continue to fumigate for mosquitoes I guess I get a lot of downtown all that traffic it’s building already oh yeah and day after the Panthers win yeah when I will talk about them a little bit 15 and one number one seed throughout the playoffs home field advantage made history this year really sucks they lost last week to the Falcons give that one loss that would have been awesome having a perfect record that’s gonna be tough to duplicate okay must be here at the car wash at the car wash alright Durango in that side that I guess that’s your where I’m going is we’ll wait what’s gonna follow around ah you telling me alright not gonna both out why not car wash Wow nice and clean in here they did a good job for fifty pesos and world difference compared to United States and the guy speaks English is from anaheim california talking football he’s a Cowboys fan I was like yeah you and I are gonna get along there’s the big little Ford coming out now so I’ll follow them I don’t think we’ll get this compressor checked out next I get some gas for that so please cool fine job this was what I had a leader Oh

window photo shoot what the yeah yeah I’ve already added washer fluid I fill everything up it should be good this imagine 210 close thousand liters thousand pesos 35 997 5 liters swap any fries we hit the road all right they’re all sealed up ready to roll so we get this compressor working some reason it lost power hopefully it’s not locked up could be going I can poke her with no AC on the word see he’s a little 90 aprender trustee normal ok Miss Anne Frank day see this is a trust the idea trust it’s about that see I think invented the new trees a party girl nada más aprendiendo no pau okay ah see

air conditioned portage is fine so ready to head south akka puku I truckload a police Federale ease nice you guys to like do more than ride around on the back of the truck waste gasoline